My Darling Niki


"You will smoke this, or I WILL hurt you!" With that being said he pinched and pulled her nipples as hard as he could, she screamed in pain. She finally sucummbed and took a hit of what I assumed was meth.

"This will wake you up and make sex amazing for you, it won't be an experience you will soon forget!" He was still holding the lighter as the substance crackled and smoked.

I finally began to understand the situation. Niki was playing with fire earlier in the kitchen, now she was about to get burned. I was still too stunned to act. Without even realizing it I was stroking my hard cock, the pair on my bed were just too hot to deny. A strange part of me wanted to see Chase's massive cock in action. Another part of me wanted to run in there and attack him for seducing and drugging my wife. He did not partake and seemed completely sober, in my drunken state he would easily dispatch me. I was going to wait this out and act when the time was right.

Niki has always been a very sexual woman. She'd had experience with a few men. In fact when I met her at 18 she was pregnant, her prom date popped her cherry and didn't pull out in time. I have raised her daughter as my own. Annie has been in Montana for the past few weeks visiting her dad's relatives.

Niki and I broke up for a few months shortly after Annie was born. She confessed to whoring it up during the break. She thought I was gone from her life forever. She was so sad and depressed, she was just trying to bury the pain. She never gave me specifics about it, and that was ok with me.

I was no saint during that time either. She and I always had a fantastic love life. She was up for anything, and I genuinely believed she enjoyed our relations. We had been trying for a baby ourselves for many years with no success. My boys were swimming, but she could never sustain the pregnancy. The doctor said we were both normal. He had no idea what the issue was, he suggested trying more often!

I had always been very respectful of her body, I treated her like a Goddess on a pedestal. I would never purposely inflict pain on her. I was always very gentle and methodic. It was so different watching her reactions to Chase. She appeared to be loving his rough foreplay, her mouth was saying No, but her body was screaming to be taken by this stud. Her eyes were rolling back into her head, any fight that she had before was gone now.

I watched as he continued to pull roughly on her nipples, they are definitely my favorite feature. She loved having them lightly pinched, caressed, and sucked. Without a doubt, every time I did this I would really get her fire burning. As he continued the abuse her facial expression began to change from pain to pleasure. She pursed her pouty lips and began to moan, "Ohhh... Ohhh... Ohhh..." over and again. It looked like she was going in and out of consciousness. It was really bizarre, here she was enjoying his advances but sometimes she was almost completely unaware of his presence.

My cock was still raging hard. I was stroking it really fast, watching my wife begin to enjoy her assault, her enthusiasm was making me really hot. Looking back on it, I can only blame the booze. When her moans switched to screams of pleasure is when I finally lost my load, I fired 6 or 7 blasts of cum all over the wall. I almost fell backwards out of the chair as I ejaculated. I needed a moment to gather my thoughts. I suspended my viewing of the show to take a seat on the bed I keep in my office. I sometimes sleep in here when I don't want to disturb my wife's slumber.

I'm usually only good for one or two hard-on's a day. Not at all like when I was in my 20's. But back then I couldn't last as long. I can usually pump my wife's tight snatch for 10 or 15 minutes nowadays. Listening to the two of them go at it got me at full mast all over again. Very unusual, especially when drunk. Apparently a part of me was enjoying this, although completely irrationally. I was sitting on the bed nursing my newest hardon when I heard my wife began to moan 'no'.

I stood back up onto the chair to watch. Chase was roughly pulling her hair, forcing his cock into her mouth. My wife was not putting up much of a fight. She was only refusing to open her mouth. She was on her stomach, Chase reached back and slapped her ass really hard, she yelped in pain, momentarily opening her mouth. He shoved his cock inside at that very moment. Niki was not a huge fan of BJ's, I had only gotten a few of them over the years, usually on anniversaries, but even then those were beginning to dwindle.

Chase was still roughly pulling her long auburn hair pounding his bloated cock into her mouth. She was choking and slobbering all over his fat tool. He continued relentlessly fucking her face without pity. He had a huge smile on his face, he would occasionally reach down and slap her ass very hard. In the dim light of the room I could see the red welts begin to rise. She was trying to slow the assault, she instinctively wrapped her lips tightly around his shaft. I could see her hollowed cheeks as she sucked hard at his manhood.

