tagIncest/TabooMy Cute Nieces Ch. 01

My Cute Nieces Ch. 01


Nine years ago, when I married my wife, I was in love with her, even though we hadn't known each other very long. I still am in love with her even though our sex life leaves something to be desired and I have not always been faithful to her, although any fooling around I have done with other women has been strictly physical, not emotional.

She was born in the Philippines, part of a large, prosperous family. Two years after our wedding, we visited her home province and I met the members of her family, including three of her daughters and those younger brothers and sisters who hadn't moved to the United States. By that time, the younger siblings had children also and, as their new uncle, I met most of them. I am very fond of children, and I was especially taken with two cute nieces, Loren and Gloria, both 11 years old then, who looked more like sisters than first cousins. Both these very sweet and bright girls had ambitions of careers in computer technology, preferably in the United States, and they spent as much time with me as they could, enjoying my company, as I enjoyed theirs, and practicing their English. Both were quite fluent, even at that age, but they preferred to address me as "Tito", using the more affectionate Tagalog word for "Uncle".

Seven years later, after we had both retired from our civil service jobs, we returned to The Philippines, this time for a combined family and business visit. Both her parents had died, leaving large property holdings, but also leaving the titles totally muddled. Being the oldest surviving sibling, as well as having been a lawyer in The Philippines before moving to the United States, my wife had a large part of the responsibility for straightening out the mess. Since I would have been of no help, not having the legal background or knowledge of Tagalog, I spent most of my days renewing my acquaintance with relatives, especially the two nieces, who are still cute and charming. They are both students at The University of the Philippines, pursuing their goals of careers in computers. As first cousins, both 18 years old and classmates at the University as well as being very fond of each other, they spend almost all their time together, even sometimes sleeping over in each other's homes. During our visit, I spent a lot of time with them too, really enjoying their company.

One day, right after my wife left for the courthouse for another day of examining old records and documents, Loren called me and asked me to come over. She told me she had something she wanted to show me and ask me about. "This is really important, Tito," she told me. Having nothing better to do, I went over to her house and was a bit surprised to find that Gloria wasn't there. Because everybody else was away for a week, this was my first time I had been alone with either niece.

"She's at the college library, Tito," Loren told me when I asked about her cousin. I had no reason to doubt her, and I had asked mostly for the purpose of making conversation anyhow. "Let's go up to my bedroom and talk," she suggested. I did not attach any significance to this suggestion because, like many homes in the Philippines, the bedrooms were air-conditioned and the rest of the house was not so Loren's bedroom was comfortable and the best place to enjoy a friendly visit with my niece.

For a while we sat on her bed and chatted, about her and Gloria's studies, about the joint eighteenth birthday they had celebrated the previous month, and about what they planned to do after they graduated. Finally, Loren got to the subject of what she wanted to ask me about. "Tito, a few days after our birthday party, Gloria and I saw a videotape that a friend's father had and we saw a lot of people having sex. Mostly, the sex was the same as we usually do with our boyfriends but there was an American man and a Philippine girl in one movie, and he put his head between her legs and licked her pekpek. She really liked it and so did he. Do American men like to do that? Do you? I asked my boyfriend and he told me men never do that, only lesbians, but the man in the movie did, and he liked it and the girl liked it a lot." As my cute niece asked me about the American man licking the Philippine girl's pussy, she moved closer to me on her bed. Loren's soft, brown hands were on my thigh and I noticed how both her small but very pretty breasts were fully visible, since some of the buttons on her blouse had somehow come unfastened.

"Loren, your boyfriend is wrong about that. A lot of men do that. It is usually called eating pussy, by the way, and a lot of American men like to eat pussy, including me."

"Is it fun for you and for the girl?"

"It's a lot of fun for her and for me too, especially if she is pretty." I thought I detected where Loren was heading and I was somewhat unsure what to do about it. If she wanted me to eat her pussy, I would be tempted because she is really cute, both her face and her rather plump figure and, at 18, is old enough to know what she wants. It would also be considered incest, and probably illegal. Because we were not related by blood, sex with my niece might not be considered to be incest in the United States, at least not legally, but The Philippines has much broader laws and customs in that regard. I saw nothing really immoral about eating her pussy or otherwise having sex with her because we are both adults and nobody would be hurt. As for being illegal, we would both be equally guilty so neither of us would ever say anything to the law.

