tagGroup SexMy First Apartment Ch. 3

My First Apartment Ch. 3


My second year of renting an apartment from Kathy and Frank West quickly moved from August into November.

After the intense gay session with Frank, my bi awakening and the friendly, companionable fucks with Kathy, I tried to put a brake on my sexual activities. I didn't have a heavy class load, but I added some extra credit projects. I wanted to force myself to make some time and space to think about what my sexual orientation really was, or what it was going to be.

Frank immersed himself in his job and Kathy got more involved in developing her skills and knowledge as a competitive Bridge player.

Almost every day, when I returned from class, Kathy and three of her friends would be playing Bridge. I would be working in my apartment and I could hear them quietly discussing strategy, how a hand could have played differently, etc. They played at a table set up in the Fun Room adjacent to my apartment. I never paid much attention to them and I appreciated the fact that they were quiet.

One afternoon I heard them talking quietly when I heard Kathy say, "You are kidding!" Then a soft voice replied, "No, I'm not kidding. It has never happened to me." A third voice, which I recognized as Kathy's friend Ruth, said, "That's terrible! I know someone who can take care of that problem for you."

"Who is that?" asked Kathy. "Rich."

My ears perked up. I didn't know who or what the problem was but I knew I was going to be interrupted. "I don't think we should disturb him, Ruth. He's been working pretty hard on some extra credit projects."

"Well, he is probably ready for a break." The soft voice again, "Please, I'm embarrassed I brought it up."

"It won't hurt to ask." I heard a chair scrape, then a knock on my apartment door. "Come in, Ruth."

"Oh! You heard us."

"What's the problem?"

"Come meet Connie. She's the one with the problem."

I got up from my desk and followed Ruth. Instead of going back to the Fun Room, she led me to my bedroom. Kathy was standing with two women whom I didn't recognize. "Rich, meet Connie and Lisa. Connie, Lisa, meet Rich."

Connie said, "Hello, Rich. This is so embarrassing. Cut it out, Ruth." Connie was a nice looking black woman with a trim figure, dark hair, and dark brown eyes.

"Hello, Connie. Hello, Lisa." Lisa was a small woman, barely five feet tall. She sort of slipped behind Kathy as she said hello. "Cut what out, Ruth?" I asked.

"Connie has never c . . "


"Hush, Connie! Connie has never had an orgasm from oral sex."

"Jeez, Ruth! That is . . ." Ruth leaned towards me. "I know you can make Connie cum by eating her pussy."

"Ruth!" Ruth had pushed Connie back onto my bed. Connie was struggling as Kathy sort of held her down and Ruth started to pull Connie's slacks off.

In a stage whisper, Ruth said, "I'll suck your cock if you go on down her." I heard Lisa gasp, "Oh!"

"If you make her cum, I'll swallow yours." I noticed Connie wasn't struggling too hard. Lisa, in the meantime, had moved to a corner of the room.

I looked a Ruth, then at Connie and Kathy. Connie had her eyes closed. Kathy licked her lips as she smiled at me. Ruth pulled Connie's slacks completely off over her sandals. Lisa was staring at all of us.

I figured what the heck. I kneeled by Connie's legs. I spread her legs a little and kissed the inside of her knees. She spread her knees apart a bit and I slowly started to kiss my way up her thighs to her crotch.

I rubbed my cheeks and lips over her pussy hair. I planted a kiss on the middle of her cunt. A gasped, "Oh!" from Lisa. I spread her pussy lips with my fingertips. I began to kiss, lick and suck Connie's pussy lips. Her pink inner flesh was in contrast to her skin.

I licked her pussy slit from bottom to top and ran the tip of my tongue around her hard clit. I felt Connie relax as her thighs splayed wide apart. I heard Kathy say, "Ruth, don't suck Connie's tits. Suck mine if you have to suck a tit."

I looked up. Ruth had unbuttoned Connie's blouse. She was bent over and licking a hard nipple. Kathy had her top off. She was cupping a breast in each hand as she offered them to Ruth.

Connie put her hand on the back of my head and pressed my face back against her pussy. I took her clit between my lips. I ran my thumb up between her lips to the base of her clit as I slipped my index finger into her pussy.

I sucked on her clit and tickled it with the tip of my tongue as I pressed my finger deep into her cunt and towards her G spot. Connie began to buck her hips. I sucked harder and pressed deeper. Connie let out a squeal and Her pussy began to twitch and spasm. I felt her cunt muscles gripping my finger.

