My First Lovers, Mother, Daughter

byTawny T©

"I don't know why I said that, but it does look delicious. Would you mind if I touched it with my tongue" I said my heart in my mouth. She didn't say a word, but shook her head slowly. I leaned forward a little, slid my tongue out, and put it against her pussy. I pressed it inward and it slipped into her vagina. She gasped and I pushed it further into her center. She tasted salty and delicious. I licked softly, then slid my pointed tongue back into her.

I pressed my lips against her pussy and sucked gently. Her sweet juices filled my mouth. I slid my tongue in and out slowly. She groaned above me and I moved my hand upward and rubbed her small clit slowly. Her hand covered my hand, pressing down on it. I sucked and slid my tongue into my first pussy. I loved it. Her thighs spread wide. She tasted so wonderful. It didn't take long for me to bring her to a moaning, sobbing climax.

I couldn't get enough of her sweet pussy. . I continued to lick, suck, and tongue fuck her while I rolled her small clit around and around. She went from one climax to another. Her hips thrust up against my mouth, and her hands pressed my face hard against her hot juicy pussy. Her pussy seemed to turn to liquid, her juices flowed out into my eager lips. My face was covered with her sweet pussy juice.

I don't know how many times she came, but finally she pushed me away, rolled to the side and crossed her legs. I moved up beside her and cuddled against her, kissing her cheek. I stroked her breasts and smooth hot skin. She was damp, her body had a sheen to it. I went to the bathroom and got a towel and wet wash rag. and wiped her down, then bathed her face with the cool cloth.

She looked up at me and smiled weakly. "That was a climax, wasn't it?"

"Honey, that was a whole bunch of climaxes. I lost count of how many you had. You just went from one to the next. I couldn't stop kissing and licking you, and didn't want to. You have an absolutely delicious pussy. You were so juicy. It just seemed to flow and flow." I said looking down at her.

"How does it actually taste?" She asked. I bent down and kissed her lips, pressing my lips against hers rather hard. She slid her tongue out and licked my lips. I backed off slightly. She grinned. "Oh, like that. Not bad, kind of salty. I never tasted my pussy juice before. You really like kissing me there? Really? Honest?"

"You were delicious. You are the first girl I've ever kissed there. I've tasted my own juices lots of times. Mine tastes about the same. Yes, I really liked sucking and licking you. Does that surprise you? It surprised me. I thought about it, but never thought I would do it to you. I'm glad it did though." I said kissing her again.

This time I slid my tongue into her mouth. Her lips parted and she sucked on my tongue. Her own tongue fenced with mine. She reached out and caught my breast and squeezed it softly. I did the same to her. Her hand moved down my body and found my pussy. She cupped my mound and her finger gently pressed inward and slid between my wet pussy lips. I moaned as she slid it deeper till it slid up inside me.

I pressed my mound against her hand. She slid it in and out then pulled it out. She put her finger into her mouth. "I like it. I want to taste your pussy, like you did me." She said kissing me.

I didn't object. I don't think I could have, if my life depended on it. She kissed her way down my body. She sucked my breasts then kissed and licked her way down to my pussy. I spread my thighs for her. She kissed my thighs a little, looking up at me with a teasing smile. She parted my pussy lips and still looking up at me, slid her tongue out. She bent and I cried out as her tongue probed my inner lips. I lifted my hips a little and her tongue slid into my center. God, it felt good. Her head dropped and her hot, wet lips covered my spread pussy. It felt fantastic. She slid her tongue in and out, wiggling it around. Her lips sucked and I came from the intense pleasure.

No one had ever kissed my pussy. I had always wondered what it would feel like. It was almost beyond description. She kept her lips plastered to my pussy while my hips jerked and thrust. She wasn't touching my clit, but she didn't have to, I came and came. Her tongue bored and thrust inside me. Her lips sucked and sucked. Finally I pushed her head away before I fainted. She slid up and kissed me, holding me close to her.

"You tasted wonderful. I see why you liked to kiss my pussy. Your pussy was very juicy. I liked your pussy juice too." She said kissing me softly. "Does that make us Lesbians? If it does, I don't care. I liked kissing you and making you 'cum'. Feeling you climax, and knowing I was responsible for it was so wonderful. It made me feel good all over, down to my pussy. It tingled while you were 'cuming'. I almost came while you did. Did it make you feel like that?"

