tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Carpathian Princess Ch. 03

My Carpathian Princess Ch. 03



Roxanne awoke and stretched her small but curvy frame languidly under the soft satin of her sheets. She purred a happy yawn and opened her eyes to the new day and the sunlight streaming into the window of her urban loft. She sat up, letting the satin sheet fall to her lap, revealing her large breasts capped with pale areola and pert pink nipples. She shook her blonde hair and felt her boobs jiggle, making her feel feminine.

For some reason, and something not really frequent when she first woke up, she felt sexy, and she started to remember all of boys in high school and boys in college, and boys she'd dated since.

"Boys, boys, boys," she whispered to herself, "why must I always think about boys...?" But then she put her finger to her cheek like Betty Boop and giggled, "Oh, I know -- it's because I'm a girl..."

She slid to the side of the bed and happily jiggled her way across the large open room toward the kitchen. One wall of her loft was entirely glass, and she thought to herself how nice it was that there might be a man in a building across the street getting an erection from seeing her walk around naked. She smiled privately, thinking about them; erections. She loved erections, always had.

She poured herself a glass of juice and looked out of her window, her eyes far away as she thought of how wonderful it was to hold a cute soft penis in her hand, so full of promise, and to feel it throb into a long, thick, stiff version of itself. And the best part was that penises were a renewable resource, a girl only had to wait a little bit, apply some of her feminine wiles, and viola! She could have a nice hard cock again!

She pursed her lips and added the thought -- or a girl could just go get a different boy and he'd have a new penis for her to enjoy.

Boys and penises, she thought, how wonderful they are.

She thought back to the night before, in the back seat of her a car at the drive-in, with young Tommy. He was barely 18, and she had seen him several times at the Gym, took a liking to the shy boy, and offered to buy him a burger and a movie. He was so easy...

How delightfully nervous he was when she unbuckled his pants. How his breath was shallow and panting as she unzipped the fly of his slacks. How cooperative he was when she whispered, "Lift," and he raised his hips obediently as she slipped them down all the way to his ankles.

His tight white briefs had such a nice bulge in the pouch, and the bulge had begun to tent up nicely because of his stiffening member. He was so cute, eyes wide in surprise that she was so very confident as she put her fingers into the waistband, preparing to bare his genitals for her inspection and guaranteed approval. She had long before lost interest in comparing the size of a boy's penis to another. It was just part of the variety that she had come to crave, and it was fun to be surprised with each new discovery.

She liked the boy very much, and his hesitation and embarrassment was so cute when she again whispered, "Lift, honey." When he didn't comply right away, she'd put her warm lips against his ear and with her warm soft breath, whispered; "Now Tommy, you promised I could see it... Be a good boy and lift up for me."

She was delighted when he did it, and she slid the little briefs down to join his pants at his ankles, and there he was in all his throbbing glory. She sat back a moment to view him. Sparse light colored hair, a short but thick shaft with a perfect pink head, and two big testes nestled in his soft sack resting atop his thighs. "Mmm," she murmured as she reached out and gently fondled his testicles. They felt big and firm and full of juice.

She snuggled into him again, letting her ample bosom squeeze against his arm as the boy sat motionless, waiting. With her soft breath in his ear, she cooed, "Oh my, Tommy, you've got a nice one." She knew all boys needed to hear this, so self conscious about their size, especially if, like Tommy, they weren't bigger than average. "Spread your thighs for me, honey, so I can feel your testicles better."

The boy's white thighs parted, allowing her to fully cup his testes, and she began to knead them more firmly. "My, my," she purred, "Your testes are so big and full, I'll bet they ache sometimes, don't they dear?"

He nodded, still unable to speak.

"Do you think it would help if I could relieve some of their burden?" She giggled inwardly at the boy's lack of understanding. She'd have to be more direct.

Roxanne said, "Would you like it if I made you come for me, Tommy?" He nodded, and she took hold of his erection and began to gently stroke it. She said, "I bet all the girls want to get into your pants, don't they? I mean, you have such a pretty penis, I'm sure they just can't keep their hands off of it."

When Tommy didn't respond, she decided to dispense with playing around and get down to business. He had what she needed, and she was going to give him the best experience of his young life.

