My Fantasy Weekend Ch. 05


There was absolute quiet in the room and I felt the stares of both women on me as I unzipped my trousers and unbuckled the waist. I looked back at Julie and she nodded for me to continue. I simply dropped the trousers, looking down to see them fall around my shoes.

Cathy's eyes went immediately to my panties. The bulge of my still soft cock was plainly visible under the stretchy fabric of the silky panties. She reached out and tentatively touched my hip to feel the material. She looked at Julie and asked "May I?"

"Oh, please, help yourself." Julie answered.

'Help yourself?' I thought. Oh fuck! I felt a hard-on coming on.

Cathy cupped her hand and placed it right on the bulge of my cock. Julie stepped next to her, and as Cathy felt my bulge, I saw Julie's eyes light up and widen. My wife was watching another woman feel my cock. Suddenly, Cathy pulled her hand back. "It moved!" she said.

Julie reached down to feel for herself. My cock was starting to grow now, on it's way to a full size erection – 'oh shit', I thought. I knew I would be tenting soon and started to think about what would happen when I was full strength.

"Here," Julie said, speaking to Cathy and pulling the front of my panties down, "Feel it grow.... Quick - he's going to get real hard in a second."

I felt Cathy's warm hand grasp my growing cock. I looked at Julie who held her finger to her lips as if to keep me quiet. Then she silently mouthed the words "she's never touched one".

I was sure I read her words correctly, but, I thought Cathy told Julie she wasn't a virgin. How could someone who wasn't a virgin never have touched a man's dick?

I looked down at Cathy's face and I could tell by the wonder in her eyes that this probably was the first cock she ever held. Her eyes were wide and she had the look of amazement on her face. My cock kept growing. She had to let it go and twist her hand in another direction to keep holding it as it grew bigger and bigger. Soon, I was completely hard – and I mean stone hard with this young woman holding my cock like it was the handle of a bat.

Cathy looked at Julie with these wide open eyes and Julie said "See, I told you, didn't I?"

Cathy looked back at my cock and then up to me. "It's hard. Did I do that?"

I looked over to Julie who was nodding her head as if she was giving me the answer. Taking her lead, I looked back down to Cathy and nodded my head saying, "Yes, Cathy, I think you did."

"There's only one way to get it to go down," Julie said, "we don't have much choice now."

Julie reached for one of the kitchen table chairs and turned it around so it was facing me. "Here," she said to Cathy, "sit here."

As Cathy sat on the chair, Julie told me to kick off my shoes and pull my trousers the rest of the way off. When I did, she pulled me over in front of Cathy to where I was maybe a foot away from the girl.

"Go ahead, Greg." Julie told me.

There wasn't much question what she wanted me to do, so knowing my job, I reached out and took my cock in my hand and started stroking it. As I did, Cathy's eyes never moved one millimeter from my cock.

After I had been stroking for a minute or so, Julie told me to stop and she got down on her knees in front of me. She grasped my cock in her right hand and squeezed me. When she did, a drop or two of precum appeared at the head and she held my cock out to Cathy saying "This is what the precum looks like. Here, give me your finger....."

Cathy held out her index finger and Julie took her hand and dabbed it at the end of my cock pulling back a long strand of the slick and sticky fluid. Then Julie put her own finger at the top of my cock and got it wet with precum. Looking at Cathy, Julie said "It's good – it actually tastes sweet. Go ahead... try it."

As if to demonstrate, Julie put her finger in her mouth and sucked on it. Watching Julie, Cathy slowly raised her finger to her mouth and sucked it, too. "Umm, I love that taste," Julie said. Cathy didn't say anything but I could see her tongue was checking out the taste as Julie said "Okay, watch now."

Julie scooted closer to me and then took my cock in her mouth in a way that Cathy could see the complete profile of my cock sliding in between her lips. After sucking me for a minute, she pulled off my cock. "Pull your skirt up so he can see your panties, he'll cum quicker if you do." Julie said.

Cathy did what Julie asked and pulled her skirt up to her waist. As I looked down I saw the girl's panties, and when she opened her legs, I saw the complete crotch that was covering her pussy.

"Greg," she said, "you finish this now."