"It sure did! I thought I would climax too when you did. And no, I don't think it makes us Lesbians. There are people, or so I heard, who like it with both sexes. They call them "Bi" they think they have the best of both worlds. My Aunt said a friend of hers is "Bi". She didn't say it where Mom could hear it though. She didn't seem to think it was so bad."

"I'm glad. I want to make love to you lots more. It won't ruin our friendship will it?" She asked seriously.

"Not if I can help it. We both like to do it. We'll have to keep it our secret. My Mom would absolutely kill me if she found out. She'd kick me out of the house. I guess your mom doesn't object." I said kissing her.

"Obviously not. You said she looked in when I was between your thighs. I guess it would look like I was kissing your pussy. I'll have to bring it up casually some time." She said.

"Casually, yeah. 'Mom, is it OK if I go down on my female friends, and have you done it with other women?" I laughed. We giggled and rolled together on the bed. In my mind I though of Lori's soft thighs, and bare pussy lips and my mouth watered. I kissed her daughter, sliding my tongue into her sweet, hot mouth. We lay holding each other, kissing softly, hands stroking for a while.

We got up a little later, put on our PJ's and went down to the kitchen to eat a snack. Lori came down while we were there, still dressed, or undressed in her filmy negligee. It looked a little wrinkled this time. I couldn't keep my eyes off her gorgeous body. As she moved around the kitchen, her full rounded breasts would bob and sway. God, I was in lust, with my best friends' mom. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Jean didn't seem to notice.

If Lori noticed, she paid no attention. She did bend over a couple of times, and I could clearly see her pussy lips through her gown. She had obviously shaved them, for there was no pussy hair except in front, and it was shaped. I got several good looks at her lovely ass as she bent over.

My pussy got wet looking at her. She did catch me looking at her magnificent breasts several times. I couldn't help it. I could see her large aureoles and erect nipples. I swear they got erect after we came down to the kitchen, and the room wasn't cold at all. She made no mention of her birthday gift to Jean.

After we finished eating, she kissed us both lightly on the lips. When she leaned over to kiss me, I could see down her low cut gown again. I could clearly see her full breasts clear down to the nipples and see the brown crinkled circles of her aureoles. . That and her faint perfume made me dizzy. I had to sit there for a moment, I didn't trust my legs to carry me.

We went up and Jean locked the door again. We got in bed and got out the vibrators. We played with them again. This time I used the smallest one on her and carefully slid it into her pussy. I parted her inner lips with the fingers of one hand and aimed it at the small opening in her hymen. I pressed it against the opening. At the same time I had her use one of the other vibrators on her clit.

While she was climaxing, I pushed a little harder and it slid inside her. She said she didn't feel it. Next I tried the next larger one and did the same thing while she climaxed. There was a little bleeding but she said she never felt a thing. Now I could slide the largest vibrator inside her easily. She said it felt real good.

"Let my try something. I want to try the larger one in your pussy, and the smallest one in your ass. Think you'd like that?" I asked.

"Sure. Anything you want. I'm your sex toy. I've put my finger up my ass a couple of times, but it didn't do anything for me. The vibrator may be a different story though. It sure got me off before." She giggled.

I had her pull her thighs up toward her breasts and spread her thighs wide. I licked her sweet pussy and got it wet. I slid the smaller vibrator into her pussy to get it slick, then moved it back to her small perfect anus. I carefully pressed the tip against her little hole and told her to relax. I pushed gently. I watched fascinated as her sphincter relaxed and it slid into her small neat anus. I had it turned off. I slid the other one into her wet pussy with no trouble. I turned on the one in her pussy first, then the one in her ass.

She cried out as I began to slide them in and out alternating first one then the other. She began to sob and then moan as I worked them in and out. She came almost at once. Her body went wild threshing on the bed. I almost got hit with her flailing legs. I kept pumping as best I could. She came and came. Her cries filled the room. I hoped her mother couldn't hear her, or did I? I pumped them till she cried out for me to stop. I slid them out and turned them off. She was weak and panting. She was covered with a fine film of sweat. I held her and kissed her.

We kissed softly for a while. She said that it was unlike the other climax she had. It seemed to overload her senses. She didn't know her anus was so sensitive. We guessed it was the vibrators that did it.

