My Cuckoldress


I slowly undressed, confused about why I wasn't literally fuming with anger and looking to beat or strangle her! I felt very hurt, but not angry at all, given the circumstances. So, just as if nothing unusual had happened, I began massaging her lovely back!

"Mmmm, I LOVE what you do for me Mike! I probably always will. You're so good to me." Sherry cooed.

"Sherry, tell me what's going ON here! I thought we had something special!" I commented.

"Oh, but we DO, Mike. You're very special, and I don't ever want to lose you! I know that you don't want to lose ME, either. But sometimes I need things that you just can't give me. You're what is known as a beta-male. I've known this about you way back from our early days together. You have wonderful, endearing qualities, and you're the most giving man in bed that I've ever met. I want what we have to last forever, but sometimes I just need to be with an alpha-male." Sherry explained.

"Sometimes? Do you mean that you've done this BEFORE?" I asked.

"No, I haven't, but there were times when I've really wanted to! But I waited until I felt reasonably sure that you wouldn't hurt me or leave me if I fucked another man. It's obvious that you're not going to hurt me. And you're not going to leave me either, are you?" Sherry asked.

"Well, I'm certainly not HAPPY about this!", I responded, seeking to negotiate the best arrangement I could make without leaving her.

"I didn't expect you to be happy about this. At least not at first, because you don't even understand the basic dynamics yet. But that wasn't my question. You're not going to leave me, are you?", Sherry persisted.

"Are you planning to do this again?" I inquired, ignoring her question.

"You know I've never lied to you, and I'm not about to start lying now, Mike. I REALLY enjoyed myself tonight, and I won't deny myself of future opportunities like this if they present themselves." Sherry replied.

"What??? How OFTEN?" I quickly asked, feeling the hurt inside again.

"Mike, pull down my panties just far enough for you to do my ass. Dave didn't have me there tonight." Sherry casually instructed.

Even though hearing the name "Dave" made the butterflies in my stomach dance even harder, I slowly pulled down her panties. I could smell the dank, ripe odor of sex emit from her panties as I lowered my face there. I could also see a stringy wad of their combined love juices sticking from her pussy to the crotch of her panties as I pulled them down a few inches. I should have been incensed with anger, but my cock began to stiffen instead! This threw me even further off-balance emotionally, and I became thoroughly confused by my reactions.

"Do my ass now like you always do, sweetie." Sherry repeated calmly.

Sherry moaned lightly as I began rimming her ass with the tip of my tongue. She had told me the truth. Her ass was as tight as ever, I thought, as she resumed her story.

"There's no point in asking you again if you're going to leave me, sweetie. You've already answered the question in your own way. However, you did ask me if I intend to do this often, and I think you deserve an answer. I don't plan to. Not at this time, anyway. I believe that an occasional affair will be enough for me. But please don't bother to ask me what occasional means because I don't really know myself yet. The important thing is that I'll only do it whenever I truly feel the need. However, this needs to be completely on my terms, which means that you'll have no say in the matter. But the good news for you is that I promise to keep these affairs very discreet for us. Besides Nikki, you, and the very men themselves, no one will ever know about this. So be HAPPY for us, Mike. After all, all you ever REALLY wanted is to make me happy anyway! Taking an alpha-lover every now and then will give me the perfect balance I need to keep me truly satisfied, without lying and cheating on you. Oh... that feels SO fucking good Mike! Stick your tongue in deeper now, honey." Sherry instructed, rocking her asscheeks.

I immediately complied, cock throbbing and body feeling feverishly hot and flush. I would look back at this moment as my first true state of "subspace," a state that I quickly learned to cherish all-too-well.

Everything Sherry said had been true. I absolutely adored her, and had already been devoting my life to making her happy. It didn't make much sense to lose the woman I adored over something she felt she needed, especially if none of my peers would ever be made privy to our situation. I felt a unique and unusually deep connection to her at that moment for being so bravely open and honest with me on such an emotionally raw level.

Sherry moaned deeper, and professed her love for me. Then she raised her ass up in the air and instructed me to pull her panties off all the way. I quickly complied, breaking the string of their mixed love juices. Sherry kept her ass up high, which was her standard signal for me to initiate cunnilingus. I used her panties to quickly swipe over her sloppy pussy, catching the thick, stringy juices that were about to drip off onto the comforter.

"Eat my pussy, Mike. It's sore though, so go easy! Do it now!" Sherry firmly instructed.

In a drug-like feverish trance, I moved in without hesitation. I began softly kissing her gaping pussy, then performed my expert cunnilingus on her... eventually licking away the remaining juices that Sherry had brazenly brought home to me in the process. I fully realized that life would never be the same ever again for us.

Sherry came with ease, and soon followed with second orgasm just moments after calling me her slut for the first time. It was a name I heard hundreds of times after that night.

My cock throbbed and leaked pre-cum, but Sherry was spent. She instructed me to carry her to bed. On the way there, she promised to take care of me when she woke up later. She fell asleep instantly.

