tagIncest/TabooMy Daughter's Garter Belt Ch. 02

My Daughter's Garter Belt Ch. 02


It had been a couple of weeks since my daughter and I began our illicit affair. She had promised not to tell her mother about us, and she hadn’t. But she’d also promised me that having two willing pussies around the house would be better for me, and that just wasn’t happening.

You see, I was now horny all of the time. I was always admiring my wife’s body and wishing that I was loving her, or I was dreaming of my daughter who had seduced me almost against my will. Who would have thought it? More pussy was adding up to less satisfaction.

Not that I was at all unhappy. Far from it. What man wouldn’t want more pussy than he could handle? I had my wife’s loving companionship and her beautiful body whenever I wanted it, and I had my daughter’s offer to screw her whenever I could too. The best of both worlds. Occasionally I wondered how long it would continue. I mean that someday Andrea would get married and move out, and that would almost certainly put a crimp in our sex life. But I was fully prepared to enjoy every opportunity I had until then.

The night before last I was relaxing in my easy chair, reading the paper and waiting for my wife to get home. But then Judy called me from work. She’s a techie for the local pizza chain, and one of their servers had gone down. They really don’t like to run on just the backup server, because if it failed too then they wouldn’t be able to take phone orders for pizza deliveries. So she was going to be stuck at work for a while. I wished her luck with fixing the computer and told her to hurry home as soon as she could.

Andrea was upstairs in her room getting ready to go to a movie. I went to the bottom of the steps and yelled up to her, “Honey, Mom’s going to be late coming home tonight.”

“Oh? OK, Daddy. I’ll be down in a minute.”

I expected her to flounce down the stairs dressed in what she almost always wore, a t-shirt and jeans. Although Andie was a terrifically cute young woman, she never dressed or acted much like a girl. But it turned out that Andie had a secret sex life. Our affair began on the day that I discovered that she had been secretly dressing in a garterbelt, dark stockings, a tight skirt and “fuck me” heels after she left home and then giving blowjobs to her dates every time she went out.

I thought that tonight would be no different. I couldn’t forbid her from dating boys, not when I was screwing her every opportunity I had. She had promised me that she wasn’t having sex with any of them, and I believed her. But she was almost certainly changing into her sexy clothes after she left home and then blowing her dates. I figured that she was on her way to do just that, but I was wrong.

Andrea came down the stairs, dressed in her ‘fuck me’ outfit. She had on smoky black stockings which I knew were held up by a lacy black garterbelt. Her flimsy flowing skirt came down almost to her knees, and she had on a little black choker which looked charming against the creamy white skin of her neck. She’d obviously had way too much practice for her age at wearing high heels, because she didn’t wobble on them at all as she bounced down the stairs.

Even though I knew she was dressed up for her date and not for me, I felt a rush of desire for my little girl. We both knew that if her mother caught her dressing like that there’d be hell to pay. Hell, when I caught her dressing like that there was hell to pay. It just hadn’t turned out the way either of us had expected.

Andrea had obviously changed from her jeans when she learned that her mom wasn’t around to see, and she knew that I didn’t mind one bit. Since we’d started sleeping together, I couldn’t get enough of her. Watching her. Touching her. And when she was dressed up like this I thought she was the without a doubt the sexiest girl I’d ever seen.

I knew that this meant that she would probably have to give some teenage boy the blowjob of his life, but I was in no position to object. Incestuous fathers aren’t allowed to put conditions on their daughters’ sex lives. Besides, Andie couldn’t sleep with me for the rest of her life. She was going to start having sex with boys someday. A small pang of jealousy ran through me.

“Who’s the lucky guy?” I asked.

“No guy, Daddy. Not this time. A bunch of us are going. Stacy and Petra, Charlie and Rhonda. I’m supposed to meet them over at Stacy’s in a little bit. It’s a group thing tonight, so you don’t have anybody to be jealous of!”

Andrea came over to stand on the right side of my chair. She bent down so that she could grasp the handle on the side and cause it to recline a little. Once my chair and I were in a semi-reclining position, my daughter pushed her hair back behind her ears and bent down to give me a long wet kiss.
My dick stirred some more, and I tried to tell it that she was going out tonight and it would just have to wait for Judy to get home. But it wasn’t paying any attention to me. It seldom did.