I heard Ruth say, "Get ready for your blowjob." I ignored her and stuck my tongue as far as I could into Connie's pussy. Then I stood up and gave Ruth a French kiss. I stuck my tongue as far as I could into her mouth so she got a good taste of Connie. "May I have a raincheck?" I winked at Kathy as I turned to leave.

I noticed Lisa was sitting on the edge of the bed. She was staring at Connie's pussy. She had one hand inside her waistband and she was rubbing her breasts with her other hand.

The following weekend I went home. When I returned on Sunday evening, Kathy came down to see me. We made small talk far a while, then she asked me if I enjoyed going down on Connie. I told her, "Yes, I enjoyed it and helping her cum turned me on." Kathy said she thought that was the case and that she would like to go down on Connie too.

When she left to go back upstairs, she turned and said, "Frank is leaving tomorrow on a business trip. He'll be gone all week. I don't want to sleep alone."

I noticed there was a message on my answering machine. It was a message from Lisa asking that I call her. I gave her a call. She hesitatingly said she wanted to talk with me and invited me to come to her house. I was free Tuesday afternoon. She gave me directions to her place, said she looked forward to Tuesday and hung up.

On Monday after class, I came home to find Kathy waiting for me. She said she was serious about not sleeping alone while Frank was gone. I smiled at her and told her that her command was my wish. Kathy laughed. We hugged then worked together to fix dinner.

Over dinner, I asked her about Lisa. Kathy wanted to know why and I told her that I had had a call from her. "She's in her late twenties. Lisa is really shy. She's an aspiring artist and an excellent Bridge player and teacher. She could be a ranked player but she is not at all aggressive in pushing her herself or her talents and skills."

After dinner, I studied and Kathy read a book and we listened to music until bedtime. It was a little awkward as we decided where to sleep – her and Frank's bed or mine. We went down stairs to my apartment.

We turned the bedding down then undressed each other. I sat on the edge of the bed in front of Kathy. After she removed her blouse and bra, I leaned forward and kissed her between her breasts. She wrapped her arms around my head and pressed my face against her breasts.

I moved my face and kissed a nipple. She lifted my face and kissed me. "I don't want to make love tonight. I just want to kiss and cuddle." We finished undressing and got into bed. Kathy lay on her side with her head on my shoulder. We kissed as I put my arm around her shoulder. We fell asleep that way.

I was awakened in the morning when I felt a warm mouth close around my cock. I propped myself on my elbows and looked at Kathy who was kneeling between my legs. She raised her head so my cock dropped out of her mouth. She grinned as she said, "I'm going to give you the blowjob that you didn't get from Ruth and you won't even have to redeem the raincheck." I lay back as she slid my cockhead deep into her throat.

I wanted to get into the 69 position, but Kathy resisted. I asked her, "Have you had a tit fuck recently?" She stopped sucking my cock. "Not recently. Would you like one?"

"That would be nice." Kathy crawled up the bed towards me. I loved the way her tits swayed as she moved. I slid under her and sucked a nipple.

She lay on her back and I straddled her. I slid my cock between her breasts as she pressed them together. I slid my cock up so she could lick the tip. I finally stopped rubbing my cock between her tits and started stroking it. When I started to cum, I rubbed my cock across her nipples.

Kathy opened her mouth as I finished cumming. I slid my cock into her warm mouth so she could suck out the last drops of cum. After she released my cock, I licked my cum off her tits. We showered together, ate breakfast and went about our day.

After my morning classes, I grabbed a quick lunch and drove out to Lisa's place. She lived about 15 miles out of town. I found the address and pulled off the highway into what looked an abandoned farm.

There was an old farmhouse with an overgrown yard surrounded by huge cottonwood trees. There were several rundown sheds farther in and I noticed a fair sized barn near the sheds. The barn looked to be in good condition. There was a pole barn next door and I noticed a car parked under it.

As I rolled to a stop in front of the barn, a door opened and Lisa stepped out and waved at me. I got out of the car. "Hello, Lisa."

"Hi, Rich. Thanks for coming out. Come inside."

I followed Lisa inside. I was standing in a large room, which was open to the barn roof. A loft stretched across one end. The space was divided into seating, dining and kitchen spaces by furniture, bookcases and dividers. The north side of the roof was all skylight and the walls were mostly glass. Several artist easels and some tables with what appeared to be sculptures in various forms of completion occupied the space.

