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My Favorite Flavor


It was a hot, sunny Tuesday in mid July when it happened. I was working in my private office on the top floor of little four story building. I had been going over taxes, profit/loss margins, estimates and other boring stuff for hours on end now, and I was mentally drained. I realized my mind was just about fried for the day, and soon it began to wander to just about anything other than the spreadsheets in front of me.

I decided to get up and take a little walk outside to clear my head a bit. I walked out of my office toward the elevator in the main hall. "I'm going out for a bit Christine." I called to my secretary, as I pressed the call button for the elevator.

"Leaving so soon, Mr. Thomas? Why the sun is still out and the birds are still chirping! Is everything ok?" my secretary teased.

"I just need a break. Maybe a quick walk will wake me up some and charge my batteries." I said over my shoulder as I entered the elevator door. "But don't worry. I'll be back before the sun goes down" I smiled and said to her before the doors closed.

The elevator took me straight down to the ground floor nonstop, which was rare. Someone is always coming in and out of our building at all times of the day. Many people visit the law offices on the 3rd floor, and many more visit the sales offices in floor 2. The ground floor is nothing more than a giant lobby, made to impress potential clients, and it serves its purpose grandly. The marble floors are polished and shiny, and can blind you on a sunny day like today.

I reach into my suit jacket pocket, and pull out my classic Ray Bans. They have not really been in style for a long time, but I still like them. Like me, they are somewhat dated, but still fashionable.

I exit the building onto the busy street, and begin to wander aimlessly, enjoying the California sun. As I pass people, I notice all the young beauties walking by in their halter tops and short shorts. None of them even give a middle-aged guy like me a second look.

"Eye candy." I mumble. Long ago I figured out that I would never be married. Too many long hours at work to get a head when I was still young, and good looking enough to attract a woman. Now, at 45, a little gray is creeping in around the temples. The two hours a night I put in at my home gym are more for necessity than for pleasure, as they were ten short years ago. Seems everything I eat these days seems to go straight to my waistline, which I fight to keep at size 34.

A lady my age walks by me, with a child in tow. I think at first it might be hers, but then I realize that she is pushing a stroller, and the child is helping her walk the empty stroller.

"Has to be a grandma." I think dejectedly. "My age and already a grandma." The thought saddens me some, knowing that I have chosen my career over a family and a "normal" life. But the choices I have made and the sacrifices I have made have all lead to the Sr. Partner position I now enjoy, complete with corner office, private secretary, and $250,000 annual salary.

"Grandma can keep her brats." I mumble, walking on. "I'll keep my lifestyle." The thought makes me giggle, and feel a little better. But not completely.

God it's hot! What I need is something to cool me down. I think back, and about a block after I left my office I remember seeing a small storefront ice cream and deli. I turn back, almost running into a young female jogger, and began to fight my way upstream against the flow of humanity.

Finally, I make it to the door of the little shop. When I open it, a loud cow bell announces that I have arrived, and I hear a female voice call out "Be right there!" from somewhere behind the little counter.

I move up to the ice cream counter and begin to look to see what flavors they have.

She came out of the doorway behind the counter with a huge smile on her face. "Sorry about that." She says, drying her hands on the bottom of her apron. "Was cutting meats in the slow time. What can I get ya?" she kindly stated as she smiled at me.

The woman is in her late 20s or early thirties I would say. She is quite large, in every way. She is close to 6 feet in height, but quite heavyset. I would guess she was about 270 lbs. or so. I tried not to stare, but could not seem to pull my eyes from her.

She was oblivious to it. I don't think she noticed that I was staring. Certainly she could not be used to men staring at her, being the size she is, I thought.

"So, what's your poison?" she laughed and asked again, pointing to the ice cream. "You look like a pistachio man to me."

"Pistachio?" I looked at her like she was from another planet. When she raised her arm, I noticed that a large amount of flab hung down from her arm when she pointed. Her shirt was sleeveless, and unbuttoned in the front about a third of the way.

"Yea." She smirked. "Green one. Third from the end. You look like a pistachio man. Maybe I am wrong, but I bet you are."

Again she smiled. One quality she had was a beautiful smile. It was tucked in between round cheeks and a round chin, directly above a second chin, but it was a beautiful smile, none the less.