I reached for my cock and stroked in earnest. Looking down at Cathy's panties and seeing her staring at my cock was such a turn on that I started to get closer and closer to cumming. "Tell me when you're going to cum, Baby", Julie said, "I know Cathy wants to get a good close look when you shoot."

Hell I was there – I was going to cum very soon, I knew it. I blurted out "Fuck, I'm really close already, I mean really close......"

Julie reached over to Cathy and putting her hand on Cathy's back, leaned Cathy in toward me and told her to hold her head up saying "Let him shoot his cum on your chest."

"Shoot it right above her boobs, Baby," Julie said, "give her the whole load."

This was way too fucking much for me to handle. My wife was telling me to jackoff on a young girl's chest. Between the sight of the girl's panties and her cute face so close to my cock, I let out a slow moan as I slipped by the point of no return knowing there was no stopping the sperm eruption that was about to take place.

The first shot hit her right in the middle of her breast bone and must have scared the shit out of her because she pulled back a little. As the follow on streams of cum flew at her, she moved towards me and I coated her from just below her chin to the top of her boobs. My sperm was all over her chest and running down into her bra between her breasts. When I was done, Julie got on her knees again and took me in her mouth. She knows how sensitive my cock head is right after I cum, but she took me as deep as she could anyway and slowly drained and squeezed me with her lips as she drew me out. I shook and winced at the feeling, almost pulling my cock from her mouth.

When Cathy leaned back, I could see the damage I had done to her. Her chest and breasts were soaked with my cum and several thick globs were on her shirt. I stood back on shaky legs – me looking at Cathy, Cathy looking at my softening cock and Julie with a smile on her face.

"Oh, look at your shirt!" Julie gasped. "Quick, take it off!"

As if she didn't even care that I was there, Cathy reached for the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head, leaving her in her in a very sheer bra that was almost translucent. Julie laid the shirt on the table and pulled Cathy up by her hand and led her to the sink.

"Greg," Julie shouted, "Get your ass over here!"

I turned and hurried to the sink. Julie had the look of scorn on her face as she put her hands on her hips and said "You made a hell of a mess here. Now I'm going to have to wash her shirt AND her bra! And, just for being so thoughtless, I want YOU to clean her up. I shouldn't have to clean up after you all the time."

I reached for the hand towel on the counter by the sink, but Julie put her hand on my shoulder and softly said "No Dear, you know what I mean, now get to it."

I put the hand towel down on the counter where it was. I was trying to figure out what Julie meant – surely she didn't want me to lick my own sperm off this girl's chest. "Come on," Julie said, "It's going to drip all over my clean floor."

I lifted my hands, still not knowing what to do, but, Julie pushed around me and went behind Cathy and unhooked her bra. Carefully holding the front of the bra in place, she tilted the bra forward, completely exposing the girl's breasts and nipples. Then she carefully lifted the bra out from under her breasts and held it up to me. I could easily see that the inside of her bra was soaked with cum. It was even pooling in the cups.

"Go ahead – get busy." She said.

I took the bra in my hands and started to lift it to my mouth. As I did, I saw Cathy's jaw drop and Julie said "Do a good job."

Her sizable boobs had warmed the material of the bra. As I licked inside the cups, my tongue picked up the warm sperm and my face felt the intrinsic warmth emanating from the bra, too. My sperm was not only in the cups, but all over the material at the bottom of the bra. There were huge globs of thick, sticky white sperm everywhere. They both watched as I sucked the garment, eating my cum and licking her bra. When I was done cleaning it, I handed it back to Julie who looked at it and set it on the kitchen counter. "Good job, Honey, I'm sure Cathy appreciates it. But, you're not done yet."

Julie pointed to Cathy's chest saying "There's still a lot all over her, see? Some in between her boobs, here's some up here and there's a little on this side running down to her nipple."

"I'll go put these in the wash." Julie said as she picked up the bra, then turned to walk to the table to get Cathy's shirt. I watched as she disappeared down the hall toward the washing machine.

I didn't know what game Julie and Cathy were playing but I didn't care. If they were trying to prove something, then they proved it. Cathy's youthful breasts were full and bounding with no sag. They were C or D cup breasts, much larger than Julie's, and as my mouth descended between them, I reached up and cupped her tits in my hands to spread them apart to lick up all my cum that was there. As I held her breasts, her hand went down and grasped my now soft cock. Her grasp was firm, but it wasn't hurting me in the least.