After she had regained her strength, she wanted to do it to me. She took the vibrators in the bathroom and washed them both. I told her I wanted to kneel on the floor with my top on the bed. She got behind me and slid the smaller one into my pussy to get it slick. She pushed it against my anus and I relaxed and let it slip inside. I'd had my fingers in there lots of times and it slid in easily . It felt good as it slid deep inside my ass. She had put the raised dot sheath on the largest vibrator and slid it into my pussy. It felt good going in. I told her I was ready and she turned the one in my pussy on first then the one in my ass.

I almost went ape. The combined vibrations seemed to come from a thousand places at once. She did as I had done, and slid them alternating in and out of my two holes. I exploded almost at once. My body seemed to short circuit. I was one huge massive pussy, exploding at once. I screamed again and again against the mattress. She said that, even then, I filled the room with my cries of passion.

According to her I came six times before I grabbed her arm and pulled the vibrator out. She slid the one out of my ass and I collapsed on the floor. I was as weak as a kitten. She bathed my face with a cool wet cloth. It took at least fifteen minutes for me to recover. We went into the bathroom and cleaned the vibrators, and took a shower together. We playfully washed each other's pussies and rears, trying not to arouse each other. We were spent, totally spent.

We put the vibrators in their case, and she put it away in her drawer. We didn't even put on our PJ's, but got in bed wonderfully naked. I got behind her cuddling up to her back. I reached over and cupped her sweet breast. We went to sleep that way.

Well, Shirley, that was the end of my first time with sex. It was with a girl, and as you can tell, I really enjoyed it. We both did. But that's not the end of the story. There's more. The next morning started off with a bang.--

I awoke feeling wonderful. I floated up from sleep on my back. When I opened my eyes and remembered where I was, I realized that Jean was between my thighs with her face buried in my pussy, licking me.

"No fair!" I said. She looked up. "I have something I want us to try, and now is a perfect time. I've only heard of it. Move back a little."

She did, her face wet with my pussy juices. I turned around in the bed and moved down to her sweet pussy. I pulled her close. "This is called a 69, guess why?" I said as I pulled her hips to my face and buried my face into her sweet pussy. She put her face back between my thighs and her tongue slid back into my pussy. We wiggled our bodes together. It felt so wonderful to feel her whole soft, warm body against mine, and her lips against my pussy. I licked and sucked her as she did the same to me. We came again and again till we were both spent. We finally got out of bed and took a quick shower. We washed each others hair, slick bodies rubbing a lot. Dressed, we went down stairs. Lori was in the kitchen. She wore short shorts and a thin halter that barely contained her full breasts. Jean's father had already left for work.

"Did you two have a good night?" She asked with a wicked smile.

"We sure did, Mom. Thanks for the early birthday present. That was really neat. Is that from you and Dad?" Jean asked impishly.

"No, Love, just from your dear wicked Mom. Lets keep it that way, just between us girls. I had to buy my own vibrator when I was a girl. My mom didn't buy me one. I kept it well hidden, I thought. I didn't know that your grandmother found out I had it. She never said anything till years later. She told me that they didn't have them when she was a girl, or she would have certainly had one."

"Grams said that?" Jean asked astonished.

"Hey, girls are girls. Adam and Eve probably masturbated after they got kicked out of the Garden of Eden."

Lori moved around the kitchen making us breakfast. Her shorts rode up into her crotch and she never made any attempt to pull them down. I couldn't keep my eyes off of the very distinct line of her pussy. Her breasts threatened to fall out of her top too. God, she was sexy. I caught her smiling at me when she caught me staring at her pussy or breasts. My pussy got real wet.

"Does your mom object to you masturbating, Sara?" Lori asked as she stood close to me, just as she caught me looking at her breasts.

I was speechless for a moment. "Yes, Mam, she'd kill me." I managed to say. "She caught me when I was small and gave me a real whipping. Told me my hands would rot off if I kept it up."

"They didn't did they?" She laughed. "You didn't stop did you?"

"Mom, that's really personal." Jean protested.

"Oh, come on, you two were making enough noise last night to wake up the dead. Fortunately your father was dead to the world. I went to the bathroom and heard you two were having quite a good old time. I guess you liked the toys?"

I thought for a moment. We never were both making loud noises at the same time. We came at different times. She must have been listening for a while. There was a bathroom adjacent to their bedroom. Why use the one way down the hall?