But somehow my little girl noticed, because she reached down while we were kissing and gently massaged my rod through my pants. In a second I was hard as a rock. Andie could do that to me. A little breathlessly, she broke our kiss.

She smiled at me and said, “You know, Daddy, I came down early on purpose. I don’t have to leave right away.”

“Oh, really? And is there something you’d like to do to kill a little time before you have to go?”

Giggling a little, Andrea bent down over my crotch and unfastened my pants. She released me and then pushed my pants down enough that I was fully exposed. My cock was grateful to be freed, and it showed its appreciation to her by swelling up even bigger and squeezing a big drop of pre-cum from its tip. Andrea used the palm of her hand to smear the liquid over the top of my shaft, and massaged it into me. God did that feel good. My little girl sure knew her way around her daddy.

Andie stood up slowly, looking me in the eye. She lifted her wet palm to her lips and stuck her tongue out and licked it clean, a smile on her lips and a lusty sparkle in her eye as she did it. My daughter had become a cumslut without any help from me at all, but I sure wasn’t going to object. Still smiling down at me she dropped her hand to the hem of her skirt and slowly lifted it, exposing her legs all the way up to the tops of her smoky stockings. I stared, transfixed by the sight of her lovely thighs.

Andie was obviously still remembered the conversation we’d had after our first time. We’d been cuddling in her bed and she’d asked me what it had been that overcame my feelings of guilt enough to make me to sleep with her. I’d told her that it was just lust from the sight of her stockinged legs when she’d raised her skirt for me. “I’ve been a leg man since I was your age, and there was no way that I could resist you after seeing you in those sexy stockings.”

Now she was doing it for me again, showing me just what my hard dick was craving most – her long legs in satiny nylons peeking out from under her little skirt. Curious to see what she wanted to do, I resisted the impulse to throw her on her back and rub my dick all over her legs. Andrea put her knee up next to me on the arm of the chair and I couldn’t stop myself from caressing her inner thigh from her knee up. God, I love legs. As my hand neared her crotch, Andie stopped me by moving her leg away.

Andie put her foot in my lap, her black high heel sandal straddling my straining cock. Another drop of pre cum oozed out of it as I gazed down between my legs at her delicate foot in those dark stockings. Andie whispered, “I know what my Daddy wants, don’t I?”

Andie bent over at the waist and I slid my hand up to stroke her ass through her short skirt. She slid both of her hands slowly down her leg, watching my eyes and teasing me to death. When her delicate hands reached her ankle she unhurriedly freed the strap on her shoe. She deftly lifted the sole of her foot from the shoe, her toes still inside and leaving the black sandal straddling my dick. Then she nimbly grabbed my dick and placed it between her sole and the inside of the sandal. She stood back up straight and started gently massaging my cock with the bottom of her foot, the nylon of her stocking bringing me to new heights of sensation as I strained against her.

“That’s what Daddy wants, isn’t it?” she whispered, tenderly sliding the sole of her foot up and down my dick. Oh, this girl knew her daddy. There’s nothing guaranteed to get me off quicker than rubbing my rod against a girl’s legs, ankles, or feet. And she knew it. “You like that, don’t you,” she said softly. Andie put her hands to her chest gently tweaked her nipples through her blouse.

I was ready to blow in just a few strokes; the pre-cum was dripping from me in a steady stream. I had my hand on her tight teenaged butt, my eyes on her shapely stockinged leg in my lap, and my dick rubbing her nylons. I was in heaven. But my daughter had learned to recognize the signs that I was about to shoot my load, and she suddenly stopped moving her foot.

“No, no, no,” she whispered. Andie took her foot away, the sandal dangling from her toes. She kicked it off, and then turned away from me. Andie slowly bent over at the waist so that she could unfasten her other shoe. This left her ass right in my face, which was of course just what she wanted. I lifted her skirt. Her tight little butt was naked, as it always was when she wore her garterbelt and stockings. I only had a few seconds while she unstrapped her shoe, and I used it to spread her ass cheeks and gently rub a little circle around her little rosebud asshole. She moaned as I touched it, but then she stood up and stepped away from me, pushing her hair back behind her ears. Andie looked around the living room as she kicked off her other shoe. “I know……..,” she said, walking over to one of the other large easy chairs in our living room. She bent over and dragged it until it was in front of me, almost touching my chair.

