tagBDSMMy First Humiliation

My First Humiliation

bylusty Vamp©

This is a story that outlines my most humiliating experience. I guess the place to start is to describe my ex-husband, Chip and myself. Chip at the time this story occurred was about 36 years old and I was 24. Chip is tall, 6'3" and 180 pounds with a chop of short blond hair and blue eyes. I'm 5'7" and 125 pounds. I have long black hair (below my shoulders), and brown eyes. Oh, I almost forgot, for you guys, I wear a size 36c bra.

It's clear now that during the first year or so of our marriage Chip was training me. But, he always called it, "Learning to please me". At some of the weirder things he wanted to try I sometimes mustered the courage to ask, "Why", if he answered at all it was always, "Because I like it". So, this slave found herself eating beef stew or oatmeal from a bowl on the floor with her arms locked behind her back. Because Chip, "Liked it".

Early on in our marriage, Chip, wanted me to learn to strip dance for him. He even had me going to strip clubs to watch and learn from the "Pros".

The first time he took me. But, after that first occasion I had to go by myself. Chip, would drive me and either wait in the car or at a small coffee shop across the street. These trips were very humiliating for me. I was forced to dress like a real slut. Skirt eight inches too short, five-inch heels, blouse that revealed more cleavage than it concealed. I'm sure you get the picture.

I was always told that I had to stay at least 90 minutes. When I was ready to go in Chip would always stuff five twenty-dollar bills in my bra, to pay for drinks and tip the dancers (I wasn't allowed to carry a purse on these occasions).

Chip, also demanded that I sit at a table by myself and order two table dances. And without fail, Chip always parked at the very rear of the bar's parking lot so I was forced to, "Strut my stuff", all the way though the brightly lit lot to the bar's rear entrance.

Later, when we would get home from the club, Chip, would make me show him any new "moves" I had leaned. If I must say so myself I did get pretty good at it.

Well, early one fall Saturday afternoon, Chip, surprised me by saying that we were going to host a bit of a dinner party that evening. Apparently after dinner everyone was going to stay and watch some big College football game. So I spent the afternoon preparing dinner for seven. Of course, I had to make a run to the store for snacks and beer, also.

When I had the dinner all set to serve and the table set, Chip told me that I should get dressed. Shit, I thought I was dressed! But no, Chip, wanted me dressed as if I were going out to the strip club. Of course, you know I did. Chip, also ordered me to wear my black leather slave collar. I had to wonder "Why" but in the end it didn't matter, he was my husband and I was in love.

When our guests began to arrive I had to greet them at the door, usher them into the family room and serve drinks. I was shocked to find that I didn't know any of them. Joann and Roger were the first to arrive. She was a rather tall (5"9"), bottle red head with average sized boobs. Roger was about 5"11", 195 pounds very muscular. I must have turned three shades of red when I opened the door and saw these complete strangers. Here I was half naked, well at least I felt half naked. I certainly wasn't leaving a whole lot for the imagination. Joann, was dressed quite conservatively, knee length skirt, turtleneck sweater. She looked me up and down smirking the whole time. I hated her on the spot. Roger, I could tell was striping me of what few clothes I had on with his eyes, leering almost!! God I simply wanted to crawl under the nearest rock and hide.

I no sooner had Joann and Roger settled, in the family room with drinks, when the doorbell rang again. This time it was a single male, Tony; he was about 5"6", 160 pounds, dark hair and eyes. There was no mistaking that he was all-Italian. Tony literally licked his lips as he surveyed my exposed flesh, while I introduced myself as Chip's wife.

Before I could close the door Cindy and Dave came walking up to the porch. Cindy was a very attractive shorthaired blond, may-be 5"3" 110 pounds. She was also dressed quite modestly. Dave was about 5"10" and 175, very broad shoulders. I just wanted to die of embarrassment as they both checked me out from head to toe. I could almost feel the heat from my beet red face.

Anyway, once everyone was in the family room I went about my duties, keeping drinks fresh, bring out snacks and so forth. This wasn't the first party that Chip and I had hosted so I knew what was excepted of me. Almost always our parties had ended in some kind of kinky sex and I didn't expect anything less that evening.