Lisa said, "Thanks again for coming. Welcome to my home and studio. Would you like a cup of tea? I'd offer you something stronger but tea is all I have."

"Tea is fine, thanks."

I looked around some more as Lisa poured two cups of tea. There were lots of black and white photographs of objects, scenery and animals hanging about. There were also many sketches and paintings of some of the subjects in the photographs.

Lisa set the cups on a small table. "Please have a seat. As you can see I am an artist of sorts. I work from memory and photographs because I don't like to work outside and I can't afford live models."

I said she appeared to be a very busy artist and I asked how I could help her. "I wanted to ask you if you would model for me."

"Me? A model?"

"I can't pay you. I'll understand if you can't." I thought a moment. I've never modeled before, but if it will help you, I'll do it." This small pale, waif-like woman intrigued me.

She was wearing blue jeans and a plain t-shirt. If she was wearing any makeup, it was minimal. Her dark hair was cut in a no-nonsense Dutch Boy bob.

She thanked me. After we finished our tea, she gave me a tour of her studio. It seemed she had inherited the farm from her grandparents. She got money to pay the inheritance and property taxes and to renovate the barn into a studio and home by selling another parcel of land located some distance away. This land, and farm, was the original homestead claimed and proved by her great grandparents.

We arranged for me to come out next Saturday morning. After I returned to the apartment, Kathy asked me what Lisa wanted. "She asked me to model for her."

"Are you going to?"

"Yes, this coming Saturday."

"That's nice. I'll be out of town at a Bridge tournament. Just watch your virtue, Lisa will probably try to seduce you."

"I don't think so." I laughed. "She seems to be almost afraid of her own shadow. She intrigues me, though."

While we were fixing dinner, Kathy said, "Connie called. She wants us to come over to her place this evening."


"She said her husband wanted to meet you."

"Hmmm. I hope he's not pissed off that I gave her head and ate her snatch."


"Well, I did. And you watched."

"I would have participated if you hadn't hogged her pussy for yourself."

"Jeez, Kathy. I didn't know at the time. I'll share, if I get another chance."

We were both a little nervous as I pulled my car into the driveway at Connie's home. We rang the doorbell and Connie answered immediately. "Come in. We heard you pull into the drive." As soon as we stepped inside Connie introduced her husband.

"Kathy, Rich, please meet my husband, George. George, these are my good friends, Kathy and Rich." Kathy said, "Hello, nice to meet you." I extended my hand and he took it in a firm grip. "Hello, Sir." I wondered if he really knew what had gone on earlier.

They were both wearing kimonos. "Why don't you two change and then we'll enjoy some saki." Connie indicated a room off the entrance hall. Kathy and I stepped in. It was a simple dressing room. There was a bench. Two pair of sandals on the bench and two kimonos were hanging on hooks.

As we changed, Kathy said, "This is getting stranger and stranger." Connie was waiting for us. She led us into a room that was like stepping into a Japanese home. George invited us to sit on pillows at a low table. Once we were seated he poured four small cups of saki.

George addressed us. "We fell in love with the Japanese life style and décor when we were stationed in Japan with the military. After we retired, we moved here and made our own little bit of Japan. I now recognized George as a University administrator.

We made small talk. George led the conversation. Connie was silent for the most part. Finally George said, "Let's retire to the bath. We'll forgo the ritual washing and just go straight to the bath.

Connie waited while George took off his kimono. He was barrel chested with strong arms and thick thighs. His dark colored cock and ball sac hung low below curly dark pubic hair. He stepped into the water and indicated I should join him. I slipped off my kimono and sandals and stepped into the warm bath.

Connie slipped off her kimono. Kathy followed her and they joined us in the water. George looked at Kathy, "Connie told me that you helped arrange for Connie to receive cunnilingus and," looking at me, "you performed cunnilingus on her." Kathy and I glanced at each other, then at Connie, then George. They were both expressionless. Simultaneously, we both answered, "Yes Sir."

George grinned. "That's good! Connie enjoys getting eaten out and I don't like going down on her. I think we can develop a nice relationship here." We all laughed – Kathy and I laughed nervously.

We sipped saki and talked. Finally George said, "I like Connie to enjoy herself sexually and I like to watch her enjoy herself. Let's retire to the bedroom and proceed.

