tagGroup SexMy First Apartment Ch. 07

My First Apartment Ch. 07


Rather than fixing something to eat, I picked up a fast food meal after purchasing a couple of color printer cartridges and a large pack of color print paper. I ate while reviewing the digital photos of Connie, Kathy and Lisa. I copied the files onto four disks – one for each of us. Then I selected what I thought were the best to print – again four sets.

There were several shots that Lisa had taken of Kathy – with and without the robe. Lisa had concentrated on Kathy’s torso and breasts since she was planning on possibly using them while she sculpted the female torso. Lisa had taken a number of photos of Connie – again with emphasis concentrated on her torso and breasts. I thought to myself that Connie would be a good tit fuck just as Kathy was. Then I wondered about how long it had been since Kathy had let me fuck her tits. Between the photos and the thoughts, I had a boner that threatened to rip my shorts.

Lisa snapped several frames as Connie put her moves on Kathy. I picked up the camera after Lisa joined the other women. I didn’t print any of the early shots of the trio since it was pretty much foreplay and soft core. There was one shot of Lisa, though, that was a dick stiffener, at least, for me.

It was taken from behind just as Lisa straddled Connie’s leg and before she began to hump it. Lisa was on her knees and leaning forward over Connie. Her knees were spread on either side of Connie’s leg. Her pussy was basically bald after she had shaved her pussy hair into a narrow strip. I don’t remember if Lisa had been fingering herself but her wet loose outer lips framed her shiny pink slit.

I was glad that I hadn’t noticed that then, since I couldn’t have been able to restrain myself and I would have had to either suck her or fuck her. And then I wouldn’t have gotten the shots of Connie’s fisting. I zoomed in on the image of Lisa’s butt and printed and saved a digital close up of her ass, centered on her hot cunt. The print was so clear that you could practically smell her. I could taste her. And she looked so wet that you expected pussy juices to drip off her labia.

The photos showing the progression of Lisa’s fingers and hand and wrist into Connie’s cunt were printed off into four fine sets. I had just started the last print in the series and as I disconnected Lisa’s camera from the computer port, there was a knock at my apartment door.

“Hey, Rich. You want to hot tub with us?”

“Sure, if you can wait a minute, Kathy. Come on in, I’m just finishing something.” The door swung open and Kathy and Frank walked up to my desk. They were both wearing loosely tied robes.

“What are you working on?”

“Take a look.” I handed a set of the prints to each of them. Kathy flipped through them. “Gawd, that was something else, just being there and watching Lisa slip her hand and wrist into Connie’s pussy.” Lisa leaned over my shoulder as she placed the prints back on the desk.

She dropped a hand to my crotch. She grazed me as she straightened up. Then she opened her robe and leaned over me again. This time she pushed her hand into the waistband of my shorts. She wrapped her fingers and thumb around my balls and stiff cock. “You seem to enjoy your work,” Her breasts pressing against my neck only made me harder and more, if that was possible, erect.

Frank was looking at the photo where Lisa’s hand and much of her wrist were sheathed inside Connie. “Damn, that’d give a dead man a hard-on.”

Kathy reached over and flicked Frank’s robe open. She laughed. Frank’s dick was upright and erect. “You don’t look dead to me.” She released me and straightened up before moving over in front of Frank.

I watched as she sank to her knees. I picked up Lisa’s camera and started snapping as Kathy licked the underside of Frank’s erection from balls to crown. Frank put his hands on his hips and swept his robe back. Kathy opened her mouth. Frank pushed his hard-on down so it was pointing in Kathy’s direction. She formed her lips into an “O” and Frank pushed his cock through them and deep into her mouth.

Kathy remained motionless as Frank began to move his hips. I snapped away as she slipped her robe off. She cupped and lifted her breasts with her hands. She had her head tipped back slightly and her eyes were on Frank’s face as he fucked her mouth.

Frank stopped moving. He held Kathy’s head. She nursed on his dick. “Screw the hot tub, let’s screw each other.” He released her head. Then he shrugged his shoulders and his robe dropped to the floor.

Kathy released his dick. “Good idea. I’m still horny and hot from this afternoon.” She stood up and walked over to my bed. As she arranged herself to lie on her back, she beckoned Frank. He got on his knees beside her head. Kathy turned her head towards him and he fed his erection back into her warm sucking mouth.

I snapped a couple more photos then abandoned the camera. I got on the bed beside Kathy. I put my hand on her hip and rolled her up onto her side. Frank shifted too as she continued to suck his hard-on. I lay down facing her cunt. I lifted her upper leg. I buried my face in her pussy hair. Kathy smelled hot. I licked her. Her lips parted easily and I worked my way to her clitoris.

