tagInterracial LoveMy Egyptian Prince

My Egyptian Prince


My car was dead, so I called a cab. That's how it began. The driver who picked me up was attractive, clean shaven, and well dressed. As we headed toward my home, he made polite conversation. I was a little surprised by his intellect and manners, as most of the drivers I had seen before had seemed surly and unkempt. I looked at him more closely from the back seat, and my first impression was confirmed. He was very neat, meticulously groomed, and had a beautiful olive complexion with black hair and dark, intense eyes. Sexy, I remember thinking. When I reached my destination, I got out, but did glance back for a final view. To my surprise, he was staring at me intently. I waved politely as I walked away.

A couple of days later, I was pleasantly surprised when he picked me up again. This time, before he let me out, he gave me a business card and asked me to call him directly if I needed a ride. A couple of days later, I did, only to be disappointed when he called me back to explain that he was on the opposite side of the city, and was sending someone else to get me. I chided myself that I had misinterpreted his stare. Clearly, he had simply determined that I was a good fare.

Two days later, he picked me up again, and to my great surprise, mentioned that he was disappointed when he had heard the dispatcher assign my address to other drivers the prior couple of days. I explained that I had not wanted to disturb him so had called the switchboard. He turned around in the seat completely and looked at me, and said, "I would like for you to call me if you need a ride, but I would also like for you to call me just to talk." My heart jumped, and I kind of hoped he did not see how excited I was by his invitation.

The next day, I did call, and we chatted for a while and decided to go for coffee that evening. As we talked, I explained that I had been separated from my husband for eleven months, and he explained that he was Muslim, adhered to very strict beliefs, and had not dated in three years. We ended up going to my place to talk, and I opened a bottle of wine, which he declined to share. We talked for hours, laughed, and cried, and the chemistry between us was undeniable. After a couple of hours, he reached over, grabbed the wine bottle, and said, "Tonight, I don't care about right and wrong. I am happy. I want to share this with you, " and he took a drink."

We had been sitting on the floor at a low table across from each other, and in spite of the energy between us, it surprised me when he suddenly reached over and wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close. He kissed me passionately, thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth, and when it ended, I was breathless. He looked directly into my eyes and wrapped his fingers in my hair, and pulled me to him again, and when he pushed his tongue into my mouth this time, it was again demanding and invasive, but only for a moment. Then, he began to pull it out, stopping to linger slowly across my lips, first the top one, then the bottom. When it ended, I felt empty and ached, and wanted him back in my mouth again.

He peered at me intently, and I realized that he was gauging my response. I leaned toward him, desperately wanting to feel connected again. This time, he pulled my body close and I felt his hands grip my shoulders tightly as he began to kiss and probe with his tongue- my lips, my ears, my neck. He wrapped one arm around my back, pressing my chest into his, and held my head with his other hand still wrapped in my hair. I felt trapped in his grasp and a dull ache deep inside my belly begin to intensify,

He continued his assault on my senses as he stripped me of my sweater. He licked and kissed and sucked and bit. He moved from my ears and mouth to my neck, and the sensations of his wet, hot tongue pushing, followed by pinching, erotic suction, and then actual pain from his teeth in my flesh were maddening. He stopped, and backed away for a moment, and as I looked at him, startled by the abrupt cessation, he peeled his shirt off and tossed it aside. I stared at his arms and chest...thick, muscled, and strong, and I willingly melted against him when he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me close again.

He pushed me down on the carpet and pinned me down with the full weight of his body. He was at least 6'2 , and I am only 4'11 , but until that moment, I had not realized his size and strength. I felt the crush of his body on mine, unable to move or react. I must have looked afraid, because at that moment, he stopped. His hands were above my head on either side and he was positioned for push ups. His body covered me completely, rendering me completely helpless. He looked directly into my eyes and the harsh, dark intensity that I saw in his eyes shocked me. "Are you afraid of me, he asked?" For a brief moment, I felt absolute terror. I realized that I did not know this man, and that he could easily kill me with his bare hands. His eyes seemed to pierce my very soul. I stared back, and hesitantly whispered, "Should I be scared of you?" To my relief, his eyes softened as he spoke to me gently, "No. Do not fear me."

I relaxed, and he began to brush his lips from side to side across mine. They were smooth, and he did not press them against me, instead he moved them lightly, his touch so feathersoft that I had to open my eyes to be sure that he was really there. As he continued, he increased the pressure slightly and then began to lick my lips with the tip of his tongue. My lips seemed to be connected directly to nerves between my legs because I could feel my clit beginning to swell and throb. Every flick of his tongue seemed to send another wave of sensation through my body.

His licks became probing thrusting kisses, more intense and more demanding. He worked his way down my neck and over the tops of my shoulders, and as he nibbled, then bit into the soft hollow of my shoulder right at the base of my neck, I heard myself moan.

