My Daughter's Garter Belt Ch. 02


Suddenly my dick erupted into her little pussy, squirting stream after stream of hot sticky sperm into her. As always when I was screwing Andrea, my dick filled her so full that there was no room for the sperm, and the motion of her hips caused it to pump out of her as fast as I pumped it into her. My white seed mixed with her own juices and covered her thighs and my dick. I hurled myself into her as far as I could with each squirt, and she squealed over and over as each shot drenched her insides.

Andrea could feel my sperm shooting into her, and she began timing her strokes to match my cumjets. She was fully impaled on my rod each time I squirted, taking me and my seed as far into her as possible. I’ve never had a girl who could so instinctively milk me dry. And as she impaled herself on me, I thought I could hear her whispering, “Thank you Daddy. Thank you Daddy,” with each stroke.

Finally we slowed together, our thrusting losing momentum as I transferred my seed into my daughter. She let all of her weight rest on me as we waited for our breathing to return to normal. I caressed her long legs from her ass to her toes, savoring the silky feeling of her young skin. I reached down between her spread legs to give her little clit a post-cum tickle with my finger, and she shuddered a little in pleasure.

At last she murmured into my shoulder, “I really have to get going, Daddy.”
Slowly, regretfully, she removed herself from my dick, sliding me out of her as she stood up on the chair. Her legs still straddled me, their bare silky skin calling to me. For a brief moment her pussy was right in front of my face, dripping our warm cum and filling my nose with the tantalizing scent of a girl in heat. But then she stepped down and walked over to her backpack. Andrea pulled out her towel as she had before and wiped herself dry.

My daughter pulled on her nylons, slowly teasing me as I wished my dick was ready for her again. She slipped on her high heels and in a matter of moments looked like the schoolgirl she was and not like someone who had just given her daddy the fucking of a lifetime.

“Remember,” she said, “You promised to fuck Mommy when she got home. And you know how girls are. I’ll be able to find out. So if you want to touch me next week you’ll have to fuck her silly tonight.”

“Yes, baby,” I said, putting myself back. I was definitely going to have to go take a shower before Judy got home.

Andrea threw her backpack over her shoulder and went to the door. “Gotta go. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.” My daughter opened the door and sashayed out, pulling it shut behind her. But then she opened it right back up and popped her head in.


“Yes, baby?”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

I hope you enjoyed this little tale! If you did, then you might like some of my others as well – I hope you check them out. And if you’re inclined to share your opinions, I’d love to hear them. Thanks!

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by Anonymous05/13/18


Fun stuff! I love legs and ass, but don't think much about feet. The foot/ stockimgs stuff was HOT! Nice writing!

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