tagIncest/TabooMy Fat Mother Ch. 03

My Fat Mother Ch. 03


The following day I was lying on the couch, dozing in the afternoon. The TV was on, but I couldn't pay attention to it. My mind was suck on my mother, my fat mother. I had fucked my fat mother, made her my slut. I was daydreaming of bending her over the couch and gazing into her infinite cunt.

Time passed. I must have fallen asleep. I woke to my mother standing over me. She had gotten home from work and was wearing a mid-length skirt and a white blouse. She looked confident and sexy. My cock, I realized, had made her feel that way. She was looking down at me and reaching up under her skirt at the same time. Then she pulled her underwear down and dropped them on the floor. I was still disoriented from waking and couldn't tell what was going on.


"Shhh...baby. Just keep lying there. Mommy has a little chore for you." Then she hiked up her skirt, revealing her bare, hairy pussy, and stepped onto the couch. She was towering above me, standing upright. It was the clearest view I had seen of her pussy yet. It was large and the hair around it tousled. Her whole cunt seemed to be half spilling from her body and half neatly organized back into it. She balanced herself above my face and began to lower her pussy to my mouth. Her slit landed atop my lips and I began to suck, trying to excite and release her juices.

"Mommy needs you to lick her pussy, baby. Can you do that for mommy?"

"mmmhmmm," I offered with my mouth full of her messy cunt.

"Mommy has been thinking of this all day. I've been aching between my legs, aching for your tongue, my son's tongue."

I shot my tongue deep into her cunt.

"AARRRGGHHH! Yes, baby! That's what mommy wants. Lick the walls of mommy's cunt! As deep as you can reach, baby," she ordered. Her hips had begun gyrating on my face now as I lapped at her innards. Her clit was rubbing against my upper lip and nose and she was getting off on the friction my face's contours offered. "Keep going, baby! Keep going! Deeper! Deeper! Aaarrrghh! Hmmmmph! Lick mommy's cunt, my darling boy. Make mommy cum in your mouth!"

She was riding my face hard now, like I was the saddle on a bucking bull. I briefly worried that she might hurt me, she was fucking my face so hard.

"Suck it, baby. Suck mommy's cum out! Here it cums! Here it cums! Drink it down, baby! Mmmmnppphhh, aaaahhhhh, oooohhhh," she let out.

She was cumming and pressing her cunt hard into my face to increase the pressure on her clit. My mouth filled with fluids from inside her pussy and I swallowed and swallowed. It was my mother's gift to me.

"Oh, baby. You're so good to mommy. So good!" she said.

She pulled her pussy up off me and I could see her smiling face looking down. She climbed off me and kneeled on the floor next to the couch.

"I love you, mom" I said.

"I love you too," she replied. She lowered her lips to mine and forced her tongue into my mouth. We kissed deeply and wetly for nearly a minute. She sucked and lapped at my mouth, trying to taste the remnants of herself. She broke the kiss and stood up. I was rock hard and needing release, but she didn't acknowledge my tenting pants.

"Okay," she said, "I need a shower." She walked away, leaving me feeling frustrated and aching for a fuck.

I heard the shower in her bedroom turn on a moment later. Fuck, I thought, that slut owes me! I jumped up and moved to her room. The clothes she had been wearing were strewn around the floor and her bathroom door was open. She was already inside the shower soaping up. Her body was blurred by the shower glass and steam that was rising from the hot water. I realized then that I had yet to see my mother completely nude. Each time we had fucked she had some clothes on.

I approached the shower and began stripping my clothes off. Completely nude, I entered the bathroom and opened the shower door. My mother jumped when she saw me. My rock hard cock pointed directly up at her. This was the first time that she had truly seen me in the nude as well.

"Well, hello, baby boy," she said, inviting me in with a hand gesture.

"Hello, slut," I said, moving into the shower and against her body aggressively. I pushed her against the wall and pressed my mouth to hers. My tongue burst into her mouth and I felt the tip of my cock pressing into her round stomach.

"Mmmm," she moaned, releasing my tongue with a quick bite. "Does my baby need a shower?"

"Yes, mommy."

"My baby needs mommy to wash his dirty body?"

"Yes, mommy, yes..." I stepped back from my mother and stared at her exposed body. Her breasts were large and hung like utters down the front of her body. The nipples were huge and flat and pointed slightly down. Her stomach and hips were round and large, but still tight. Just as with her ass, there was no real cellulite. And her pussy, buried down in the shadows of her pudgy tummy, was hairy and enflamed from the orgasm I had given her minutes before. "You're fucking gorgeous, mom," I said.

"Thank you, darling. You're not so bad yourself." I was skinny and tall -- quite the opposite of my mother's frame.

"Give me that," I said, pointing to the wash cloth in her hands. She handed it over and I soaped it up. I spent the next five minutes scrubbing and examining every inch of my mother's body: her thighs, her ass cheeks, her overhanging breasts. I studied and cleaned and kissed my way across her body. When I was complete she took the cloth and returned the favor. She massaged my back and arms, scrubbed my ass, got down on her knees to clean my feet, and finally turned her attention to my desperately erect cock. Still on her knees, she took the organ in her hands and soaped it up. After rinsing, she began kissing the tip and then engorged the entire member in her mouth. I felt the overwhelming sense of relief that comes with a son being inside his own mother. I felt a sense of pure bliss, as though I was truly at home. Her head bobbed and she strained her neck to look up at me. My god! My mother, on her knees, submissively sucking my cock, and urgently looking to me for approval, it was perfect.