Loren interrupted my thoughts. "Do you think I'm pretty?" she asked, as she unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way and pulled it open in the front. As I had noticed earlier, she was not wearing a bra and any reluctance I might have been feeling evaporated.

"Very pretty, Loren," I answered, reaching out and removing her blouse as she turned partly away from me and raised her arms, making it easier for me. "You are a charming and really beautiful young woman," I told her as I put my hands on her shoulders to gently push her onto her back. Loren swung her legs up onto her bed and lay down in the middle, first putting a pillow under head. There was another pillow on the bed and I knew what I would want to do with it when it was time.

Naked above her waist and with her hands at her pants, ready to start removing them, Loren smiled at me and asked. "If you think I'm pretty, why don't you lick my pekpek?"

She had surprisingly large nipples, a beautiful dark brown against the lighter brown background of her firm breasts. After removing my shirt, I lay beside her cupping one of the small beauties in either hand, licking the nearest of the nipples. It quickly became erect under my ministrations. At 18, Loren's breasts, although delightful, were not fully developed yet, and would probably still grow to match the size of her nipples, but they were certainly two wonderful handfuls even then and, as I soon found out, two even more wonderful mouthfuls.

Loren giggled. "That feels nice, Tito, but that's not my pekpek."

"I know, but it's a lot more fun for both of us if I build up to licking your pekpek. Trust me, Loren, you are really going to enjoy this and so am I." After saying that, I returned to doing more pleasurable things with my mouth than talking.

My cute niece didn't say anything for a while but she was murmuring happily as I licked the first nipple with broad strokes of my tongue, and her murmuring became louder and happier when I switched my attentions to the other, equally inviting nipple. After moving my mouth back and forth from one of the beautiful twins to the other, Loren was already letting me know how much she was enjoying what my tongue was doing for her. "Mmm, You're right, Tito. I really like it."

I briefly stopped what I was doing to answer her. "I know it feels good. It feels good to me too, and it will feel much better for both of us before we are through." After assuring her of the pleasure awaiting us, I drew one of Loren's charming globes into my mouth and sucked on it while continuing to caress her nipple and puffy areola with my tongue. Besides cooing her pleasure, Loren was squirming on the bed, holding her lovely breasts in her hands and presenting them alternately to my mouth for our mutual pleasure. I continued with what I was doing, sucking each delightful mound in turn, until I could see her crotch squirming on the bed. Knowing it was time to move on to more important things, I started licking and kissing my way down her soft, brown belly.

Of my two cute nieces, Loren is two days older than her cousin but looks younger, or at least her body does. The faces of the two lovely young women are almost identical but, in addition to Loren's breasts being not fully developed, her belly and her ass are rather plump in a way that somehow seems both childish and womanly. Gloria's body is also sexy, especially her ass, but in a strictly womanly way. Although I had never seen either one naked until that day, I had seen both nieces wearing bathing suits or shorts and halter tops, and I was well aware of how sexy they both are, although in different ways.

Loren was still wearing her blue jeans and after my mouth had slowly licked and kissed her belly down to her belt line, I stopped, unfastened her belt and unzipped her fly. With her pants unfastened, I knelt between her legs, hooked my fingers under the waistband and pulled them down. Loren helped by lifting her ass off the bed and after her pants were all the way off, I tossed them aside, leaving her wearing nothing but sheer panties, that were even more sheer from being soaked with her delectable pussy juices. They would go too, of course, but first I leaned close and enjoy the superb aroma of my cute niece's panty-clad pussy.

Loren again lifted her ass off the bed to enable me to pull off her wet panties and, after she was completely naked I gave her further directions. "Lift yourself off the bed again and let me slip this pillow under you. That will raise your pekpek to the perfect eating level. Okay, now raise your legs and spread them."

