tagLoving WivesMy Cuckolding Mother-in-law

My Cuckolding Mother-in-law


After my old lover Jane died I thought back to when I’d first had sex with a much older woman so many years before.

I hadn’t planed it at all and I blame my wife for the problem initially. In the nineteen sixties Jenny and I were part of a crowd that went around together. There were six guys and six girls all white teenagers except Tony who was a black guy, well half cast really and his very black wife Jean who were in there thirties.

Tony had always been a sexual predator but Jean tried to keep him under control. This couple had two small children and Tony had an identical twin brother who joined our nights out on the town sometimes.

At parties Tony always kissed the other girls and coped a feel whenever Jean was out of sight. I was engaged to Jenny but this didn’t stop Tony snogging with her and I noticed her looking at the not inconsiderable bulge in his trousers. If he danced with a girl he forced his groin at them, he’d done this with my fiancé and she always looked flushed afterwards.

Jenny married me three days after her eighteenth birthday when I was nineteen, we’d both been virgins on our wedding night.

My in-laws never seemed happy. He was domineering, expecting his dinner on the table the moment he walked through the door, if not there was hell to pay. Then he was off up the pub drinking with his mates or at the football ground. When he returned drunk every night he’d hit his wife.

My wife Jenny wanted to learn to drive and without asking me got Tony the black guy to give her lessons while I was at work. I was rather worried about this arrangement, as I’d noticed she was sexually excited on the day of each lesson.

One day I took a day off without telling her, pretended to go to work as usual, but backtracked and hid in bushes near our house and waited.

I saw Tony turn up in the driving school minicar and my wife came out dressed to kill rather than for a driving lesson.

She had on five-inch stiletto heeled court shoes and her long legs were just about covered by a tiny micro miniskirt. When she bent over to greet Tony it was obvious that she was wearing stockings and suspenders but no knickers.

When she lifted her legs to get into the mini car I saw her shaved pussy with very wet and aroused labia. They drove off after he’d given gave her a wet kiss and probably a quick feel.

I was mad and considered chasing off on my motorbike and confronting them. But then realized I’d no proof of anything at all so awaited their return. I was insanely jealous wanting to beat Tony up and wondering if he’d parked and was fucking her with his big black cock at that very moment.

Then I reasoned in the tiny mini car it wouldn’t be physically possible with such a big man as Tony. Were they parked in a local wood and doing it against a tree or on a blanket somewhere? But it was a freezing winter day so that was unlikely. His wife Jean didn’t work so they couldn’t go there. By process of elimination I worked out they were likely to do it at our house.

I thought of killing them both then decided to get real evidence for a divorce and looked for somewhere to hide in our bedroom. I decided on the curtained alcove and made a space, figuring if they went elsewhere I could move.

I watched the mini arrive, them enter the house and come strait up to the bedroom where I’d already got into my hiding place. I could plainly see his black fingers up her mini skirt fingering her twat.

I took several pictures without flash. Then within seconds they’d both stripped and without any foreplay she was on her back with her legs spread and his ten inch black cock plunged into her. I was near enough to notice with distaste he has a red birthmark in his scrotum.

They hadn’t even bothered with a condom, which hurt me as she always made me wear one in case she got pregnant. So this big black cock was the first to enter her bare back as far as I knew.

I took photos of them shagging for evidence but was surprised when my cock got painfully hard. This shouldn’t be, this Blackman was fucking my very willing wife in our matrimonial bed. But I was so hard I the let the camera slump onto my chest on its straps. I couldn’t help myself and started to wank in rhythm with the black monster cocks penetrations. I obviously had voyeur tendencies.

I knew she was unprotected and fertile so if he came he’d put his Blackman’s birthing seed strait into her womb and she’d probably get pregnant. My wife was telling him to pull out before he came and he was promising to do just that.

But Jenny started to orgasm and wrapped her legs round his bum and held him in her while she spasmed and squealed. With the extra stimulation he said he was about to cum and had to pull out. But she was still orgasming and held his cock in her.

