tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Dirty Little Pervert

My Dirty Little Pervert


We're lying in bed, two feminine forms intertwined, but I feel more for her than I have for all my other friends. She's sweating from the warmth. I can smell her; she smells like horny. She's lying beside me, soft, warm, and naked; she is mine already although she doesn't know it yet. I have my hand around her slender waist and our breasts are almost touching with the soft rise and fall of our innocent, fragile bodies. Only, she doesn't make me feel fragile, like men do. She makes me want to fuck her so hard she screams. She makes me want to play with her soft and sensitive body so she quivers beneath my touch. There's a satisfaction I've always been given but now I'll take.

She says my name and I realize I've been digging my nails into her love handles. I apologize but she says that it's okay. She smiles at me delicately, almost afraid of me. My hand moves down from her waist to her ass which I graze lightly and I feel her heart racing. She says my name again but I don't stop. I reach between her legs and she gasps.

"what are you doing? Stop!" she cries, her voice is girly and innocent sounding. Her pussy is warm and wet, practically dripping.

"Well, well, aren't you a naughty girl?" I tease her. Her hands reach down to stop me but I'm stronger than her.

"Naughty girl, if you want me inside of you, you have to ask." I taunt her again. I want to fuck her so badly. It's my first time touching any pussy but my own. I play with her clit and smile as she resists meekly.

Now I slide my fingers inside of her and, pressing her insides, lie her on her back with her legs spread for me. I tie her legs down and slap her pussy so she squeals. I put on my double strap on inside myself and get between her legs. I slide in and out of her, my hips rubbing against her soft fleshy thighs. I steal a kiss and her lips are so soft against mine I can't help but bite them. Her hands reach around my face and she continues to kiss me, her lower lips slightly swollen. She's giving in to me but I don't want her to, I want to take her innocence. I remove her weak hands from my face and hold them down to the bed and fuck her harder. I slide in and out as fast as I can. My tits are bouncing with the impact of each thrust. She's looking fearfully into my eyes and I smack her in the face with my tits. Then I let her suck on my hard, sensitive nipple and I rub my breast against her face. The one breast can cover her entire face and I laugh at how small and delicate she is.

I move her to the end of the bed with her legs in the air so I can fuck her deeper, as deep as I can shove myself inside her but it isn't enough. She's not screaming loudly enough. I untie her and roll her onto her front and she lifts her ass for me. She begs me to fuck her. I slap her tiny tight ass so hard she falls back onto her front. I spread her legs and penetrate her again. I lift her ass up and play with her clit so she moans uncontrollably and breathes heavily. When I can feel she's about to come I spread her ass cheeks and spit on her ass hole. I stick my finger in her tight little hole, covered in my spit, and she screams. Her screams bring the biggest smile to my face.

I've done it, I've taken all her dignity and transformed her into my toy. I pull my strap on out of her pussy and with the hand that's fucking her ass, I push her back and forth against it. With my other hand I choke her delicate neck. Then I let her breathe and stick my fingers in her mouth so she chokes on them and her spit drips everywhere.

She begs me to fill her and although I know she means her pussy I stick more fingers in her ass until I' m filling her ass with my fist and leaving her pussy empty as she rubs against my toy cock. She's screaming; I play with the inside of her mouth with one hand and the inside of her ass with the other. I want to see her pitiful teary-eyed face so I pull her hair to get her to sit against the wall and I shove my cock inside her mouth. I fuck her face as she chokes and cries. She plays with my clit and sucks desperately. I look at her cute little body all used and violated. I stare into her foolishly loving and trusting eyes as I fuck her face against the wall. She makes me come so hard I shake and my juices drip down her face.

I kiss her beautiful, sweaty body all over and praise her so she blushes. Her blushes inspire me again and I slap her face. "You're a bad girl, a very naughty, dirty girl!" I yell at her and turn her around. I spank her but I don't let her fall. I hold her and spank her again and again until her ass is red and there is a raised hand print on it.

"Why am I punishing you, slut?" I ask her angrily, my hand threatening to spank her again if she doesn't answer.

"Because I'm a bad girl. Please, I beg forgiveness." She cries.

"You're a dirty pervert, you know that?" I smile at her and she cries. Now I play with her clit with one hand and finger her little pussy with the other until she comes for me and I spank her a final time.

"You're my dirty little pervert now." I whisper in her ear.

"Thank you, master," she whispers, still throbbing with pleasure.

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Fucking A!

Ouch. That is Hot.

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Cruel and rather lame my vote -3 ⭐️

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