tagNovels and NovellasMy Daughter's Feet Ch. 04

My Daughter's Feet Ch. 04


Over the next couple months, Kayla and I met for coffee almost every off day I had except for weekends. My wife Corinne dubbed this time 'the dad/daughter coffee hour.' During our talks together we talked more openly about sex, teasing each other. Kayla and I never repeated our one-time deal we made, but some days she made it blatantly clear she wanted to do it again, and more this time around. Some days it was me, but I was careful not to show it because I knew I she would jump at the opportunity. She would take off her shoes when she sat down and would give me a little show of flexing her feet and pointing her toes, usually if she wore flats. If she wore heels it would be a seductive heel tease tracing the heel of her shoe along the inside of my thigh. I would stop her when she got too close to my package.

Somedays she would tease me by asking if I wanted to smell her feet; "Wanna smell my feet dad?" or touch her feet; "Wanna take my shoes off for me and play with my feet dad? These nylons are really smooth." or offer sex; "Can I interest you in a footjob dad? Want a handjob while you smell my feet dad? Need a blowjob dad? Can I ride your cock until you cum in me today dad?" When she wore flip-flops it would be; "do my bare feet in these flip-flops look sexy enough for you to jerk off and cum on dad?" Each time I would turn her down, and she would give me a pouty face, stick her tongue out at me and respond with, "You don't love me anymore, do you dad." The tease would only last for a few minutes, usually until I turned down her various offer of the day. Her shoes would then remain discarded on the floor, and our normal conversation would start while she would be smiling at me as I checked out her bare feet or selection of nylons for the day. "You're so cute when you try not to look at my feet dad." She would giggle.

She would always cross her legs as we talked, usually left over right since she would be sitting on my left, and I would allow her to rub my shin and calf with her foot while we talked. If I was wearing pants, she would lift my pant leg with her foot and just place it against my shin. I think we both mutually agreed without actually saying so, her foot rubbing against my leg was an appropriate showing of affection between the two of us. I no longer got a peck on the cheek when she left; instead we kissed on the lips. When she would be in a frisky mood, the kiss would last a little longer than a normal dad/daughter kiss and she would slip me her tongue.

The teasing wasn't all one way though. I got my shots in on her that would make her blush, or get her wound up just to leave her hanging. On some days when I would be working Kayla would send picture messages of her feet to me on my cell phone with a caption of "coffee tomorrow?" Or of her seductively blowing me a kiss with the caption of "Miss you daddy. Stay safe." I usually just deleted them without answering. The funniest one was a picture of her bare feet in white flip-flops that had a solid five inch heel. Her caption was:"Do these flip-flops make my feet look big?" I chuckled as I texted her back with: "Oh my gosh Kayla, your feet are so sexy in those, I would love to jack off and cum all over your feet while you're wearing those." The next day she practically ran through the kitchen door with the aforementioned flip-flops on her feet. I roared in laughter. The look on her face was priceless; and she started to blush when she realized I was only teasing her. "You mean you were just punking me dad?" she whined.

Kayla discovered I didn't like black nylons when one day she wore them and I didn't realize I wasn't paying any attention to her feet. Unconsciously, I even moved my leg away from her. Halfway through our coffee hour, she reached up underneath her pant leg and took it off. "There! Happy now?" she tossed the knee high stocking on the table. Startled, I just looked at her dumbfounded. "Don't give me that look dad." She scolded me. "You haven't looked at my feet at all today, and haven't let me rub your leg. Move your leg over so I can rub it." Instinctively I did, and immediately her bare foot started rubbing along the normal path against my shin and calf. "Ugh. You're such a brat dad." Our conversation picked up where it was before her outburst, like nothing happened. Before she left that day, I took her bare foot and kissed it sensuously, before putting her nylon back on it. Then I took both her feet, put them up to my nose and audibly inhaled her foot odor mixed with her lotion. Her head lying against the back of the chair, her gorgeous green eyes looking at me accenting her daddy smile as she cooed; "You do still love me, don't you dad."

Corinne took a week of vacation during the week Kayla turned 21. The day before her birthday, Kayla called to make sure I was home for our coffee hour. I informed her Corinne would be joining us. I could actually hear the disappointment in her voice when she told me she would be there in about 30 minutes. Since it normally took her ten to drive from her apartment to the house I stupidly asked her where she was.

