tagLoving WivesMy Demise Ch. 04

My Demise Ch. 04


Chapter 4

My Demise and Redemption

Hi, it's me again, Shelley.

Well I am still as horny as I ever was, I had tried to stop my sexual exploits, but it was so difficult, I needed fucking on a regular basis, and like I've said, my husband just cant do it enough for me now, I love him, I do, but I need the sex so much too, I have been using my vibrator, to try and keep myself in check, but I know Im going to fall off the rails again.

I had decided to treat my self to a days shopping and hope that I would be able to keep out of trouble.

I didn't like myself very much for cheating on Paul the way I was, but my need for fucking, and being fucked outweighed my guilt.

I was upstairs, getting ready, I had had a shower, and laid out my clothes, done my hair, it is in beautiful condition, as my skin is too, I was positively glowing, I knew it must be all that protein, that had been injected into me, in the form of bucket loads of cum, by 8 different men, Paul my husband, Dan and Andy, Joe, my husbands boss, Anton, young Alan, and now the two washing machine repair men, Donald, and Larry,.

I didn't know there was going to be a ninth yet, but in the last few weeks. I had been fucked, from pillar to post; it really had been wonderful, and as it turned out the next, was to be my last lover.

I had just put my stockings, suspenders, thong, and high heels on, when the bell rang, bollock's I said to me, I considered ignoring it, but I thought no, it might be Dan or Andy, I glanced out of the bedroom window to see who it was, but I couldn't recognise the man stood there, I could only see part of him, as he was stood in the doorway, and he had a bomber jacket on with the collar up.

So I slipped on my silk dressing gown, the one I had worn entice Dan that day, and made my way downstairs, the bell ran again as I was half way down, bloody wait! I scolded.

I opened the door half way, and there stood beautiful Mark, he of the wonderful kiss, I was stunned because I hadn't seen him since that day when Dan and Andy had fucked me to within an inch of my life.

I stuttered, 'Oh hello, Mark how are you?' I asked.

He said. 'I'm really good.' Then pushed the door open and stepped in to my house.

'Please Mark.' I said, 'I'm just going out, what do you want?'

'I want you,' he said, and closed the door, he made sure the latch was on as well, then he pulled me into his arms, trapping mine at my side, I was in the corner of the hallway, no escape, he leaned in to kiss me, I tried to turn my head away but I couldn't, his lips found mine, and I know my jaw sagged open, he pulled away very briefly, then returned to the kiss.

How I remembered that kiss, never had I been kissed like this, I knew already I wasn't going anywhere, unless he decided it, I didn't have an option at all, I knew his kiss would hold me, for as long as he wanted.

I felt his left arm snake around behind my back, he took hold of my left wrist, and that was it for me, done up like a kipper!

It gave him the freedom, to use his right hand to start exploring my body; it went into my dressing gown, and immediately locked onto my nipple.

Boom went my body, fuck me, screamed my pussy.

I was moaning, and gasping into his mouth already, I wanted this kiss, and his hold over me, to go on forever; he pulled away from me, so I tried to follow his mouth with mine, but I couldn't reach.

'Want me?' He asked.

'Please,' I just whimpered, 'kiss me again.'

He did for a while, and then I was up in his strong arms, and being carried upstairs to my bed, another one carrying me to bed, I thought happily, he gently set me down, and started taking off his clothes, I was very impressed by his powerful body, what is it with these builders?

Were they all strapping, and muscled men with masculine attitudes, and dominant ways.

He dropped his trousers, but before he pulled his shorts off, he said to me.

'I told you this wasn't the finish of it didn't I Shelley?'

Yes, he had said that, and now I believed him.

His shorts came down, and I was treated to manna from heaven, what a beautiful cock was before me, big, stiff, and so hard, he got on the bed, I now wanted his cock in me, as soon as I could possibly get it in.

But he wanted to build me up to it, he began kissing me, I swooned with the intensity of it, I was super glued to his mouth, not only couldn't I break his kiss, I didn't want to!

He reached down and pulled the covers up, and over us, mine he told me, this makes you mine, and I believed him in that moment.

I had hold of his wonderful, fabulous cock, and until he put it in me, I wasn't letting go of it either, his hands and fingers were all over, and in me, I felt like I was in love with this man, I was sure, his kiss absolutely paralysed me, I knew that if he continued to hold me, and kiss me like this, then I would still be here when my husband came home!