"Please cum in mouth, I want to taste you again! Your cum tasted so sweet earlier, please fuck my mouth!" She was trying hard to get him off. She moved her hand from her side to grab his pistoning cock. She was working him hard and fast. His cock and her face was covered in spit, it was pouring off her chin. I really could not believe she was taking his monster all the way down her throat. What started out as a forced act quickly became one where my wife was the aggressor.

Chase was fucking her face frantically now, his huge balls were slapping her chin as his behemoth cock plunged in and out of her throat. Lips that pursued and welcomed his advances, her eyes were wild with anticipation. Every 2 or 3 pumps down her throat she would pull his tool from her mouth kissing and licking it enthusiastically. She would pay particular attention to the sensitive backside of his dick, teasing his pee hole with her pointed tongue.

"Oh, Fuck yeah bitch! You got to be one of the best cock suckers around! I am going to cum all over that pretty face!" Chase was pumping his own cock as my wife sat back holding her mouth wide open with her tongue sticking out! She was on all fours with her ass high in the air. I could see her pussy dripping with excitement! That perfect little furry snatch was pulsing in anticipation. She was a woman in need of a good pounding. I was hoping that Chase would have been satisfied, and maybe I could finish the job after he left! There is no way this guy could go for a third turn in as many hours!

As Chase approached his orgasm he aimed his cock at her mouth and shot his cum all over her face, her hair, and the bed. He completely soaked her face in cum, she was trying to swallow as much as she could, some of it was dripping off her chin onto her perky tits as she sat up. A mixture of cum and spit was running down the middle of her tits towards her bellybutton. She smeared the spend with her hands as it dripped down her chin and onto the bed.

Niki fell back, her head hit the pillow. She continued rubbing the sticky solution all over her tits and nipples. She even scooped a little into her mouth. Her eyes were closed and her hands dropped to her midsection. I watched as she worked her clit with her cummy fingers, no doubt trying to achieve her own orgasm.

Chase moved her hand and laid down next to her. He began working her pussy again with his own fingers. She was pinching and pawing at her nipples as he finger fucked my wife. She was really aggressive with her own nipples. Apparently she was beginning to enjoy the pain.

I looked down and was amazed to see that Chase had another raging hard on. His cock was bouncing up and down on his rippled abs. Niki reached over and began stroking him to his full potential. I really couldn't believe it when they started making out. She still had his cum all over her face, he really didn't seem to mind. He had 2 fingers buried in her cunt as she stroked him faster and faster. She was moaning again through the hot kiss.

"Oh Daniel, you are so hot tonight!" Niki was confused again, she once again thought it was me. Those drugs must be pretty awesome, for her to think it was me inflicting this pleasure.

"I'm not Daniel, and when I'm through with you, you will have all but forgotten about him!"

Niki popped her eyes wide open, "NO, not again! You can't fuck me, my pussy is for my husband! I sucked you off, isn't that good enough?? Please leave!" Niki was on the verge of tears. She must have had a fleeting moment of clarity.

Niki lay still again as he roughly spread her legs wide, he pulled her legs up and pushed her knees into her chest. She was completely spread open for him. Chase dove down and began licking and sucking her wet pussy. As he worked his face between her legs it soon became apparent that Niki was enjoying this again. She wasn't fighting, I think she just really needed to cum. Her hips were pushing up and off the bed baring hard into his face. She was moaning and screaming when the floodgates let out. She wrapped her legs around his head, securing his tongue into her twat. She convulsed on his face for a good 30 seconds before finally letting him go. Chase popped up gasping for breath! She fell back limp once again on the bed, completely splayed out.

"Shit, you almost smothered me to death. But hey, I can't think of a better way to go out! That is some of the best pussy I have ever tasted!" It was a little shocking that he said that, I tried licking her there once, and I did not find it at all enjoyable.

Chase then kneeled between her legs. He smacked her ass to wake her up. He was rubbing the fat helmet of his uncut cock up and down her pussy. I had my own cock in my hand, shaking with anticipation. I really did not know what had come over me, but this was the most erotic scene I had ever witnessed.

"Oh my GOD, your cock feels so fucking good Daniel!" Niki opened her eyes, and screamed once again!

