tagLetters & TranscriptsMy Dear Sweet Fuck Toy

My Dear Sweet Fuck Toy

bySyndra Lynn©

My Dear Sweet Fuck Toy,

I have missed you terribly! I am swamped with work of all types that have deadlines piled atop each other. I fear that I have become lazy in my masturbation, you know the type? One minute orgasms under the clothes. Orgasmic? Yes. Satisfying? Not quite. Today, however I took the time to do it right and I have you, my pet, to thank for a thriving, living, panting, lustful hot orgasm. The orgasm itself lasted longer than most of my masturbations in the last few months.

But, I digress. I was sitting here working on a particularly boring reading that is due tomorrow. I dutifully finished it and then stood for a stretch. I noticed the house was a bit chilly which means, yep, hard nipples. For some reason I cannot often resist my own erect nipples and the more I caressed, the more my lust called to me. I determined that I was, indeed entitled to a short break and more than one minute of masturbation.

I retreated to my room and shut the door before the dog could join me. So it was just me and Baby, my dildo, which actually used to be a vibrator, but I killed the vibrator part some time back on a particularly lustful afternoon. oops

I undressed and for once did not mind the naked person in the mirror. She's lost some weight and looks very good with her nipples so puckered. I lay back on the bed and played with them gently, rolling them between my fingers. Then you were there, standing behind me and cupping my breasts in your hands and twisting my nipples just short of pain.

You kissed the back of my neck. (Which sends electric pulses directly down my spine and into my clit, thank you!) You whispered to me that you wanted to fuck me in the ass which gave me another electric jolt. I made you promise to go slowly because it has been so long since I've had the pleasure. You agreed eagerly.

I slipped your cock in my mouth and lubed it at the back of my throat. I sucked you real nice, so you were slippery and wet, but not so nice you couldn't take care of my business. Then you eased into my ass (and so did Baby) ever so slowly, telling me what a good girl I was to take it all. You twisted my nipples and bit my neck until you had completely buried yourself in me. I whimpered a little and you thanked me for taking your big cock all the way up my ass. God it was good! Slowly you slipped out and back into me, very slowly, torturously slow.

I reached to my clit and found my juices flowing abundantly. While one hand parted my pussy lips, the other scooped some of the fluid from my twat and brought it to my clit which was swollen and standing strait up. I used two slippery fingers and imitated the jerking off motions I would use on a male phallus. You were sliding in and out of my ass and I was jerking off my little clit and it felt so good. Usually to speed orgasm, I envision my cunt being speared by the largest cock imaginable and contract my muscles to simulate its entry, but I didn't want to speed it up, I never wanted it to end. So I lay there with you fucking me in the ass and wetly kissing my neck, jerking off my clit very slowly. It was pure ecstasy.

You are such a sweet fuck and always do just what I need, so when I asked you to fuck me harder, you were only too happy to comply. You pumped faster and deeper, telling me what a good little nymph I was and how much you liked fucking me. Before long you were slamming into me and I was begging you to rip me open.

When the contractions finally came they pounded my body like the waves on the shore. My back arched over and over again and you slowly slipped out of me bringing my orgasm to its peak which did not subside and slow for what seemed a blissful eternity.

And for this I thank you and your great big cock. I took time out of my HECTIC day to write to you because it moved me that you were there for me. I will be there for you whenever you need me.



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