"Yes, we liked the vibrators. Did you see those pictures in the instruction book? I couldn't believe some of them." Jean asked.

"Yeah, they were pretty explicit weren't they? " Lori laughed. She looked at me. "Did your mom's threats make you quit masturbating?"

"No, Mam, I didn't quit. I just got sneaky about it. I believed my hands would rot off for a while, but then I got over it." I said looking Lori in the eye.

"Good, it's healthy for you. Makes you skin glow. Keeps you away from boys. There is plenty of time for boys when you learn to be careful. With VD and AIDs around, my God! You don't know who to trust." She shook her head.

We ate breakfast and went up and made the bed. I was scheduled to stay over till the next night. Jean had an afternoon field hockey practice. She asked if I wanted to watch but, thinking of Lori, I begged off. She left after lunch.

Lori and I were alone. She still had on the shorts and halter. We were in the kitchen. "I saw you two through the window last night. I really didn't mean to spy, I just passed the window and looked in." She said.

"That's OK. You might have gotten the wrong impression." I said wanting to prolong the conversation. I was sitting on a stool, she walked around doing something, I couldn't have told you what, if my life depended on it. I watched her body as she moved, and practically drooled.

"Oh, how was that?" She asked, turning to look at me.

"Well, I got a glimpse of you while Jean had her head between my thighs. It must have looked like she was kissing my pussy."

"She wasn't? It sure looked like it." She smiled.

"No, I was showing her my clit. She said she didn't get much out of rubbing her clit and I showed her mine, and how I rubbed it." I said looking her straight in the eye.

"It was OK if she was kissing you there. I don't mind. Did you kiss her pussy?" She asked moving close. Her breasts strained the cloth. Her nipples were very evident.

I hesitated. "Yes, we both did. May I ask if you ever made it with a girl? You didn't get mad when it really looked like we had done it. My Mom would have gone ballistic." I said hoping I hadn't gone too far.

Lori laughed and leaned closer. Her subtle perfume enveloped me. "Yes, I have made it with a girl. That's why I didn't get too excited when I thought you two were making love. Many women, including myself enjoy both sexes. Don't tell Jean, or spread it around." Her barely clad breast touched my arm.

"No, Mam, I would never do that." I said my voice tight.

"Call me Lori, 'Mam' sounds so formal. You are such a lovely young woman. Are you a virgin? I'll bet you and Jean both are. Am I right?" She asked putting her hand on my arm.

The hairs on my arm rose up as I got goosebumps. She noticed and laughed and stroked my arm. "We are both virgins, technically that is. Neither of us has had a cock in us. Jean was a virgin till last night when I broke her hymen with the larger vibrator."

"Did you enjoy making love to her, to a girl?" She asked running her hand back and forth over my arm. The goose bumps were so large it must have felt like sandpaper.

I almost melted into my shoes. I was on fire. "Oh, God, yes, I loved it when she slipped her tongue in to my pussy, and licked my clit. It was the best when she and I did a 69 this morning. I really loved making love to her at the same time she was making love to me. We came and came. God, you are so beautiful and have the most fantastic body! I almost came last night just looking at you. You are driving me crazy!" I burst out. She had me so hot I was almost crazy.

She leaned closer and kissed me very, very softly. Her tongue slid out and brushed my lips. My knees got weak, and if I had been standing, I would have fallen down. I kissed her back, slipping my tongue into her mouth. Her hands reached back and in one swift movement unfastened her top. It fell off. Her breasts were magnificent. She pulled me close against her. Her full breasts pressed against mine. Her hands went under my shirt and found my bra catch. She unfastened it.

We moved apart, and she slipped it and my blouse over my head in one motion, then pulled me against her quickly. Her breasts were incredibly hot and so firm. Her hard nipples pressed into my flesh. My own nipples were hard as could be. I knew she could feel them pressing against her. We kissed and her hands moved down to pull my hips against hers. I could feel her pelvic bone against my pubic mound. Her stomach was hard and flat. Her tongue was fantastic in my mouth. It darted and probed, setting me on fire. I imagined it in my pussy.

"God! You're killing me." I moaned pulling back a little. Her eyes were almost blazing. "I want your tongue in my pussy. Please, Lori, oh, please."

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