tagIncest/TabooMy Fantastic Cousin

My Fantastic Cousin


I'm not really sure how this happened but last time I stayed at my auntie's house I had the time of my life. My cousin Beth is in her mid-twenties, blonde, with small but firm tits. I was sitting in the lounge with her chatting when she brought up the subject of her tits. She started moaning about them, insisting that they weren't big enough and she didn't like them and neither had her last boyfriend and so on. I assured her that they weren't small and casually added that they "looked big enough to fuck" and therefore there was no problem. She gave me a dirty smile as she pushed her tits together with her hands as if she was checking to see if I was telling the truth.

"I guess there's only one way to find out for sure" she said. Next thing I knew we were up stairs in her bedroom, my cousin was stripped down to her white cotton panties and my trousers and boxer shorts were on the floor and my nice thick cock was between Beth's tits. I looked down and admired the way she rubbed her tits up and down over my cock. My eyes moved up to her face and I couldn't help but smile at even though the whole situation was naughty she still managed to look innocent. The way she bit her lips as she worked her tits on me made her look like a sweet sixteen-year-old. Beth was clearly enjoying herself and so was I. After rubbing my dick between her breasts for ten minute I began to see pre-cum forming at the end of my cock. Beth smiled at me and spoke

"Looks like I'm not the only one getting wet." She leaned her head forward, stuck out her tongue and dabbed at the bit of cream at the end of my cock. Her touch made me shiver.

"Do it again" I muttered. She giggled like a schoolgirl.

"Only if you make more cum!"

Knock Knock.

Auntie Carol was at the door! I froze instantly and started to slide my dick out from my cousin's breasts. Beth caught it though and started rubbing it softly between her breasts again.

"Be quiet and fuck my tits, my mum will go away" she whispered. I heard Carol moving away and slowly, I returned to fucking my older cousin's tits. Fuck that was close though. Another bit of pre-cum must have oozed out of me because then I hear Beth go "Hmmm" and I looked down again in time to see her lean forward once more. This time she popped the whole head of my cock between her lips and ran her tongue around it. She deep-sucked my dick for a bit before she moved so as to slowly stroke it in her little hand.

"Will you cum all over my face please?" she asked in her best little girl voice. At this point she started to jack me off really fast.

"Come on, baby, shoot a big load on your cousin's face!"

Knock Knock.

Vivki's mum, my Auntie, was back. And there I was being jacked off my older cousin with just a door separating us. This time my Auntie spoke, she asked Beth what she was doing in there and where was I. She wanted Beth to let her in! Beth moved to get up so I got off her and she stood up. I had a very worried look on my face at this point. Beth looked at me and saw this and told me not to worry. She then grasped my dick and used it to pull me with her as she walked to the door. She stopped us just by it, started to jerk me off again and with her free hand she reached for the door and opened it wide.

I couldn't believe it. What was she thinking. I looked at my Auntie standing there, looking shocked and dismayed, as her daughter stroked my thick cock in full view of her. Beth wasn't shocked judging by the way she eagerly leant forward and as my Auntie and I watched, she licked more pre-cum off the tip of my cock.

"Stop this at once, its... its... its wrong" my Auntie had found her voice again. I noticed at this point that her eyes were telling a different story. They hadn't moved from their position of being fixed at my cock for the whole time the door had been open. She was clearly fascinated by my cock getting loved by her daughter, my sexy cousin. I smiled to myself as Beth knelt down and placed my cock gently back between her breasts and eased it back and forth. Had Beth noticed her mother's eyes like I had? Was she putting on a show for her? I had no further time to ponder this as Beth spoke to me.

"Do you want to fuck me Carl?" she said softly. I couldn't believe she said that in front of her mother. If what we had done so far didn't count as incest fucking her certainly would! I nodded my head a little so try and subtly indicate that I would like to fuck her.

"Say it then" she was speaking louder then. "Carol wants to hear you say it".

"I want to fuck you Beth" I said firmly. This made Beth smile. I had told her what she wanted to hear.

"Of course you do" she said right before she took my cock out from her tits and proceeded to deep-throat me again. This time Beth looked up at her mum while she did it. I can tell she really wants to wind her mother up but then again she could just be trying to put on a good show for her. The meaning of what was happening wasn't clear to me but I was happy. My cock was getting well looked after!

Beth then stopped and took my cock out of her mouth and started to jerk me off really hard and really fast, holding my cock right up near her face. Auntie Carol started shouting again at her daughter telling her to "stop" and "no, don't do it". Her eyes were still firmly fixed on my cock and her daughters blurred hand working on it. Beth clearly had no intentions of stopping. I could feel my orgasm drawing nearer. I knew I wanted Beth to make me cum in front of Carol as much as I suspected that they both wanted it, even if my Auntie didn't yet realise that that's what she wanted.

I let out a huge groan as waves of cum began to fly and shoot out of my dick. I hit Beth on her cheek, into her mouth, on her neck, in her hair and when I was finished I noticed she even had some hanging sexily off her lower lip. Beth, realising her work was done turned to her mother, her face all covered in my jizz and smiled at her. She clearly loves taking it in the face but this was special for her because the cum came from her cousin and she had her mother as an audience.

Beth stood up, still holding my dick, and pulled me with her again as she took a step nearer Carol. She then trusted my still-thick cock into her mother's hand. Carol looked just as surprised, as I must have done. Just as I was thinking that she was about to let go however she absentmindedly started stroking my cock. I looked up to see Beth smiling to herself before leaving to clean herself up in the bathroom. She soon returned, her face now cum free, to see her mum on her knees sucking my cock.

"That's more like it mum" Beth shouts "take out all that stress on Carl's cock. You'll feel much better for it." Beth stayed to watch her mum work on my cock and although Carol was using all her experience to try and satisfy me Beth still shouted instructions. She told her mum when to switch from sucking to jerking me, she wanted her mum to get a facial too. It was a good blowjob and hand job but I must confess I spent most of the time eyeing up cousin with her nice small but firm tits and her innocent looking face and white cotton panties. You'd never have guessed to look at her that she started all this!

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