Having cleaned between her breasts, I turned my attention to the top of the one breast which had the cum drippings on it. I held this one with both of my hands underneath the breast as I gave her a tongue bath. Moving down, my lips circled her nipple and I heard her gasp and move toward me. Circling her nipple and kneading her breast, I happen to look toward the kitchen entrance and caught sight of Julie's sandals just to the side of the doorway.

Here I was sucking on a young woman's nipple while she held my cock. My wife, staying just out of my sight, was undoubtedly watching the whole thing. I decided to play it safe and I soon pulled off her boob and told her it was clean.

Finally Julie walked in. I hadn't moved since Julie left us to take Cathy's clothes to the washer, and Cathy didn't let go of my dick, either. Julie made no mention of her hand on my cock and walked right past us to the sink, where she turned on the water and started to wash her hands. Cathy never once let go me.

"Greg, honey," Julie said, "Why don't you go up and get yourself a shower so you're all fresh for dinner and our try-on session, okay?" She reached her lips up to kiss me. "Ooh – you taste like sperm," she said licking her lips, "get doing, darling."

Now, Julie doesn't call me 'Darling' very often. She considers it one of those special words that should not to be used unless you mean it. She used it on the day I proposed, and she used it on our Wedding day. She called me 'darling' the day I told her about the sex-filled fantasy weekend I planned for her, and maybe one or two other times. But the point is, she doesn't use it often and when she does, she uses it to praise me and I always cherish those moments – moments like this.

As I turned, she slapped my butt softly as if to hurry me out of the room. I got half way down the hall when I remembered my clothes lying in the middle of the kitchen and turned to go get them. As I approached the kitchen, though, I heard them softly talking.

"See what I mean?" Julie giggled. "He's so cute, isn't he?"

"That was so, so hot," Cathy said, "I swear, Julie, if you ever divorce him, you'll be able to find him at my house!"

"Oh, that'll never happen, he's a keeper, honey," Julie said, "so, on to step 2 now?"

"Okay," Cathy said, "if you're sure about this."

"Just follow the plan," Julie said, "and everything will work just like we said. You wait a few minutes, and then go into the bathroom with him. Just tell him I sent you in there to get cleaned up, too, and to make sure he's a good boy. He'll know what you mean."

"Are you sure about the finger thing, Julie?" Cathy asked.

"Oh yeah, that really drives him wild, you'll see. Just tell him I told you wash him up everywhere. Feel free to have your self a good time, do anything you want – even play with yourself if you want. Just don't let him put it in you..... I don't think he'll try to, but, he's going to be so frustrated once you're in there, there's no telling what he'll do. I know he's really on the edge now - he had two days worth of sperm built up, so I know he's got maybe 2 loads left for tonight, and you might get 2 or 3 out of him tomorrow as long as we keep him on that edge. Oh yeah, remember to get your panties real wet and find a way to tease him with them if you can, and then leave them in the bathroom, I'll need them for later – step 4, right? And, don't let him cum again." Julie told her.

"Okay," Cathy said, "you're the boss here. I just feel so guilty doing this and you're like.... sharing this absolutely wonderful man with me."

"Cathy," Julie said, "all three of us are going to get something out of this. He's gong to get more pieces of his fantasy and tonight he's going to discover something about himself.... plus you're going to learn more about men in the next 24 hours than most women learn in a lifetime. And, I'm going to get something that I've wanted for a long time, too."

"The strap-on thing?" Cathy asked.

"Well, not only that," Julie said, "but, he desperately wants to be stripped of all his humility and bared explicitly in his fantasies to someone else. That's the only way he can confront and then accept his real desires. I read all about it on the internet – there's just tons of stuff out there on this. We have to break his pride down, show him it's okay to be vulnerable and then give him his reward if he does what he's told. It's pretty simple, actually. I just want to be the one to take him through this, and I want him to know that I love him and that I'm interested and willing to do it, too. We already talked about having to spank him to break that pride down."

"I still don't know if I could do that, Julie," Cathy said, "I've never ever spanked anyone."

"Cathy, listen to me," Julie replied, "it's the only thing that might get him to see us as his sexual masters. If this is going to work, he has to know we are strong and that we can be forceful. It's got to be a full, hard spanking, too. It has to shock him and force him to face the realization of what he really wants."