Kathy hissed around her mouthful as I sucked her clit. Frank groaned as Kathy apparently sucked him harder. I felt a hand on my hip. Then there was much jostling of the bed as Frank shifted his position too.

My cock was wrapped in the grip of a strong hand. Then I felt a tongue and lips as Frank began to lick and kiss my cockhead. Frank fondled and gently rolled my nuts around in their loose sac as he teased me with his tongue. Frank pushed his mouth down over my cockhead. I sucked Kathy’s clitoris with rapid “soda straw” sucks as Frank continued to lave my cockhead with his tongue.

The apartment was quiet except for the slurping and sucking sounds we made as we ate each other. Frank had worked a finger into my butthole as he blew me. He was making it difficult for me to maintain my concentration on Kathy’s clit.

Kathy sensed it too. She rolled onto her back. “This is nice, but I need a dick! I want to be screwed!”

Frank took my cock out of his mouth and held it with his fingers, “You look ready, Rich. Be my guest. You go first.”

Kathy had spread her legs. She was rubbing a finger around her clitoris. I got on my knees and rubbed my cock over her pussy. She used her fingers to push my cock against herself and to guide me into her pussy. Kathy groaned as I pushed myself deep into her in a single long stroke. Gawd, was she ever warm and wet and slick.

I raised Kathy’s legs and rested her ankles on my shoulders. Kathy put her hand on her pussy and touched my cock. “Don’t move, Rich, I want to feel you so deep inside me.” I held myself still. Kathy lifted her ankles off my shoulders. She lay quietly with her eyes closed and her arms and legs spread-eagled. Kathy began to smile. It felt like little hands were squeezing my cock. She was flexing and exercising her vaginal muscles. Frank was absentmindedly stroking his hard-on as he quietly watched.

Kathy opened her eyes. “Lie down on top of me.” My cock slipped partially out of her pussy as I stretched my legs out. I wiggled my ass and got myself reburied in the depths of her pussy. Kathy put her legs over mine and hooked her ankles inside my calves. “Roll us over.”

It was awkward. I couldn’t move a knee to get any leverage. Frank reached over us. He put his and on Kathy’s hip and shoulder and rolled us. His hard-on press against me as we rolled. Kathy pushed herself up so she was on her knees over my hips and crotch. I thrust my ass upwards. “That’s good. So good. So deep.” Kathy put her hands on my chest. “Now let’s fuck!” I smiled as she pumped her pussy up and down my cock. She shook her head and tossed her hair. Her tits bounced and bobbled as we took a cock ride together.

Kathy slowed her pace. She held her breasts and rubbed her nipples and areola as the ride slowed to a stop. She leaned towards Frank and pulled him closer by tugging on his hard-on. “Get on your knees over Rich’s head.” Frank got into position. His hard cock jutted over me and his balls hung over my face.

Kathy began to rock her hips. I started to hump her. We established a slow rhythmic fucking action as Kathy leaned forward. She placed her hands on my shoulders and wrapped her lips around the crown of Frank’s cock. Frank held her head lightly. Kathy began to rock herself back and forth. I stopped humping her and just thrust my hips up high in an attempt to keep my cock buried as deep in her cunt as I could.

Frank began to rock his pelvis. Kathy moaned as he fucked her face. I tried to lick his balls as they rolled around and rubbed across my face. Kathy pushed herself back up straight over me. Frank followed her as she continued to suck his cock. She ground her ass around so my cock was seated as deep as possible in her cunt.

She put her hands on Frank’s hips. Frank began to fuck her face again. Kathy kept her lips sealed around Frank’s wet shiny cock shaft. Spit and saliva was running down her chin and dripping onto me. I reached up between Frank’s legs and touched his ball sac. Frank looked down at me and smiled. He spread his ass cheeks. I fondled his balls for a couple of minutes then I worked my index finger into Frank’s butthole. Frank looked down at me and grinned. I finger fucked his ass as he face fucked Kathy. I began to hump my hips again to continue to cunt fuck his wife.

Frank clinched his sphincter around my finger. He pulled his cock out of Kathy’s mouth. He began to beat himself off. I heard Kathy say, “Shoot your cum on my tits!” I looked between Frank’s legs as he shot his load onto Kathy’s chest.

Kathy’s took his cock and sucked it back into her mouth. Frank held her head and practically shouted, “That’s it! Suck the hot cum out of my nuts! Suck my cock and eat my jism, Slut!” It surprised me to hear Frank call his wife a slut. I watched Kathy’s throat move as she gulped cum wads Frank was pumping into her mouth.

She took his cock out of her mouth and rubbed the cockhead across her eyelids and around her mouth spreading a thin coating of cum on her skin. She looked up at Frank. Her voice was tight with lust, “Yes, Frank, I’m your cocksucking, cum eating Slut Wife.” Her hand dropped to her breasts. She smeared the cum around on her chest. Kathy tipped her head back. I watched her tongue snake out and lift Frank’s now semi-flaccid cock back to her lips. She closed her eyes then sucked him deep into her mouth and buried her nose in his pubic hair.