I covered her up, then crawled under the blanket and cuddled up next to her. But it was a long and restless night for me, as I sought to explain how or why a man can grow hotter and more desirous for his woman even after he's discovered that she's fucking another man!

It just happened. It wasn't something I'd ever secretly fantasized about. Hell, I'd never even given it a fleeting thought before Sherry dropped the bomb on me. All I know is that as I laid there next to Sherry, I had mixed emotions of being hurt, angry, but illogically desiring her even more than ever!

By the time Sherry stirred, it was already 11:00am. I was wide awake, and my cock was rock hard, sore from throbbing half the night. I spooned her, and slipped my cock between her legs, high up near her pussy.

Sherry pushed me away, and turned over on her back. She instructed me to go down on her. I felt thrilled to comply. After I positioned my face between her legs, she roughly grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face hard into her pussy.

My nose deeply penetrated her ripe pussy while my lower forehead, just above my nose, ground hard onto her already swollen clit. I quickly began rimming her anus with my tongue. Her whole body tightened up. She rarely became aroused this quickly. She soon began emitting a guttural groan that I knew all-too-well. She was on the throes of a major orgasm!

Sure enough, she let loose a few moments later, screaming at the top of her lungs, and grinding my face into her pussy as hard as possible. At the tail end of her orgasm, she squirted copiously.

As usual, I eagerly licked her remaining drops clean. This time, however, she held my mouth in very close. She told me that she had several glasses of water over at Dave's house to counteract her dehydration from all the scotch she had at the club. Now she needed to pee very badly, but didn't feel like getting up to do it.

Sherry instructed me to drink it for her. I hesitated and pulled my face back a few inches. Sherry then told me she wanted me to mount and fuck her as hard as possible immediately after she was done pissing.

My cock was still throbbing and leaking precum, of course! Besides, while sucking and licking up her past ejaculations, I had often secretly wondered what drinking her piss might be like. So I moved my face back into her pussy.

Sherry quickly let loose, and a huge stream of steaming hot piss started filling my mouth. She held my face in closer, and instructed me to suck and drink it as if drinking through a straw.

I'm not sure how, but I somehow managed to swallow almost all of her golden nectar. Only a small amount had dribbled down my face onto the bed. I then immediately mounted her, and fucked her harder than I've ever fucked her in my entire life! I came almost immediately, having the strongest orgasm I've ever had. Sherry later told me that she distinctly felt my first three jets of cum shoot inside her, something she had never felt before with me.

Sherry was only seconds away from still another orgasm, so I stayed with her, thrusting away until she caught up with me and came again.

After we both caught our breaths, she calmly instructed me to go down on her and clean up my mess. I obediently complied, and quickly fell into another state of subspace. I took my time, savoring the experience.

Meanwhile, Sherry cooed about how she loved her obedient boy-toy and slut more than ever. I even managed to give her two more small orgasms. This was the only time she ever let me fuck her after drinking her golden nectar, but the pleasure association of my unforgettable orgasm had been implanted deeply within me. She never SAID that she wouldn't allow it again, but she turned me down every time I suggested it. It became a perpetual carrot-dangle.

Over the next few days during her massage sessions, Sherry was able to explain to me in great detail why she needed a side lover every now and then. Although her explanation included complex alpha-beta theories, it somehow all made perfect sense to me in the end. She had thoroughly convinced me that this would make her a totally content, happy, and fulfilled woman. So I decided to abide by her terms and continue worshipping her.

Our new relationship worked out surprisingly well over the next five years. Sherry kept her promise, and never divulged her affairs to anyone outside of her immediate circle, saving me from being exposed and humiliated to my peers. Also, out of respect to my request, she never once brought a lover into our home.

Once Sherry got a good taste of our new arrangement, however, she went out to get laid far more often than she originally had suggested. She soon went out at least twice every month. A few months later, she was going out three or four times each month. Before a year had passed into our new arrangement, she was going out almost every week.

Sherry proved to be very selective about her lovers and had selected only eight during these five years, often dating the same lover over the course of many months.

Almost all of Sherry's dates occurred on Friday nights. Once in a blue moon, she would stay out all night and return the following day. But this was rare. She usually returned home by two or three in the morning.

Soon after she first cuckolded me, Sherry involved me with the preparation for most of her dates. My typical early Friday evenings consisted of trimming Sherry's pussy hair close and neat, bathing her, shaving her legs and armpits, applying a light body oil over her entire body, brushing her hair, and helping her dress. At first, I hated the idea of preparing her for a date with another man! But she was right, I soon became quite sexually aroused during these preparation sessions.

During the first two years of being cuckolded, Sherry applied her own makeup. But after the 2nd year, she even began teaching me how to do this too. For the last two and a half years, I did it all, preparing her from head to toe.

While Sherry was out on her dates, I stayed home to deep clean the house, which had, for the most part, been left go all week. We often entertained on Saturday nights, and Sherry expected a pristine house. I also washed and dried her past week's laundry for her. Some of her finer lingerie had to be hand-washed. I also followed very specific instructions for folding and putting all her items away.