She asked one final question, to confirm her suspicions; "Tell me the truth, honey. Has a girl ever touched you like this before, Tommy?" He nodded 'no'. "Has a girl ever sucked on your penis as she rubbed it and let you come in her mouth?" He shook his head 'no', but more vigorously.

She smiled to herself and asked, "Do you think it would be alright if I made you spurt all your pent-up semen into my mouth, if I promise to swallow it all?"

His body shivered at the thought, and his erect penis throbbed in her hand in answer, but he managed to whisper, "Yes."

Ever so pleased with herself, she had said, "Ok, Tommy, I'll do that for you, but I need you to get into a better position for me. Can you do that for me?" He nodded 'yes', emphatically.

She helped him kick off his shoes and the pants and underwear that were pooled at his feet, and slide sideways on the seat, allowing Roxanne to shimmy to the floor between his spread legs.

"There, that's better," she said. "Now just close your eyes and lie back, honey, and let me help you feel all better."

She stroked him gently with one hand, making sure to pleasure the boy without making him come too quickly, as she began to lave his scrotum with her tongue. He tasted of young boy and semen and sweat. Ever so gently, she nicked his sack with her fangs, barely causing a twitch, and lapped at the little drips of the most precious fluid that leaked from the petite incisions.

Once these holes had closed, she put her mouth on his inner thigh, just at the juncture of his groin, increased the fervency of her stroking, and slid her needle-sharp canines into his hot flesh. She let the blood flow slowly into her mouth, making sure only to suckle gently, lest he feel it too much. She swallowed the rich, hot, life-giving fluid; relishing every drop and taking her time. She finished by lapping at the wounds until they had closed to tiny pink spots.

'Now for the main course,' she thought. She gripped his testicles with her left hand and began to fondle them. She increased the speed of her strokes on his penis, making the boy gasp and squirm under her. She softly placed her lips on the head of his penis and gently licked his purple, swollen glans, preparing for the gush of thick pearly flow that would soon follow.

The boy writhed and moaned, nearing ejaculation, and she slowed her manipulations just a bit, to help him build more. He continued to gasp and wiggle his hips so attractively, and it made her drop her plan to make him last any longer.

She worked him skillfully, and his body tensed and his lips whimpered, "Ohhhh.....Ahhhhhh...."

The first spurt shot out into her waiting mouth like nectar from an artesian spring, coating her mouth and throat as she greedily swallowed his willing offering. Again and again, she drove him to spurt after spurt, each a little less than the first, but very ample none the less. She did like the young boys, they were so full of creamy goodness.

She milked his genitals all the way through his youthful climax, slowing down with him to a very soft coaxing of the last few pulses. She removed her mouth as she milked with firm upward strokes, bringing several last drops of pearly goodness up from his depths to form on his sensitive slit, and lapping them up with her soft tongue.

When he was soft in her hand and she was satisfied he had no more to give, she released his spent genitals and shimmied up to hold him.

She cooed, "Oh, Tommy, what a lovely come you gave me. You were such a good boy for me." He smiled, eyes still half closed in complete relaxation, as she caressed his face and chest. "I'll just hold you a little longer, dear, and then we'll need to get your pants back on and I'll take you home..."

She hid his underwear, keeping it as a remembrance, when she helped him pull his slacks up and put his shoes on. They drove to his house in silence, and she saw him in the door by 10pm. He was such a good boy to be home on time so his mother wouldn't worry...

Roxanne thought of Tommy's underpants, in her special drawer where she kept souvenirs of all the young boys for whom she had been the first woman to make them come. She thought of it as her 'virgin drawer', though technically she admitted that they were all still virgins after she had them, since intercourse was not on her menu.

She wondered if Tommy would call her again soon. She'd have loved to have him for more time, so that she could linger over pleasuring the boy, and perhaps extract from him a second ejaculation, or even a third, she mused, during an evening together.

Her 400 year old body looked about 30, she thought, as she felt her soft and wrinkle-free skin, newly invigorated by the fluids she had taken from Tommy the night before. Being Wampyrie had its challenges, but also its rewards, she thought.

Saturdays, she normally didn't go into the office, but since the Mistress's Jeffrey had come yesterday, she thought she'd go and see if they needed anything. She was happy for her Mistress to have found her boy again. Veronica had always treated Roxanne well and for that she was very grateful. She really couldn't do enough for Veronica and was certainly looking forward to seeing Jeffrey again, to gauge how things had gone for the couple.

