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My Exhibitionist Wife


This is the story of my wife and I taking our first steps towards a much wilder and open sex life.

My wife Karen has a great body and a really nice rack and shortly after we were married I started encouraging her to show it off. It was early summer and she was getting dressed for a party when I entered the room and encouraged her to remove her bra. It always turned me on when she went bra-less, but she always felt a little self-conscious about it.

Karen removed her bra and put on a shirt but I stopped her from buttoning it up all the way. I pointed Karen towards a mirror and I told her how sexy she looked.

She looked at herself from different angles before deciding that she would fasten one more button. The shirt wasn't transparent by any means, but it would be obvious to anyone that she wasn't wearing a bra and she was showing a nice amount of cleavage.

Karen was amazed at the reaction of the guys at the party. She always got along well with my friends but it was pretty clear she was getting more attention than usual from the guys, some of whom did a pretty lousy job of hiding the fact that they were checking her out.

She was enjoying the attention so much that after a few drinks I dared her to undo a few more buttons on her shirt. She undid one button on her next trip to the bathroom and one more after the next.

Karen was getting a little tipsy and I was really enjoying the view of her breasts shaking when she laughed. It was pretty obvious that the other guys were enjoying this as well.

From the right angle anyone could see a nice amount of side boob and when she bent over to get a beer from the cooler, her shirt billowed open and any guy within eyesight got a pretty good look at her lovely breasts hanging down.

On the way home Karen told me that she was amused and flattered by the guy's reactions. She was also turned on when I pointed out the obvious that every guy at the party wanted her.

"It's hard to believe that these could have such power over you guys," Karen said, grabbing her boobs.

She unbuttoned her shirt completely and at the next stop light I buried my face between Karen's tits. She practically had to pry me off of them and we went at it like crazy when we got home.

Karen began to get a little more daring as the summer progressed, showing more cleavage when we went out and going bra-less under a tank top, blouse or t-shirt.

Her bikinis became progressively smaller as well. At a pool party one of my friends got a few drinks into his system and asked me if Karen had been working out, telling me that she looked hotter than ever. When I told this to Karen she smiled at the complement.

We were planning a pool party at our house and Karen was showing me a new bikini she had bought. It was her smallest one yet and showed off her tits nicely. I dared her to let me tie a loose knot and let fate decide what would happen at the party.

Karen liked this idea as it would give her a chance to really tease the guys while pretending it was an accident. Our backyard is fairly well concealed and none of the neighbors can see the pool area.

As the party started, Karen was getting plenty of attention from the guys. After a few hours, Karen became emboldened by all the attention and the couple of drinks in her system. She gave me a wink as she headed for the diving board.

Karen dove into the water and swam under water to the other end of the pool. As she swam she reached behind herself with one hand to loosen her bikini top.

When she got out, her top was fully untied in back. It was now loosely draped over the top of her chest, exposing most of her breasts and both of her nipples. She walked around the pool to where I was and I pretended not to notice as her lovely breasts jiggled as she approached.

Only a few people were watching her at first, but that quickly changed as people followed each other's gazes and many of the guys gave each other a quick elbow and a nod to enjoy the view.

Even a few of the women were speechless, either out of surprise or perhaps because they also were enjoying the show.

Then someone's wife came over to Karen and pointed out what had happened. Karen feigned embarrassment and made a big show of re-covering her breasts with her top and adjusting it. The other woman tied the back of Karen's bikini for her but there was no erasing that lovely vision from my mind, or from anyone else's.

Karen thought it was really funny how embarrassed some of the guys were after that point. Even though she was getting plenty of attention most of the guys had trouble looking her in the eye, partly because they were too focused on her chest. She was obviously turned and her nipples were rock hard. She also loved the attention and was amazed that her breasts could cause that much of a stir.

After everyone left Karen had me describe the incident in detail, including how she looked and how everyone reacted. She loved the effect that her breasts had on all the guys and that she had gotten away with making it seem like an accident.

She undid her top and stood in front of the mirror to get an idea of what she must've looked like as she walked around the pool. We were both horny for days afterwards.

We both wanted to take it up a notch and discussed various ways to accomplish this. Karen is an incredible tease and we talked about the possibility of her somehow winding up completely naked in front of a small group of guys and to see just how turned on she could make them.

We also talked about how something like that could get out of control once it got started. I told Karen that she should just go with the moment and I wouldn't hold anything against her.

