tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Drunk Sister

My Drunk Sister


It felt good to be out of prison.

Fresh air.

The freedom to come and go as I pleased.

And for the first time in 4 damn years I could eat a meal without wondering if someone had spit or pissed in the food.

Being an ex-con was making it a stone bitch to get a job or even a place of my own.

No one wanted to hire a man with a felony record, and getting an apartment was almost as bad. I ended up staying with my brother and doing day labor to save what I could toward buying a used mobile home.

Since my social life was almost non-existent, I ended up as the default babysitter for my nephews and nieces. This wasn't too bad. I kinda liked having the rugrats around. They kept me busy and gave me something else to think about besides how much my life sucked.

My sister is about 6 years younger than I am. The baby of the family.

I wasn't too thrilled about her dropping her 4 kids off with me while she went out to the bars and got drunk. Hell, that's how she ended up with her 4 kids. She had no idea who any of the fathers were.

On this particular night though, she came home drunk as hell and in a vile temper.

"Come on Sis," I said coaxingly. "You're in no shape to drive tonight. Gimme the keys and I'll get you and the kids home."

"You jus' wanna drive my car," she slurred.

But she didn't resist when I took the keys from her hand. She just stood there swaying and cussed at me.

I got her and the kids loaded into her Chevy and drove them to her house.

My sister had passed out by the time we got there, so I carried the kids in first, and then went back out for her.

Once I got her inside, she woke up and staggered off to the bathroom.

I got the kids all into bed and then sat down on her couch to watch a little TV.

About a half hour later, my sister came back downstairs wearing a white terrycloth robe that I had given her about 8 years before.

She was still bombed out of her mind, and barely made it to the chair in the corner across from the couch before she collapsed. Of course she had a beer in her hand, as if she needed any more alcohol tonight.

She pulled her legs up and put her feet on the chair, wrapping her arms around her knees.

'So when are you gonna get off your ass and find a job huh?" she jibed drunkenly.

"You're 40 damn years old and just getting fat from sitting around all day."

I looked over at her in annoyance. "And you're 34 years old and still getting drunk every night and screwing anything with a dick between its legs." I snapped back.

I should have known better than to try to argue with a drunk.

"At least I'm getting some." She sneered. "Whassa matter? You lonesome for those prison showers or sumpin?"

"I just don't need to catch any of the shit that you keep getting," I shot back. "You've had crabs what, 6 times this year? And the clap twice?"

"Shut th' fuck up," she said sullenly.

She shifted in her chair and her robe came open a little, enough for me to see that she was nude under her robe.

I looked away, but kept sneaking peeks at her. I could clearly see her golden pubic curls flashing at me as she sat back and moved her knees back and forth, a nervous habit that she'd had ever since she was a kid.

Before I went to the pen, I would have told her to close her robe. But it had been 4 years since I had even seen a naked woman, and I was horny as hell.

My sister was short, only about 5'1" with a slim waist and grapefruit sized tits. If she hadn't been my sister, I would have said she was pretty hot for her age.

She finally noticed me glancing at her, and realized that her robe was open.

"Getting a good look?" she asked sarcastically.

She stood up and said, "Here, get yourself an eyeful," as she opened her robe the rest of the way and shrugged it off.

"Put your robe back on." I told her. "Christ, you get drunk and you're out of fucking control."

"Aw, what's the matter? You don't like girls anymore?" she said with a smirk.

"Fuck you." I snapped. "Now get your robe on or go to bed before I give you the spanking that you should have had years ago,"

"You ain't got the balls." She said with a laugh.

Maybe it was from being locked up for too long. In prison you just don't back down from a challenge if you don't want to become somebody's bitch.

Or maybe I was just frustrated and pissed at the world.

I stood up and grabbed her wrist. "What?" was all she was able to say before I dragged her over to the couch and put her face down across my lap. I used one leg to pin her legs down and held her wrist up behind her back with my left hand.