Frank stepped back. His cock pulled out of Kathy’s mouth with a pop. I pulled my finger out of his ass as he sat down on the bed. Kathy opened her eyes. She looked a little dazed and sort of lost. She picked up a stray cum gob, off her breast, with a fingertip. She looked at it then sucked her finger clean. She grinned at Frank and me, “Do I love sucking and fucking or what!” She was laughing as she rolled off my cock and fell onto her back.

I pushed myself up onto my elbows. Kathy sat up. She looked at my hard cock, which was shiny and slick with her pussy juices. “Oh, you poor man! I’ll bet that hurts. We should do something about, shouldn’t we, Frank?”

Frank looked over at me. “Yes, Kathy, I think we should.” He ran the tip of his tongue around his lips.

Why don’t you suck it, Frank? You know how much you like sucking Rich’s fat cock.”

“Yes, I do. I’d like to suck Rich off, but I’ve got a better idea.”

“What’s that?”

“I think Rich should fuck me with his fat cock.” Frank got off the bed.

“Fuck you, Frank?”

“Yes, Kathy, Fuck me. He fucked you. Why can’t he fuck me too?”

“There’s no reason Rich can’t fuck you unless he doesn’t want to. Do you want to fuck Frank’s ass, Rich?”

I looked at both of them, “Sure, if that’s what he wants. I like fucking Frank. I like fucking you too, Kathy. You’re different fucks, but you’re both excellent fucks.”

“Do you have any lube, Rich?”

“There’s a bottle of a silky, smooth lotion in the bathroom, Frank.”

Frank was back in just a minute with the lotion bottle. He squeezed some into the palm of his hand, “Say, I’ll bet this works really well for masturbating.”

“That’s what I use it for. When I can’t fuck you or Kathy, I get relief by jacking off.”

Kathy laughed, “You have so many people who like to fuck and suck with you, that you never need to jack off. But I’d love to watch you when you do do it sometime.” Kathy took the bottle from Frank. “Let me lube you up, Frank.”

Frank lay on his stomach. He spread his ass cheeks as Kathy squirted lotion into her hand. She slipped her hand between Frank’s cheeks. He winced, “Oh, that’s cold.” He winced again then laughed as Kathy pushed two lubed fingers into his ass, “Be gentle.”

Kathy worked lotion into his ass, “Why don’t you fluff Rich? He’s looking a little down there.”

Frank squirmed across the bed. He leaned over my crotch, “Things do look a little down here.” He looked up at me and grinned, “Don’t worry. I’ll have things up and ready in just a second.” Frank lowered his head. He pushed my cock around with his chin, lips and tongue until he got it into a position where he could stuff it into his mouth.

One thing about Frank is that he is a very talented and dedicated cocksucker. My cock was up and stiff and ready in a matter of minutes. Frank stopped fluffing me, “I think you’re ready. Kathy, you should cut back on the salt.”

“Pardon me.”

“You should cut back on the salt. Your juicy pussy makes Rich’s cock taste like a pretzel.”

Kathy slapped his ass, “At least, it’s not a soft pretzel. You’re all greased up. I’ll grease Rich’s tool then you are on your own.” Kathy wrapped a hand around my cock shaft. She licked the crown then pushed her mouth over it and down the shaft. She pulled her head up and off my cock, “It doesn’t taste salty to me, Frank.”

Frank pushed himself up on his knees. He laughed and reached over to squeeze one of Kathy’s tits, “Of course it isn’t salty now, you silly slut. I’ve sucked you clean off Rich’s cock.”

“Oh, I know you’ve always said you’d suck the cock of the last man who’d fucked me.”

“And I didn’t have to walk on the cheeks of my ass across the desert and through broken glass to do it either.”

Kathy laughed as she rubbed a generous coat of lotion on my cock, “I hope Rich fucks your brains out. Make him beg for mercy.” She squeezed my balls before she moved to the end of the bed.

Frank remained on his knees. I moved so I was upright on my knees behind him. Frank looked over his shoulder, “Slip it to me.” I held and guided my cock so the head was pressing against Frank’s puckered butthole. One quick hard thrust and I was balls deep in his ass. Frank grunted, “Oh, shit! Fuck. Not so hard.” I pulled back then rapidly pushed hard and deep again. Frank tried to jerk his ass away, “Gawd dammit, not so hard.”

Kathy moved up by Frank’s head. She slapped his face. “Shut up, you Bitch! Take it like a man! Now you know how I feel when you shove your dick into my dry pussy!”

Frank hung his head, “I’m sorry.”