She started to yell out, “Fuck all your spunk in me Tony, give me your black baby, knock me up lover, I want to be your woman completely.” He roared, “I’m cumming in you Jenny.” and thrust even further in her hole.

She yelled, “Yes I want your sperm, I can feel your cock has gone right into my womb now, impregnate me with your black baby Tony. I could see his cock and balls throbbing now as he shot stream after stream of baby making sperms in her.

Surprisingly I came watching my wife cuckolding me. I should have rushed out and confronted them as cuckolding cheats, but as I was trying to get my still hard cock back in my trousers my wife spoke.

She said to him, “If you’ve made me pregnant you’ll keep your promise and leave your wife so we can be together won’t you?” Tony said unconvincingly, “Of course!” Then Jenny said but what if Ken catches us?” He replied, “I’m a foot taller and five stones heavier I’ll just beat him up!”

I realized he was right I’d stand no chance against this big black man so I stayed where I was until he left and she went for a shower. Then slipped out; walked round the corner got on my motorbike and rode off. I had to get away from there.

The only place I could think to go was to my in laws so I did just that. As it was during the day only my mother - in - law was in. She realized there was something wrong and we sat down to talk.

Midge my mother - in - law was forty-two at that time to my twenty-one, she’d big tits and bum. But I told her the whole thing including about Tony’s birthmark on his scrotum. She listened sympathetically to my tale and then told me how badly my father in law treated her. He was a drunkard and hitting her all the time.

We both held each other and cried because of our situation, then she got out a bottle of whisky and we drank a third of it between us. We were both rather drunk by then so she suggested I take a shower to sober up a bit before riding home.

I had my shower but when I came out of the cubical and looked for a towel there weren’t any there.

The door opened and mother – in - law came in with several towels and said sorry I forgot the towe---ls. She was looking at my crutch and about to rush back out when I said, “don’t worry can you dry my back?” “Oh I shouldn’t.” She slurred but started to rub me on my back then my front and knelt down. With shaking hands she dried my legs, staring the whole time at my now stiff cock so I pulled her head towards it. She made a token resistance then licked my cock head. Soon she’d taken my cock fully into her mouth and giving me a great blowjob.

I lent over and putting my hands inside her blouse felt her 38e tits. She said without letting up on my cock, “This is wrong!” but didn’t push my hands away or stop sucking. In a few seconds she stripped naked and I got my first site of her massive bum and hairy pussy.

She led me to her bed and I licked her labia, vagina and clit until she came shuddering hard. While she was still shaking she pushed me on my back and positioned her hole over my hard rod and dropped on it impaling herself.

This was my wife’s mother, double my age but it felt wonderful. She was still shuddering and jumping up and down on my cock like a youngster. Her huge pendulous tits bounced alluringly in front of my face, her big nipples brushing my lips as they wobbled.

Mother - in - law was going red in the face and started to cum again, “God it feels wonderful.” She said in a shaky voice, “So my slut of a daughter’s cuckolding you by letting that black man have her cunt. Well you can cuckold her and my husband by knocking me up! Come on son shoot your spunk in mums old cunt, impregnate mum give her your baby!”

With her vaginal muscles gripping and releasing my shaft I came with a massive release of tension. It felt as if I was shooting my entire balls full every ejaculation.

Mother - in - law forced herself on me as hard as she could and I felt my cock head hit the end of her passage. Then it slipped into another tight hole and shot my sperm into her uterus.

I said, “Mum that was wonderful but we mustn’t do it again its not right!” She replied, “Of course it’s right that’s the best sex I’ve ever had, you’re only my second lover you know.

That prat I’m married to thinks a few jabs of his semi hard cock is all I need. But he’s never made me cum once in twenty years, he thinks it’s his right to just use me. I put in fedoms before he comes home just in case he wants to have me.”

I said, “But mum you didn’t use one when we had sex so what if I’ve made you pregnant?” She replied, “You look a bit like him so I’d tell him it’s his and he’ll feel such a big man. He’ll boast about it and never catch on, nor will my dirty daughter, your cuckolding wife!”

