tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy First Nude Beach Visit

My First Nude Beach Visit


After my first experience with hanging out naked at home, "The Discovery", I wanted to explore being nude in other places. I had done some research and found that there was a nude beach not too far from my house. Turns out this beach was only a half hour away, and had "unofficial" status as a nude beach, which means that it wasn't recognized as a nude beach by city officials, but was commonly accepted as a place that locals went when they wanted to sunbathe without clothing.

So after finding out the details of this beach, I thought I'd head down there the next day. I had just had my first experience with being nude casually at home, so I was a little nervous as I was moving a little quickly into this world of nudism.

I had just heard my parents come home just as I was shutting down the computer, I had dressed by now so I made my way downstairs to greet them. My mom was in the kitchen when I walked in.

"Hey sweetheart, how was your day?" said my mom Jennifer as she came over to give me a hug.

"It was pretty good. Just mostly watching TV and spending some time outside tanning," I said. If only she knew what I was wearing to tan all day.

"You have a rough life kiddo," said mom as she went off to start on dinner.

My dad James walked into the kitchen and said, "So what's for dinner tonight?"

"I thought I'd make spaghetti," said mom.

"So have you had a chance to talk with your boss about the 3rd week in July for St. Martin?" said dad.

"Yeah, I've got the whole week off, so we're all set," said mom.

"You guys going to St. Martin again? Don't you ever get bored of that place?" I asked.

"Nope, never. We look forward to this trip every year and you know it. Maybe you'll come with us next year?" said my dad.

"No thanks. I'd rather just stay home and hang out with my friends," I said.

My parents go on a trip to St. Martin every year by themselves. Thinking about it more, I knew that since they were off for 10 days to the Caribbean, I could spend as much time running around naked as I wanted. I wasn't sure why my parents always went to the same place for vacation, I always thought it was kinda weird. Later on I would find out the reason why.

We had a very peaceful evening and I never told them that night about my adventures that day, and what I had planned for tomorrow. When my mom asked what I had planned for tomorrow, I told them that I was going to spend the day at my friend Claire's house. That way I was covered if they called home to check up on me, as they so frequently did.

I went to sleep that night very excited and very nervous at the same time. I wanted so badly to try out the nude beach the next day, but I wasn't sure where I was going to get there or if I'd even get the nerves to go nude on the beach once I got there. Part of me figured that I would chicken out when I got there.

I woke up the next day very excited, I could hardly sleep most of the night with the anticipation of what the next day might bring. The minute my parents were out the door I bounded up out of bed and started to pack up for my "adventure". I had printed out directions the night before, and had written down a list of everything I wanted to bring with me to the beach that day.

I started getting things together when I realized that I was still dressed in my bed clothes. So I had to remedy that problem right away and I stripped out of my t-shirt and panties and went on with my packing naked.

Once I had gotten all my things together, I had to make the toughest decision of all. I had to decide what to wear to go to the beach. I had no clue what to wear to a nude beach, because I knew the minute I was there I wouldn't be wearing anything at all. I figured it would be safe to wear a bikini just in case I had trouble finding it and ended up on a non-nude beach. The difference is that I decided that was all I was going to wear. I had decided to wear one of the skimpiest bikinis that I owned. It was green but was nothing more than a string with a couple pieces of cloth attached. The back was a full back, I didn't have the nerve to wear my thong bikini, I'll save that for another day I decided. To top off the outfit I decided to just go barefoot. I prefer to not wear shoes when I can get away with it, and there's no better time to go barefoot then when you're on the beach.

Once I had put on my bikini, I packed the car up. It felt weird to being leaving the house just wearing my bikini, but none of the neighbors were home so there really wasn't much worry of being seen, not that I really cared at the time.

The drive to the beach was uneventful, I have tinted windows in my car, so being seen in just my bikini on the road didn't happen. I was really worried about finding the beach, but it turned out to be fairly easy to find. There were also a lot of cars there, so it was hard to miss.

Here came the moment of truth, at this point I was sitting in my car in the parking lot trying to get the nerve to get out of the car. Looking around me, there was lots of activity, but no one was naked. In fact the parking area was no different than any other beach that I've gone to before. I was starting to wonder if this was a nude beach after-all. There was only one way to find out, and that's when I opened the car door and got out. I started gathering my beach things and made my way to the cross over that went over the sand dunes.

I was following a couple of people that were dressed as plainly as anyone would be out in public. One a girl who looked like she was in her mid 20's wearing a simple pair of shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. Another was an older guy dressed in a tank top and a pair of swim trunks. I was really starting to think I was in the wrong place, cause I just didn't see how these two could be the nude beach types.

I followed them up and over the dunes to the beach. That's when I saw it. A beach absolutely full of nude people. I think my jaw hit the floor as I stood there just looking at the scene. It was not as I had imagined it all the way there. Everyone was nude, and it seemed so completely natural. Swimsuits looked almost out of place here.

That's when I noticed that same girl and guy I was following before were now both nude, as they had stripped off their clothes once they got back up to the beach.

That's when I noticed that a few of the people on the beach started staring at me as I was just standing there taking in the scene before me. I decided I better go find a spot to put my stuff down before they kicked me out of here.

