tagGroup SexMy First Day at Work Ch. 02

My First Day at Work Ch. 02


In the week or so that I had been at this job, I had learnt a few things. More than a few things actually. This was a typically run private enterprise -- you perform you progress, you lag behind and you perish. And how did they define performance here? Not much differently than any place else -- you lick your boss's arse and you get rave performance reviews. Of course, they took the expression 'lick someone's backside to get ahead' literally rather than figuratively.

Not that I was complaining. Being a man of hardly any scruples, I had never shied away from doing what it took to get what I wanted. This job seemed like a match made in heaven. Here I had to do what I absolutely loved to do in the first place -- fuck.

I had had my eye on Poonam from the moment I came across her. That she was in senior management, only one grade below Lakshmi, made her all the more alluring. She was the quintessential big-city Punjabi working mother -- fair skin, buxom body, sizably big breasts, rotund ass, pearly-white straight even teeth, long black hair, and a perpetual red lipstick smile on her face. Seeing her now, dressed in her tight-fitting blue denims and white top, embracing the naked Lakshmi was all it took from my flaccid manhood to raise its head again. It was my quickest draw yet.

Poonam did not seem surprised to see me. Lakshmi had the reputation of a newbie-eater. The further a newbie advanced with her in the bedroom, the further s/he was bound to progress at work.

Poonam came up to me and shook my erect penis as a greeting. This was indeed a very novel way of breaking the ice. More party hostesses should use this technique. Still holding me by my penis, she pulled me to her and darted her tongue deep into my mouth -- I could almost feel it at the back of my throat. This woman could kiss, and how!

While we kissed, Lakshmi very swiftly took Poonam's bottoms off. Wow! Her thighs were silken smooth, even velvety around the soft inner portions that joined at her pelvis. I could feel a throbbing as I put my finger into her dripping cunt. My other hand cupped her supple breasts, her nipples hardening as the excitement ran through them.

I am an ass-man. I do not give a woman the thumbs up until she has a derriere delicious enough to eat. I turned her around and bent her over. Stunning! You just had to look at the piece of ass on this woman -- heart-shaped -- just the way buttocks were meant to be. I wasted no more time. I was deep into her anus, tonguing her ever hidden nook and crevice. She had the sweetest butt-hole.

Usually I am a big proponent of safe sex. Especially when it comes to anal. I would advice no one to ever do it without a condom, even if you are in a stable relationship. This one time, though, I had to make the exception. I had to feel the tightness of her anus around my naked cock. Rubbing copious amounts of lube on it I gingerly slipped my hardness into her nether hole. God, her anus was soft as a cashmere cove. Soon I was up to my balls inside her anal cavity.

In my zest to destroy Poonam's ass, I had forgotten all about Lakshmi until I felt a tingling up my backside. Lakshmi's index and middle fingers were rubbing my prostrate, driving me supremely wild.

"You like this, don't you?" Lakshmi mocked me.

"Anything to please the boss." I said between moans.

"Bastard! You put it on me as if you are getting nothing out of your 'sexual harassment'." she retorted, "Take this!"

"What the fu..." a searing pain tore through me before I could finish my sentence. I did not have to look behind to see what was happening. Lakshmi had rammed an eight-inch strap-on straight up my ass.

I have had bosses do me up my ass -- hell you do not earn what I do at my age without making the choices I make -- but they had always been men, and all with cocks smaller than six inches. Lakshmi was my first woman boss to have violated my anus. Despite myself, I started to enjoy it. I fucked Poonam with a renewed intensity and vigour.

Poonam's screams of ecstasy threatened to bring the roof down. Each scream inspired me more. I thrust harder, deeper, faster. Then it came -- my orgasm ripped through me like a desert river. Two hard thrusts, and the dam burst. I discharged all my fluid deep within Poonam's ass. I could see some of my semen flow out and enter her vagina when I finally pulled out. Poonam, exhausted by her orgasms, flopped onto the sofa face down her anus still wide open from the pounding it got.

Lakshmi still had her dildo shoved in me. She was trying to get me hard again. Her butt was longing for some meat.

"I might be young Lux, but I still need some recovery time." I said.

"Well, you better recover fast stud! Vaishali is on her way over any minute." she said matter-of-factly.

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