tagGroup SexMy Date with Carmen

My Date with Carmen

byEd Rogers©

Carmen was perhaps the most beautiful woman I had ever seen – she lived upstairs from me in my college dormitory. Carmen's father was from Puerto Rico and her mother was Polish and she had the most incredible light brown skin and green eyes you will ever see. I had seen her once in her bathing suit at the pool but having gotten to the swim party late she was talking to some friends and eventually put a towel around her but not before I got a mental impression of her figure burned into my memory. While only about 5'4" tall, Carmen had shoulder length brown hair and smooth shoulders and the most incredible breasts. Probably a C cup – they pointed straight out and I could clearly see her nipples pointing skyward.

Clearly Carmen was way out of my league. All of the soccer players tried to date her but I don't think any succeeded. But we had become friends. Mostly we talked about music and we shared the same taste. It was like we were dating and she even kissed me just once in the dorm elevator but it never went farther than that I was pretty much stuck in the friend zone.

I did decide to make a big move however when one of our favorite rock bands was playing at a huge arena in the city. I got us tickets for the 3rd row and a backstage tour before the show.

I took Carmen out to dinner and being on a college seniors' budget it was not as impressive a restaurant as I would have liked but Carmen had dressed hot for the evening and that made it all worth while. I stared across the table as her breasts swayed just a bit in some kind of lacy undergarment that was showing in the deep V neck of her tight sweater. She had also worn a pair of very tight jeans which made me want to follow her around from behind as we walked from the restaurant to the concert hall.

We got there about an hour before the concert only to find out that the were no longer honoring the back stage passes because the musicians were already in the building. I was a little embarrassed as we pleaded to get backstage-finally one of the workers there told us that they might let us in after the show. He said this while never taking his eyes off of Carmen's swaying breasts – and while this made me a bit uncomfortable – it thrilled Carmen that we might actually get to meet the band.

From where we stood just three rows back the entire crowd was on its feet during the whole concert, dancing and sweating together as one. I took this opportunity to get as much touching in with Carmen as I thought possible which meant mostly putting my arms around her and getting a good feel of her butt in her jeans and an occasional slip up to her amazing breasts. We even kissed during one hot moment, but I could tell that she had been aroused by the band and I was just the lucky recipient of her arousal.

After the concert we found our friend guarding a backstage door and he indeed let us into what seemed to be a holding room for the party groupies. There were about 20 incredibly hot women and maybe only a dozen men all sort of standing around until we realized that there was a table at the end of the room filled with different colored shots of who knows what the crowd was drinking with abandon. Occasionally a door would open and some lucky groupies would be allowed through. Well perhaps not lucky at all because I noticed that most of the women who got through were whispering to the doorman or grabbing him or in a few cases flashing their breasts to gain entry.

When I mentioned this to Carmen she grabbed me by the hand and led me to the door – the next time it opened she planted a huge kiss on the guy and we were swept inside. It was only a dark hallway and the doorman stopped us and told us that if we wanted to party with the band we would have to "party with him first" At first I thought he meant drugs but it soon became clear he meant in a sexual way and he wasn't interested in me. He asked Carmen to show him her tits and without hesitation she whipped off the sweater and lifted the lace covering to show him the gorgeous globes I had been wanting to see for so long. She quickly turned and faced me for just a moment before pulling her top back down and as I had imagined her dark brown nipples were stiff and perfectly round about the size of silver dollars. Encouraged by this the guy whispered something to her.

Carmen seemed just a bit crazed but led the guy about 10 feet farther down the dark hallway and started kissing him. Now this guy was not anything like the quarterbacks that chased her all over campus. This was a beer bellied bearded hulk of a man with a pock marked face and a gold tooth. I watched in silence as he pushed down on her shoulders and Carmen responded by undoing his belt. I didn't need to see very well in the dark hallway to know that she had taken his cock into her mouth and was sucking him. I heard a small grunt and watched as Carmen placed his cock back in her pants. She hopped up and with a big smile on her face told me we were going to party with the band.

We were then taken to a very large bright room where the party was like no other I had ever seen. There were maybe 20 women most of them topless or in panties and dancing with about 20 guys only one of which was actually in the band. In one corned a beautiful redhead was sucking the huge cock of a guy who played in the backup horn section.

Carmen had left the sweater behind and was leading me through the room with her breasts swaying fully and her nipples clearly visible through the lace – as we hit the dance floor I barely got the change to see her breasts bounce a few times before she grabbed my head and gave me a huge kiss putting her tongue half way down my throat. I was thrilled and even when I realized her mouth had his cum in it I kept on kissing her.

We danced for about an hour or so until the party had dwindled down to about 10 people in fact there were only 3 women left. The naked redhead who had sucked a few cocks and a really pretty topless blond with extremely long hair and tiny titties and Carmen who although she had dropped the straps on her lace top a few times while dancing giving us all a nice view of her globes - was still fully dressed.

