tagInterracial LoveMy First Asian Call Girl

My First Asian Call Girl


I was 25 and still a virgin. The girl I was in love with was engaged to be married. Yeah I was feeling really bad. I decided it was time to end my dry streak and feel good. I had see ads in the back of the village voice for massages. I figured some of them were more than just that. So I start calling around. One ad was for exotic angels in Elmhurst. A woman with an Asian accent answered "Wei."

Nervously I asked "You give massage?"

"Yes, $40 for hour."

So I got the address and headed out. The address lead to a non-descript door on a busy street. Lots of shops and a diverse neighborhood. I rang the buzzer and was let in through a security door. The place was an apartment on the third floor. As I rounded the third stairwell I saw the top was blocked by an iron security gate. This got me a little nervous. Just past the gate were two doors at right angles to each other. The door directly in front of me opens and an old Asian woman comes out. "You call?" she asks.

I say "Yes, an hour ago. I'm James. You do the massage?" She waved me in past the gate and knock on the door to the left. The door opens and this really cute Korean girl comes out in just an oversized tee. The two women start talking in Korean. The older one points to me while the younger one nods to me and smiles. The younger one the returns back in her room. I swear I caught a hint of her ass as she walked away. The older woman then ushers me in her doorway. It ends up being a really small kitchen with one of the 1950's metal kitchen tale and chairs.

She offers me a seat and says "Mina, busy right now. You wait. You want tea?" I say no and ask how long I have to wait. About 45 minutes she tells me. Now I'm debating do I stick around for sloppy seconds, or take a walk. Brain vs. dick. Dick wins out, I stay.

The old woman starts making a phone call. A minute later she tells me that another girl is on her way. Meanwhile I've already had a look at Mina and my mind and hormones are in overdrive. She was really cute and to think at this moment she was only twenty feet away, riding some other guy. Well I had to sit down to hide the tent in my pants from the mama-san. Over the next few minutes she is trying to dole over me to make me comfortable. Then the front door opens and in like a whirlwind comes another young woman. She looks little out of breath as she talks to mama-san as she takes off her raincoat and scarf.

She steps over to me, gives me a big hug and says "How handsome young man we have." Mama-san then leads me off to an adjoining room.

It's pretty simple. Just a little larger then the queen-size mattress on the floor, with a night stand and a lamp. Mama-san hands me a towel and tells me to undress and Young will be right in. New to this, I undress down to my boxers and wait. Young knocks on the door and steps inside. While I was undressing, she had changed into a black tank top tee and shorts. Nothing sexy but it gave me a good view of her legs. "Please $40 dollars for house." she says. I take the money from my jeans and hand it over to her. She walks out the room. She comes right back and puts a red scarf over the lamp. Hmm... nice effect. She walks over to a tape player in the corner and puts on some relaxation music (waves on the ocean or something like that). She sits down across from me and asks whether I want a soft of hard massage. Well not really knowing the etiquette for getting laid in a place like this so I just opt for the hard massage.

"Lie down on your stomach." she says. As soon as I do, she softly runs her fingers over my back, over my butt and down my legs. She grabs the towel and unfolds it over my but. "I take off you underwear. Oil may stain it." She instructs me as she reaches under the towel and slides down my underwear. Now we're getting somewhere. She reaches under the night stand for some oil she pours into her hand. She rubs it in her hands then starts to rub it over my back. Mmm, a hint of ginger. She starts at my neck and shoulders giving me a strong massage. I've never had a professional massage but this was very soothing. She continued on my back which felt really great. Although, a couple of times I had to squirm around because she was hitting some ticklish spots.

She lifted the towel slightly, folding it over my ass so that the lower part of my cheeks was exposed. She started working on my right calf and thigh. As she rubbed my calf back and forth, I felt my legs start to open up a bit. It was also causing my pelvis to rock my dick against the table. I felt my erection start to well up. She then surprised me by lifting up the towel and folding it back so that my right cheek was fully exposed. She got a little bit more oil and started to kneel my butt. My dick was so hard now I raised my but up slightly to give myself some room. Young slapped my ass playfully and laughed. She then covered me again with the towel and moved to the opposite side of the bed. She worked on my other leg the same way as before. Again the rocking of my leg was stimulating my cock. She lifted the towel over my left buttock and began to knead it. This time though she allowed the towel to fall off completely. She started raking her nails softly over my ass now making small then big circles. Occasionally she would allow her nails to slide down my ass crack over my scrotum. That really got a rise out of me. "Okay, you turn over now." She whispered in my ear.

I turn over, dick a at full staff. She put her hand over my chest, caressing my pecs. She put her right hand between my legs to caress my balls. Pre-cum was dripping from my dick. "Aww my friend crying." she joked with a playful pout. "How I make him happy again?" she asked as she tossed my hair. I just laughed to her. She continued with her caresses and asked "So what do you want?"

Mind you at this point I was still a bit hesitant about this. I couldn't get over the feeling that any minute cops were gonna bust in. "I don't know. This feels real good." I told her. I took a chance and allowed my hand to graze over her left breast. She didn't flinch. "I wanna go inside you." I said softly.

"Eighty dollar." she responded.

Okay, you're going to have to excuse my naiveté here. This really was my first time doing this. I thought that the door fee took care of everything. I didn't have any more money with me. Apologizing, I told her this. Looking down sadly at me she said "Okay, we finish massage." She continued to massage my thighs and feet for a few more minutes. But she then surprised me by moving over to my side again and taking hold of my penis. She smiles over to me and said "I give you my special massage." She began wanking on my semi-hard penis. When I was fully erect, she lowered her head to it. She took the head of my dick in her mouth. Her tongue was swirling around the head. I saw her cheeks cave in as she sucked on my head. Her hand started to move up and down. Her mouth soon followed along as she bobbed up and down. My dick was really starting to feel alive as she went down on me. I tilted a little to reach my hand under her shirt. Feeling for her breast I was impeded by her bra. I reached around to undo the hooks in the back. First try and bingo. I reached in front again and found her breast. A nice handful. Caressing her breast I could feel her nipple start to become erect.

She continued working on my dick and it wasn't soon before I started feeling my ball well up at my impending eruption. I was breathing heavier, bringing my hips up to meet her mouth. Suddenly my body contracted as my cum started to spew forth. She didn't back off though. Her mouth stayed right on my dick, sucking away. In short time I was spent and she sat up. I looked down at her hand on my dick. Somehow she had managed to slip a condom on me without me noticing. Wow, cool trick! Anyway, she took off the condom and grabbed some tissue to wipe me off. She got up fixed her bra and left the room. What now I thought, lying there alone. A minute later she returned with a hot towel to clean me off well. I could get used to this easy.

She left the room. I got dressed and walked out the room. The mama-san helped me with my coat. I whispered over to Young that I was sorry about not having more cash and that I would have really loved to have done more. She smiled and said "Next time you know."

I left with the knowledge I was definitely going to be returning.

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