tagLetters & TranscriptsMy Cyber-Date with Angela

My Cyber-Date with Angela


This is a real transcript of a real date with a lovely girl I met on Literotica.

1:24 PM me: Hi there!

Angela: hey

me: Look, I brought you flowers

Angela: how are u? they're gorgeous thank u

me: Fine. And I'm wearing a tuxedo, to make a good impression on a first date.

Just kidding, I'm not wearing tux.

Angela: lol i was hoping not, because i'm in a wifebeater and knit pants i was feeling terribly underdressed lol

me: Would you like to share a glass of wine? I have rose in the fridge.

Angela: i would love it

and i love rose

me: You have something where you are?

Angela: i wish, i was thinking about getting, some. next time

me: OK. So, what shall we chat about, music, or sex?

Angela: i can do both, i'm all about the multi-tasking lol

me: OK, what sort of music do you find arousing?

Angela: r&b you?

me: The only song I can think of that actually gets me hot and bothered is "Oops, oh my": by Tweet.

Angela: lmao, i love that song

me: Do you know that one?

Angela: oh very well

there was this song that i used to listen to was the song sex from raheem devaughn but the one song that gets me going right now, is anthony hamilton's "point of it all"

me: I'm writing them down. I'll check them out later on YouTube. Do you ever listen to calypso?

Angela: i do somewhat

what is your favorite

me: The Mighty Sparrow has some very risque lyrics, but you have to know the Trinidad dialect to get all the meanings.

Angela: true, i will have to listen to that

me: I don't think think much of Lady Gaga's tunes, but I like watching her put her hand on her pussy when she sings.

Angela: lmao she's in te perfomrer catagory for

me: I guess several young divas do that. It never fails to get my interest.

Angela: i put singers in two catagories musicians and performers she is a performer. But they love her

but i've never really been a great fan so calypso gets you horny?

me: Not so much. But Sparrow writes songs about eating pussy, and I always warm up to that topic.

I hope you won't think it is out of line if I tell you that I got very excited thinking about you reading my stories.

Angela: lol, is that a favorite pass time for you

me: Oh yes.

Angela: really, what were your thoughts? lol i like that in a man you are a very good writer

me: If I may ask an intimate question, did you touch yourself after you read them?

Angela: very descriptive, and arousing

lol. i was very wet, but i read more before, i released myself i really like to get to a point where i'm dripping before i begin to pleasure myself it allows me full pleasure

and it doesn't take much to arouse me

me: Did you make yourself cum?

Angela: i did, twice it's been a while since i've released

me: Oh my god.

You don't mind if I fantasize about you a little bit, do you?

Angela: it was well over due

of course not as long as you fill me in on what the fantasies are

me: Oh, I will. Last night, I was thinking about our date today. I got very hard, and I was so tempted to stroke my cock until I came all over myself, but for some reason I wanted to wait and savor the excitement.

I had trouble going to sleep, and then I woke up in the middle of the night and it was the same thing all over again.

Angela: i love to tease myself too, it prolongs the joy in the end you were thinking of me? how sweet the want to talk to me, kept you up? i've never had that before where are you located?

me: Not close enough for a real-life encounter. Plus, I am in a relationship. My naughtiness with you must be discreet. Have you had any fantasies about me?

Angela: i understand that whole-heartedly

i have this picture of what you would be through your service the need to be orally pleasured is always a need

me: By the way, wanting to talk to you did keep me up. ;-)

Angela: lmao i'm sure

and why didn't you release

me: I was letting the anticipation build. Would you like to share a fantasy right now?

Angela: sure will it be like a story?

would we be writing it together?

me: Imagine I'm joining you where you are. Describe it for me.

I'm wearing a dark red polo shirt and grey sweat pants.

Angela: i'm wearing a gray wife beater and black knit pants

without shoes i'm at the table right now

me: I am barefoot, too. You know I'm hot for you...

Angela: i know. i get up and let you sit where i'm sitting, so i can get in your lap

me: Can you feel my cock, straining against my sweat pants?

Give me a slow, wet kiss.

Angela: i can, i move my torso teasingly against your hard cock encased by your sweat pants

i can do that no closed mouth kisses either

me: Oh, that's good. I love the feel of your lips and tongue.

Angela: i want to feel your lips and tongue intertwined with mine

me: Yes, keep it up.

Angela: the kiss becomes passionate and wet very quickly

me: Angela, I want you to stop typing for a moment and take off your wife-beater.

Tell me when it's off.

Angela: ok, are you going to remove something

me: Very soon. Now, run the palms of your hands gently over your nipples.

And now pinch them a little. Does it feel good?

Angela: yes, i love when my nipples are pinched i like it harder

me: Pinch them harder.

My sweat pants are too tight.

Angela: remove them for me me: OK. Would you like to see my cock?

Angela: i would. i want to taste the moisture that i know is forming at the tip of it

me: Not just yet. But I'll let you see it. I'm pulling off my pants (in real life) and my cock is standing out straight, 7" long and rose colored. Should I touch it?