But much to my joy, he hefted his body over mine, now for it I told myself, I guided his prick to my pussy, it pushed its way in, never had I been filled like this, it touched everywhere there was to be touched, I was cumming already, I squealed a scream into his mouth, I couldn't stop it, not that I tried very hard though.

A bomb went off inside me, I began to beg him to fuck me, love me, take me, do whatever he wanted and I would say, yes yes yes to him every time.

He rode me like a jockey on a horse, he rode me to the winning line in record time, I was a mare in heat, and he was my fire, it was a blaze that I knew couldn't be put out, only he would ever quench it.

He continued my lesson in love making, and the art of a woman being fucked by her man, a real live superman, it was heaven, I thought I knew what being fucked was about, I didn't, I didn't know a thing, here was my teacher of real love, he just held me in place, while he got to where he wanted to go, and then blasted a monumental amount of spunk into me, it just about terminated my life, I was sure I was going to die in ecstasy.

I looked up into his mesmerising eyes, his lips locked onto mine again, and I was lost once more.

How can a man torment, and control a woman in this way, I thought to myself.

I was to have no say in my sexual execution, I was his, to do with what he wanted, and we both understood that, I was certain, but he was so gentle too, the absolute perfect lover.

I had nearly always been more than able, to match men I had loved and fucked with, even beaten them, but not Mark, I had found my master here, and we both knew it, I spent the next hour or so, just loving him, I was all over him, kissing sucking licking, fingering and caressing, I couldn't get enough of him, or get close enough to him either.

My husband was leaving my life, but as yet it hadn't dawned on me.

Then the phone rang, I put my fingers to my lips to make sure Mark was quiet, he nodded, he knew it could be my husband, it was, as I said hi, he started talking quickly, I could hardly understand what he was saying, but I did in the end, he told me he was on his way home, and to pack a bag for him, as he was flying up to the other end if the country, to take care of some serious problems, and that Joe his boss was going too.

Not too many things he said, mainly toiletries and underwear, as he would buy what he needed on the company credit card.

And he rang off by saying I'll be home in under an hour!

I panicked, he was on his way home, and here I was, in bed with my lover, the bed soaking in love juices, I dived over the edge of the bed and started running about like a headless chicken, Mark grabbed, and shook me, calm down, calm down he said, you go in the shower right now, give me some clean bed linen, I'll make the bed, and then I'll be in the shower after you, leave it running, okay?

Yes yes, I screeched as I shot into the bathroom, I had a very quick one, but made sure my pussy was empty, (sadly) of all that cum Mark had blown into me, and my own juices.

Mark had remade the bed, and he was coming into the shower now as I left, we kissed in passing, I straightened the bed, the way I know I do it, I opened the windows to let in fresh air, and hurriedly started packing a bag for Paul, then ran down stairs with the wet through linen.

I threw them in the washer and turned it on, my thoughts suddenly went to last week, when I had been bent over it, and been fucked rotten by the repair men, I dashed back upstairs, immediately forgetting them.

'Mark,' I said, 'you've got to hurry, Paul will be here really soon.'

'Yes I know he will, does he ever go in the back bedroom?' He asked.

'No not very often,' I replied. 'Why?'

'Good,' he said, 'I'll be in there hiding till he goes!'

'Mark.' I said, 'you can't do that, he may go in for some reason.'

'No he won't,' Mark said, 'he won't have time, and anyway I'll be under the bed okay?'

'Please Mark.' I begged, but then it was too late, I heard Paul's car pull up outside, Mark gathered his clothes; and went into the back bedroom, I took one last look around, put on a simple dress with nothing on underneath, I was naked, I reached behind me, pulled up the zip, everything seemed okay and in place, so went down to greet my husband.

He dashed through the door, pecked my cheek, and picked up the bag, 'Everything I need babe?' he asked.

'Yes.' I said.

'Good, this is going to earn me that promotion I'm after honey, you'll see.'

Hah, I thought to myself, I've already earned it for you, by being fucked silly by your boss, you fucking dolt!

That thought made me stop in my tracks, it was the first I had ever thought anything disparaging about him.

I suddenly realised that I wanted him to leave, so I could get back into Marks arms, which hurt me, it wasn't Paul's fault, but really, I thought, in a way it was, the builders had got me, because he had reneged on their deal.