Come on now that’s settled lets do it again to be sure you’ve put a baby in my belly!” We fucked for a long time with mother in law coming several times and myself twice.

We were so into our lust with mom calling to me to impregnate her and give her my babies we hadn’t noticed the time. Then there was a shout from downstairs her husband my father – in - law was home from work.

Midge jumped from my embrace and threw on her dress not bothering with underwear and padded downstairs, my spunk running down her legs. I heard John shouting, “Where’s my dinner woman I’ve been working hard and that’s all you’ve got to do! What have you been doing all day?

She could hardly say fucking our son in law so she said I’ve had to do the shopping. He was furious and was about to hit her when I came down the stairs and said, “I’ve fixed the shower for you mum.” He pulled back his hand and said, “I’m going down the pub and I’ll get some food there but don’t do it again!”

With that he stormed off. “Midge said, “Phew that was close!” The phone rang it was my wife Jenny her daughter. Midge didn’t let on I was there but chatted on about her father and what a pig he was.

While still talking to my wife she pulled her dress up and bent over giving me access to her pussy. I was hard again in an instant and pushed it up her cunt as I rubbed her huge buttocks. She went, “Oh,” loudly and I could hear my wife ask if she was all right?

Midge told Jenny she was just being rodgered by the handyman and laughed. I heard my wife say you’ll be lucky at your age mum. Midge asked Jenny how her driving lessons with Tony were going. There was a pause and my wife said VERY well mum.

Mother in law was now hunching herself back on to my cock and we were both getting near to cumming again. Midge said, “I hear Tony’s got a huge black cock, fourteen inches long!” I heard my wife’s voice say, “No its only ten inches long, ----er-- or so I’ve been told!”

Her mother continued, “And he’s fucking all his women customers with it. Old Mrs Evans says he fucks her every week! I heard an intake of breath from the other end of the phone and my wife saying, “He wouldn’t mum she’s a fat ugly woman of sixty-five!”

Midge said, “Well she told me he’s got a birth mark as big as a plumb on his balls, though I don’t know how true that is! Again I heard a sharp intake of breath from my wife and her now restrained voice say, “I wouldn’t know about that mum, but surly not a sixty-five year old tub of lard like that Evans hussy?

I started to cum in mother – in - law’s pussy and she orgasmed with me, her tube clutching my cock and releasing it milking my cum inside her. She grunted, “fucking hell.” My wife’s voice said, “Are you sure you are alright mum?” Midge replied, “Yes daughter me and the handyman have both just cum together, it’s a good job your dads down the pub!”

Then Midge said, “I think I’ll invite that Tony to give me driving lessons and get him to fuck me as well!” There was a shout of indignation from my wife and she told her mother, “Don’t be so dirty mother! “Why not,” Midge said, “I think I’ll get him to impregnate me and have his black babies!” She winked at me as she said it.

I heard my wife’s voice say, “But dad would kill you if you had a black child!” “Yes your right,” Midge replied, “Any husband would throw his wife onto the streets if they were cuckolded like that wouldn’t they? All us sexually active girls better be careful then hadn’t we and use condoms!

“I’d better be going daughter the handyman wants his cock sucked now!” Your getting disgusting mum! My wife said. “Well you’d better make sure that son in law of mine gets shagged regularly or I’ll have to fuck him for you!” Midge said. Then she put the phone down.

“Well what about that blow job then lover?” I asked. We ended up in the sixty-nine position on the kitchen floor until we both had another orgasm!

I rode home to be met by a confused looking wife. I asked her how her driving lesson went. Then said I’d seen Tony giving fat old Mrs Evans a lesson and the lads had mentioned Tony had told them he was fucking the old woman.

They’d also said he’s riddled with sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. Jenny went red and said, “Don’t be so disgusting he wouldn’t do that, I know Tony!” But she didn’t sound convincing and wouldn’t meet my eyes.

What should I do next? I couldn’t confront my wife as I’d cum watching her fuck her black lover and then fucked her mum all afternoon!

But what if either got pregnant? I’d just have to wait and see about that, but I knew I’d be fucking my older mother in law as often as possible from then on!

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