"Ahh, no." I replied, once again trying to look at the ice cream in the freezer before me.

"Hmm. Strange. I am usually really good at guessing the flavors a man likes. Well, maybe I am wrong." She shrugged it off, then returned the smile back to me. I smiled back, staring at her face.

She has beautiful blue eyes, I noted. This woman would be very pretty if she just lost about a 150 pounds, I kept thinking.

She began to tap lightly on the glass between us with her thick fingers. "Soo..." she started again, laughing out loud.

Her laugh made me smile, and I laughed a little bit too. I felt my guard drop some, and my mood lighten. The weight of the world seemed to roll off me at that counter.

"I don't know." I finally shrugged. 'You suggest something!"

"Well, I like the bubble gum chip. Its bubble gum flavor with little chocolate chips in it. Yummy!" she said rubbing her big belly, laughing.

I smiled uneasily. "I have never had that kind. Maybe something more traditional?"

Again she smiled at me, disarming me completely. "You know, I still stick to my guns and say you're a pistachio man. Since you are undecided, I have to ask. Have you ever tried pistachio?"

I nodded my head slowly no. You know, looking at her and imagining her a little lighter, this woman would be very attractive, I kept thinking.

"Pistachio. No can't say I ever have." I laughed, as I leaned in closer to her against the cold freezer. The coolness of the freezer felt good against my skin.

She leaned in directly over the counter, close to me. She was so close I could smell her. Suprisingly, it was a pleasant smell, like wildflowers. It was quite nice for a cheap perfume, I thought.

"So here's a question for ya, big shot." She laughed. "How do you know you don't like something if you have never tried it?" Again she flashed that million dollar smile. It was so disarming.

I chuckled a little and stood upright. "Good point. You would have made a great lawyer!"

She smiled and snorted a little laugh. "So is that a 'yes, I'll take a spoonful, Angie, and give it a try?'"

she teasingly asked.

Angie. So her name was Angie. Somehow, it was perfect. In fact, as I looked at her and nodded my approval, I wondered why I did not already know somehow that Angie would be her name. She looked a little angelic when she smiled.

She went over to the pistachio end, and opened the glass lid of the freezer. I followed her over. Slowly she bent in to grab a spoonful of the green ice cream. When she did I noticed that her breasts were almost totally on display. I knew I should not look, being a gentleman, but I could not pull my eyes from the white round skin now shown me, encased in a brightly colored blue lace bra. I could see a dark part of her areola, and just make out her hardening nipple pressing out against the material of the bra.

She stood back up slowly, and again we made eye contact. She extended the spoon over the counter to me, leaning over to put the spoon in my mouth.

Now that I had seen part of her tit, I could not stop my eyes from travelling down to see if I could see more. I opened my mouth and she placed the cold ice cream into it. I slowly sucked it into my mouth as she withdrew the spoon.

"Mmmm!" she said, just like a mother would to her baby eating baby food. "You like it?"

I smiled approval, hoping she was still talking about the ice cream. I noticed that my dick was getting hard in my slacks and hoped she could not see.

I licked my lips. "Actually, its not too bad. Much different than what I thought."

Angie smiled approval. "I knew it. A pistachio man for sure!" She raised both her hands in triumph. I noticed how big her breasts were when she did that. They were enormous. Probably the biggest ones I have ever seen in my life.

She smiled and leaned back across the counter, revealing just a little of the deep valley in her shirt. "So you want a cup or a cone?"

"A cup, I think." I said as she bent down again to scoop up the ice cream. Again I caught a glorious view of her massive breasts. My cock stirred as I watched how the rippled with her motion, and swayed freely in her giant bra while she scooped the ice cream.

She came up and presented me the cup. "Ok. It's a done deal, Mr. Pistachio." She said laughing. "That will be $4.50"

I reached into my wallet and pulled out a ten. "Keep the change." Angies smile got even bigger than before and she gave a cute little nod of thanks.

I began to walk toward the door, then turned with a spoonful of ice cream about to enter my lips.

"And the name is Dan." I called back to her.

"Well, Dan," Angie grinned. "Be sure to come back and see me sometime. Anytime!" she said holding the ten dollar bill in her hand and waving it.

I gave her a genuine smile, and exited the door.