At this point I wanted to get Carmen out of there and back to my dorm room seeing this as probably my only chance to have any kind of sex with her. Unfortunately though the lone band member started to take an interest in her at this point. Asking how she had stayed so long with so much clothes on. Of course Carmen loved the attention from the Rock star and flirted shamelessly as I watched. I tried to get her to leave again and was taken aside by some of the bands roadies who "befriended" me with a few drinks.

From across the room I watched as Carmen's top was lifted off of her and her Rock star played with her beautiful breasts. The skinny blond was watching too but had her own hands full stroking the erections of two of the other remaining partiers. I then watched as Carmen danced for him shaking her big tits right in his face. When she went for the zipper of her jeans I almost wanted to leave but of course my dick still wanted to stay. Carmen pulled down her jeans and stepped out of them leaving her in black bikini panties and nothing else but the white socks that were under her sneakers. As they danced closer he continued to play with her breasts then she stopped and stood still before him as he knelt and pulled her panties aside and in one stroke stuck a finger all the way up her cunt.

At that moment one of the cocks in the blonds hands shot a stream of cum skyward and was soon followed by her other victim whose cum she directed more in my direction.

The blond came over and sat next to me and we both watched Carmen as she writhed on top of the man fingering her cunt. The blond put one hand on my leg and I jumped but immediately kissed her and started toying with her stiff nipples. Moments later I was wearing my t-shirt only and the blond who was now down to her yellow panties was stroking my cock and balls.

We both watched as Carmen stood and took off her panties dangling her brown nippled globes as she bent over and finally giving us a clear view of her shaved cunt lips and thin strip of dark brown hair above her clit. She knelt and began to take down the jeans of her rock star. With his jeans at his knees she obediently sucked his cock full into her mouth. I was amazed at how beautiful she looked like even though acting like a whore and leaning under to lick his balls and the length of his cock shaft and wrapping her huge tits around his dick. She had one hand on his shaft and one between her legs giving us a nice view of her wet slit as she worked her fingers around her cunt lips and clit.

With a mouth full of cock Carmen mumbled "fuck me" but just as it looked like the cock in her mouth was ready to shoot Carmen backed off and sat back on her ass spreading her legs she now yelled "fuck me" very clearly and her rock star looked directly at me with my rock hard cock in the hands of the blond and motioned for me to come over. I jumped at the chance and in a second I was kneeling between Carmens legs and watched the astonished look on her face as I slid my cock all the way up her hole and reached for those big tits I had wanted for so long. The feeling of her tight cunt hole and soft tits combined to push me over the edge and within seconds I knew I was going to shoot cum and disappoint Carmen. With her rock star standing there jerking his hard cock, I oh let out a moan and then a scream as I emptied my balls into Carmens slit. The surprise was mine though as the rock star shoved his cock directly into my mouth. Apparently the excitement had finally gotten to him and he needed a warm place to cum and chose my mouth which was conveniently located at cock level. With my hands still on Carmen's tits, my cock between her legs and a face full of cock I really had no choice than to go with it and within a few seconds felt a huge hot spurt of his cum in my mouth I gagged and spit out his cock only to get two or three more spurts of hot cum in my face. As cum dripped from my face onto Carmen's belly and I spit even more onto her tits I pulled back to see a look of disappointment on her face. I wasn't sure whether it was because I had cum so fast or the fact that I had sucked a cock but I backed out quickly and fell onto the couch where the blond was now entertaining another of the remaining cocks with her standard handjob.

There was little time for Carmen's disappointment however, as the spot between her legs was quickly filled by one of the 5 or 6 remaining men. He was one of the guys getting a handjob earlier and shooting cum in the air but he entered her with a fully hard dick and pumped her hard. As I sat on the couch the guy from the band came over and with a big smile high-fived me. It was all so unreal. With his cum still on my face we were acting like old friends or frat brothers and for a moment we both watched Carmen getting a hard fucking and then the redhead who was now bent over the side of another couch and getting cock from behind without making a sound.

Still face to face with this mans cock he looked at me and pointed to some come at the base of his cock and said "you missed some" without hesitation I pulled his cock towards me and licked and sucked his shaft and balls and took time to savor the sensation of taking another man's cock head into my mouth. We would both hear that the guy who was fucking Carmen was cumming so I popped his half hard cock out of my mouth and we watched as another load was emptied into her cunt.

It was clear now that the remaining guys were all going to have a go at Carmen and the next guy put her on her hands and knees and slow fucked her for a while making her tits swing and sway below her. Another available cock was put in her mouth and I watched amazed as she sucked it down to the balls in one or two strokes. Within a few minutes Carmen began to moan and then let out a huge scream spitting the cock from her mouth which was shooting cum and achieving her orgasm with an intensity I hadn't even seen in porno movies. She screamed, cried, whimpered and moaned until the next cock was put in her mouth and she began to work on it while another was put in her from behind.

