tagBDSMMy Epiphany

My Epiphany


"Mmmmm," I moaned as my wife Cheryl teased my sensitive asshole with her talented fingers. She licked and sucked her fingers and eased one up my ass as I lay face down on the bed.

"You like that don't you piggy," she chided.

"Yes," I groaned as she added another finger.

Her free hand grabbed my hair and she yanked hard. "Yes what!" she asked sternly.

"Yes mistress, I love your fingers in my ass," I replied honestly.

"I bet you would like something bigger up your ass wouldn't you piggy," she asked as she continued to toy with me.

"Yes ma'am, I would love something bigger up my ass."

"Good, then I have a surprise for you my little piggy." Cheryl pulled her fingers from my ass and ordered me to lick and suck them clean. She then left me alone face down on the bed and walked out of the room.

Cheryl entered the bedroom with a big strap on fastened around her waist. My cock twitched as I watched the realistic looking jellcock swing lewdly from side to side with each step as she approached me.

Her body looked fantastic. Her big natural 36dd tits stood firm without a hint of sag despite the fact that she was a 32 year old mother of two. Her tiny waist looked incredible with a tattoo around her bellybutton and another on her full round hip.

"Suck it piggy," Cheryl ordered as she stood by my head and rubbed her girl cock over my lips. "Come on my pet, you know you want this."

She was right. I wanted her to use me. I wanted her to humiliate me. I wanted to suck her strap on. I wanted her to fuck my ass.

I parted my lips and accepted the big 8" jellcock into my mouth. My head bobbed over it and I felt the ridges and fake veins as it slid in and out of my mouth. I looked up at my beautiful wife's pretty green eyes as I sucked her strap on.

Her eyes filled with lust as she watched her girl cock disappear between my lips and an evil grin spread across her beautiful face.

I opened my throat and took the big jellcock down to the hilt. My eyes watered as I fought my gag reflex.

"You look so hot sucking on my cock my sexy piggy," she chided. "You had better get it nice and wet piggy because when you are done it's going in your ass."

"Mmmm," I moaned as copious amounts of saliva spilled from my mouth and coated Cheryl's strap on. I continued to suck her delicious cock as she poured anal lube over my virgin asshole. She fingered my ass as I continued to noisily fellate her girl cock.

Cheryl ferociously pumped three fingers up my ass the pulled them from my gaping asshole leaving an empty void. Her strap on popped out of my mouth and I longed to have it back. Cheryl climbed on the bed and pressed the head of her girl cock against my well lubricated stretched asshole. She pressed her full hips forward and plunged her strap on into the depths of my bowels as I groaned in pleasure and pain.

Her cock filled me like never before and I loved it. I pushed my ass back to meet her thrusts like a wanton slut.

"Oh god yes," I moaned. "Fuck me hard baby. I love it. I love you," I panted as her magnificent cock stroked my prostate.

Cheryl fell into a firm steady rhythm as her big cock slid in and out of my asshole. It was intensely pleasurable and the only thing missing was another dildo in my mouth.

"Harder," I pleaded, "please mistress fuck me harder. Use me like a slut, please."

Cheryl grabbed my hair and pulled hard as she mercilessly fucked my ass. "You love my girl cock don't you piggy slut," she asked.

"Yes mistress, I love your girl cock," I moaned.

"You love it in your ass and you loved it in your mouth too, didn't you piggy slut."

"Yes mistress, I loved sucking your girl cock," I answered honestly.

"I bet you would even suck a boy cock wouldn't you piggy slut," she asked as she continued to fuck my ass hard and fast.

"Yessss," I hissed as a powerful image filled my mind. We had toyed with domination for several months and Cheryl had fucked my mouth and ass with her fingers and various small dildos but we had never discussed me sucking a man's cock. Cheryl fucking my ass and me sucking a dildo was part of the humiliation that I craved but I had honestly never even considered sucking a man's dick. In fact I had never had a conscious homosexual thought in my life but that didn't matter anymore because at that moment I wanted it. I wanted a real live cock in my mouth as my beautiful wife fucked my ass.

"I knew you were a bi piggy slut," Cheryl teased. "Do you want me to find you a man so you can suck on his hard cock my piggy slut?"

"Yes mistress, please," I pleaded as she continued to fuck my ass hard and fast. Her cock stroked my prostate and I felt my climax beginning to build.

"Please what? Tell me what you want piggy slut," Cheryl demanded.

"I want you to bring home a man so I can suck his cock," I said as my climax approached like a speeding freight train.

"What kind of cock do you want to suck piggy slut," she asked tauntingly ass she slapped my ass hard.

"A big cock mistress," I cried out as I came hard. My warm cum spewed onto the sheets beneath me as my sexy wife mercilessly fucked my asshole.

Cheryl continued to fuck me hard as my body convulsed from the powerful waves of my climax.

Cheryl stroked my head as she pulled her girl cock from my stretched out well fucked asshole. She turned me over and unfastened the harness as the strap on fell to the floor.

I looked up at her incredible sexy body and I wanted more.

Cheryl straddled my face and I looked up at her smooth shaved pussy. My mouth watered in anticipation as she lowered her delicious cunt onto my waiting mouth.

My tongue shot out and licked her thick meaty pussy lips making her moan loudly. I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth and Cheryl groaned loudly.

"Suck my cunt piggy slut. Make me cum," Cheryl hissed as she ground her soaking wet pussy against my face.

I licked her lips and thrust my tongue deep inside her hole as she fucked my face hard. Her clit rubbed against my lips as her climax approached.