"Gosh dad, you can be such a dork sometimes." She said. "I'm going to have to go back home and change now. I got a pedicure and had my toenails painted silver. I'm dressed up to be your perfect little slut today dad. I'm wearing the gray sheer thigh high nylons I know you like with a garter belt. I was going to tease you mercilessly with my nylon feet until you agreed to finally give me your cock to fuck as a birthday present." I was dumbfounded again. After a few seconds of silence: "Dad? ...You still there?"

"I'm still here." I chuckled. "I get it, paybacks right?" Corinne walked into the kitchen and heard the last part of the conversation.

"Paybacks for what dear?" Corinne asked. I just pointed to the phone against my head, mouthed Kayla, and she put her hand up. "Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt."

"Not paybacks dad." Kayla said into my ear. "I have been so horny lately, my pussy is constantly wet. I've been masturbating a lot thinking of your cock. I was going to pounce on you the second I walked through the door. I need your hot cum on my feet and want to make your cock cum inside me. Now I can't! You have to send her to the store or something. I can ride your cock fast and hard and make us both cum in less than a minute! I want my daddy time!"

"Well okay then, I guess we'll see you when you get here. Your mom is already brewing the coffee."

"Ugh. You're impossible dad." And she hung up on me.

"Okay, see you soon. Love you." I said into the dead phone before hanging it up.

"I'm surprised she didn't tell you to get rid of me so she could have her daddy time with coffee." Corinne griped. How could I have almost identical demeanor women? Like mother like daughter?

"Not funny Cory." I snipped at her.

"Oh come on Brady. You're gonna stand there and tell me she doesn't look forward to the dad/daughter coffee hour? Anybody who knows her knows she is daddy's girl. You're the most important man in her life. Especially now since she kicked Matt out or whatever happened there. I'm sure you know more about it than I ever will. Would it actually kill you to show a little more affection to Trina?"

Corinne used the Brady card. She pulled that out at whim nowadays. My real name was Brady, given to me at birth, but the only person who called me by my real name was my mother. Everybody else called me Brad. My dad, in his infinite feisty wisdom, started calling me Brad when I learned how to talk. He was afraid I would get my ass kicked in school if anybody knew my real name. When I was getting my ass kicked in school he told me to buck up, and at least I wasn't getting my ass kicked for my name.

I gave Corrine a slight smirk. "Jealous?"

"Me? Jealous of my daughter? Absolutely not." She poured herself a cup of coffee. "Well, maybe a little. Especially when Trina asks 'mom, how come dad and I don't do neat things together like Kayla and him do.' Makes me wish I had the close relationship with Kayla you two share."

"Hate the game Cory, not the player." I chuckle sang at her. "No room for jealousy here. And exactly when has Trina wanted to do anything with me? She hasn't called me dad since her grandpa died." I ended a little irately

What Corinne said about Kayla is true. Everyone who knows Kayla knows she is daddy's girl. She has been since she was about three when she would wrap herself around my leg or crawl up on me when she was scared or whenever anybody strange tried to come near her. Sometimes, she even wouldn't let Corinne get near her. Although I'm sure Kayla and her are closer than what she is letting on. I'm positive they have had the sex talk and maybe shared some secrets. After all, they both seemed to have the same freaky sex gene in them, and both could be very bullheaded to each other. More than once, I've had to break up their little yelling catfights.

My dad however was an old feisty coot, nobody liked. Except my mom I guess, and my daughter Katrina absolutely adored him. The sun rose and set on my dad in her eyes. My dad would yell at Kayla, or scare her, and Kayla was deathly afraid of him. Katrina was renamed Trina by my dad and was grandpa's Pooky Precious since the moment she was born. When she started talking, Katrina demanded everyone call her Trina. "My name is Trina" she would cutely say. "My Bapa named me and I'm his Pooky Precious." Then she would scowl and point her finger at you, "You can't call me that though. Only Bapa can." Corinne, to my dad, was 'the crack whore who can fuck, but never remembers who she fucked.' Kayla was the 'the fraidy cat crying little bitch that came out of the crack whore.' Ken, my son, dad was convinced will be 'sucking cocks for crack, just like the crack whore.' But Katrina, she was always Pooky Precious. 'The most beautiful thing I have ever seen and God created.' My dad would say. Yep. You guessed it. Christmas was always interesting in our family.