George got out of the tub. I followed him. Connie and Kathy got out. Connie picked up a towel and dried George. Kathy sort of shrugged and dried me off. They dried each other. I noticed Connie kissed Kathy on the cheek.

We followed George into their bedroom. Interestingly enough, it was a traditional American contemporary bedroom. I guess George didn't like fucking on a futon. George pulled a chair up next to the bed. He told Connie to sit on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. She sat. And spread.

He looked at me. There was no doubt who was in charge. His approach to sex was by the numbers. And he wanted Connie and me to perform for him. I decided that I was going to make Connie cum and cum. She was going to get pleasured and he was going to see what he had been missing all these years.

I got on my knees between Connie's thighs. I spread her pussy lips and licked her pink slit from bottom to top. She sighed. I proceeded to kiss, suck and lick her pussy lips, her slit and her clitoris.

I felt the bed shift. I looked up. Kathy was on her knees by Connie's head. She leaned forward and began to kiss Connie's breasts and to suck her nipples. I looked at George. He was stroking his cock and he indicated I should get back to work.

I buried my face in Connie's sweet pussy. I wanted to tell the jerk about what he was missing, but I was beginning to think he might be interested in some other kind of action. I motioned to Kathy. She slipped off the bed and kneeled next to me. Kathy replaced my tongue with hers on Connie's pussy.

I turned to kneel in front of George. He continued to stroke his cock as he looked down at me. I licked my lips then pushed his thighs apart. I licked the base of his cock and tried to slip my hand under his sac.

He shifted his ass so I could lift his sac. I licked his sac and then gently sucked one nut into my mouth. It was plum sized. I gave it a thorough tongue bath. Then I changed and did the other nut.

I then licked the bottom of his cock from base to tip. I wrapped my hand around it and ran the tip of my tongue around the rim of the crown of his cockhead. As I used the tip of my tongue to tickle him in the V on the underside of the crown, I looked up at George's face. His head was tipped back and his eyes were closed.

I rose up on my knees and positioned my mouth over his cockhead. I was prepared to suck my second cock, a black one, at that. His cock wasn't thick – maybe an inch and a quarter – but it was nine, maybe ten, inches long. I cradled his balls in the palm of one hand as I pursed my lips and slid my mouth down over his cock. I heard him sigh.

I began to bob my head up and down the length of his cock. I tried to take a little more on each down stroke. I heard squealing behind me. George held my head. I took my mouth off his cock and turned around.

Connie was heaving all over the bed as she cum. Kathy was trying to keep Connie's clit between her lips. Four fingers of one hand were inside Connie's cunt and Kathy's thumb was pressing on the base of Connie's clit.

Connie finally relaxed. George stood up and put on his kimono. He looked down at me. "So you suck cock in addition to eating pussy." I stood up, face to face. "I enjoy giving cunnilingus and I enjoy receiving and giving fellatio."

"Do you take it up the ass too?"


"That's too bad. I enjoy plowing another man's ass and having my ass plowed in return." I thought that Frank would enjoy meeting George.

George left the room. Kathy helped Connie off the bed. They hugged and kissed. The three of us walked, nude, back to the dressing room. Connie kissed Kathy again. She said, "I want to return the pleasure." She then lifted one of Kathy's tits and planted a kiss on the nipple.

Connie turned to me. She bent over, took my cock and balls in her hand and sucked me as deep as she could. She stood up and kissed me, then left the room. Kathy and I got dressed, let ourselves out and drove home.

As soon as we got inside the house, we grabbed each other and stripped each other's clothes off. We barely made it to the couch in the living room before we were fucking. I don't know how many times or different positions we used, but when the morning came we both agreed that George and Connie really knew how to turn someone on.

The rest of the week was enjoyable. I liked waking up with Kathy. One morning she awakened my by sucking one of my nuts and humming. "I thought that would be a better buzz than the one on the alarm clock."

I liked to snuggle up behind her, slip my cock between her ass cheeks, wrap my arms around her and wake her up by kissing the back of her neck. We usually ended up by making love before we got out of bed.

When I awakened Saturday morning, I could hear Kathy and Frank going at it. Frank didn't know he was the lucky recipient of Kathy's leftover lust. Poor Bastard. Late Saturday morning, I drove back to Lisa's barn studio.

She came out as I parked my car. She was wearing blue jeans and the plain t-shirt, but her hair was now in a close-cropped pixie cut and she was wearing, at least, a light shade of lipstick.

"Hi, Lisa."

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