"Okay," Cathy said, "I'll try. I'll really try if it's what he needs."

"Good," Julie said, "then if everything else goes well, by the time this night is over, everything should be clear to him and he'll figure the rest out on his own. He'll enjoy the day with you tomorrow more than he can ever imagine."

"So, do you think he'll be okay seeing us together?" Cathy asked.

"Honey, that's every man's fantasy, believe me," Julie said, "no man will turn down a chance to see two women doing it..... and I promise I'll be very gentle with you."

"Oh Gawd," Cathy said, "I am so wet. See?"

I heard enough. My mind was reeling from listening to their conversation. I tip-toed back into our bathroom, closed the door gently and turned the shower on. Removing my socks and the camisole, I stepped into the shower and let the water run over me. Their words were running around in my head and I started to feel remorseful about eavesdropping on them. How could I sneak around like that? I kept thinking how much I loved Julie and how she was orchestrating all of this like a well drawn project plan - leaving nothing to chance and bringing me to the height of my desires and feelings. Again, I told myself I would give myself totally to her, without question and without hesitation. But I was now starting to get scared. There was a very detailed plan being hatched.

Five minutes later, I heard a soft knock on the bathroom door to break me out of my emotional high. I slid the shower door back and poked my head out as the bathroom door opened a few inches.


It was Cathy. Looks like they were putting step 2 of their plan into motion.

"Greg, Julie told me to come in with you." Cathy said. "Is that okay? Can I come in?"

"Oh," I said, trying to give some degree of surprise, "yeah, if that's what she told you, sure, come on in." I slid the door closed and peered through the smoked glass of the shower stall. Her skirt was now gone and she was dressed only in her panties.

She stood just inside and closed the door behind her. My eyes were drawn to the cute panties she wore. Her mound puffed out a little and my cock started to grow again.

"Greg, Julie told me to get in the shower with you. Is that going to be okay with you?" Cathy asked.

"She said what?" I asked, keeping up my fake surprise act.

"Look," she said, "this wasn't my idea. I think you've been through enough today, enough for anyone to bear, but, I'm still really sticky from your sperm getting all over me and, well, Julie wanted me to make sure you weren't touching yourself, so, I'm kind of here to make sure you're being a good boy. She told me you would know what that meant."

I stayed silent for a while to make her think I was contemplating what she said. But in reality, I was stroking my cock and I knew that Cathy wouldn't be able to tell what I was doing.

Peering out through the glass doors, I watched as she put her thumbs into the waistband of her panties pushed them down her thighs. Her vagina was plainly visible to me now. I stroked my cock as I looked at her. She was mostly shaved – her lips were completely hairless and there was just a small patch of hair above her lips. The crotch of her panties hung up between her legs and as she stood on display to me, I could see the inside of the gusset of the panties, the part that lay against her pussy lips. It was a sight taken right out of one of my fantasies - a cute girl standing with her panties halfway down letting me look at the crotch of her panties and her pussy at the same time. My hand quickened on my cock.

"Greg? Did you hear me?" Cathy asked. "I'm coming in with you."

She stepped out of her panties and placed them on the counter. Walking toward the shower, she reached for the sliding door and slid it open. As she stepped in, I was still stroking my cock. She reached out to stop my hand saying "Your wife told me not to let you do that. I'm sorry, I'm just doing what she told me to do."

I let go of my cock, and when I did, she latched onto it. "Can I get wet, please?" She asked.

I moved out of the spray and she moved into it, still holding my rock hard cock. "Good thing I came in when I did." She said. "I think Julie would have been unhappy with you if you had cum again."

I looked down to the shower floor, playing the role again. "Where is she, anyway?" I asked.

"She's making dinner. I'm supposed to wash you up." She said. "We better get started."

Cathy reached for the soap from the soap tray and brought it to my chest. As she started to soap me up she said "Greg, I want you to know how much I appreciate the way you and Julie have welcomed me into your home and into your sex life. I'm completely blown away by the trust and love you guys share...... okay, turn around now."

I turned around and she started to wash my back, neck and arms. "Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?" She said.

"Sure, go ahead" I answered.

"What's it like?" She asked, "You know.... getting it in the butt?"

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