Our guests and Chip made small talk, but as you might expect I was unnerved as everyone seemed to be watching my every move. Finally, Chip, suggested that we eat. I was shocked when we went into the dinning room and saw that the table was set for only six people. I had set it for seven but while I had been answering the door Chip had removed one setting, MINE. Chip had often threatened to use me as his "serving wench" so I quickly rationalized that this was it.

As everyone began to seat them selves I started pouring coffee. But that bitch, Joann, wanted milk so I made a special trip to the kitchen for milk. Then Chip told me to begin serving the food, which I did, of course. Thankfully, I didn't have to serve our guest one at a time, I just brought the food out and they passed it around. When that was done I walked to the head of the table and stood by Chip.

I was so embarrassed, being treated like a common maid and dressed like a whore besides. When everyone else, even the other females, were so well dressed. But, you must realize by now that deep in my secret being I was craved this attention, this abuse. As Chip had demanded I knelt by his side when I wasn't busy with my serving chores. I felt the fires deep within begin to burn. Even as my scarlet face turned another shade darker. Suddenly the topic of conversation turned to me.

I won't bore you with the dialogue. The men mostly talked about how well trained I was and what a hot body I had. It was the first time I had heard my "Learning process" refereed to as "Training". Basically they talked as if I wasn't much more than a piece of meat. Joann, I remember asked, "Will she really do anything you tell her?" Chip's answer was a resounding, "Well, of course, she will". While all this was going on I just wanted to crawl under the carpet and die.

As the meal progressed from time to time Chip would feed me a scrap or two of his food. Since he had me put my arms behind my back he fed me like you would a dog.

After what seemed like an eternity it was time to refill coffee cups. Right then and there I learned a valuable lesson. When a bitch is on her knees and dressed in a skirt that is way too short, there is no way to stand up in a modest or lady like fashion. Thank god Chip had allowed me to wear a pair of throng panties. After everyone had coffee Chip moved the party back to the family room where the football game was about to begin. Everyone took a seat as Chip turned on the big screen TV.

After the game began I was kept busy fetching beer for the guys and wine coolers for Cindy and Joann. When I wasn't busy Chip had me kneel close by his side. From time to time Chip would swirl his finger around in his beer glass and demand that I lick it clean. But, for the most part this slave whore was kept pretty busy.

Then it was half time.

Chip, turned the TV off along with most on the lights. We had some overhead track lighting and he kept one of those lights on. It made sort of a spot light effect in the middle of the room. Chip more or less ordered me to stand in the "spot light" as he moved to the stereo.

I have forgot the name of the song but it was by the "Bee Gees". The song was playing softly as Chip laughed brightly as he addressed our guests, "And now ladies and gentlemen, if I can have your attention ...the one, the only our own Lusty Vamp will provide your half time entertainment". I just wanted to cry, `Lusty Vamp" was the name Chip had given his private strip dancer, ME. He wanted me to strip dance for his friends.

I could feel six pairs of eyes burning into my very soul. I had never been so humiliated in my life. But I did it; this whore began to strip dance for these people that were complete strangers to her. By the end of the first song I only had my bra and throng panties left on, as well as my heels and stockings. By the time the second song ended this whore slut was clad in just her heels and stockings.

It shamed me even more because I knew that I was striping for the entertainment of other females, other, fully clothed females. During the last two songs I was completely naked except for my 5" heels and black nylons. And, while I was shamed to my very core I did manage to put on the best show I could. I used every move I could remember.

One of the things I had learned on my trips to the strip clubs was, how important eye contact is. So as I gyrated my naked body about the floor dancing to the seductive music I tried my best to make as much eye contact as I could. I felt like a simple-minded slut as I locked eyes with each member of the audience and played with my bare titties as I erotically rotated my hot moist tongue around my lips.

It was humiliating enough the way the males leered and rubbed themselves as I ground my lust filled hips about, but it was just sinful the way Joann stared at my naked flesh. She made me feel much more than just naked. Joann made me feel like a naked whore. And, Cindy, the way she licked her lips every time I played my hands over or around my pussy didn't make me feel much better.

After four dances there were still a few minutes of half time left so Chip had me lay flat on my back, on the floor, under the overhead lite. Once I was in this humiliating position he tossed me my favorite black dildo and ordered me to fuck myself so everyone could watch. Can you imagine my shame at being made to masturbate with a fake dick while Joann smiled her little smirk all the time?