Once Loren was in position, I braced my shoulders against the undersides of her thighs and wrapped my arms around her legs so my fingers were in her silky, black pubic hair. This brought my face inches from her marvelous pussy and I could smell the incredible aroma of her juices that were already running freely. Before starting the slow and pleasurable process of eating Loren's pussy, I licked the juices from her crotch and pussy lips. "Tito, that feels really good, what you're doing," she murmured. I smiled; it did feel good, to both of us, but in a few minutes, I would be doing things that would feel about a thousand times better.

The first of those things was slowly running my tongue over the soft, sensitive light brown flesh between one of Loren's inner and outer pussy lips, below her wet love hole where they started. By the time I reached the place where the lips are close together, Loren was cooing happily and her pussy was squirming under my face. I continued to lick, probing my tongue between the inner and outer lips and tonguing the surfaces of both labia. By the time I reached the end of the inner lip, where it merges with the other inner lip to form her clit hood, Loren was cooing and sighing louder; her pussy was humping into my face and more fresh juices were trickling from her.

"Oooo, Tito, I love that. That feels so good."

Briefly, I lifted my mouth from her pussy. "Loren, it's going to get even better. A lot better." After making that prediction, which was a sure thing, my mouth returned to doing things more pleasurable to both of us than just talking about eating her pussy. Because the feel of her soft skin was so delightful to my tongue, I licked all the way to the end of the outer lip, and even licked her mons, thoroughly enjoying the texture of her soft pubic hair. Loren continued cooing and her pussy continued to fuck into my face, and I still hadn't started licking her more sensitive parts.

One of those parts was the top of her clit hood, and after I finished licking Loren's mons, I brought my tongue back to caress her there. Very gently, I ran my tongue over the loose skin, applying just enough pressure to indirectly stimulate Loren's adorable clit that was sheltering under it. "Oh! Oh, Tito, that's even better," Loren exclaimed to me and her pussy fucked even stronger into my face while her juices flowed more freely.

I was really glad my cute young niece was enjoying what we were doing because I was enjoying it just as much, maybe more. After happily sucking and licking all the delicious juices from her precious love hole, I licked her other pair of pussy lips almost the same way. This time, after my tongue had thoroughly laved every surface to the end of her outer lip, I brought my tongue back down to her clit hood and applied more pressure in licking her there.

As I licked, I imagined I could hear Loren's adorable clit begging me to bring my tongue under the protective hood and let her feel me caressing her directly. My imagination or not, I complied and gently probed her love button, letting that little darling be licked for the first time in her life. My tongue on Loren's sweetest of sweet spots, even for just a few seconds, made her writhe on the bed from the intense pleasure, her head tossing from side to side on her pillow. Her cooing turned to moans and her pussy gushed more of her delectable juices and fucked into my face even stronger. I really love my cute niece and it was very gratifying to me that Loren was receiving so much pleasure as I ate her pussy. Of course, it was extremely pleasurable to me as well.

"Tito, that is wonderful. I've never felt anything so good. I feel warm and funny all over. Please, don't stop." I had no intention of stopping until Loren had enjoyed her climax, probably the best, maybe even the first, of her young life. She was close to cumming already but I still wanted to lick and kiss her pussy some more, and explore some more with my tongue.

I really enjoyed the feel of probing the lower edge of Loren's precious love hole, feeling the springiness of her flesh and tasting her juices squirting directly onto my tongue. The side edges of that beautiful place felt as good to my tongue, and tasted as good because I was able to lick all the juices running from her before they soaked into the bed. My niece is young and relatively inexperienced and her inner lips are still tight so I gently pulled them apart so my eyes could enjoy the beauty of her pussy. All pussies are beautiful in their own way but Loren's is one of the most beautiful, with the light brown flesh of her outer lips and the darker reddish-brown of her engorged inner lips, pouting from her state of extreme arousal. Probably the most beautiful part of all was her enticing pink vagina, glistening from her juices. Just above her vagina is Loren's precious clit, swollen and engorged like her inner lips, and bursting from her protective hood. In a few seconds, that adorable love toy would be in my mouth and I would be sucking on it and caressing its sides with my tongue.

