My Extra Large Tip to Her


I moaned again, but in frustration. She said, "I want to save that for when we can take our time," and kissed me quickly before tucking her breasts into her top and unlocking the doors. We got into the car and she backed out of the parking space, as I watched her thigh muscle tensing and untensing underneath her skin. I ran my fingers along her thigh, back and forth lightly. She looked over at me for a second then spread her legs, driving onto the main road and into fairly heavy traffic. I began at her knee, tickling the inside of it with my fingernails then moving higher up, rubbing two fingers in small circles. As I got to about mid-thigh, she began breathing heavily through her mouth again and her hips started rising up every couple seconds. I pulled the front of her skirt up so it was around her waist, revealing her white, lacey thong which had become completely see-thru due to all her juices. I could see a bump where her clit should be, but I avoided that for now. I went back to rubbing her thigh, as she said, "Good thing it's not very far."

I said, "Where are we going?" and ran a finger up her slit, pressing her clit into her pussy slightly. She gasped and said, "Parking lot." I began rubbing her clit in circles with two of my fingers, fast and hard. She cried out and gripped the steering wheel tightly with both hands, her eyes glazed and unfocused. She narrowly avoided hitting a pedestrian, and I stopped what I was doing and when she looked at me questioningly I said, "I want to save that for later."

She said half-seriously, "Bitch. Fucking whore," and closed her legs tightly, rubbing her thighs together. We sat in silence until we got to the parking lot. It was actually a multi-level parking garage, and as she drove to the top level I said, "Aren't there security guards or something?"

She said, "Nah, if they're even paying attention they won't bother us." She parked at the top level, which provided a really nice view, showing the black-looking ocean which contrasted with the sparkling lights of the buildings.

I said, "It's beautiful," as we unbuckled our seat belts. She totally ignored my comment and climbed over so she was straddling me. I reclined the seat and pushed it as far back as it could go before she laid down on top of me, her weight resting on her forearms to either side of me. Her hair was falling onto my face and I tucked it behind her ears, then placed my hands flat on her cheeks, my thumbs tracing her cheekbones. I pulled her in and this time we kissed gently, with only our lips pressed against each other's. Her lips were so soft. We did this for a while, the faint sound of kissing filling the car.

She sucked my upper lip into her mouth and held it with her teeth as she ran her tongue along it. As she was doing this, I mimicked what she was doing on her bottom lip. We switched, then after she'd run her tongue along my bottom lip she slowly slid it into my mouth, my mouth opening to accept it. Her hair kept falling onto my face and I kept tucking it behind her ears, but I gave up and placed my hands on her sides, slowly running them up and down from the sides of her breasts to her hips. Her tongue pushed against mine and they began sliding along each other, twisting around each other. She sighed softly into my mouth and pressed her hips a little harder into mine. Our kiss grew more passionate as I put my feet up on the dashboard. I spread my legs wider, which allowed her hips to settle more firmly into my pussy. I took the front of her shirt and pulled it over her head, only breaking the kiss when we had to. As soon as her shirt was off, we began kissing again except it was more like the kisses we'd shared in the club: hard and intense.

We opened our mouths wide and pressed them together hard. Her hand came up and began massaging my left breast, kneading it like it was bread dough. I moaned into her mouth and arched my back, pressing my breast harder into her hand. She broke the kiss, my tongue still seeking hers a second after our mouths had parted. She took the hem of my top and pulled it up slowly, revealing my stomach inch by inch as she knelt in front of the seat and put her face within inches of my stomach. As she pulled my shirt up, she softly kissed my newly bared skin. She paused by my belly button, swirling her tongue in smaller and smaller circles around it until she was pushing it inside, still moving it in circles. I let out a low moan and she moved on, pulling my shirt higher up. As she was pulling it up, her fingers trailed along my skin, which, combined with her lips, made me sort of feel like I was going to have an orgasm in my stomach.

When she reached my breasts she paused again and stopped kissing me. She pulled my shirt off completely and knelt above me on all fours, her breasts swaying below her. She tucked her hair behind her ears again and lowered her mouth onto my nipple. She did the same thing she had before, the flat of her tongue rubbing against my nipple in all directions. I let out a high-pitched moan and arched my back. She cupped my breast that she was sucking on in one hand while massaging the other. I ran my fingers through her hair, playing with it as she pushed my nipple into my breast with her tongue, then sucked it into her mouth. I cried out softly and gripped her hair between my fingers, getting it messy again. As she was sucking it, she began to flick the tip of her tongue up and down over my nipple. This made my whole body respond as first I arched my back again then raised my hips up. She did this for a while then let go of my nipple with an audible popping sound.

She repeated the process on my other nipple, but also swirled her tongue around my areola and flicked her tongue over my nipple when it was outside her mouth. By the time she was through with my nipples, I was making soft moaning and whimpering sounds nonstop. She licked the underside of my breasts then kissed my stomach, running her tongue along my ribs. She flicked her tongue over my belly button but didn't push it inside, then kissed my abdomen above my skirt. She traced the hem of my skirt with her tongue, pushing it slightly underneath. I reached up and held onto the headrest as she slowly slid my skirt down my thighs like she did with my top, inch by inch. She didn't kiss anything though, just watched in apparent fascination. She ran her fingers down the sides of my hips and my thighs as she pulled my skirt completely off, discarding it on the floor. I spread my legs and pushed my feet up so that they were almost right underneath my butt.