"You're still here? I thought you had left! Please don't do this Chase, your cock is too big for me! I'm not protected, please put on a condom at least!"

"Sorry, I don't have any, and even if I did, there is no way I'd use one on this fine pussy! Its been too long since I had a piece!"

"Please. At least let me put in my diaphragm! I can't have your baby!" Her face was one of panic, but her hips were still thrusting up towards the invader, it looked like she was trying to lodge the fat head of his cock inside of her. He kept teasing her, by not letting her body have what it craved!

"You're not going anywhere slut! Now stay still, or I will hurt you again!"

Every muscle on Chase's heavily tattooed body was tensed. The long veins running up and down his arms were pulsing. I could see that his thick veiny cock was so hard, it looked like it might burst. I really did not think that monster would fit inside my precious wife. He would tear her for sure. The only thing Niki really had going for her was the massive amount of natural lubrication leaking from her starved cunt.

Chase reared back lining up his cock to her entrance and pushed forward with a mighty growl!

"OHHHHH, FUCK, its too big Chase, ITS TOO BIG! I just can't handle it, please take it out, take it out!" Her words were pretty convincing, but Chase never relented. I was pounding my sore cock as he slammed my wife with that huge meatstick, I was panting for breath the whole time.

"You will take it just fine, just let yourself adjust to it. Kinda like you did 16 years ago on your prom night!"

"OHHHHHH, GOD, this is too much! What? What ARE you talking about?" She was gripping the sheets tightly with her fists, huffing, trying to catch her breath. Suddenly her grip on the sheets loosened, it looked like maybe the pain was dissipating. She still had her eyes squeezed shut.

"That was me in the park that night, you and your date were hitting the hard stuff pretty good. You were completely wasted, your date was trying to fuck you, so I investigated. I saw that pathetic little thing he was packing and decided a hot slut like you deserved more! I popped your cherry in the back seat of his mom's car, while that wimp jacked off in the front seat! I even had him drive us back to his house so I could have you in a more comfortable place. You were bouncing on my cock calling out his name the whole time!" Chase was belly laughing as he continued forcing his oversized cock into a once familiar place.

Niki was grunting and sweating, her cries of pain switched to pleasure, she was now rubbing her clit trying to bring on her own release.

Her eyes suddenly popped open!

"You fucker!.... uh uh uh...I can't believe.... that was you! You... raped me! Poor Keith... Ohhhhh... has been paying your child support all these years! No wonder he never wanted to see me again after that night! You ruined his life! FUCK FUCK FUCK your big cock is filling me up so good! I don't want this, but you are going to make me cum again!" Niki went into wild convulsions, Chase rode out the storm continuing to push his huge cock even deeper into my wife! He was now fucking her with damn near all 10 inches or so of his thick cock.

"Well fuck yeah, this pussy has only gotten better! I can't believe you have a kid, there isn't one stretch mark on this body! The best part of that story is I fucked that wimp's mom after you passed out! Back then my cock never softened, and I would fuck just about anything!" Chase took an opportunity to squeeze and pinch my wife's fat nipples.

"I've been dreaming of you since that night, I didn't know how good I had it! When my Grams told me you lived next door, I knew it was meant to be. I needed to have you again! I had no idea that it would happen on the first night of my release! I drugged you earlier just to make sure! You didn't put up much of a fight when I had you suck my cock. I was all ready to fuck this sweet cunt but then I decided you deserved more, I wanted you awake to enjoy this! I wanted you to remember that it was me!" Chase was so well conditioned that he never lost his breath while fucking my innocent bride. He acted like he was just having a casual conversation in a diner.

My little wife was limp as a rag doll as she recovered from her orgasm. Chase began slapping her ass again trying to stir her. Niki finally came to just as Chase wrapped his hands around her throat. He was choking her very hard, when her face started turning deep red he released her. My wife was gasping for breath, but the rough sex only spurred her on. She was meeting his thrusts shot for shot.

"You are such... an... asshole! But fuck this feels good! I have never cum as hard and as many times as I have with you! Fuck you, for making me like this!" Niki's eyes were crazed with lust. She stared up at Chase with a look I had never seen before! She was a woman determined to milk every ounce of pleasure from this experience.