Roxanne was sad for the way Veronica had pined for more than a hundred years while she waited for him to come to her, and thereby losing a decade of youth in the bargain. But she admired her Mistress' resolve, though she thought it a bit over-romantic, and felt renewed desire to serve Veronica in every way.

She had tried on numerous occasions to hook Veronica up with other young men of the similar type, but the Elder had always pleased the boys and drank them, but never kept them. So the great woman had waned a bit. No matter. What's done is done.

And today Roxanne wanted to hurry and go to the office, enter Veronica's lair, and see what interesting developments had transpired. She showered and dressed quickly, choosing a more casual sundress and strappy sandals since it wasn't a real work day. She took the elevator down to the floor and walked out the front door into the sunlight.

It was only a scant few blocks to the Massey Building, and she enjoyed getting some sunshine. She also enjoyed the fact that she was not wearing a bra under the yellow floral sundress, of thin fabric, so that her chest jiggled exquisitely with each step. This was much to the delight of male passers-by. And the wrap-around style of the dress allowed her to choose just how tightly to let the dress wrap, and today she had decided that it should wrap rather loosely, at least for the walk to the office. This choice, of course, allowed a goodly portion of her porcelain white bosom to see the sunshine, and to be seen by any males who might want to peek.

Roxanne was a slut for male attention and she knew it. But on the other hand, a girl never knew where her next meal was going to come from, so in a way, walking down the street was like grocery shopping. She loved how most of the men would try not to stare at his cleavage and obviously perky nipples, but she loved even more that they just couldn't keep their eyes completely off of her. She knew it when they glanced, ogled, or stared, and she enjoyed showing off her assets.

Several handsome men caught her eye, and many of them had no wedding ring, which was nice. It wasn't that that Roxanne would never taste a married man, but she preferred not to. Youth was always her flavor of the month, and 18 year old boys were very seldom married, at least not these days.

She smiled as a handsome college student on a bicycle nearly hit a parked car because he couldn't keep his eyes on the road. "I've still got it," she murmured happily as she walked.

Soon, she was ushered into the lobby by the head of security, Robert. He belonged to Angela in bookkeeping. He was a jovial fellow of about 35, with a full head of hair and a muscular 6'2" frame.

"Good morning, Miss Roxanne," he said grinning at her dress, "Been driving the boys mad up and down 11th Avenue this morning, I see."

"Robert, you naughty boy, how can you say such a thing?" said Roxanne, letting her ass sway even more as she walked from him toward the elevator. "I am completely innocent," she added over her shoulder.

Robert snorted, "Innocent isn't maybe the word I would use, Ma'am."

She turned on him sharply, a less-than-happy look on her face, "What word would you use, Robert?" she asked.

Robert straightened up, "No offence meant, Miss Roxanne," he said respectfully, "I was just thinking of words like 'hot' and 'sexy' and 'amazing', Ma'am."

Satisfied with his answer, Roxanne's face softened to a smile, "Well, that's nice of you, Robert, I'm sorry I misunderstood."

"Yes, Ma'am," said Robert, relaxing a bit, "You're an extremely attractive woman, and I always think complementary thoughts of you."

"Alright, you're forgiven," she said with a smile, "I'll be sure to let Angela know you were polite and charming as always."

"Thank you, Ma'am."

"Roxanne, please, Robert."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said.

Roxanne chuckled to herself as the elevator door closed, thinking, 'He is a good boy.' She began the ride up to the 40th floor, causing her ears to pop several times as the air pressure changed. The door hissed open and she walked straight to the big oaken doors of Veronica's office. The doors opened before her and she stepped into the executive suite, immediately looking to her right to see if the door to Veronica's apartment was open.

It was.

And there was Jeffrey, looking just delicious.


I woke up alone in the big white bed. I could see sunlight through the gaps in the curtains and knew I had over-slept my usual 6AM wake up time. I got out of bed and looked around for my shorts, finding them under the covers. They were useless tatters. I remembered Veronica was quite aggressive last night before she put me to sleep with her snuggling comfort. I still had on the tee shirt of gauzy material, and it was comfortable so I left it on. There was no robe or anything else in sight for me to wear so I just shrugged my shoulders and knew I would have to wait to find out what Veronica would want me to wear.

