tagAnalMy First Day at Work Ch. 03

My First Day at Work Ch. 03


It was only later that I realised Vaishali was never on her way over to join us.That was Lux's desperate attempt to get me hard again. She had not bet on Poonam getting me turned on so much that I spent all my energy on her.

Usually, that would not be a wise thing to do for a newbie. Not gratifying your boss meant instant firing. I knew it when I went ram-rodding Poonam. I also knew that Lakshmi was addicted to me. There was no other reason why someone that high up would choose to sleep with someone that low down. I was banking on making the most of it.

The following day at work I put on my starch white shirt and black trousers. It wasn't very long when I got called to her cabin. Just before I entered, I unzipped my fly and let my member hang out of my pants for her to see. Her reaction was one of absolute greed -- it was almost as if she wanted to eat my sausage. But she gathered herself quickly enough.

"You pulled off quite a stunt yesterday," she said, "and that has consequences."

I was getting turned on by this woman -- dressed in her trademark green cotton saree, her cleavage exposed down to almost her nipples, her breasts heaving with every breath she took. I had snapped up in attention before anyone could say 'Jack Robinson'.

I replied, "I am here to pay."

She continued, "Fuck if you think you can fuck your way out of this mess. You are a good fuck, I will give you that. But not good enough to screw me over."

"If that is the case" I said, "then we are wasting time since your mind is all made up. Why don't you hand me my pink slip and off I shall go." I zipped up.

This was unfamiliar territory. She was used to the grovelling and the begging. No employee ever had screwed her over and then shoved it up her ass. I could see that she had trouble processing this.

She screamed, "You! You really think it is that easy to walk out of here after screwing me over?"

"Why," I continued, "I don't see you putting a gun to my head. Why wouldn't I be able to leave?"

"Because of this." she said, and yanked off her blouse and bra. God, I love those breasts. They are supple, round, just the right size of handful. But this was a power game. Any other day I would have the nipples in my mouth in a jiffy. Today, I had to be a tease.

"Huh?" I remarked, "They are not strong enough reasons. If you really want me to stay you know exactly what you have to do."

She knew. She knew that I knew. She knew that I knew that she knew. I wanted her to say exactly what others say to her to keep their jobs. She looked into my eyes, trying to gauge if I was bluffing. I was. But I was good enough for her to not catch it. She gave in.

She began, "Please don't go. I need you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me up my ass. My ass is craving for your big cock. Please fuck me!"

It was my turn now, "Alright you slut! Take those offending garments off you and suck me."

Reluctantly, she complied. For a woman who does not truly enjoy giving head, she was remarkably good at it. Hell, she had my entire shaft swallowed right up to my balls! She was even squeezing my balls in her hands.

My big toe found its way to her cunt. I started rubbing her clit as she knelt before me blowing my cock. I knew I was going to have that ass. What I did not know was that I would have it this soon.

Without warning she stopped and bent over her desk, "Please, take me now!" She opened up her butt opening with her hands. I spat into her anus to lubricate it nice and smooth. With one thrust I entered all the way. This time, I used a condom. Who knows what this bitch fucks!

Her ass was used. It had lost its tightness. Even so, the very depravity of anally ravaging your boss's ass was kinky enough. I fucked her. I whacked her ass when I pleased. She was a good lay -- knew exactly how to gyrate her ass to meet the thrusts of my cock.

I could see that she was enjoying it. Being dominated seemed to come naturally to her. She may mask behind the façade of a dominatrix at work but deep down she was a sub. And today the gates of her pleasure were opened. She was making the most of it.

Of course she came. She came big. After she was done, I came big. Splattered my load all over her big ass. Since there was nothing specifically spectacular about any of our fucking after the point of penetration, it made sense to me to come straight to the end of it. Did not make much sense using up any more disk space rambling on about an activity of thrusting and shoving that is best explained by the theories of mechanical engineering. Besides sex is not all that interesting, is it? It is the foreplay, that part of getting to sex which is exciting.

I must admit I had not banked on changing the power structure of an office environment. Word spread that I was doing Lakshmi. All of a sudden, everyone became overly nice to me. I was the best of buddies with the guys. The women missed no opportunity to flaunt their cleavage to me. Hell, I could even grab their breasts from behind. I was thoroughly enjoying it. All those years of being fucked up my ass were now paying dividends.

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