It was now very obvious to even this simple-minded slut that everyone in the room was going to get a piece of her "tail" before the nite was done. I began my live sex exhibition by giving my black companion a nice "blow job", in order to get it good and wet. Then I began to slowly insert the large device into my well-oiled luv hole. This slut has to admit that as disgusting as her treatment had been to this point, it had also been quite thrilling, as her drenched pussy attested. And, everyone in the room knew it too. It was easy for them to see how nice and smooth the large fake dick slipped into my drenched hole.

I cannot emphasis too much here how embarrassed and humiliated I was at being naked and used in front of fully clothed and sophisticated females. It was far worse than had it been a whole room full of males. I could feel in my very soul that Joann and Cindy were scrutinizing my whole body for the tiniest flaw, of which there are many.

When Chip turned the TV back on the second half was underway and I was allowed to return to my hostess duties. Except, now I was completely naked save for nylons and heels. At some point, Tony asked Chip if it would be okay to finger me. Of course, dear sweet man that he is, Chip, gave everyone permission to play with his slut as long as they didn't make her cum. So as it turned out I spent a good deal of the fourth quarter riding fingers. And, of course, everyone had to get a feel of my titties and pinch a nipple or two. Both Joann and Cindy seemed to take more than their fair share of time feeling me up. Once, as Joann passed me on her way to the powder room she embraced me and began to finger my hole. As I was forced to ride her finger she whispered softly in my ear, "I just can't wait to get my strap-on out. You do like it in the ass, don't you bitch?" my whole naked body quivered with dread and excitement at the same time.

After what seemed like eons, the football game ended. I now became the undisputed center of attention, as Chip again turned off the TV. There was a certain tension in the air as we all anticipated what was about to take place. Chip added to the sexual excitement building in the room by turning on the CD player, which had been pre-programmed with some very sexy and erotic music. I had figured for some time that my oral skills were going to be put to the ultimate test. As it turned out I was exactly right.

Chip used his sternest voice when he told me, "Barb, I want you to show our females guests how talented your hot little tongue is. You may begin with Cindy".

All eyes were on me as I slowly walked over and knelt before Cindy. To this point everyone else was still fully clothed. Cindy was more than eager to help out, as she stood and unbutton her skirt. It slide over her softly rounded hips and fell to the floor. It didn't surprise me one bit that Cindy wasn't wearing panties.

Cindy quickly reseated herself and spread her legs wide to allow me easy access to her shaved pussy. I could hear the excitement of the room behind me, as I positioned myself between Cindy's lovely legs. Then I slowly lowered my head and began to lick slowly up and down the length of Cindy's moist slit.

Almost immediately I could feel her lust grow as the muscles in her thighs tensed. As I licked slowly and gently I looked up, our eyes met and locked. I could see the passion in her eyes as I rotated my hot tongue about her clit. But, I also saw a bit of compassion in those beautiful lust filled eyes. Almost as if she had once been in my position.

Soon she was thrusting her hips about trying to get more and more of my tongue. As I continued to suck, lick and kiss Cindy's tasty pussy I was able to watch as Joann and Tony helped her off with her blouse. Cindy wasn't wearing a bra; her tiny titties didn't need one. It was somewhat of a relief to realize, that at least now, I wasn't the only naked female body in the room.

As soon as Joann and Tony had Cindy's top off they each went to work kissing and licking a nipple. I could tell that Cindy really loved this added attention because her pussy began to just ooze her female juices. And, you can believe me when I tell you that I lapped it up like a hungry puppy dog.

As I began to flick my tongue about Cindy's clit I felt a hand fingering my own slit. I supposed it was Roger but didn't know for sure. Far to soon to suit either Cindy or me I felt strong masculine arms pulling me away from Cindy's beautifully lust filled and puffy pussy lips. As I was more or less rolled over on to my back I could hear Chip saying, "I think it's Joann's turn now".

By the time I recovered my kneeling position Joann had already removed her sweater, her lacy black bra contrasting nicely with the silky smoothness of her white skin. In the dimly lit room I watched as she unzipped and slipped out of her skirt. Joann also wasn't wearing panties, imagine that. As my ex-husband, Chip, unhooked and removed Joann's flimsy black bra her ample titties swung into view.