I heard water running in the bathroom and went to investigate. There was Veronica in the tub in a billowing pile of bubbles, with just her head and hands visible.

She smiled gorgeously when she saw me, and I marveled at her beauty -- the raven hair, big grey/blue eyes, delicate nose and chin, big pouting lips. She was a vision.

She said, "Well, hello there, sleepy head," continuing to smile. "Did you sleep well, my sweet?"

"Yes, dear," I said, "and you?"

"Oh, it was marvelous! I haven't slept so well in....well a long time. Are you hungry, dear? Shall I have something brought in for your breakfast?"

"Hmmm," I said pensively, "Do you, uh, I mean, well....do you eat....food?"

She giggled, "Of course I do, honey. Don't be a silly boy. I can eat and it's nice, but it's not as sustaining as, say, other things." Her eyes held a hint of darkness when she said 'other things' and I felt that familiar pull on my genitals, causing my penis to pulse and get a little heavier.

She was looking right at my groin when she said it, and she seemed quite pleased with herself. "How marvelous," she purred. "Let me finish up my bath, you can take a shower over there while I watch," she grinned, "and I'll have breakfast brought in. How's that?"

I smiled at her playfulness and bowed slightly, "Yes, M'Lady," I said in a very formal tone.

"Hmmm, good answer. Now be a good boy and shower yourself. Make sure you do behind your ears, young man." She smiled at her humor as she picked up a phone and punched a button to order breakfast. I glowered at her in response to the comment about my bathing habits, but she ignored me, now busily whispering instructions into the phone.

I took my shower, scrubbing with soap everywhere twice so that she'd be pleased with my cleanliness. I hadn't noticed, but while I was showering, Veronica had finished her bath and left the room. I got out of the shower and toweled off, but I noticed that the towels were just a bit too small to wrap around my waist. I tried many different ways, but finally gave up, walking out of the bathroom naked to look, again, for something to wear.

Veronica was no longer in the apartment, which was what I called it now in my mind, so I stepped to the doorway to look into her office. I stopped when I saw Roxanne standing just inside with the big oak doors swinging silently shut behind her. She was wearing a yellow wrap-around dress and sandals. The dress was really amazing on her as it was closed rather loosely in front and she was showing a lot of cleavage. I also noticed that, in the sunshine coming in through the floor-to-ceiling glass wall behind Veronica's desk, that I could see the shape and slightly darker color of Roxanne's nipples poking the fabric.

She took a few steps forward and turned toward me, immediately breaking out in a big smile. "HI, Jeffrey," she said as her eyes came to rest on my naked genitals, "Where is Veronica?"

I clasped my hands over my nakedness, and blushing said, "She was here just a minute ago, and I'm looking for her too."

Just then, Veronica appeared from another door, dressed in a sheer dark red teddy with a matching sheer robe over it. She also wore dark red pumps on her feet. Her hair was bundled up atop her pretty head. She had a pair of burgundy-framed reading glasses perched on her little nose, making her look like a sexy Librarian, and she was reading a newspaper.

She looked up to see Roxanne and said, "Yes?" in a not-too-friendly manner.

Roxanne paled slightly, if not in color, at least in posture. She said, "Mistress, I came in to see if I could serve you in any way this morning."

"Ah," said Veronica as her face and tone softened, "Alright, you can set up for breakfast in the small meeting room, dear. And you can coordinate the breakfast I have ordered with Elaine and Sandra."

"Yes, Mistress," said Roxanne and she scurried off to the left to enter another door, I supposed, to the small meeting room.

I looked a Veronica, still standing naked with my hands over my groin, and she giggled.

"Feeling underdressed, dear?"

"Well, I came out of your rooms to find you, and there's nothing for me to wear in there, and then Roxanne was here, and I didn't know what to do..."

She took a few steps closer and took my hand in hers. "There's nothing to be afraid of, dear, I'm not angry. I like you naked, and you'll get used to being underdressed quickly. Many of the girls will see you naked, and you don't have to worry. It will please them to see you, as it pleases me. Just walk proudly, hands at your sides, and be at peace. Can you do that for me?"

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