Some time passed and I started to think it would never happen, until I had a few friends over to play poker one night. We usually had a foursome but one of the guys couldn't make it, leaving only Jerry, Ted and myself.

Karen arrived home a little tipsy, having been out with her friends, and the guys insisted she sit down to play a few hands. Karen wasn't very good at playing poker but she decided to join us for a few hands anyway.

It wasn't long before she lost what little money she had and was going to cash it in but the guys begged her to keep playing, noting that it was pretty boring to play with only three people.

"I forgot to hit an ATM after work and I spent most of my cash at the bar," Karen said. "All I've got left is the shirt on my back."

"So bet that," I said with a shrug.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" Karen said with a laugh.

"Well, the guys have seen you in a bikini, losing your shirt wouldn't be that much different," I replied. "Why not just one more hand? Who knows, you might win enough to keep playing."

Karen was now pretty drunk and she looked at Jerry and Ted, asking what they thought. Ted couldn't speak. Jerry said that if she wanted to bet her shirt, it was alright with him.

Karen thought about it and said she would only agree to it if we each anted up $10 each. The guys agreed and Jerry dealt the cards.

All eyes were on Karen as she looked at her cards. She threw them down on the table with a "dammit" and started unbuttoning her shirt.

She threw the shirt aside and the guys couldn't help but stare at her lovely breasts, barely covered by a semi-transparent bra that showed plenty of cleavage.

I could tell she was enjoying everyone's reaction. More than a few seconds went by before Karen laughed and asked if we were going to keep playing. We all handed our cards to Ted.

The guys all anted up another $10 and Karen lost her shoes. She thought about quitting but I pointed out that the odds were in her favor of winning the next hand. Karen insisted that we all ante up $20 against her skirt and we agreed. She lost the next hand as well, cursing while she stood up to remove her skirt.

I was really getting turned on and I knew the guys were as well. I asked Karen if she was going to quit.

"What's the matter honey, you getting nervous?" Karen asked. "You don't want your friends to see my tits?"

I stammered, not sure what to say.

"Look at this, I'm practically naked already," Karen said, examining her chest and grabbing her tits through her bra. "A little late to turn shy, don't you think?"

"Well, there's no harm in quitting when you're behind," I said. "I mean, there's not much more for you to lose."

Karen looked at her body again, she was practically naked.

"You're right honey, I don't have much more to lose," Karen declared. "It's my deal, right?"

The guys were stunned, they couldn't believe their luck. I was a little surprised myself, as I wasn't sure it would go this far. I wanted to give Karen the option of backing out, even though I was getting more turned on with each hand.

Before dealing, Karen made Jerry and Ted promise they wouldn't tell anyone about what was happening and they agreed. She made each of us ante up another $20.

Karen lost again, cursing herself that she let it go this far (although I was pretty sure it was an act). She stood up and faced away from us to unclasp her bra, then turned around while holding it to her chest before dropping it to the floor. Her amazing rack was now clearly on display.

Jerry let out a whistle, which made Karen smile. Karen then turned around slowly in a circle so each of us got a good look from the sides as well. I was surprised to see her acting so brazen but I liked it. Her nipples were rock hard.

Karen then declared that she was going to call it quits as soon as she finished drinking her beer. The guys and I kept playing while talking to her. It was hard for any of us guys to concentrate, especially when Karen laughed and her tits jiggled there in front of everyone. I noticed she seemed to take an unusually long time to finish her beer but as soon as it was done she went to bed.

I suggested we all call it a night, and Jerry and Ted agreed. Karen practically attacked me as soon as I got to our bedroom and I buried my face between her legs. She was sopping wet and more turned on than ever. I brought her close to the edge with my mouth and then fucked her like a madman.

Afterwards I described how turned down I was to see her practically naked in front of my friends and to see them ogling her. Karen asked me how turned on they were and I told her they were so turned on they could barely walk, that there was no doubt they both wanted to fuck her brains out. This turned her on even more and she started sucking on my dick to revive me so we could go at it again.

Karen told me later that she was glad I had egged her on and that she had a good enough hand to actually win the last game, but wanted to show off instead and see the guys' reactions. I was glad she did. We were both turned on for weeks afterwards.

The next time we saw Jerry and Ted at a party, they both gave Karen a big smile but neither one of them let on to what had happened. As far as I could tell, they both had also kept their promises to not tell anyone.

At the time I wasn't sure how far Karen would take this new interest in exhibitionism, but I was ready to let her take it as far as she wanted as long as I was along for the ride.

To be continued...

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