No one said a word as Joann seated herself comfortably on the large sofa. Then pointing at me and motioning with her finger the hatful female said, "Well it's about time. I have been waiting all evening to enjoy that talented tongue of yours, bitch." As I crawled towards her, Joann's eyes said everything. Her piecing stare drilled right to the very depth of my female soul. Everything about her said, "Barb, your nothing but a cunt sucking piece of whore meat". Joann knew it. And I knew it. But worst of all, she knew; that I knew, that she knew. Got all that?

After I was in position between Joann's long, firm and shapely legs I lowered my mouth to her bald pussy. Slowly I began to lick and kiss the entire length of her juicy slit. Joann's passion was already oblivious as her pussy lips began to gap open. As I continued to lick I could hear soft panting sounds coming from the direction I had left Cindy.

When I dared to glance that way I saw the reason why. Dave had his large stiff manhood stuffed down Cindy's throat as Chip nursed on one of her teeny tiny titties. Then looking back into Joann's evil eyes I quickly continued the pleasure that my hot tongue was giving her. My tongue found her female opening and I began to fuck it with my small dick of a tongue.

By now the fire in my own belly was burning almost out of control. Joann began to lift and rotate her hips right into my willing face. Ever so slowly I French kissed my way to her clit and started flicking it with my wet tongue. As I stared deep into Joann's strong eyes I saw Roger begin to work on one of Joann's large nipples. Her hands reached down to force my head and mouth harder on to her clit. She began to emit soft purring sounds as I worked my tongue back and forth across her swollen clit. My own lust was beyond endurance and I reached a hand down to play with my own pussy.

Chip must have been watching me closely, because he immediately said, "No you don't Barb, put your arms behind your back." Which, I reluctantly did.

As Joann's ecstasy built she began to clench her strong thighs about my head, then when the shock wave of lust had passed she would relax. And, there was always that little smirky grin on Joann's face that told me with out words exactly what she thought of me.

Once again, I felt strong male hands on my upper arms pulling me back from a dipping cunt. It was hard for me to see, but I think it was Dave who took the next turn using my mouth.

Anyway, I hadn't completely regained my balance from being unceremoniously pulled from Joann's yearning pussy than there was a stiff cock rammed half way down my throat. I swallowed all that I could and began to piston my head up and down on the long thick rod.

Now and then the male, whichever one it was, would pull the cock from hungry sucking mouth and rub it all about my face. Leaving pre-cum smeared all over my flushed cheeks. Then he would allow me to lick up and down the yummy staff. I tried to pay as much attention to the cock head as I could. I'd lick my wet tongue about in a swirling motion. Then I would kiss and lick my way down to his nut sack and back.

The fire between my legs grew hotter and hotter as the male began to fuck my face just as if it were a pussy. I hardly had to move my head at all as he continued to stroke deeply in and out of my mouth. I reached once again to play with his nut bag but again Chip intervened saying, "What did I tell you about your arms bitch?" Instantly I locked my hands together behind my back. Every now then the male would stop his fucking motion and allow me to pay homage to just the tip of his swollen and rock hard cock. The juices that began to seep down my inner thighs attested to how much I adored this treatment.

Before the first male could cum another replaced him. As they made the switch I was able to get a glimpse and knew that my new partner was Tony. Tony had one of the largest cocks I had ever seen. It was at least nine inches long and two inches thick.

It was all I could do to swallow this monster. The sounds that now filled the room told me that the "party" was in full swing. I sucked Tony's stiff dick with all the skill and zeal that I could muster. He basically used his hands on the back of my head to control my tempo.

From time to time, I felt a female finger probing my slit. Once or twice, the finger slipped deep into my ass. Was it Joann? I knew it was! My naked body involuntarily quivered in anticipation. Tony now pulled my head off from his long, thick tool and allowed me ply my talented tongue up and down the length of his powerful tool. At every opportunity I would tease, lick and suck just the head of his throbbing dick. Then I licked my way down to suck, lick and kiss his sack. My body trembled with desire as I continued to minister to Tony's huge cock.

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