I walked down the beach looking for a spot to put my stuff down. I wanted to find a spot not so close to others cause I was really nervous about taking my bikini off, and I wanted to get my nerves up.

Eventually I found a spot that suited me just fine. I put down my bag, pulled out my towel and spread it out on the sand so I could sit down. I looked around at my surroundings a little more. I was still at awe at all the nude people and how carefree these people seemed with their bodies. All the guys around me were fully nude, and most of the women were too. Some were wearing bottoms only, but not many. There were definitely a lot more guys here than girls, which scared me a bit.

As I sat there I realized I still had my suit on. I could feel the butterflies going crazy in my stomach as a pondered taking off my top. I looked around once more and said to myself, "The hell with it". I then reached behind my back and pulled lose my bikini top. I took it off and put it back in my beach bag convincing myself to not put it back on till I left for the day.

I finally was at least half naked at the beach. It was the first time I was nude (or at least semi-nude) in public and it felt amazing. I pulled out a book and lay down on my stomach to try and relax. It was hard since I was so nervous. But eventually, I was able to calm down and relax.

Eventually the exhibitionist in me started crying out for attention, so I got up and swam in the ocean for a little while. I was really nervous as I swam, cause I knew that I had to walk back up the beach to get to my towel. But surprisingly, I made it back to my towel without dieing. After I got back to my towel I was standing there drying off, and decided that I had enough of my bottoms. They were wet and soggy, and after being topless for the last hour or so, I was definitely ready to take the plunge and go fully nude.

So I threw down the towel I was drying off with, and hooked my thumbs in my bikini bottoms, and pulled them off. I put them with my top with the idea that I wouldn't put them back on till I had to.

Once I had my bottoms off, I took a look around and noticed something really odd. No one at all noticed that I was now naked. I was completely nude in public for the first time, and no one seemed to notice. I just felt so free, I never felt like going home.

So now that I had taken the plunge, I thought it was time I go for a nice relaxing walk and enjoy being nude to the fullest. So I left my towel and headed down the beach enjoying the feeling of the ocean breeze all over my body, the sand in between my toes, and the sun warming parts of my body not usually exposed. The beach looked be very long from the "you may encounter nude sunbathers beyond this point" sign, it appeared to stretch on for miles.

I had been walking for about 10 minutes when I thought I had heard my name called. The idea that someone had recognized me freaked me out and I turned and jumped out of my skin when I noticed my best friend Claire running up to me as nude as I was.

"Oh my god Jess, what are you doing here?" she asked.

"You scared me half to death. I thought it might be someone from school who was going to embarrass me by telling everyone I come here," I said.

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me because as you can see, I like to run around naked as well!" Claire giggled. "So is this your first time here?" Claire asked.

"How'd you guess?" I replied.

"Well, your lack of tan lines are a dead give away," she said.

Claire was right, even though I had spent most of the day beforehand in the sun naked sunbathing, my breasts and butt were still very white. That's when I noticed Claire's lack of tan lines. I had always noticed Claire's great tan all the time, but looking at her naked standing there, I had to admit her body looked amazing. She had the best golden tan all over her body, so it was obvious she spent a lot of time out here.

"By the looks of you I guess you spent a lot of time here," I said.

"Oh gosh yes. I spend about as much time here as I can," Claire said. "My whole family are nudists, so we spend a lot of time out here and at the nudist club over near Tampa," she said.

"Wow, I wish I was that lucky. If my parents found out I was here, I think I'd be grounded for life," I said.

"Well your welcome at my house anytime you want. You can dress however you like. I'm so glad I found someone else that shares my passion for being naked as I do," Claire said.

The thought of being able to spend time here and at Claire's naked really excited me. Now I wouldn't have to spend all my naked time alone.

"So you want to go for a walk?" I asked Claire.

"Sure, lets go," she replied.

So off for a walk Claire and I went. Both completely naked, feeling totally uninhibited and so free. We went up and down the beach all day enjoying the sun and breeze on our bodies. We had lunch, and spent the rest of the day together enjoying the feeling of being nude. I was so sad to see 4PM come, cause that's when I knew I had to head home to beat my parents home. Claire and I gathered our stuff together and without our swimsuits walked up the beach to the cross over point back to the parking lot. Once we got there, seeing as there were not very many people around anymore, we just decided to walk to our cars naked.

On the bridge to the parking lot, it felt so naughty to be still naked. We got to the parking lot and there were a few people packing up their cars for the ride home, the only difference was that we were the only ones still naked. We got some weird stares as we walked around the parking lot packing up our cars. Claire even dared me to drive home naked since my car had tinted windows. I told her I wasn't ready for that quite yet. So we both got dressed said our goodbyes and headed home.

I made it home that night before my parents got home, and they were none the wiser. I really wanted to tell my parents about my adventure, especially after I heard about Claire's family. But I decided against it, and after a long talk with Claire later that night, we decided to hang out at her place tomorrow.

Only two days into my new nude life, and I had been to my first nude beach, and I found out my best friend was a nudist as well. All in all, it was probably the best day of my life up until that point.

Little did I know what tomorrow would bring...

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Where is the beach you visited ?

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