The delightful aroma of my niece's pussy is probably even better than its appearance, not just from the juices but from the entire organ. The fresh fragrance of a young pussy like Loren's is unique and indescribable, one of the most amazing and wonderful things in the world. The taste of her pussy is beyond belief, especially her fresh juices, but even when they are dry, her lips and clit are delicious to my tongue. Probably the best thing of all about Loren's pussy that day, though, was the way it felt on my tongue, her springy lips, her soft, curly pubic hair, the smooth wetness of her vagina and, most of all, the fullness of her clit. Loren's pussy was a delight to four of my senses and hearing her moaning while her body thrashed on her bed, her pleasure approaching ecstasy, and hearing her tell me how wonderful I was making her feel was immensely gratifying to my fifth sense.

I knew she was ready to cum so I sucked her clit into my mouth after pushing and pulling the protective hood away with my tongue with my fingers. My lips formed a seal as I sucked on her precious love button and my tongue caressed the swollen sides and top. "Oh, Tito," Loren cried out as her pleasure soared abruptly to new heights and continued to increase.

"Oh! Oh! What's happening? It's...It's"... Loren's words could not describe what she was feeling. Either she did not know the words in English or she did not know the words in any language to describe what she felt like as she started cumming, possibly for the first time in her life. Her legs knew it was wonderful and they squeezed my head to keep the source of the intense pleasure from escaping. Loren's hands knew too, and they pressed my face into her pussy so the source would be even closer to the center of the pleasure. The rest of her body may not have known but Loren bounced and bucked and pitched on her bed while her vocal cords tried to express how incredible the pleasure was that she felt. Almost instinctively, for over five minutes, my niece squeezed and pressed my head and thrashed and churned on her bed until she climaxed, her back arching and her pussy jamming one last time into my face.

After her tremendous orgasm, Loren completely relaxed on her bed, her jaw slack and her eyes closed in ecstasy. While she recovered, I feasted on the flood of fresh juices she had produced while cumming. They were even more delicious that I had expected.

"Tito, what was that" What happened to me? I have never done that before. That was the most wonderful thing I have ever felt. Does it always feel like that when someone licks a girl's pekpek?" I was still kneeling between her legs and I looked up and smiled at my niece, who was even cuter in her bliss. She smiled back.

"That's called cumming, Loren, or climaxing or having an orgasm. It always feels wonderful but not always as good as the one you just had. I'm glad it was good for you because it was good for me too, but now I have a problem. There's something I have a great need to do but I didn't bring any condoms and I don't want to put you at risk."

"I know what you want to do, Tito, and I want to do it too. I have some condoms in my top dresser drawer, under my panties. Sometimes I have my boy friend sneak in here at night and I like to be ready for him. I don't want to get pregnant either."

I got up to go to the dresser but before I got out the condoms, I picked up my shirt and wiped my niece's pussy juices off my face. Before I left the house I would wash thoroughly but, for now, that would have to do. I always like to kiss the woman when we are fucking and I didn't feel right about smearing her own juices on Loren's face. My cock was so stiff, the stiffest it had been in years, that I had trouble taking off my pants and underwear but, eventually, I was as naked as Loren. I found the condoms and put one on but I didn't entirely trust their quality and freshness so I put a second one on.

My cock was still rigid when I returned to kneel on the bed between Loren's knees. She smiled, patted my cock and raised and spread her legs again. Her pussy was wet enough for me because Loren had produced more juices. I knew her pussy would be tight but she was totally relaxed and trusted me so I didn't expect to have any trouble inserting my cock into her. With the fingers of one hand, I spread her inner lips while the other hand guided my cock into my niece's beautiful and expectant pussy.

I slowly eased in the tip and Loren looked up at me and smiled. "That feels good, Tito. Am I going to cum again?"

"I hope so. I will actually be disappointed if you don't. Men who make love, like I do, always like to have their women or girl friends really enjoy sex, and I hope you do cum." With a gentle thrust, another inch entered Loren's pussy. She was already cooing from the pleasure she was receiving. I leaned forward so the weight of my upper body was supported on my hands on either side of my niece's shoulders and, with a series of gentle pushes, always taking my time to let her pussy accommodate my cock, I penetrated Loren all the way to my pubic hair.

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