"That feels amazing, mommy," I said.

She temporarily pulled her mouth away from my prick, "well...I'm your slut, baby. Anything to make you feel good."

"Then let's get out of this shower before I cum in your mouth. I've got other plans."

"Ohh..." she said, raising off the ground and turning the water off. She exited the shower and I watched her mammoth ass sway back and forth as she walked. I almost shot my spunk just watching her body move out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. She began drying herself and I grabbed a towel to join her.

"What do you have in mind?" she asked.

"You're going to do everything I say! Understand?" I asked, assuming a domineering voice.

"Yes, always. That's your slut's job."

"Good. Now crawl onto the bed, on your knees. That's it. Kneel on the edge of the bed like a dog, with your ass and feet hanging off."

"Is this how you want your slut to be for you?" she asked. She had stood at the bed's edge, faced it, crawled onto it on her knees, and fell forward onto all fours. Her ass and pussy were wide open and exposed to me as I moved in behind her. It was the filthiest and sexiest thing I'd ever seen. Her cunt lips spread and the depths of her pussy seem to cascade into her like a chasm. Her asshole puckered and struggled to stay closed as she bent forward and stretched its muscles to the limit.

"That's it. Don't move." I ran into the bathroom and opened her medicine cabinet. Inside I found what I was looking for: petroleum jelly.

"Baby boys shouldn't see their mommies in this position," she told me when I resumed my position behind her, "it's very naughty."

"Every son should see his mother in this position," I countered.

"Are you going to fuck mommy? Are you going to make it hurt, baby?" She hadn't seen the jelly yet and didn't realize the reality of her question.

"I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before, mommy." I opened the jar and stuck two fingers in. I thrust those two fingers into my mother's gaping pussy. She was soaking wet in orgasmic juices from the sensual shower and the anticipation of my cock filling her void.

"Oh, baby! That feels terrific," she exclaimed. I pumped my two fingers into her rapidly, getting her excited. "Yes, yes, baby."

"Are you ready for something new, slut?" I asked.

"I'm ready for anything you want, my darling."

With that I pulled my fingers out and greased my two fingers again in the jelly. Then I jammed them into her puckering asshole. She wasn't expecting it and jumped at my intrusion.

"OOOOoooohhhhhhHHHH," she let out. "Baby, baby, that's not....."

"Shut up, slut!" I ordered. "Just relax and spread your ass," I said as I finger fucked her asshole. It was tight and dry, but I could feel the muscles inside relenting and making way for my surrogate dick.

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to mark you as my slut and rip your asshole open with my cock, slut. I'm going to fuck it like a cunt and cum deep inside of it. You're my slut and you need a marker to make sure you don't forget who your master is."

"Baby, go slow, please," she begged.

"No! It's going to hurt this time," I explained, still fucking her ass with my two fingers, "but it's for love. You love me, right slut?"

"Yes, baby, I love you," she moaned.

"Are you ready for your baby boy to fuck your ass, mommy?"

"Yes! Yes! I'm ready. Fuck my asshole, baby. Mark me your slut!"

I yanked my fingers out of her ass. She yelped as they popped out. I dipped my fingers into the jelly jar and rubbed it onto my cock. Then I took a wad and spread it around her asshole. Without warning her I stepped close in behind her, aimed my dick into her asshole with my hand, and stepped into her. She yelled in fright, "Aaahhhh!" and her asshole clenched tight in a natural defense.

"Open up, slut!" I ordered. "This is one of my fuck holes now! It's available for me to fuck whenever and wherever. Understand?"

"Yes, baby, yes, it's your fuck hole," she whimpered. Her seemed to part and draw me in as she deeply exhaled.

"That's it, mommy. Open wide. It's just one more hole for your son to fuck. You like getting ass fucked by your son, don't you, mommy?" I asked. I was slowly pumping my cock into her depths and pulling it back to edge again.

"Yes, baby, yes. It makes me feel so dirty baby, so slutty. I love feeling dirty and slutty for you. Fuck it, baby, fuck mommy's ass! That's it, faster, faster! Tear it apart; rip mommy's asshole open with your cock!"

"Oh, fuck yeah!" I exclaimed, now pumping furiously into her bottom.

"Are you going to cum, baby?"

"Fuck yeah!"

"Are you going to cum in mommy's asshole? And make mommy shit out your cum?"

"Fuck yeah. You're going to be shitting out my cum for days, mommy!"

"Do it then! DO IT! Cum in mommy's ass! Make her your slut again! Mark her forever! Cum for mommy, baby. Cum for mommy!"

"Aaarrrggghhh" I yelled as I came deep into my mother's ass. I was exploding into her.

"Oh yes," she screamed, "yes! I feel you, baby. I so full of you. I feel you pulsing deep inside me. Keep cuming! Keeping going."

I twisted myself and emptied my balls deep into my mother's ass.

"Am I your favorite fuck-toy, baby?" she asked.

"Yes, mommy, yes. You're my favorite fuck-toy."

"And you're going to fuck me every day? You're going to fill me up like a nasty slut with your cum?"

"More than that! Tomorrow I'm going to come to your work during the day, I'm going to drag you into the nearest bathroom and bend you over the sink and fuck your ass again."

"And again later?"

"And I'll fuck your face for dinner and your cunt for dessert."

My penis fell out of my mother's asshole with a plop. It was complete now; she was entirely my slut.

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