My dad had a lot of medical problems the last year of his life, but he wouldn't take any of my advice or see a doctor. He died in his recliner after telling my mom he was going to rest his eyes for a little while when they were watching television. The next morning, my mother called: "Brady, your father is being stubborn and won't wake up for breakfast." I rushed over there fearing the worst. When I got there, dad died long before mom tried to wake him. I didn't even attempt CPR. Trina was devastated and cried non-stop for days. When I tried to explain to her there was nothing I could do, she called me a murderer for not saving her beloved Bapa.

"She's going to be seventeen and is much more mature now, and you haven't noticed. I don't think she blames you anymore; at least not as much as she used to." Corinne said.

I just gave her a stern look. "Well, if she can talk to me as if I was her dad, and not an alien in this house, maybe I would know when she started growing up. She shouldn't have blamed me in the first place."

"Whatever." She took her coffee to the kitchen table. "Which chair does Kayla sit in? I wouldn't want to piss her off by sitting in her chair." I just rolled my eyes at her. Corinne actually did sit down in Kayla's chair. I began to mentally prepare myself for the ensuing catfight I was sure might happen when Kayla gets here. I couldn't help but smile and laugh to myself. She caught me.

"What the hell are you smirking at?" she asked.

"Well, you are sitting in the chair she usually does." I paused for effect. "Just sayin'."

"Well for one day she can suck it up and sit somewhere else." She scowled.

"I'm just saying. And if the two of you can't play nice while we all have coffee together, you both will hear the lion roar." I chuckled while pouring my coffee.

"Ugh. Some days you're impossible Brad. I should have filed divorce papers a long time ago and escaped to Mexico with Don Quixote." As she crossed her legs in a symbol that said she wasn't moving.

I made my way to the kitchen table with my coffee and sat down. "Shoulda, coulda, woulda babe. Instead you're stuck here with me." I leaned into her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "-And possibly a crabby daughter who will be here in...3 minutes. I gave you fair warning." Corinne turned her head toward me; we affectionately put our foreheads together and kissed. Another kiss, and another kiss for good measure.

"Donny can't satisfy me like you do." She giggled and kissed me again. "I would've escaped with him a long time ago otherwise." She kissed me again and we laughed. "He doesn't have enough money to finance the extravagant lifestyle I would lead, and your dick is way bigger." Kissed me and giggled. "I Love you Brad. Forever." Kiss again, with a little tongue.

"Love you Cory." We kissed again as I squeezed her silver ballet slippered foot and ran my hand along her gorgeous bare leg from her ankle bracelet to the outside of her thigh and back down again.

"Sheesh...get a room you lovebirds. I think I'm going to throw up." We both turned to see Kayla standing at the coffee pot pouring her cup of coffee. She waved a hand in front of her face, and joked. "Yep, I just did in my mouth a little. Eww." She giggled.

Corinne just laughed at her daughter. "Well listen to you. Kissing is gross to you now since you don't have a boyfriend?"

Kayla picked up her cup of coffee and walked to the table sitting on my right. "Morning daddy." She sang, giving me a kiss on the forehead as she passed by me. "I didn't say kissing is gross mom. I was referring to almost walking in on you guys doing it right here on the table. That's gross. No child wants to see their parents doing that." She laughed. "And what's with you dad? You're looking at me like I have two heads or something this morning."

I had to slap myself to wake up. Kayla showed up in a brown tank top with a white button down blouse. Today, there were no highlights in her blonde hair, and nothing holding it up. Her hair was down. I can't remember the last time I seen that. She was also wearing khaki colored Capri pants, with white socks rolled over her ankles and white Nike tennis shoes. Well, she had to wear socks and shoes sometimes right? I mean she did work in a hospital, and went to school for her LPN. She couldn't wear flats, heels or flip-flops all the time, right? I was used to seeing her feet every day we had coffee together, whether bare or in nylons and feeling her feet rub my leg, that it was a shock to see her wearing socks and shoes. I wasn't going to get to see her feet today, and I wasn't going to get a flex and point show, or a- "want a handjob while you smell my feet dad?" today. Corinne was here, and Kayla knew her role. Today, she was just my daughter. Not my teasing little minx. She couldn't play the role of my perfect little slut today.

