tagLesbian SexMy Fantasy (Lesbian) Ch. 03

My Fantasy (Lesbian) Ch. 03


Authors Note: thanks everybody for voting and thanks for your comments :)

As usual all of the characters in this story are 18 or older


It doesn't seem like I'm helping her any, if anything I think I am making the moisture on your thighs worse... but don't worry baby, I promise I'll clean her up real good this time"....

I hear her whimper in response, she wants my tongue in and around her beautiful hole of life. I want to make her beg for it though; I want to hear her soft voice ask me for what she wants.

"What do you want from me baby?" I look up into her heavily hooded eyes and ask she just grunts a little and presses her pussy into my face, it hits my chin, and she then gyrates her pussy on my chin and my lips humping me slightly. When her pussy moves on my face I can faintly hear her pussy because she is so wet and swollen for more. I lean back away from her pussy, and I feel the air all of the places she marked me with her pussy juice.

"Say it baby, what do you want from me?" I ask again

"Pussy." she isn't looking into my eyes when she shyly whispers that one word. She looks so sounds so innocent that I just want to eat her out right there. I want to take her leaking cunt and drain her dry, I want to swallow all of her hot juice. I eat her like I eat gushers.

"Ahh, baby what do you want me to do with your pretty little pussy?" my voice is low and gruff sounding even to my own ears, the man stroking his cock next to me lets out a little moan, I don't pay any attention to him, my focus is now on her.

"I want you to lick my pretty pussy, please." She is still not looking at me biting her cherry angel lips and her white silky porcelain cheeks are red from arousal, but she is looking to the side slightly as if her cute little pigtails can hide her face from me. I can smell her arousal;

I can see and FEEL that she is so wet for me, so her innocence as well as blatant arousal turns me on.

"Look at me baby girl, show me those nice blue eyes of yours." I say in a soft but commanding tone, she turns her eyes as well as her head towards me. "Good, job baby. Now what I want you to do, I want you to take the hand not holding onto the pole of the train, and I want you to undo your bra for me, I want to see your rubbery nipples through your white tank top you're wearing."

She quickly bobs her head making her pigtails bounce up and down, and she slowly slides her free hand up her smooth flat stomach and undoes the front clasp of her bra. I see her nipples through her thin tank top. They look like long pink rubber erasers pressing through her top. Her sweat is no longer totally white, the humidity in the train, as well as her arousal has taken a toll on her shirt, it is dampened with sweat making her top cling to her B-cup milky boobs more than they usually would.

I want to touch her fuckin tits so bad, I want to take the tip of that puffy pink nipple into my mouth and suck on her until she comes. I want to take her on the floor of this train right now. I want to open up my legs so she can see my wet gaping hole and I want to have my pussy eat her puffy nipples. I want her nipples to tease my engorged clit.

"take your pink little tongue wet your index finger and wet your shirt over your cute little boobies baby." I whisper. "ahh, that's it. I want to see your nipples harder and wanting me."

"I-I-I need my p-p-pussy licked please this is torture." She whimpers softly.

I'm about to give in when all of a sudden the train stops and the announcer says through the loudspeaker "This is the last stop for this train, this train is officially out of service please exit."

I quickly take my hand away from her pussy, soaked white damp panties, and cargo shorts go back into place. I faintly hear a sound of protest coming from the girl, as well as the man sitting next to me, who put his forgotten newspaper on his 6.5inch thick and erect cock in order to cover it.

Everybody leaves the train some with curious glances our way, I am now alone in the train with a beautiful girl, and a man with an erect cock, we are all breathing heavily... and I am in heaven.

"Baby girl, I want you to get naked for me, I want to see your beautiful skin, get naked for me baby." I say, my voice echoing in the empty train. She looks at me like she is scared, she hesitates, but she listens to me. Once nude she is a site to behold.

Her short pigtails, her perky tits and puffy nipples, mixed with a shaved pussy made her look barely 18 and innocent as fuck. I am staring at her so long that she gets uncomfortable and fidgets moving to cover her body.

"Don't," I say harshly, "you are giving me and this man here so much pleasure."

With the reminder of the man the girl looks over at him, newspaper gone from his lap he strokes his cock slowly. I see pre-cum glistening from the head of his cock, I reach over and take some of it with my index finger take some of his liquid bubbling from his urethra, and I take the same index finger and put it to my mouth. It tastes delicious, it makes me want to worship his cock in my mouth and swallow his fresh load of cum, but I can't...not yet... this day is for her. Not for him.

The man besides me groans, and a fresh load of pre-cum comes bubbling to the head of his cock. I take my index finger again, and take some pre-cum from the top of his penis. I get up from my seat and I walk over to the girl who now looks a little scared I am a little bit taller than her 5'5". I take my index finger glistening with the man's pre-cum and I rub it on her puffy nipples. I then bend my head and start pulling her nipple into my mouth.