Angela: yes, touch it.wrap a strong hold around it and lightly stroke it

me: I already started, I couldn't wait.

Angela: that's fine

me: Do you have panties on under your knit pants?

Angela: take some of the moisture you're building and coat your shaft with it i do bikini panties

me: May I see them?

Angela: yes

me: Take off your pants now.

Angela: ok

me: What color are the panties?

Angela: i'm now just in my panties striped purple and white

me: Pinch your nipples again and tell me how it feels.

Your panties look hot.

Angela: it feels good it brings a spark straight to my pussy how does your cock feel?

me: I'm standing nearer to you now, and slowly stroking my cock. It feels wonderful, but I feel like I've been hard for days. I need a release. Spread your thighs a bit, so I can see more of your pantes.

Angela: would you like for me to touch myself, or should i wait

i'd like to turn around and take you into my mouth

me: I want you to lightly run your fingers over the outside of your panties. And look at me while you do it. Can you see the lust on my face?

Angela: just teasing. i'd never leave your eyes

i can. can you see the need in my eyes?

me: Yes. Do your panties feel a little wet?

Angela: a little bit

me: Run your fingers over again, with a little more pressure. Give your clit a little massage through the fabric

Angela: yes, allow my clit to get hard and ready

me: How does it feel now?

Angela: it feels wonderful how does your cock feel. have you lubricated it fully

me: Oh yes.. You may slip your fingers inside your panties. And dip them into your pussy...

Angela: do you like dominating me?

me: I'll come a little closer, so that I'm stroking my cock about two feet from your face. I love the way it feels.

Not necessarily. You can take the lead soon if you like. But not quite yet.

Angela: no i like a dominant man i would love that, i need to to taste you

me: OK, you got it. I can smell your pussy now. I love it! The aroma is so mouth-watering! Just the thought of how good you smell is making me stroke my cock faster. I better slow down.

Angela: lol. oh yes, my aroma can feel the room, if i'm in total heat

me: I want you in total heat. Let me see your pussy, Take off those panties. I'm taking off my shirt.

Angela: yes love i can do that

it's not shaved right now

me: I like the hair. It looks more grown up and womanly.

Tell me more about your pussy, but don't forget to stroke it while you do.

Angela: the upper mound is thick it is fluffed with hair my lips are thick and long

the inside is a pretty pink and glistening

me: O god I want it so bad

Angela: my clit is still hooded, but as long as I continue to tease it it will get thicker and bigger moisture is flowing from my pussy right nown you want a taste?

me: Put your fingers in my mouth

Angela: here you are, you like it?

me: I love it. Rub your pussy some more, then give me another taste

Angela: umm , i'm going to smear it light on your lips, then you can lick your lips for me

me: Oh yes, I'm licking them. Smear some juice on one of your nipples.

Angela: oh yes

me: Oh yes. Now I'm going to suck that nipple while you pinch the other one. It tastes so hot.

Angela: yes, i want to feel a small amount of teeth i knew you'd like it

me: Yes, I'm nipping you, I'm dragging my teeth along your erect nipple. Now I am stepping back. Spread your thighs and give me a good view of your beautiful cunt.

Angela: it's so wet for you

me: I'm stepping closer, stroking my cock just inches from you mouth, teasing you.

Do you want to suck it?

Angela: more than anything cock in front of my face is a weakness of mine

me: Suck me

Angela: i have to suck it, if it's there yes love

me: Suck me good Do you like the way I taste?

Angela: always, a salty goodness

me: Oh, your mouth is so hot and wet And I can smell your pussy more than ever, it's so arousing

I'm not going to let you make me cum just yet. First, I need you to do something for me.

Angela: can you feel my lips on your shaft, while my tongue teases your slit and what's that?

me: Have you been stroking your pussy? Is it good and hot?

Angela: it's getting there

me: Let me know when you are close to cumming. Then I'll do all the typing and you can concentrate on stroking that beautiful sweet pussy. Then, it will be my turn to cum.

Can you feel how my hips are starting to buck involuntarily as you suck me?

2:54 PM

Angela: yes, i'm relaxing my throat so i can take all of you

me: I'm reaching down and lightly twisting your nipples.

Angela: i want the vibrations of my throat to get you there but my pussy needs your tongue

me: Wlll you cum for me?

We'll take our time. I crave the taste of your pussy. The appetizer on your fingers and nipple drove me crazy.

Angela: i will

me: OK. I'll take charge of the typing, just stroke that luscious cunt.

Angela: yes

me: I'm falling to my knees and rubbing my face along the inside of your thighs, and concentrating on the smell of your pussy. I love that smell. I can feel my cock throbbing between my legs as I savor the smell of your wet pussy.

Angela: i love it

me: I'm grabbing a pillow now, and I lift your ass with one hand, putting the pillow underneath. Your pussy is fully exposed to my hungry gaze.

I want you to look me in the eye, and smile as you put two fingers inside yourself. Do that for me please. Dont stop to type.

