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My Ebony Stripper


They say it's always when you expect it least that the most wonderful things happen. Let me tell you about a night I really didn't expect anything.

It was a Wednesday night, "surf night" in the restaurant were I worked on the north shore of the Dominican Republic. I was DJ in a small, somewhat popular restaurant in the middle of the village. My boss, this middle-age Swiss fellow, had become a close friend and was the best guy to be with after a drink... or twelve.

But that night I didn't feel so good. I had been drinking all day and wanted to catch an early night for once. Little did I know my boss had made other plans.

By ten we were closing the restaurant and I was ready to head home. He offered to drive me. On the way to my house, with a lot of whining and begging, he convinced me to accompany him for one drink in town after dropping off my things home.

I complied, but was in no mood to party so after about an hour at the local hot spot I asked him to take me home and we headed for the car. Once inside, he made a u-turn and went the wrong way.

"Oh come on man, not tonight" I whined.

There was nothing I could do. He took me to this other bar in the next town over. This bar was nice - it had an indoor pool, a wide dance floor, and dozens of beautiful women. However, like many of the bars in this region, there is a lot of prostitution and as a good-looking young white man, it is difficult to be left alone. Not that I mind the beautiful company, but I ain't too fond of prostitutes either.

It took me about a beer to convince him to leave again and when we got to the car, I thought this time we were really heading home. But when he turned onto this dark alley way, I knew that I wasn't.

Finally, he promised me that if I accompanied him in this last drink, he'd take me home for real. I followed him to what seemed to be the back of an abandoned hotel. He opened a set of wide brown doors, revealing my first Dominican strip joint; 2 clients in a dark corner, a strange-looking barman, 12 girls in bikini, 10 of which must've been over 250 pounds. The nasty kind.

The two other ones looked good however. One had very dark skin, a cute wide nose, long straight black hair and a nice pair of c-cup breasts. The other was taller, of lighter skin and with short curly hair, nicely proportionate as well.

We took a seat in a booth by the stage and ordered two beers. An incredibly obese woman was dancing behind us and we were doing everything we could to avoid looking. It wasn't long before the two good-looking ones came to talk to us, and somehow they knew whom was interested in whom because my long-hair ebony princess walked right up to me without hesitation.

Having been only to Canadian strip joints where strict no-touching rules are in place, I was most surprised when the lady I was "talking" with climbed on top of me and kissed me passionately. She quickly noticed that I was a little shy and placed my hands on her breasts.

I was looking around for a bouncer to come running and tell me to take my hands off her, but when she began rubbing my dick through my shorts and I looked beside to see my friend in the same position with the other girl on top of him, I said "why not" and immediately started caressing her pussy through the bottom of her bikini.

Shortly after, I had my mouth sealed to my girl's and I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was my friend telling me we were leaving. I had spent all night asking him to go home and now that I was having a little fun, he was the one who wanted to go. Noticing my disagreement, he managed to make me understand with very little words that the lady he was with... wasn't exactly a lady after all.

So we took off, but not before I'd given my address and phone number to this ebony beauty and made her promise to call to finish our business.

My friend was pissed but I laughed at the situation the whole way home. Once I got there, two of my other friends who lived next door were sitting on my balcony and wanted to keep the party going. I acknowledged there was nothing I could do, so until about 6h30am, we had drink after drink and watched the sunrise.

As they were leaving my apartment, the guardian of the resort came up the stairs to tell me I had a visitor. I wondered who could be visiting me so early, until I saw my stripper coming up the stairs.

My friends and the guardian gave me the thumbs up and left me alone with the lady (her name was Josie, I found out later).

Not really knowing what she wanted, not speaking much Spanish either, she wandered around in my apartment for about five minutes before she found my stash of condoms. She lifted them up and the air and started laughing. She had the cutest laugh.

She then walked back towards me and shoved her hands down my shorts and her tongue down my throat. She was right. There was no need for conversation.

She undressed me faster than I thought possible and I undressed her quickly after. She had long sexy legs and I knew I was going to have fun in between them. Never letting go of my dick, she dragged me into the shower and without losing a beat, kneeled down in front of me after turning on the water.

She licked and sucked my dick fiercely for a few minutes. I had one hand on her head, accompanying her movement in each thrust I gave her mouth. She played with my balls and I didn't want to explode just yet, so I turned off the shower and picked her up. I grabbed her by each leg and her pussy was rubbing against my dick as I carried her to my bed.

We were still all wet. It didn't matter. I threw her on the bed, and reach on my night table for a condom. She insisted on putting it on me, so I fondled her breasts meanwhile. We kissed as she laid on her back. She guided my tool into her slit and I inserted only the tip of it. I began slowly rocking back and forth the first inches of my cock inside of her and I could tell she was enjoying the teasing.

She suddenly grabbed me by the ass and pushed the full length of my shaft inside of her. She wanted it rough. What man could resist?

I began ramming her recklessly. She lifted up a leg and placed it on my shoulder to give me a better angle and grip. I kept pushing myself deeper and deeper inside of her and she was moaning in ecstasy.

"Ay, ay, si papy, siiiiii" she screamed for all the neighbors to hear. I couldn't believe how sexual this woman was. The harder I rammed her the harder she wanted it. She kept on screaming loudly as I penetrated her.

We went on for a good fifteen minutes before I pulled out and flipped her to her knees. I couldn't tell if she had cum but even if she had told me in Spanish, it's not like I would've understood. Both aware there would be no tomorrow to this encounter, we were both taking what we could out of this and I wanted to cum watching this beautiful black beauty take it from behind.

I placed my hands on her waist and pounded her loudly, our moist skin making noises every time our bodies would hit one another. She had her face buried in my pillow and a hand going from my balls and her clit.

Her pussy was incredibly hot and I felt a tingle in my balls meaning I was about to explode. I gave her a few more deep thrust and pulled out rapidly. She seemed disappointed as she turned around but immediately took the condom off and wrapped her hand around my throbbing cock, just seconds before I dropped my load all over her breasts.

We laid down to catch her breath. After what seemed like a minute, she got up, got dressed, came over me to kiss me and left.

She exit my apartment and simultaneously my life, but she'll always be a fantastic memory of the Caribbean...

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