Sherry was always very truthful about her affairs. Upon returning home from her dates, she almost always provided me with full details of her night out as I massaged her feet. She then usually shared the more intimate details of her sexcapades as I massaged her back and performed my typical oral services upon her.

Sherry almost always went bareback on her dates, and rarely ever showered or even wiped clean before arriving home. Since this all occurred over 25 years ago, long before the days of AIDS, taking the pill and going bareback was relatively safe compared to today's day and age. However, she always let me use her wet panties to quickly wipe off her well-fucked pussy before having me perform cunnilingus on her. This made my service to her a whole lot easier for me to deal with!

Sherry usually rewarded me by allowing me to have full intercourse with her after I had faithfully performed, to her expectations, my domestic chores, and personal and oral services to her immediately following her dates.

By the time Sherry had been going out on weekly dates, my total orgasms were being limited to one per week. She felt this level best enhanced my overall service and devotion to her. Therefore, with her dates, I learned to associate my own orgasms and penetrative intercourse with Sherry.

By the time I had personally attended to Sherry following her dates, it was usually around four in the morning. By then, she typically felt too exhausted to fuck me, so I usually had to wait until she woke up later that Saturday.

Sherry's dates usually included lots of dancing prior to prolonged, varied, and often acrobatic sex with talented alpha-lovers. This tended to make her tired and sore in her feet and legs, so she truly looked forward to my services before going to sleep.

Of course, I was expected to remain faithful to Sherry throughout our relationship, and I did. Our relationship had slowly evolved into a Goddess-worship relationship, whereas I basically served her every whim with feverish adoration.

I never masturbated without her permission ever again during our relationship together. Therefore, she never subjected me to the chastity device she had once threatened me with. Nor did she ever ask me to take a polygraph test, even though she several times reminded me of the potential to submit for one.

Serving a Goddess like Sherry and keeping her happy in the manner that she desired truly kept me in a perpetual state of bliss. During my non-employment hours, I was almost always at some level of sexual arousal, often staining my boxers with my pre-cum.

Nevertheless, I must admit that even though I truly wanted Sherry to experience all the emotional and physical pleasures that life could offer her, our relationship certainly wasn't emotionally pain-free for me.

Though painful, I got over the pain of being initially cuckolded in a surprisingly short period of time. The first few times Sherry talked about me helping prepare her for her dates were also painful for me, but I eventually got over this and even learned to truly savor those experiences.

By the time Sherry had limited our penetrative intercourse to the late mornings or early afternoons following her dates, these preparation sessions had become so highly erotic for me that my cock would throb and leak copious pre-cum. Hell, my cock would leak from performing my domestic chores while she was out on her dates too. Holding back from jerking-off was often maddening! Sometimes I don't know how I even managed.

Then there was another painful moment that took me several weeks to get over. One night following one of Sherry's dates and after I had already massaged her back for a while, she signaled that she was ready for analingus. When my eager tongue reached her ass, however, it was no longer the tight little bunghole that I had grown to cherish. Instead, my tongue slipped into a gaping wide and sloppy wet asshole!

To my utter dismay, Sherry's well-hung lover had taken her anal virginity earlier that evening, and deposited his copious seed there. As crazy at this may sound, I felt very hurt by this. Prior to that night, her asshole had still been "all mine." Now I had to even share this part of her with other men.

Sherry's ass was never quite the same thereafter. She learned to enjoy anal sex, and did it often, but never with me. But I eventually got over this hurt too. I even learned to truly enjoy performing analingus again, especially after she pointed out how much she enjoyed that I was now able work my tongue far deeper into her rectum than I ever could before.

But by far, the biggest pain I felt occurred when she got pregnant one day, and left me to marry the father of the child. I felt completely devastated. When I found out later that she purposely stopped taking the pill because she fell in love with the guy, I wanted to curl-up and die just so the pain would go away.

They got married, but it didn't even last three years. From what I understand, they weren't even happy years at that. He was a typical alpha-male, high magnetism and a great fuck, but a lousy life partner. He wound up cheating on her, and breaking her heart!

After they divorced, I tried several times to reconcile with Sherry, but she never came back to me. It almost seemed as though she felt embarrassed to be around me. I last saw her about a year ago at the local mall. She still looked magnificent, but she gave me the bum's rush again. How I miss her!

I've been in more short-term relationships than I can even recall since Sherry left me more than 20 years ago. But man-oh-man, did my relationship with Sherry ever ruin me! Every time I've tried to draw out the dominant qualities of the new woman I'm in a relationship with, I've gotten dumped shortly thereafter. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but in our culture, women just don't seem to respect men who enjoy treating women as Goddesses.

Sherry was one-in-a-million, and I would take her back in a heartbeat. But it looks like I'm doomed to settling for a vanilla relationship, and just masturbating to the fond memories of the good old days... during moments when my current squeeze isn't around, of course!

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