Push them in deep, and then swirl them around your clit until you feel really good and hot. Then push them in even deeper. Now pull them out and feed them to my worshipping mouth, as I kneel on the floor.

Angela: yes love

me: I I'm coming closer and nuzzling the hair on your mound.

I'm putting both hands under your ass, so I can hold you close. Now I'm slowing dragging my tongue along your slit, but not all the way to your clit.

I'm teasingly dipping my tongue into your delectable cunt. And now I'm extending it as far as it will go, and pushng it in further. You taste like paradise. I want to swallow you up.

Angela: yes

me: Now I'm replacing my tongue with two fingers, very gently, while my tongue creeps toward your clit. I'm moving my fingers very, very slowly in and out.

And my mouth is closing over your clit. It's so big and firm! It excites me so much! I'm sucking your clit, and moving my fingers faster.

Now I'm swirling my tongue around your clt. I love the way it feels in my mouth. But I need more!

Angela: what more would you like

me: I'm climbing on the bed and lying on my back. I need you to put your pussy on my mouth. Will you do that for me?


Angela: i can do that baby

me: Oh, god yes. Straddle my face. I love the way your thick pussy lips and clit feel in my mouth.

Angela: i can do that

me: Oh yes. I can't get enough. Grind your pussy against my mouth.

Fuck my mouth with your gorgeous cunt. I want you to cum in my mouth. Please do that for me. I love the taste and smell of your pussy. I want it all over my face. I want you to cum. Hurry and cum for me!

I want you to drown me in pussy juice!

Move your hips forward and back, so I can taste your lips and clit. I'm plunging my tongue so deep inside you This position lets my tongue go in its deepest. And then I'm dragging it up against your clit, and I'm sucking your beautfiul, exciting clit!

Angela: oh my god this feels so good

me: Cum for me love drench me I adore your cunt

Angela: i'm so close right now

me: I'm so thirsty for your pussy juice. I'm

Angela: it's all yours

me: grabbing your hips and trying to pull your pussy closer. I'm loving it, sucking it, tongue-fucking it

I want you to cum so bad

Angela: i'm so close, fuck

me: Cum for me. I promise to cum for you.

You can have anything if you will cum in my mouth. I feel like I could almost cum right now just from the taste of your cunt. Fuck my face.

Rub your pussy all over it.

Angela: shit i'm cumming

me: Cum darling! Cum in my mouth! I want to swallow every drop!

Angela: it's all yours baby

3:19 PM me: Did you cum?

Angela: yes it felt wonderful

me: Beautiful.

Angela: did u?

me: No, its my turn now. Do you gush a little when you come? I can't get enough of your pussy juice.

Angela: i gush a little depends on the intensity of the orgasm i have the tendency to make the sheets wet

me: I'm turning over and sucking the juice from your sheets. Do you want to make me cum?

Angela: yes how can I?

me: I'll do whatever you want. I'll come in your pussy, or your mouth, or on your face or tits.

Angela: well i want to start out with you in my mouth

me: You do the typing, and I'll stroke my hot, throbbing cock, It won't take me too long.

Angela: i need to taste you, i want to feel your cock pulsate in my mouth

me: Sucking your pussy excites me so much.

Angela: i want to lick your slit , while i suck your shaft

me: I'm standing next to the bed. My cock is all yours.

Angela: i want you to lay back as i love on your cock. And while i'm sucking on it, i'm going to turn around and sit m my still sensitive clit on your mouth

me: O 69 is heaven

Angela: i want to feel your tongue, pulsate against my clit as i suck your beautiful, hard cock

me: yes

Oh suck me in deep

Angela: i would suck the shaft, on both sides. and then i would take all of you down my throat. and then when i feel like your cock is almost ready for me to taste. I stop

because i would rather feel you cum inside my wet pussy

me: ohmigod I was so close

Angela: well dont stop becauase i want to turn around and slide this very wet pussy down your hard shaft

me: yes do it Kiss me

put your tongue in my mouth

Angela: i will. i want to feel your tongue attach to mine as we find a good rhythm

me: can you squeeze my cock with your lovely cunt?

Angela: yes

me: I love it do you taste your pussy on my mouth?

Angela: you can feel my pussy milking your cock as i continue to ride you i can

i love the taste of myself from your mouth, and your cock essence already in my mouth

me: I'm stroking my cock fast, and my hips are moving up and down. I can cum soon if you like

Angela: i want you to, i want to feel your cum awash my pussy i want to feel your cum explode inside my pussy

me: I will

Angela: cum for me

me: i did

Angela: nice how was it?

me: Wonderful.

Angela: nice

me: Well, that was a good first date.

I guess we went "all the way."

Angela: i guess we did do you think different of me?

me: Yes, I was not sure that you would go all the way on the first date, and I'm now glad that you did. Oops, telephone

Optometrist confirming appointment.

Angela: lol i'm glad that you're happy

me: I've got to get ready for work now. Our date lasted a long time. But let's have another.


still there?

Angela: i'd love to kisses to you

me: OK bye bye

Angela: bye

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