About a block down I realized I really did not like pistachio ice cream and tossed it into the trash before I entered my building.

I went directly to the elevator and ignored the main receptionists calling out hello to me. As soon as the doors closed on the elevator, I began to shift uncomfortably. Once I was up on my floor, I exited and made a mad dash to my office.

"Welcome back." My secretary called out to me. "There was a call from..." she started to tell me.

"Later, Christine." I said more urgently than I meant to. I pushed open the door to my office and closed it behind me. I heard the auto locking mechanism click locked as I reached my desk. I grabbed a bunch of Kleenex from the top of my desk and jerked open my fly.

My cock jumped out like a cobra, and my hand attacked it quickly. Within two or three pumps, I came into the Kleenex on my desk.

I had not masturbated since I was in my early thirties. Sure, I have had some "nocturnal emissions" in the past, but I had never seemed to cum as much as I did right then. My sperm lay in a giant wet puddle on the Kleenex on my desk.

The intercom chirped. Christine was calling.

"Sir? Is everything ok? Are you not well? You looked a little flushed when you came in. Can I get you something?"

My breathing was slowly returning to normal after cumming so quickly. I took a quick drink from the bottled water on my desk. I paused to make sure my voice was fairly normal before I spoke. I then pressed the red button on the intercom.

"No, thank you. I am fine. It's just hot out there today. Why don't you knock off a little early and head home. Before you do, make sure to call janitorial and ask them to empty my trash can tonight will you? They always seem to forget that."

"Yes sir." Christine replied. "Thank you. Have a nice night. Don't work too late!"

The light went off, and I was alone again. I grabbed a few more Kleenexes and swept the sticky ones off the desk and into the trash can beside it. I crumpled up a bunch more and threw them in on top, just to be safe.

After about 15 minutes of staring at the same old reports, I called it a night too, and headed home.

All night long I tossed and turned. Normally I could sleep like a baby, but tonight my mind would not find any peace. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw Angie, scooping up green ice cream, and showing me her massive mounds of flesh. Each time, I awoke with my cock hurting, it was so hard. Finally about 2:30 am, I awoke from my latest dream of Angie to find my sheets sticky and messy from my cum. I got up and moved for the rest of the night to the guest bedroom.

The next day I was back to work, bright and early. But I couldn't get any work done. All I could think about all day was getting an ice cream and a view. I wondered all day long, as I stared blankly at the memos and emails on my desk, what Angie was wearing today. I knew I would have to see.

Finally, a little after 2 PM, I walked out of my office. Today was not as hot as yesterday, but I badly needed an ice cream. I was burning up.

"Be back later, Christine." I called from the elevator. She looked up and gave me a funny, concerned look, waving from her desk. I smiled and waved back.

Once I hit the ground floor, I made a bee line to the deli. It was called Ang's Place, I noticed on the window as I walked in. Again, the place was empty, and Angie was no where to be seen. But the ever vigilant cowbell announced my arrival as before, and Angie came out from the back, again wiping her hands on her apron.

"Well, well." She smiled. If it isn't Mr. Pistachio!" she exclaimed with a smile. "Back for more, huh?"

I grinned and shrugged as I walked up to the ice cream counter. "You got the best ice cream around, I'd say." I said with a flash of my own perfect smile.

Angie laughed and her whole body shook. A bell went off behind her and she turned around and moved toward the little oven built into the back wall. She was in shorts today, and the sight of her thick legs had my cock already jumping in my pants. I don't know why, but something about this large woman was really turning me on.

She bent over to pull what turned out to be a pastrami sandwich out of the oven. As she bent over, her jean shorts rode up on her huge ass, and the bottom of her large ass cheeks hung out for me to see. My cock was straining against my slacks, and I pressed it against the glass of the ice cream counter to get some relief for it.

Angie turned around, placing the sandwich on the counter. "My own lunch." She said with her traditional smile. "For after."

I look at her with a puzzled look. "After?" I questioned.

"After I serve you, silly!" She said as she reached out and slapped the top of my hand. Her skin was very soft. My whole body buzzed with electricity from her touch.

"Ohhh!" I laughed back. "Well, don't let me stop you!" Angie smiled at me with her big famous grin.

