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My Dominant Friend


Lyra was the sexiest girl I knew, by far. She had wonderful brown eyes, with brunette hair to match; her full, 38C breasts, taunting me; and her nice round ass. She was not fat by any means, but she was not skinny, either. She was that perfect balance in the middle.

We had been friends since about eighth grade. She was always full-figured and I had a crush on her, on and off throughout the years. Enter Senior year and she has the perfect body. She also has the perfect personality and she was pretty kinky.

Too bad she had a boyfriend.

She confided in me about him, but I tried to persuade against it, and whether it was out of interest for her or myself, I cannot remember. Regardless, she got together with him and I was a little put off. That was, until recently.

Lyra told me she wanted to meet for lunch. Naturally, I agreed. She was one of my best friends, after all. I picked her up and we left to find a place for lunch.

At a stoplight, she turned to me, laid her hand on my crotch and started to gently rub it.

"How are you?"

Lyra looked at me innocently, yet sexily as well. I was responding well to her touch as I started to grow hard. Her lips curled into a devilish smile.

"I think you should pull over, big boy, before we have an accident."

I ignored her double entendre and drove as the light turned green until I found a vacant lot. All the while, her hands were digging into my pants until they found my cock. As I pulled in, Lyra moved my underwear over, leaned down and licked my rock-hard member.

"L-Lyra, you have a boyfriend!"

I glared at her. Not that I hated the attention, mind you. I quite enjoyed it.

"He's my boyfriend. You, on the other hand are my slave, my toy. You belong to me!"

I was a little confused. This was all quite random.

"Where is this coming from?"

"I was just thinking about how wonderful it would be to own you. I imagine that you will just make the most adorable, little, submissive pet. He's not as fun when it comes to sex. Thanks to our many conversations, though, I've learned what turns you on. So, I'm making you mine."

She started to softly stroke my hardened dick. It felt so good. The whole situation was turning me on beyond belief.

"Is he okay with this?"

I was trying to take my mind off of her ministrations.

"He'll have to deal with it. I take what belongs to me, and I think your cock and I both agree that you belong to me. Just give in."

Lyra spoke seductively. I could not resist her. She had me cornered. She knew what my response was as she removed her shirt and then her bra to reveal her perfect breasts. She bent over and slid my dick between her wonderful tits. It was a euphoric experience. Lyra kept trying to lick my dick while she rubbed it between her boobs.

"I want you to cum on my tits. I know you want to. Do as your mistress commands."

Who was I to argue with her? I came on her chest and face, covering her. She licked up what she could and then got onto the next portion. Without words, she removed her pants and underwear, revealing her naked beauty. She urged me to the back and climbed on top of me and lowred herself onto my pole.

"Fuck yea! Now that's a cock! Fuck me!"

She started bouncing like a mad woman and I follow suit. We finally got a rhythm going. Her breasts bounced as she slammed onto me. Soon, we were both on the edge.

"I'm gonna..."

She pressed her lips to mine, shutting me up as I came inside of her. She soon followed. We lay there for a few moments, me still inside of her. She looked at me and then got off as she began to lick bad suck my cock clean.

"Can't raise any suspicions! Better to be safe than sorry, isn't that right, slave?"

Lyra winked as she briefly took my cock into her mouth. I could only nod.

"See, now you're mine. No arguing, just mine. Don't you like it? I knew you would. It's your biggest fantasy!"

Lyra told me that and I couldn't help but nod. She had me just due to me being a weak, horny guy. Suffice to say, this continued on, even into college. After her and her boyfriend broke up she kept me around as her loyal boy toy. She's my mistress.

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