tagLesbian SexMy Fantasy (Lesbian) Ch. 02

My Fantasy (Lesbian) Ch. 02


Authors note: Thank you guys (and girls) for all of the feedback I have been given on the first part of this story....

The comments I've received on the site as well as in my email address about how someone got off or got horny while reading my story, really turned me on... I got wet and then wrote this story... so after I write this story I'm going to masturbate... and it's all your fault.

All of the characters in this story are 18 or older.


My hand wraps around grabs her panty clad butt and pushes her pussy toward my face. I hold her there for a few seconds my face in her cargo shorts and my hands on her ass. I hear a groan. I push her away a little and I look up she is looking at me, her eyes are already dilated. And this gives me the go ahead....

My hands still on her ass, and I pull her towards me. My mouth starts watering I want this girl more than I've ever wanted anything in my life; my hands slide from her butt to the back of her smooth white thighs no longer needing to press her essence to my face because she was doing that quite well on her own, she wanted it as a matter of fact she probably needed it as much as I did. I hold back a groan, my nipples were getting stiff rubbing the back of my bra begging to be touched... by someone... anyone!

My mind is clouded with lust, I needed to orgasm. My pussy is getting so hot and wet that I just want to come. I want to start humping her like a dog I want to feel my hard clit wet from my juices slide over slender silky legs until I come...

In my brain I am screaming; but I resist the urge to touch myself.

I pull back my head a little just so I can take in the full image of this beautiful girl who looked so innocent with her short little pigtails, but the moisture glistening her on thighs told me a different story.

I pull her cargo shorts to the right so I can see up one leg to the source of the nectar on her thighs. I am now staring at white cotton panties, which are getting swallowed up by her swollen pussy, and this is when I figure out that unlike me, she shaves her pussy. I look up into her eyes which I assume once were baby blue, but her pupils were taking up the whole of her eyes making her soft baby blues look dark navy, almost black with lust. This is when I first speak to her

"Are you wet for me baby?" my voice is quiet but rough so I don't gather much attention from the other passengers on the train. She is back to biting her bottom lip, she is nervous and doesn't answer me. "That's okay baby I can see that you're really wet for me, but I'm afraid you're so wet that you might leak onto your nice short...do you want to leak onto your shorts to let everyone know you're wet?"

She shakes her head quickly at me; her pigtails swish from side to side.

"You want me to help get you cleaned up?" I ask still quiet, my voice is gruff.

She nods once.

While looking into her eyes I slowly place my lips on her inner thigh I watch as her eyes close, and her head tilts back just long enough for me to see her expose delicate neck. I start licking her thigh and lapping up the excess pussy juice on her thigh. I got a taste of her sweet nectar, and I wanted more. My tongue ends up in the crease between her swollen pussy and the top of her leg, and I run my tongue along the bottom of her damp cotton panties. I lick along the bottom of her panties again and my nose bumps into her juicy cunt.

That is when I hear a small gasp escape her beautiful kissable mouth. I look up into her eyes and her mouth is open slightly, and her cheeks are flushed, and it seems as if she is trying to control her breathing. She quickly darts her eyes from left to right making sure that we are not drawing that much attention to ourselves. I then follow her gaze to the guy with the newspaper next to me, he now is paying attention fully, and so is his dick.

He looks at both of us and starts rubbing his erection through his dress pants... he is an older guy with glasses I'm not good with age, but I would say around 40. We were both young enough to be his daughters... but he didn't seem to care we both watch as he unzips the front of his pants and pulls out his dick and now heavy balls. He starts caressing himself. He lifts up his balls and starts fondling pre-cum weeping from the top of his penis.

I don't know if I told you this before, but I have a thing for balls, I love the look of them, and I wanna suck on them, I wanna lick and suck on the area between the balls and the base of a man's shaft. I want to hold a man's balls while sucking his cock so when he comes I can feel them shift and push his seed through his dick, so it can squirt into my mouth...and of course I'll love to swallow it, because that is what good little girls do.

I love the thought of bringing a big powerful man to his knees, while I am on mine.

I feel the girl shift away from me a little, I glance up into her eyes and can tell that she is nervous again because of the man sitting next to me. I pull her body close to mine once more.

"Are you scared now, baby?" she nods. "Are you scared because this man is stroking his dick for us baby?" she nods again. "Don't worry, he is just looking, aren't you sir?" the man licks his lips, but grunts a quiet yes, as he is pulling on his penis and cupping his balls, newspaper forgotten.

"See baby girl, you've got nothing to worry about, now... want me to help finish getting you cleaned up?" she squeaks out a "yes", her eyes are still wide and nervous, but also filled with lust.

"Good answer" I say.

I pull her towards me and my tongue is right at the edge of her panties again, and then she does the most amazing thing, she uses her free hand (the one that is not holding onto the pole of the train), and she pulls her white panties to the side exposing her full and aroused cunt.

"Oh baby" I say, "I think I found the source to why your thighs have been getting so wet."

My tongue runs on the outside of her pussy lips, I my tongue gets to the top of her pussy above her straining clit, but my tongue doesn't touch it. I won't touch it... not yet. I pull her clean shaven pussy lip to the side and I lick the inside of the first fold. I get my first real taste of her sweet pussy juice, and I know this little taste is not going to be enough.

I look up at her then, she is biting her bottom lip, I then lean forward and suck one of her pussy lips into my mouth, I see that her pussy is getting more wet, her cunt hole is leaking out her sweet arousal.

I take my mouth off her pussy for a second and I say "It doesn't seem like I'm helping you any, if anything I think I am making the moisture on your thighs worse... but don't worry baby, I promise I'll clean you up real good this time"....



Side Note: If you want the story to be continued I will continue it, please comment, like I said before... I'm not a writer; I don't claim to be... I just have naughty thoughts.

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