"You kidder!" She placed her hand on my mine, leaving it there. Her touch exhilarated me more than I can explain. Every bit of my being wanted to jump over the counter and grab her. But instead, I simply smiled back. I did not remove my hand from hers.

'So whatcha havin today?" she teased.

"You!" was the first thing that popped into my mind, and almost out of my mouth. I had not thought or talked debased like that in years, and the mere thought of it scared and excited me.

"Oh, I'm thinking a sandwich. Pastrami sounds good." I said, looking over at her sandwich. I have to admit, it did look good, but she looked better to me than anything on the menu.

"Pastrami it is!" She said, as she turned and bent over to get the meat out of the small refrigerator below the counter. "Cheese?"

I was in heaven seeing her wide ass cheeks again, this time up close. I could make out her panty line as a thong, and I wished I could see more. Above her jean shorts a little of it poked out, showing it was purple. My cock jumped at the sight of it.

"Uhhh Provolone?" I moaned.

"Coming right up! What you like on it?" she questioned still bent over in the fridge.

'Some of that beautiful ass' I thought again. My evil thoughts were coming rapid fire, and I realized that I was a horny as I had ever been, even in high school.

'Ummm, mustard, and lettuce. Pickles if have them."

Angie stood up with all the ingredients in hand. "Man after my own heart!" she exclaimed, placing the ingredients before me. "Pickles are spears, if that's ok with you?"

"Great." I moaned out. I felt like I was about to bust my zipper out on my slacks. Angie bent over to the area below the counter to grab the bread, and I grabbed my cock and shifted it down my pants leg, giving me some relief.

She popped back up with a with a pickle spear in her mouth, and a bread roll. She sucked the pickle spear into her mouth slowly, deliciously, and then started to chew it.

"I'll make it like mine, and we can eat together if you like."

"Sounds wonderful." I said. I watched her cut the bread open. As she did, she leaned forward and I could see down her open top again. There was the mammoth tits of my dreams, this time clad in a purple bra to match the thong I had seen part of earlier.

"You know," Angie said as she placed the meat on my sandwich "I don't usually open up to the guys who come in here like this. You must be something special for me to like you enough to eat with you."

"I think you are the one who is special." I laughed. "I don't normally come to lunch in a deli. But I guess I liked the ice cream yesterday, and I guess I liked you, too." I blushed a little when I confessed.

Angie looked up at me with her big beautiful smile, and her blue eyes glowing. She had a light sheen of sweat on her brow that somehow made her look especially sexy.

"Well, thank you." She softly said.

She presented me with the sandwich and motioned to a table in the corner of the deli. We moved over and sat down, facing each other at the little bistro table.

I took a bite of the sandwich and realized just how hungry I was. I watched as Angie ate her sandwich too. I was surprised to see her take little bites, eating slowly. I guess I assumed that because she was bigger in size she would eat quickly and messily, but she was exactly the opposite. She hardly even had to use her napkin.

We sat and chatted about everything. She told me all about how she had come to own the little deli, and I told her about being a fancy executive with a big important sounding title. She laughed at all my little jokes, and I could not keep my eyes off of her.

Occasionally a few patrons would come in, and Angie wold get up and serve them, but I noticed that she did not have the smile she displayed with me on all the time for them. I also noticed that she kept looking over to me to make sure that I was not thinking of leaving until she returned.

We sat and talked the whole afternoon through, and about 7 PM she sheepishly arose, and said that she needed to close the deli.

"I better get up and start the clean up if I am ever going to go home!" she said with a little embarrassed look. "Its getting kind of late and I haven't done a thing all afternoon, except talk with you."

"I'm so sorry I kept you." I said apologetically.

"Oh, I'm not. Not at all. I really enjoyed it. All of it." She said, looking down at her bare feet playfully.

My cock had stayed hard for most of the afternoon, and was still semi hard now. Seeing her stand up in those short jean shorts made it come back alive fully.

"I did too, Ang. I feel bad about making have to stay late. I know I must be keeping you from your husband or you kids.." I said, trying to find out what her home situation was.

Ang laughed a full laugh. "That's rich!" she said between giggles. 'Nope. Sorry to disappoint! No husband, no kids, not even a boyfriend!"

Inside I flipped a summersault. "Well, at least let me stay and help you clean up. What can I do?" I asked.

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