“Yes. You are sorry, you Ass Slut!” Kathy turned to me, “Don’t pay any attention to this slut. Fuck his ass hard. He likes his ass fucked hard and fast and deep although he protests. Don’t you slut?”

“Yes, I like it. Fuck my ass hard.”

“Do what!”

“Please fuck my ass hard.”

“That’s better, slut. You heard him, Rich. Fuck him hard.”

I’d never seen this side of Kathy and Frank’s relationship. I reached under Frank and rubbed his stomach then slid my hand to his crotch. His cock was soft and limp. I ground my hips against his then I began to pump my cock in and out of his ass with long steady strokes. Frank’s cock stirred in my hand. I changed rhythms and began to rotate my hips as I used short fucking strokes.

Frank reached back with one hand to touch mine on his cock. Frank’s cock was now fully erect and filled my hand. Frank gently squeezed our ball sacs together. Frank steadied himself on his hands and knees as I put my hands on his hips and started to fuck his ass with long fast strokes.

Frank began to push and pull with me. “Oh, yes! Yes! Gawd, that feels good. Oh, Yes!”

Kathy held Frank’s head. She tipped his face up, “You like that don’t you, you Bitch? You like being fucked in the ass as much as you like sucking cock. Don’t you?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I like being fucked in the ass.”

“You’re a slut aren’t you?”

“Yes. I’m a slut.”

“What sort of slut are you, Frank?”

“I’m a slut cocksucker. I’m a cocksucking slut. I like to eat cumming cocks and I love having my ass fucked by men with big hard dicks.”

“That’s right, Frank, you’re a cum eating, cocksucking, ass fucking slut.”

I listened in amazement and somewhat in amusement. I slowly pulled my cock out of Frank’s ass. “You two sound like you’re trying to ‘out slut’ each other.”

Frank moaned, “Oh, don’t stop fucking me. Please put you cock back in my ass.”

“In a minute, Frank. Get on your back.”

Kathy laughed, “Frank and I are both sluts, Rich. Neither of us can get enough of your cock and cum. Isn’t that right Frank?”

Frank was on his back. “Yes, we’re both sluts who love your cock.”

I moved closer to Frank. He exposed his ass to me by pulling his knees up to his chest. His ass cheeks were greasy with lotion that had squeezed out as I fucked him. I punched my cock back into his open stretched asshole with no resistance. Frank sighed as I rubbed my pubic hair against his ass and my balls bumped against him. I grasped his ankles and put his legs over my shoulders.

Kathy watched as I pumped my cock up Frank’s ass. His hard dick swayed back and forth, smearing pre-cum on his stomach. I began to straighten and rise up on my knees. Frank’s ass followed me up as he was rolled up onto his shoulders and neck. Kathy moved over closer to Frank. “That’s it, fuck me. Fuck me.” I was standing in a half crouch over Frank’s ass. I pulled my cock almost all the out of his ass then plunged it back into him in a fast stroke. “Oh, shit! That’s good! Fuck me deep!”

I lifted Frank’s legs off my shoulders and pushed then over his head. Frank’s back was almost straight up and down and his ass was guiding my cock straight down. I pulled my cock back out again and pushed it as deep as I could into Frank’s ass. My pelvis slammed against his ass cheeks. “Ohh! Damn! That’s it! Keep fucking me deep like that.”

Frank’s hard-on was pointed right at his face. I shortened and speeded up my strokes. Each time I bottomed in Frank, my pelvis pressed his nut sac. “Oh gawd, you’re mashing my nuts! You’re so deep! Fuck me faster! Fuck me deeper!”

I leaned over Frank and put my hands on the bed headboard. I pistoned my cock straight down into his ass as fast as I could. “Oh, geez, that feels so good. I’m going to cum!” Kathy reached in and grasped Frank’s cock.

“Ohhh, gawd.” I felt his asshole clinch my cock. I slowed my fucking pace to be in time with Frank as he blew his cum load.

Kathy held and aimed his cock. The wads he shot were landing on his face. “That’s it, Frank, shoot your cum into your mouth” Frank extended his tongue. Kathy improved her aim and most of Frank’s cum landed on his tongue or lips. “Eat your cum! Paint your slutty face!”

The grip of Frank’s asshole around my cock shaft, the sight of him shooting into his own mouth and Kathy’s talk sent me over the edge. I pulled my cock out of his ass and leaned further forward. I pointed my cock straight down at Frank’s face. A stream of cum boiled up from my nuts and splattered on Frank’s face. Kathy released Frank and gripped me. She improved my aim and the next few wads dropped neatly into Frank’s mouth.

I straightened up. My cock was aimed right at Kathy and she accepted several gobs on her face. I was cumming so hard that it almost hurt. I dropped the last of my load on Frank’s upturned ass and nut sac.

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