He continued to kiss, lick, suck, and bite his way down my neck and shoulders and back. He wrapped his hands around my shoulders and pulled me to him as he moved. He positioned himself so that he was behind me moving his tongue and lips down my back and neck and shoulders, and he grasped tightly me with one arm while he began to softly stoke and pull my nipples with the other hand on the other. Then, as he felt me start to writhe, he wrapped both arms around me, and began to use both hands on my breasts, first squeezing and fondling, then focusing on my stiffening nipples. He placed a thumb and forefinger on each side of both nipples, and began to brush them back and forth. As they hardened, he began to pluck them, and flick just the tips of his fingers against the tips of my nipples. I felt like screaming but could not because he had thrust his tongue back into my mouth, this time so deeply I could feel him almost in my throat.

As he continued kissing me, he pulled my nipples, alternately milking them, then pulling and letting them pop out of his grasp. He teased me like that for what seemed like an eternity, and clearly enjoyed making me work my tits back to rest on his fingertips when he let them slip out.

He made his way back from my back and began working his lips over my nipples, sucking, then licking, then teasing with his fingers again.

My clit was so swollen and distended by this time that I could feel it thrusting between the lips of my pussy. I felt relief as much as anticipation when he shoved my skirt up and yanked my panties down. He brushed his fingers across my swollen lips, and spread them gently. I could feel him working his fingers around between my legs, probing and searching, then finding the warm wetness he knew would be there. Then, suddenly, the soft gentle strokes ended. He shoved a finger deep into my pussy. I wrapped my arms tight around him, surprised by the sudden invasion, and anticipating more. He responded by ramming another finger deep into my cunt, and began working his fingers around inside. My pussy was on fire- creamy, aching, yearning to be filled. He continued for several minutes, shoving his fingers deep, working them in and out, staring into my eyes as he fucked me that way.

I felt like I would lose my mind. My clit throbbed. I could feel my pulse deep in my pussy. The dull aching need inside made my hips churn and my legs spread. He unzipped his pants, and then pulled them, and his underwear, down and aside in one continual motion. His cock was stiff and fully erect. I wanted to feel it in my mouth.

I leaned down and took his hard, thick dick in my mouth. I was so impatient that I skipped my usual licking and teasing, and just sucked him in deep. I sucked up and down the entire length of his prick. Then, let it pop out of my mouth as I moved down and sucked his full, swollen balls. He responded by wrapping his hands in my hair and thrusting himself deeper into my mouth. I took his shaft in my mouth again, and as I deep-throated him, he shoved himself in even further, fucking my mouth, crushing his balls against my mouth and chin.

Just as suddenly, he pulled himself out, and grabbed me and shoved me back so that I was laying down again. He spread my legs, and positioned his cock against my pussy. In one deep hard stroke, he shoved himself deep into my cunt. I groaned as the pleasure of being so full of his thick, stiff rod spread through my body. He withdrew almost the entire length of his cock so that just the head was still inside, then rammed himself back in again. Then, he slammed it in and out, over and over, slowly, steadily, finding that perfect rhythm. Then, he pounded me mercilessly, fucking me, punishing me with his dick. Again and again he pulled out almost to the head, only to plunge his swollen fuck stick to the hilt again in my dripping twat.

He fucked me so long and hard that I finally stopped moving against him, stopped meeting his violent, hammering thrusts, stopped fucking him back and just laid there, taking it. That feeling of tension concentrated between my legs like a tightly wound spring dissipated into complete bliss. The sheer pleasure of feeling him inside me that way made me weak. He continued pounding, and I lay still, feeling his thick, hard cock pummel and grind and churn my insides.

As he stared into my eyes, I could see that the smoldering passion had been replaced by lust, blatant and unapologetic. I wrapped my arms tightly around his back and shoulders, amazed that my body stilled ached for him, still wanted more. And he continued to feed the ridiculous need, continued to bury himself deep with every thrust.

I clutched him tightly, moving again with his rhythm, matching every movement, riding him back. It had become a frantic, driven rhythm, purposeful and unwavering. Faster and harder, nails clenched into flesh, teeth sinking into body...grabbing, pulling, hammering, plunging...sudden stillness... and time seemed frozen. Neither of us could move. We stared into each others eyes as the sensations flooded through our bodies...agonizing, excruciating pleasure. Relief. Release. We seemed to melt together. We wrapped our arms tightly around each other, eyes still connected. The warmth was amazing. The need to be close and connected still present but so different now. We wrapped ourselves around each other, intertwining arms, legs, and fingers. He now lay on the carpet, and I rested my head on his shoulder as he held me close. We kissed again, our tongues softly searching.

My sexy cab driver had become my sexy Egyptian lover.

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