Andie turned and sat on the edge of her chair facing me, her knees together and her toes pointed and barely reaching the floor. She looked for all the world like a demure little schoolgirl. I couldn’t wait to see what she was up to. She had a smile on her lips that said that she knew how much of a tease she was and that she was enjoying every moment of it.

Keeping her legs together Andie leaned back into the big chair and raised them up until they were straight and her toes were pointing at the ceiling. My gaze traveled my daughter’s exposed legs. My eyes were drawn from her pointed stockinged toes to her delicate ankles. Down her muscled calves and her firm thighs. Right above the edge of the chair her stockings ended, and I stared at her bare ass. I was definitely going to have to fuck that little asshole someday. Jesus, she was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

I leaned forward to caress those gorgeous gams, but she didn’t give me a chance. Andie put her foot on my shoulder and gave a little shove, pushing me back into a semi-reclining position in my chair. My dick was red and anxious as I sat there wondering what my little girl was up to. Andrea put her finger in her mouth as she spread her knees wide and placed her feet in my lap. She rested one foot on either side of my naked rod, and I suddenly knew her plan.

I gently held onto my daughter’s ankles as she began stroking my dick with the soles of her stockinged feet. A low moan escaped my lips when she moved her foot around to gently rub the front of my cock. I finally managed to drag my eyes from the erotic sight in my lap to look up at Andrea.

She had a slightly dazed look in her eyes, but they were obviously drawn to the sight in my lap. The sensation of her nylons slowly caressing my rod was absolutely exquisite. As I watched she pulled her skirt up with her hand, exposing her shaved tiny slit. The sight of her bald little pussy sent a jolt of pleasure from my eyes to my dick, and the pre-cum started almost flowing from me.

As if in a trance Andie’s hand moved to her crotch and began frantically rubbing her clit. Andie gasped with the pleasure she brought herself, but she never took her eyes from the sight of her feet embracing and rubbing my dick.

I held on to her ankles as her soles formed a nylon pussy around my dick, and I started thrusting myself between them, fucking them just as surely as I would her face or her slit. Andie started panting for air as she watched, her fingers a blur as they rubbed herself. Her fingers were covered with her girl cum, and if I hadn’t been so near to coming myself I would have thrown my face into her lap so that I could lap her nectar. Andie closed her eyes in mute pleasure, but opened them again after only for a moment. For some reason she really wanted to see my throbbing dick between her rubbing feet. We were both awfully close to sharing yet another massive orgasm.

I started to move her feet away so that I wouldn’t shoot sperm onto her stockings, but my daughter somehow knew just what my concern was.

“It’s OK.” Andrea struggled to get the words out between her gasps for air as she put her tiny feet back on my dick. She kept her knees spread wide, exposing herself to her daddy like she had never done for anybody else. She strained to keep her eyes open and on my cock instead of closed in pleasure. I began thrusting myself between her feet again, wondering what she was going to say. Panting she whispered, “You can cum,” gasp, “on my toes Daddy,” pant, “I got more……….. stockings.”

That was all it took for me. Andie slid the sole of her foot up the front of my cock, and the sperm started to blast out of me. Her foot was at the top of her stroke when the first jet spurted out, and her nyloned toes caught most of it. She massaged the hot sperm into the front of my cock as more of the sticky fluid poured from my dick, coming out in almost a stream instead of the usual spurts. She kept rubbing me, coaxing my dick through an incredibly powerful orgasm. Andie moaned as the sperm flew out of me and drenched her feet from her ankles to her toes.

I managed to drag my eyes from the erotic sight in my lap, and I looked at Andie’s face. She was looking at my dick with rapt attention, drinking in the sight as she frantically rubbed herself. But as my orgasm slowed, she gave herself over to her own cum. Andie closed her eyes and dropped her head back as she slid a finger into herself and began to tremble with the pleasure.

Andie spasmed over and over as waves orgasm hurled through her. Her finger was pushed as far inside as it could be, and I imagined that I could see the cum dripping from her wet pussy onto the chair beneath her naked ass. The tremors of her desire traveled all the way through her body, ending at her feet which I was holding tightly against my wet dick. I thrust myself against them as they shook with her pleasure.

We both caught our breaths at the same time as our final spasms rode through us. I had my slippery rod pushed hard against the soles of her feet, and she had her knees spread wide and her finger thrust deep within her. We froze together, a mute portrait of pleasure.