Or maybe Joe, or someone else, would have uncovered my inner most secret, that I hadn't even known about myself, but Alan had seen it hadn't he?

Although I had known, I was very highly sexed.

Paul left after a few more minutes, I waited a few more, to make sure he didn't come back, and I dashed upstairs to Mark, I went into the back bedroom, he wasn't there, Mark, I called out.

In here baby he responded, he was back in my bedroom I walked in and stopped dead, there he was, laid back on a pillow, naked as the day he was born, and waving his fabulous love muscle at me, fully hard, and fully ready to go.

I walked to the bed reaching over my shoulder and running the zip down, the dress slid down my wanton body to the floor and I jumped into Marks arms, he kissed me, each time he kissed me, it was always like the first time, I had no defence against it, or them whatsoever!

'When is he coming back,' he asked.

'On Friday.' I replied, not realising what was coming.

'That's good.' Mark said, 'that means I've got you to myself, for the next 4 days and nights then!'

'Don't make any plans,' he told me, 'you aren't going anywhere, but under, on, or around me okay?'

And that's the way we spent the week, we loved and fucked our way around my house, waking up to him on a morning, was more than I could bear, it was wonderful, I wept because of it.

Paul phoned each night, and sometimes, Mark and I were making love, whilst I was on the other end of it, he occasionally asked if anything was wrong, but I managed to take a deep breath and assure him there wasn't.

One time I was sat on Marks prick, facing him, my feet and knees under his shoulders and I was particularly enjoying the rogering he was putting me through, by forcefully bouncing me up and down, on his rock hard tool, I mean, how can a 5ft girl, 6&1/2 stone, ever be in a position to be able to lift herself off something like Mark's cock, then the phone rang.

I was totally out of breath, Mark reached for the phone, I silently begged him to leave it, I was shaking my head no vigorously, but he picked it up, he had a smirk on his face, he handed it to me, I gasped hello down the line.

'Hi,' Paul said, 'what's the matter Shell, you seem out of breath, are you okay?'

'Yes.' I said, 'Im exercising, and its hard work, I'm bouncing up and down on this special exercising rod, I've come across, it gets the better of me.

But I'll beat it, I'm sure one day!' I gasped, and then giggled, Mark sniggered too.

'Oh okay well keep at it honey, I love you,' he said.

And Pling! A guilt trip went through me; I love you, I said, whilst looking at Mark intently.

I ended the short conversation, and playfully whacked Mark across the head, right he bellowed that's it, you are gonna get a real fucking now, and I did, boy did I get a pussy walloping or what, it was the most satisfying fuck, I had ever had in my short young life.

My arse got a hammering too, the only time I ever got the better of Mark, was when he allowed me, to tie him to the bed on his back, but even then most times it was a draw, I couldn't let my self keep him tied up for too long, I wanted his arms around me, and laid on my back while he kissed me.

He was just about as insatiable as I was, I truly had met my match, but what took me out of myself, was the way he loved me, he just loved me, no one had ever loved me like this, Paul couldn't, though he had tried to, I had had no thought's of any of my other lovers at all, they were all gone now, I didn't need them, I didn't want them, I needed Mark.

He was the most powerful, and gentlest lover a woman could ever want, he is amazing.

I knew now that I had fallen in love with him, and I needed to tell him, so I did, I knew I was taking a chance, because he might leave me if he didn't want to be involved with me.

He said he loved me too, and wanted us to leave, and be together, but with one proviso.

'What is it?' I asked?

'You never put my pussy out ever again, I know you've had it out for others, but if you do it again, we're finished, no second chances, it'll be over, done, kaput, finito.'

'Do you understand that Shelley?'

'Yes my darling I do,' I promised, 'I will never even look at another man now, for as long as I live.

And do you know what? I meant it too, my slut ways were over, and I knew that in my heart, my pussy, and my body, my life was Mark now.

'Okay,' he said, 'lets get you packed.'

We were gone by Friday, never to return, the last thing I said to Mark as we left my home was. '

I'm coming off the pill Mark; I want a baby with you okay?'

'You got it,' he laughed and kissed me, Oh that kiss!

I was desperately sorry for hurting Paul, but I had no choice than to go with Mark, I was his now, we were soul mates forever.

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