tagErotic Poetrymy erection connection

my erection connection


i love the way you fuck me
you're so passionate and raw
your cock is very long
but i manage to take it all
you give my pussy a poundin'
like its never had before
one night with you is not enough
i'll have to fuck you some more
you pull my hair and smack my face
then you call me a bitch
i know you're on the verge of cumming
by the way your body starts to twitch
i clinch my cunt muscles
and that feels good to your dick
ladies, if you do your kegel exercises
you too can do that trick
you're on top of me
humping at a fast pace
i have lots of toys
but they could never take your place
we're both getting hornier
'cause we're talking dirty to each other
i should probably mention
that we're son and mother
we're not breaking any laws
because he's over 18
i love opening my legs
and giving him what's in between
he calls me mom while we're fucking
and that really gets me hot
he did what his father couldn't
and found mom's g spot
we fuck every day
and it never gets old
my son's the best fuck i've ever had
if truth be told
i'm a good mother
i take great care of my son
if i had another boy
i'd try double penetration

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