"Nothing wrong. I just haven't seen your hair au natural in a long time. I am always in awe when I'm graced by your presence Kayla. You know that." I chuckled and winked at her.

"You're such dork sometimes dad." She giggled and gave me her precious daddy smile. At least I got one of those today.

Kayla and Corinne got caught up with each other while I just sat and listened. From talking like a horny slut to me, to being the prim and proper daughter in front of her mom, she amazed me. Kayla took out her cell phone and texted somebody while having her conversation. After she hung up her phone, mine buzzed on my hip. I ignored it since I knew it had to be from Kayla. When Corinne got up for another cup of coffee, I glanced at Kayla out of the corner of my eye. My intention was to yell at her with my eyes for sending me a text message. Instead, Kayla gave me her bedroom eyes, and crossed her leg toward me. Instinctively I glanced down to look at her foot bouncing in her Nikes'. I wanted to see her feet. I needed to see her feet. She just had a pedicure and her toenails were painted silver. At least that is what she said. She denied me my right to see her feet today. I mean, it is my right to see my daughter's feet, isn't it? She told me so months ago. I could see them and touch them whenever I wanted. She said I could. I wanted to see them and touch them right now! It has been at least two weeks since Corinne has offered me her feet to smell and given me a footjob. It wouldn't have taken too much teasing from Kayla today to get what she wanted for her birthday; especially if she was wearing those gray nylons. Those and the pink nylons she wore made her feet look so sexy, I always got hard and remained hard the entire time she would be rubbing my leg. I always wanted to cum on her feet when she was wearing those. Kayla wanted to give me a footjob; Corinne has given me thousands over the course of twenty years. I was sitting between two beautiful women who both knew they had sexy feet and how to use them. Corinne's feet were dainty with a high arch which added to their sexiness. Soft at the toes, a little rough on her heels, Corinne's feet had a slightly pungent odor and salty taste which drove me wild. Kayla's feet were just as dainty as her moms, not as high of an arch, soft all over, and had a sweet/sour aroma mixed with her lotion smell and hardly any taste.

Kayla lightly kicked my leg with the toe of her shoe, which made me look at her. She stuck her tongue out at me and motioned with her eyes toward her mother who was walking back to the table with her fresh cup of coffee talking about something I had no idea about.

"And just why are you sticking your tongue out at your father?" Corinne asked.

"Daddy is giving me the stink eye for some reason." Kayla laughed. Kayla began texting on her phone again, and again when she put it down, mine vibrated.

"He was not."

"You didn't see it, you don't know."

"Ladies please." I interjected. "I did because she kicked me under the table. No big deal."

Corinne and I decided we were going to give Kayla her birthday present early since my shift was tomorrow. Kayla still has her first car she bought with her own money when she was 17; an older Volkswagen Jetta. The car was starting to nickel and dime her to death. Saturday afternoon on her way to work, it died on her. She called me practically in tears because she was going to be late. I took her my beater car and she has been driving that since. My beater car was a 1976 Ford Granada I bought with my first paycheck in 1977. I got a great deal because it was still sitting new, untouched on the car lot. I handed over my check to my friend who was a car salesman, and he gave me the car. When I got to her on Saturday, her car started, but sounded like it was on its last mile. I tried to think of ways to convince Corinne we should buy her a newer car. When I brought it up, she agreed immediately saying the Jetta was giving her so many problems. Corinne decided we should use some of the equity in our house to buy Kayla a brand new car. On Monday morning when I got off work, I took Kayla's car to the junkyard and got back my fifty bucks for her belly button piercing. Corinne and I went to the bank, got the money, then to my friend who now owns the dealership, and bought Kayla a brand new Dodge Neon. The car was sitting in the garage, unbeknownst to Kayla.

There was a lull in the conversation, when Kayla let out a little sigh. "So now what could be the matter with you?"Corinne asked.

"Nothing." Kayla moped. "Well, my car is still in the shop apparently. I didn't see it out front when I pulled up. I have some bills I have to pay this week, and now a car bill too. I need a job where I make more money. Are you guys planning on giving me money for my birthday?" she grinned.

"What makes you think I have money to just give to you?" I smirked at her

"Cuz you're my dad, and daddy's are supposed to always give their little girls money." Kayla grinned before putting her head down on the table. "What a birthday. Dad has to work, and I don't have a car."

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