After a few moments of mutual cumming it was over, and we both were finally able to relax. Andie’s tight little ass settled back down into her chair as I relaxed into mine. As we started breathing again, Andrea circled her sensitive clit with her fingers and I gently rubbed myself against her soles.

“Oh, god, Daddy. That was incredible.”

“Yes it was. What made you think of doing that?”

“That’s not what I meant, Daddy. It’s just that I’ve never seen a boy cum before.” She looked a little embarrassed, and a slight flush came to her face. “They’ve always cum in my mouth. I never got to watch before. God, that was amazing. When I saw that cum pouring out of you, I though I was gonna die I came so hard.”

I didn’t know exactly what to say to that. “Glad I could help,” was the best I could come up with. Andie smiled at me and gave her pussy another caress.

“Now I have to take off these wet stockings,” she said giggling and wiggling her wet toes. “I’ve never seen so much cum in my life.” As I looked at her I saw an idea occur to her. My little baby sure knew her father.

Andrea looked me in the eye and whispered, “You can take them off if you want to, Daddy.” Andie stuck her legs out straight and wide, resting her feet on the arms of my chair. She held her skirt up out of the way so that I had an unobstructed view of the tops of her white thighs above her stockings. Her little wet slit peeked out at me, dripping and tender from her orgasm. I leaned forward, my hands drawn to the clips that held her stockings to her garterbelt. I could feel the silky touch of her nylons and the heat from the soft skin of her thighs. My knuckles grazed her wet little slit and she gave a little moan.

I noticed to my surprise that my hands were trembling in anticipation. It took me a moment, but I suddenly realized why – since we had started our forbidden affair I had never seen my daughter’s naked legs! I couldn’t believe it, but it was true. Every time we’d made love Andie had been wearing her stockings. And for a leg guy like me, that was almost sacrilegious! No wonder I was trembling.

After our first night together, I had resisted going back to her. Oh I wanted to, but I figured that if I started showing up at her door every night she might come to think of her father as just a horny old lech, and I couldn’t stand that. My plan was to bide my time and save sleeping with her for special occasions. She’d certainly made it clear to me that first night that I was welcome in her bed anytime, for anything.

Our second time had come about a week later. I’d screwed the hell out of my wife and she was laying next to me, satiated and asleep. I had awakened when my dick suddenly sprang to life in the middle of the night. I knew it had been thinking of Andrea. I tossed and turned for a little while, hoping that my erection would go away, but it didn’t. Now there’s nothing quite like sleepy middle-of-the-night-sex, and my first thought was to wake Judy for another round.. But I knew that she’d had a hard day at work, and another one coming up tomorrow. So I figured, “Why not?” My dick wanted Andie, I wanted Andie, and Andie had told me that I could have her anytime.

I got up quietly and padded down the hall to Andrea’s room. When I let myself in I was shocked to see her laying on her side on top of her covers, naked except for her garterbelt and stockings. Her legs were long and slim, and her tits were gorgeous handfuls of girl, awaiting my caress. She looked like a centerfold from a magazine.

“God, Daddy. I’ve been waiting for you.” Her voice was sleepy but welcoming. I slipped into the bed behind my little girl, our bodies cupping together like spoons. She wiggled her ass, massaging my cock.

“What do you mean, you’ve been waiting for me?” I draped my arm around her and whispered in her ear, cupping her tit in my hand.

“Well, I’ve been wearing my stockings every night, because I know that my daddy likes them. Just in case you decided to come see me. And I’ve been playing with my pussy, making sure that it was warm and ready for you when you finally decided to come visit me for another fuck.”

Andrea put her palm on the side of my face, and I could feel that it was slick and slippery with her cum. And god, I love the taste of cum. I slipped her fingers into my mouth and suckled them greedily. My dick had started thrusting itself between the tight cheeks of her ass, and Andie raised her stockinged leg so that I could fit it into her pussy.

It was just like before, almost too tight to get in. But she was wet and ready, and between her squirming and my pushing we were eventually joined as man and woman were meant to be. I was determined that this time I wasn’t going to cum right away. After all, a girl screwing her father deserves a good screwing and not just a guy cumming in her. This time I knew that I was going to have a little more endurance because of my earlier session with Andie’s mother. I started driving myself into her, fucking her deep and slow and hard. I still couldn’t fit the length of my shaft into her tight little pussy, but it wasn’t because I wasn’t trying.

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