I smacked her bare ass with my right hand.

"You sonovabitch!" she shrieked.

I ignored her cussing as I proceeded to spank her ass until it was a bright rosy pink, and she was limp across my knee, sobbing.

I rubbed her butt cheeks gently with my hand and released her wrist. "Sorry about that Sis. But you were acting like a royal bitch, and I don't take that from anyone."

She didn't say anything; just lay there until I realized that her hips were still moving, grinding her pubis against my leg as I rubbed her ass.

"Fuck it." I thought, and let my hand move down the crack of her ass toward her pussy.

She parted her legs a little, and I moved my leg so that it wasn't pinning hers any longer.

She made no move to get up, but instead pushed her butt back against my hand and moaned a little.

My fingers touched her pussy and I could feel how wet she was. Without thinking about what I was doing, I slipped 2 fingers into her pussy, eliciting another moan from her as she clamped down with her vaginal muscles around my fingers.

By now my dick was hard as a rock. I played with her pussy for a while, rubbing her clit, and then slipping my fingers back inside her, twisting my wrist and moving them in and out.

Finally I couldn't wait any longer.

I lifted her up and laid her face down on the couch. I stood up and pulled my t-shirt off, then kicked off my shoes so that I could get my pants off.

My sister lay there where I had put her, her hips still moving.

I lifted her so that she was draped over the padded arm of the couch with her ass sticking up in the air invitingly. I moved into position behind her and put one hand on her back while I used the other hand to guide my cock into her.

She sighed as my cock sank into her pussy and she squeezed with her internal muscles again.

Goddamn she felt tight when she did that. I pushed on into her until all 7 inches was buried in her pussy. Then I started to fuck her in earnest.

I pumped my cock in and out in long deep strokes, pulling out until only the head was still inside her, then thrusting back in until I hit bottom.

When I came, I came hard. I went lightheaded for a moment as my cock shot jet after jet of come against the mouth of her womb.

I held still for a moment until I got my equilibrium back

She was still moving her hips as if she wanted more. I looked down at her parted butt cheeks at her pink asshole and decided, "Why not?"

I pulled out of her and went to the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of corn oil out of the cabinet and took it back to the couch. She still hadn't moved.

I liberally smeared her asshole and my cock with the corn oil, and then pressed the head of my dick against her puckered hole.

"What are you doing?" she mumbled.

"Fucking your ass." I said. Then the head of my cock popped through her sphincter, followed by the rest of my cock as I pushed steadily into her ass.

"Take it easy." She said as I started to saw my cock in and out of her butt.

As long as she wasn't telling me to stop, I didn't give a shit what she said.

Her asshole was even tighter than her pussy, but the way she was responding told me that my cock wasn't the first to drive up her Hershey Highway.

I leaned back a bit so that I could watch my cock sliding in and out of her tight ass hole.

The sight nearly made me come again, but I was enjoying this entirely too much to let it end so soon.

It didn't take me long to find a rhythm that we both liked, and I was able to keep going for a lot longer than I would have believed.

When I couldn't hold back anymore, I pushed as deep inside her as I could and held her hips tightly as I blasted my come deep into her bowels.

After a while, I let my cock slip out of her, and then went to the kitchen to get a rag to clean both of us up.

When I got back to the couch, my sister had passed out for good this time. I wiped her as best I could, then carried her upstairs to her room. I put some panties on her and an oversized t-shirt that she wore as a nightie.

I tucked her into bed and kissed her on the forehead.

She didn't even twitch.

I went back down to get some sleep on the couch.

When I woke up, she was already in the kitchen making breakfast for the kids.

"Hi Bro," she said when I sat down at the table. "I hope I wasn't too much trouble last night."

"No sweat Sis." I assured her. "You were no trouble at all."

"Do you want to watch the kids again tonight?" she asked.

'Sure thing." I told her. "Go out and have a ball. I'll be here when you get back."

*And this time I'll have a camera.* I added silently to myself.

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