She knelt in front of the seat and put her face within inches of my pussy. She studied my juices, which were pooling by my entrance and leaking down between my butt cheeks. My clit was completely out of its hood and standing at full attention. My pussy was clenching and unclenching, needing to feel her tongue, fingers, anything. She looked up at me and, maintaining eye contact, blew on my clit. I moaned loudly and raised my hips up, but she pushed me down again and held me there. Using her lips she directed the flow of air up and down so it was as if a tongue was flicking over my clit but not. I was moaning and rolling my hips, desperate for contact. She finally touched her tongue to my pussy, rolling her tongue in circles around the base of my clit. I moaned from deep in my throat and extending my legs, pressed my feet against the windshield. My feet slipped on the completely foggy windshield so I put my right one on the passenger door handle and left my left leg resting on the dashboard. She moved her tongue faster and faster, then switched to flicking the tip of her tongue over my clit. I heard her moan and looked down, seeing that she had her eyes closed and an expression on her face like there was nowhere she'd rather be. I moaned and almost came from the sight of her tongue moving between my thighs. She stopped flicking my clit and sucked it gently into her mouth, then sucked it harder as I started bucking my hips. She moaned onto my clit and began to flick her tongue over my clit while she was still sucking on it, moaning the whole time. This really did send me over the edge, my entire body spasming enough to make it hard for her to stay in contact with my clit.

My screams gradually turned into moans, which turned into deep breaths. As I was coming down, she stopped sucking my clit but continued to gently flick it with her tongue, except over the hood instead of directly. She gave my clit one last kiss before sliding her sweaty body up mine, her pussy trailing her own juices over my hips and stomach. She wiped the sweat off my forehead and caressed my face as she kissed me, her tongue smearing my juices all over the inside of my mouth. I put my feet down on the floor and closed my legs, and she spread her legs over mine. She had taken off the rest of her clothes at some point, but I have no idea when. She started grinding against me, pushing and rubbing her clit against the front of my pussy. She was still moaning into my mouth, and when I reached up and squeezed one of her breasts she gave a small cry. We flipped over so I was on top and I held my breasts in my hands and rubbed my nipples against hers. She moaned again and did the same. I circled my nipples around hers, tickling her areolas with my nipples and then pushing my nipples directly into hers. I pulled away and held one of her breasts in my hands while I kissed all over it, avoiding her nipple. My chin accidentally brushed against it and her body jerked as she inhaled sharply. I circled her breast with my tongue, making the circles smaller and smaller until my tongue was swirling around her nipple. Her hand went to my head and played with my hair as I flicked her nipple with my tongue and then sucked on it, nibbling lightly as I did so. I did the same for her other nipple, then kissed my way down her stomach. As I touched my tongue to her belly button my fingers ran lightly down her sides and on either side of her pussy, coming to a stop on her inner thighs. I ran my tongue from her belly button down her abdomen. She spread her legs wider, pushing her hips up slightly. I could smell her scent, musky and without the slightest hint of tang. It's not surprising that I could smell her because she was so wet, there was a large wet spot on the seat beneath her hips. Her pussy lips were glistening with her juices and they were running down her crack. I could see her clit poking out, begging me to lick it.

I put my face so close to her pussy it was almost touching, and opened my mouth and exhaled warm air onto her pussy. She moaned and raised her hips up again, and I copied what she'd done to me earlier. I blew on her clit, directing the flow of air with my lips and by moving my head. I pushed her thighs wider apart and licked the back of one of her knees. She stuck her leg straight out and said, "Oh my god, this feels so good. I never knew." I tickled the back of her knee with my fingernails, then slowly started kissing my way up her inner thigh. After I'd gone past the middle of her thigh, with every kiss I gave she'd let out a small moan of anticipation and her hips would rise up. I slowed down even more as I got close to her pussy, going so slow that she was begging me to lick her clit before I'd even tasted her. When I got to her pussy I paused in front of it, breathing on it warmly again, before doing the same thing on her other leg. I could feel her muscles tensing underneath my lips. I lightly ran my fingertips up and down her inner thighs a few times, stopping just short of her pussy, then I licked the crease between her pussy and her thigh, then did the same on the other side. I sucked one of her outer lips into my mouth, running my tongue over it before repeating the process on her other one. I pulled her outer lips apart, causing the hood of her clit to push against it, and licked between her inner and outer lips. I sucked on her inner lips, then I rested my forearms on her thighs because they kept moving and pulled her inner lips apart and licked the area between her clit and her entrance. I pushed her thighs up and apart, exposing her pink rosebud. I flicked my tongue over it, making her squirm and moan even louder, then made one long lick from there to her clit. When my tongue touched her clit her hips jerked up and she cried out, then said, "Ohhhh yeah, lick my clit."

Needing no further encouragement, I sucked her clit into my mouth and licked the bottom of her clit with the flat of my tongue. Her body would not stay still. She was constantly reaching around for something to hold on to, and she was squirming so much I had to hold her hips down. She started saying something, except I couldn't understand what she said except "fuck" and she wrapped her legs around my neck, burying my face in her pussy. I slid one finger inside her, which sent her over the edge, screaming and bucking her hips against my face. Her pussy was pulsing around my finger, but the contractions slowed down as her legs loosened around my neck and slid off, coming to rest on the floor. I licked her entire pussy a couple times and squeezed it with my hand before moving up and kissing her.

She pressed her hands flat against my back, trailing her fingers up and down my spine as her tongue got every bit of her juices in my mouth. Our legs rubbed together, feeling how smooth the other's legs were. She pulled back and gave me a light kiss on the lips before pressing my head into her chest. Her hands caressed my head and played with my hair while our breathing returned to normal and we stopped sweating as much. Neither of us wanted to move but eventually we sat up and returned the seat back to its normal position. As we were putting our clothes back on I said, "That was great."

She put her top on and giggled, saying, "I thought so too. We should do it again sometime," and kissed me on the cheek.

I also giggled and said, "Sounds like a good idea to me." I think I'll be going to that restaurant more often these days.

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