I looked around the room in amazement as the redhead was still being slow fucked from behind and the blond had one cock in one hand and cock of the band guy in her mouth but she wasn't sucking it as much as chatting with him and occasionally licking his cock head or balls. She still had her panties on and no one even made a move to take them off, In fact as this was the only cock she had put in her mouth it began to become clear that the blond was his girlfriend.

There was a guy with his cock in Carmen's mouth and one up her cunt and still three more guys with their pants off looking for their opportunity. I headed to the small bathroom to pee and maybe even clear my head or at least wash the cum off of it. One of the remaining guys followed me in and as we talked he reached out and grabbed my cock which after peeing was soft again. He quickly went to his knees and took it into his mouth and I simply stood there once again amazed at what was happening. I began to get hard and he simply got up and left me there.

Heading back to the party I had arrived just in time to see the guy who the blond has been stroking get up and deposit his cum on the side of Carmen's face. It seemed to go into her ear and splatter the top of her head as well. I took the empty seat next to the blond and she immediately took my cock in her hand as before. It seemed it was her job to keep all the guys hard but not to take any of the cum herself.

Carmen was now on her back with one guy straddling her face getting his balls washed and another planted up her cunt hole. The guy from the bathroom seemed to be waiting his turn to fuck the redhead but that seemed to be going on forever. He then walked over to us and sitting as I was, his cock head was at eye level. At this point I knew what to do and reached out to examine and stroke his cock and balls. Soon I was sucking my second cock and as the guy fucking the redhead let out an orgasmic howl my mouth was once again filled with cum and once again I gagged and spit as necessary to keep from choking on it.

With the cock removed from my mouth I could see Carmen still on her back being fucked but her face and tits were now covered in cum that the man with his balls on her face must have left behind. The redhead having just been freshly fucked now moved towards Carmen and proceeded to squat directly onto her face. My blond had since moved on to the manipulation of other waiting cocks so I sat there with my rock hard cock watching as my date was forced to drink cum out of the redheads dripping pussy. All the while the redhead was fingering herself to her own orgasm. I watched as the redhead rose up and left Carmen with a face like a glazed donut and walked directly towards me. As I sat on the couch the redhead simply turned her back to me and sat down on my dick. We slow fucked for a while as the blond making out with the guy from the band who had his hand in her panties and was furiously fingering her cunt. I couldn't see her but I could hear as Carmen once again reached a wild orgasm and it caused me to shoot my load into the womb of the redhead as I grabbed her tits hard.

After that I must have simply passed out or fallen asleep only to be awakened once in a while by orgasmic screams and the sight of some new cock fucking Carmen. Finally I was awakened by Carmen wearing a black t-shirt that came down to her ass. She was telling me we had to get home and I looked around and found my jeans but Carmen never found her clothes so we both left - me in my t-shirt and jeans and Carmen in just the t-shirt. We were both barefoot as we walked to the car lot a few blocks away. It was still dark and the streets were empty but the man in the parking lot booth got a real good look at Carmen's ass as we walked away. I am sure at this point she didn't care but neither of us even spoke.

I drove the 45 minutes back to campus while Carmen crashed in the back seat. I parked near our dorm and just sat there in the car for a while. The sun had just come up but there was no one stirring at all on a Sunday morning. I got out and went to the back door to wake Carmen but she was totally passed out with her t-shirt up around her waist and her legs spread wide. I took the opportunity to fully examine the cunt I had hoped to make my own personal temple of love.

I tried shaking her awake but Carmen only moaned a little so I decided to have some fun and pulled her t-shirt above her tits and got inside the car and played with them for about 15 minutes. Then moving back to her open cunt I played with her outer lips and spread the hood over her clit and then fingered her hole. She was still pretty sticky and cummy but warm and nice. As I pulled my fingers out they were glazed in combined cum and I got an idea to try to get a look at her asshole. I had to move her around a bit but she was still passed out so it didn't seem to matter. Finally I got my hands on her ass cheeks and spread them wide to allow me a nice view of her little brown asshole. I played with the little brown pucker for a while and tried to get a fingertip inside but it was tight. Finally I stuck my finger up her cunt and gathered some cum and then stuck it hard up her asshole. Once past the entrance my finger went fully up her ass and I played it in and out for a while. Looking up at Carmen her eyes were wide open with a blank look on her face. Not wanting to appear as if I was doing anything wrong I continued to finger her asshole while we looked directly at each other. Finally I took my finger out of her ass and we headed back up to our dorm and took the elevator to her floor. On the way up Carmen took off the t-shirt and put it over my shoulder I reached out and once again felt her breasts and then reached down to slide a finger up her slit. As the door opened she said goodbye and turned down the hallway as I watched her little ass sway. She knocked on her door and I heard her roommate yelp as she opened it to a naked Carmen.

We almost never talked after that – I am not sure whether it was the fact that I came so fast while fucking her or that she saw me sucking cocks or just the whole absurdity of the situation, but while we would always say hi and a few words in passing or at parties we were never friends again. I still have the T-shirt but never wear it.

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