"That's it piggy slut make me cum. Oh shit yes right there you magnificent fuck toy. Oh baby I am cumming," she cried out as her body shook with a powerful climax. Cheryl collapsed on the bed beside me and pressed her lips to mine. Our tongues entwined in a torrid passionate kiss as my cock rose to full attention.

I climbed onto of my beautiful wife and eased my cock inside her dripping wet pussy. Her hips thrust forward to meet my powerful strokes as we ground and gyrated together in perfect unison. Harder and faster our bodies slapped together as her juices ran down her thighs and soaked the bed.

Cheryl rolled me onto my back and spun around. She straddled my cock reverse cowgirl style. I watched my cock disappear beneath her beautiful round ass cheeks as she lowered her pussy onto my hard rod.

The room filled with grunts and moans as the smell of sex hung heavy in the air. Our bodies slapped together hard and fast as another smaller climax shook Cheryl's sexy body.

Cheryl climbed off me and got on her hands and knees and offered her gorgeous ass to me. I bent forward and pressed my face between the soft round cheeks of her delicious ass. My tongue flicked lightly over her sensitive asshole and she sighed softly. I wrapped my arms around her thick muscular thighs and thrust my tongue up her asshole.

"Oh god that feels good piggy. Tongue fuck my ass baby," Cheryl panted.

My face slapped against her soft cheeks as I thrust my tongue in and out of her delicious ass. I forced my tongue deep inside her stretching her sphincter as she groaned her approval.

"Fuck my ass baby. I need your big beautiful cock inside me," Cheryl panted.

I knelt behind her gorgeous ass and lubed my hard cock. I pressed two lubricated fingers up her ass and fucked her with them preparing her asshole for my cock.

"Fuck me baby. Fuck me. Please baby, I need it," Cheryl pleaded as I rubbed the slippery head of my cock against her puckered asshole.

I pressed my hips forward and my cock eased inside her tight ass.

"Go slow baby," Cheryl groaned. "Yes just like that baby."

I pushed until my cock was buried to the hilt in Cheryl's gorgeous ass. "I love you baby," I said as I ran my hands over her luscious body. I slowly pulled back and withdrew my cock until just the head remained.

"Oh yeah baby," Cheryl moaned as I slowly fucked her ass. "Faster baby."

I grabbed her sexy hips and increased my pace. My cock slid in and out of her well lubricated asshole as my climax started to build. I reached around her waist and rubbed her clit as I fucked her ass harder and faster.

"Cum in my ass baby," Cheryl panted as her own climax approached. Her body started to shake as the first wave of her orgasm washed over her body.

I past the point of no return as Cheryl came. Her sphincter clamped my cock and I felt myself start to shoot. I buried my cock deep in Cheryl's ass and came hard. "Oh god baby, I love you Cheryl. I'm cumming baby," I moaned loudly as we came together.

We collapsed on the bed in a sweat covered heap of human flesh.

"Did you enjoy that piggy," Cheryl asked playfully.

"Oh god yes baby."

"Did you like my cock in your ass piggy?" She teased and she picked her harness off the floor.

"Yes, it was uber hot," I replied.

Cheryl took the dildo out of the harness and held it in her hand as a smile spread across her pretty face. "Do you want it," she asked as she rubbed the head of the jellcock over my lips.

I parted my lips and licked the head. "Yes," I hissed as I slid my lips over the dildo. My tongue slithered over the ridges and veins as I opened my throat and allowed my wife to push the dildo deeper.

The head touched the back of my throat and I fought hard not to gag.

"You wish this was a real dick don't you piggy?" Cheryl asked. Her voice was thick with lust.

"Mmmmm," I moaned around the fake cock.

"You want to feel it throb in your mouth don't you piggy?" She asked as my head bobbed over the jellcock.

"Yessss," I hissed as I momentarily took the dildo from my mouth.

Cheryl pressed her soft perfect lips against mine and we kissed deeply. Her tongue thrust into my mouth and swirled around. My cock started to stiffen as we kissed. Our tongues entwined and Cheryl rubbed the dildo against our joined lips. She pressed it between us and we continued to kiss around the big shaft.

"Would you like him to cum in your mouth?" She queried.

"Yes," I answered honestly as I tried to imagine what it would be like to drink another man's seed. In my mind I was on my knees as a well built man stood naked before me. His big hard cock jutted out from his smooth chiseled abs. Cheryl stood beside me watching as my head bobbed over his thick pulsating shaft until it exploded in my mouth. I moaned loudly as I imagined swallowing a thick creamy load of cum. It was my epiphany.

Cheryl kissed her way down my body as I continued to suck on the dildo. Her mouth engulphed my turgid cock as I closed my eyes and imagined the jellcock in my mouth was a real throbbing dick.

I groaned around the dildo as Cheryl expertly sucked my dick. She slid a finger up my ass and massaged my prostate and I felt the cum boiling in my balls as my climax approached. I imagined the cock in my mouth was ready to cum and I cried out as I filled my beautiful wife's mouth with my cream.

Cheryl crawled up my body as she held my warm cum in her mouth. She pressed her lips against mine. Her tongue slipped past my lips and my seed spilled into my mouth. I moaned loudly as I swallowed a load of cum for the first time in my life.

I drank my seed as Cheryl and I continued to kiss deeply. Our tongues entwined and slithered together. "I love you baby," I said softly.

"I love you too my darling," she answered. We kissed again. "Next time baby it will be a real cock."

I couldn't wait.

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