"I want you to do some work now!" Chase picked my wife up as if she were light as a feather and flipped so she was riding him. He pawed at her titties roughly pulling and biting her super sensitive nipples. I had the perfect view as this criminal totally debased the love of my life. I had long ago shot my load and I was beginning to let all the information soak in. I was just mesmerized by the scene on the bed.

"ohh.... ohHH.... OHHH!" Niki moaned as she rode his cock joyfully.

"UHHH FUCK... OHHH FUCK... OHHH FUCK ME... FUCK ME HARDER... FUCK ME DEEP!" Niki gasped as she tried to get the last few reaming inches of his cock inside of her.

If what happened earlier was forced, it was at this point when the tide definitely started to change. She looked adoringly at Chase, the father of her child. She leaned down to kiss him while his cock pummeled her cervix. She knew it wasn't me, her husband that was fucking her, she didn't care, it just felt too good. The drugs were wearing off but her night of ecstasy was only beginning.

"YES... OH YES... HARDER... FUCK ME HARDER! I've been dreaming of you ever since that night too! I always knew sex could be this good! I just didn't know where to find it!" Niki said, as Chase picked up his pace. She was accepting just about every square inch of his cock as his huge balls slapped against her. Chase had a death grip on her ass, he was fingering her otherwise virgin asshole with his wet digit. She was really getting off on the anal stimulation. My sweet Niki reached back and lovingly caressed his swollen nuts. She was trying to milk them of their potent load.

The tight little pussy that I once called my very own was now a cavernous fuck hole for Chase. She was begging for more of his cock. A cock that was at least 4 inches longer and much thicker than my now redundant dick. Chase had a cock that pounded the back of her womb, where no cock had gone before. I always thought she had a pretty deep pussy, no matter how hard I have tried over the years, I have never hit the back of it. It was really no wonder that she was taking all of her lover.

"FUCK.. FUCK.. FUCK.. FUCK.. FUCK ME WITH THAT MONSTER COCK.. OH FUCK YES.. OH YES!" She screamed for salvation riding his cock.

"You love it, don't you, you little cunt, you like daddy's big cock don't you?" He mocked.

"OHH... OHH... OHH YES... I LOVE IT.. I WANT MORE.. MORE.. MORE BIG COCK...FUCK ME DREAM MAN, FUCKE ME HARD!" She gasped in the timing he fucked her with.

"You'll do anything for this cock, won't you slut? This is what you get for being such a tease. Shake that ass like you did this afternoon!" He demanded. With that Chase started smacking her ass again.

"OHH... OHH... OHH.." Niki could not respond, she shrieked in pleasure as each smack landed on her sore ass. Her grunts were the only confirmation I needed to know that my wife was now his.

"Answer me bitch!" Chase stopped fucking her, and pulled his drenched cock completely from her. She was pushing back trying to take him.

"More, More, MORE, Please never stop, Fuck Me More, I'm so close right NOW!" Niki was frantic for him to continue.

Chase reached up and began choking her again "I SAID SHAKE THAT ASS! YOU BETTER FUCKING LISTEN TO ME BITCH!" he was in full control and did not allow her to push back against him. He was squeezing her throat very hard, her hands were grasping at his arm trying to get him to release her. I thought she would pass out at any moment.

Niki was still doing everything she could to get him back inside of her. She began to wiggle and rock her hips at his command. Her mind was operating at a primal level, she still didn't have any air, and her body wanted to respond to the intense pleasure he could provide her. Chase seemed satisfied with her response and let go of her throat. He let her take his cock back inside of her starved cunt. Almost immediately she exploded in orgasm, screaming and clawing at her lover the whole time. She went limp and began kissing him deeply.

"You are my slut, so you better tell me! Tell me now who owns this pussy! Your cunt is mine, whenever I want it, if you don't comply you will suffer the consequences!" Chase groaned once again as he pushed her up and slapped her titties, a loud crack filled the room each time one of his blows landed.

"OH GOD... FUCK MY CUNT, IT'S YOURS, ALL YOURS, JUST NEVER STOP FUCKING MEEE!" Niki had completely given herself to him.

"You want this cock, you need this cock in you. This is the cock that gave you the daughter you adore! Tell me this is the only cock you need!" Chase was really getting off on the power he had over my wife!


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