Her nipples taste salty from pre-cum, but sweet at the same time, I suck in a puffy nipple I open and close my mouth over it a few times letting my mouth let go of the nipples with a "popping" noise every time. I feel her small delicate hands hold the back of my head to her boob as my tongue circles around her nipple, then flicking it back and forth. I see that she is rubbing her thighs together her thighs are glistening with cum, I then see a trail of her cum slide down her leg and hit the floor. I've had enough; I couldn't take the teasing anymore.

"Lay down on the ground baby, it is time to get you cleaned up."

She lies down on the ground; I sink down to the ground to. My body is now above hers my hands on the ground of either side of her stomach. I bend my head down and start kissing her flat stomach. I lick the creases of her pelvic bones. I feel a shiver run through her. I then miss her hot pussy all together. I start kissing and licking her thighs, and then my face is hovering above her gushing center, the core of what makes her a woman. She raises her hips towards my face

telling me she wants more.

I have her wet and open in front of me she is not only wet, but when I spread her pussy lips open with my hands I see that not only is she wet but I see thick white pussy cream coming out of her cunt. She is creaming for me.

I lay my tongue on the bottom of her straining clit, I then take my tongue slowly away so then I can see the string of wet cum from my tongue to her pussy. I do that a couple of times...I don't touch her clit directly though I tease her... because she got this wet for me, so clearly she has been a naughty girl, and wasn't thinking clean thoughts so I have to punish her by not letting her feel my tongue wrap around her engorged clit.

I lick her pussy lips and lick around her cunt hole I run my tongue from her puckered cute asshole and back to her cunt hole before I dive in with a stiff tongue. My tongue tastes her juices straight from the source, but I don't want to touch her clit yet... I then let her gushing cunt juice slide in my mouth and swallow. I move my mouth up to her straining clit, I use my hand to pull back the hood to expose her clit even more, and I start sucking on it, like I suck on a thumb...

I then reach up with my free hand and put my finger inside her tight little pussy and it slips right in because her are so wet for me.

"your little pussy is so tight for me baby. Your pussy is so wet and engorged, your pussy looks so dark with all the blood flowing there, you make me so hot baby. Does it feel nice?"

"y-y-yeahhhhhh!!!" she says with a hitched breath. I then add a second finger and now I'm simultaneously sucking her clit and fucking her with my fingers. "Oh. My. God." she loudly groans.

My hands are getting sticky and wet, and I hear the sound of her wet pussy sounding like a soaking wet suction cup, in and out, in an out, in and out, until she is tensing with the need to come...

I love the sound of a wet pussy. The sound of a wet pussy is like music to my ears. Knowing that a women is turned on and wet and wanting gets me really hot. When I watch porn I love seeing females masturbate, especially when their white cream comes out. It gets me so fucking hot that I can't help but come.

...Baby girls pussy is grabbing at my fingers. I curl my two fingers up finding her spongy g-spot. I start working her g-spot the sucking on her clit. I hear her female girly little whimpers, but I also hear the low grunting of the man stroking his cock still sitting in his spot on the train.

The girl is pulling on her nipple looking down at me with almost eyes dark with arousal and biting her lip. I renew my efforts to make her come. All of a sudden my hand is getting drenched, and I feel her little hard clitty swell in my mouth.

"OH. MY. FUCKING. GAHHHHHHH" she screams, and the most amazing thing happens she squirts and it hits my chin, because my mouth is still on her clit. She doesn't squirt a lot, but just enough for me to feel it. I don't mind, I am more turned on than ever before.

The girl is whimpering and withering on the ground and I take my mouth off of her sensitive clit, I take my fingers out of her cunt with a "pop". I then move my face down to her cunt hole.

"Squeeze some more of your juices out for me baby, I want to share them with you, and I want you to swallow okay?" She nods and I see the walls of her pussy squeezing together, and some more pussy juice comes out, I take it in my mouth. I then slide up her body and she opens her mouth like a baby bird.

I put a little bit of her come from my mouth into her mouth, she looks me straight in the eye as she swallows it, and then her pink tongue sweeps over her lips, she opens her mouth wanting more, I smile a little, but shake my head slightly "no" she pouts prettily.

I then walk over to the man on the train his cock still hard, and his balls still blue, he didn't come yet. Since he shared his pre-cum with me earlier, I think I'll give him an award. I bend down and open my mouth over his cock the juice from the girls pussy now helps lube him as he masturbates. He grunts. I assume that is meant as a "thank you" I kneel down in front of him with my mouth open and a second later he is squirting his thick white come into my mouth.

His cock is deflating as I walk over to the girl and drop some of the man's cum into her mouth. Her mouth now has cum in it, and my mouth now has cum in it, and we both swallow. Just like good girls are supposed to.



Side note:

thanks for staying with the story hope you enjoyed a little slice of my fantasy!

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Hot fantasy

Thanks for sharing. When do you have your orgasm?

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