tagBDSMMy First Sex Party

My First Sex Party


James and I had been talking online for months. We shared each other's deepest desires and fears, we knew each other more intimately than we could have even if we had met in person. But that meeting was about to take place. We were to meet in a sex club, somewhere I had only pictured in my darkest fantasies. He mentally prepared me for what I would witness entering the club, but he wanted me to enter first. He wanted me there, afraid and aroused, when he appeared.

So I obeyed. The door man found my name easily, James had made his arrangements well. I was directed down a long, dark hallway, the light from flickering candles setting a mood of secrets and lust. When I pushed aside the heavy curtain at the end of the hall, my senses were filled. It smelled of musky incense mixed heavily with sex. Chamber music filled my ears, classy with a burlesque feel to it. I felt the warm air wrap my skin like a blanket. The lights were dim, but clear enough to see what I guessed were about 30 people scattered throughout the large room. There was one bed, an overly large four poster with sheer curtains pulled back and a deep, blood red comforter, pillows scattered over its surface. There were large, soft couches and oversized ottomans. The heavily curtained walls were pulled back in places to expose chains and shackles, some of which were adorned by women of all sizes, in all states of punishment and ecstasy.

I found a seat on a couch in the corner, and observed while I waited for James. I saw dominance and submission all around me. I saw men and women whipping and spanking their lovers. I saw bondage. I saw fucking, lots and lots of fucking. I saw threesomes and group orgies. I saw several people, men and women, sitting alone and masturbating, both casually and furiously while they watched. Warmth started to spread through me like fire as I felt myself become aroused, and I pressed my thighs together, squeezing my muscles as I repressed the urge to touch myself. James would not be pleased to find me masturbating without his permission.

I was enthralled in watching a woman forced to cum for what felt like hours when a hand slowly trailed a twisting line up my back. Goose bumps spread across my skin as the hand reached into my thick brown hair and pulled, forcing my face upward and into the smiling face of James. My smile matched his instantly as his mouth claimed me, kissing me deeply. His tongue explored my mouth as my hands reached up to feel him, ensuring that it wasn't all a beautiful dream. His mouth moved to my ear, his breath hot against my skin as he whispered, "Is my slut enjoying the scenery?"

"Oh yes," I breathed the words, my body trembling as he licked and nibbled on my ear.

"Tell me which scene interests you the most." He loved to challenge me, force me to say things that he knew lay deep inside of me.

I pointed to a woman being fucked in a sex swing, her arms tied high above herself and her legs locked in a spreader bar. Another man stood at her head, pinching and twisting at her nipples while a woman stood at her side, rubbing her clit quickly and firmly. Yet another man was beneath her, his fingers pistoning in and out of her used asshole. She was screaming with the force of her orgasms, the huge amount of stimulation clearly overwhelming her small frame. "I like that one," I said with an eager smile, a hint of embarrassment showing in my eyes.

He smiled down at me after taking in the scene. "Well, that's not too much different than what I had in mind, actually." I could hear the humor in his voice. He knew I had never done anything like this before, and I knew he was eager to see my reaction to being brought to new levels. He lowered himself to my eye level and kissed me again, passionately, owning me as he pulled me to my feet. "Let's show everyone that beautiful curvy body of yours." He lifted my black slip dress above my head, his hands lingering on my skin as he passed my hips, my waist, my ribs. As he reached my wrists, he held them up in the air for a moment, standing back to admire my form.

A black lace bra contained my ample tits, pressing them up and together in an inviting crease of soft flesh. My round ass was framed by a matching pair of black lace booty shorts, the thin fabric clinging to my moist lips. He walked behind me, moving my arms behind my back, and proceeded to walk me around the room. I felt eyes hungrily moving over my body as I was led throughout the large room, my eyes downturned and chest out. After a full lap around the area, he gently sat me down on one of the oversized ottomans, and removed my bra without haste. As I sat, now wearing only the panties, he ordered me to lie down.

Once on my back, he pulled my arms tightly to the corners of the platform I now laid upon, and bound them tightly with strong rope. He pulled hard, ensuring that I could not struggle. He pulled my legs up and spread them, binding my knees far apart, the rope connecting them running under the large ottoman. My ankles were then tied down, to the legs of the ottoman, so that my legs formed the shape of a capital "M," with my now throbbing cunt as the inner valley.

He stood above me, clearly pleased with his work, before kissing me again, his hand roughly grasping my tit. When he broke away, he smiled, and I saw a length of silk emerge from the floor beside us. He blindfolded me, ensuring that my hair spilled over the silk so that he could grip it later. As I lay there, bound, blindfolded, and helpless, he heard him walk away. There were murmurs and whispers all around us as he discussed my predicament with other party goers. I heard laughs and whispers as I strained to hold still, not wanting to embarrass James in front of his friends. My breath was heavy and I could feel the weight of my tits moving with every breath. The warm air felt cold against the thin, wet fabric of my panties.

Suddenly I felt a sharp slap against my cunt, the surprise of the sting forcing me to gasp and cry out. I shied away from the pain for only a second before pressing my hips toward the air, hungry for another touch. A stranger's voice commented, "Excellent reaction. She is eager," while my James hummed his approval and agreement. I heard a woman giggle at my wanton body language as the desire built inside of me, my mouth open in a hungry gape. I felt fingers trailing up my thighs, barely reaching the edge of my lips as I moaned and pressed into them.

"How is my slut doing?" I head James ask.

"Your slut is eager to be used, James," I replied, my voice heavy and dark.

"Then we should begin," I heard the smile on his voice and knew he was eager as well. Cold steel pressed against my knee and slowly teased its way up my thigh, toward the hip of my panties. I heard the sound of scissors opening around the fabric, and the forceful pressure as they cut. The scissors then found their way to my tit, pressing the coolness against my tight nipple before trailing down my stomach, and again cutting through my panties. They were roughly pulled from me by unknown hands as I lay there, open.

Again I was forced to wait in anticipation. I could feel the eyes on me like fingers as I laid there, my dripping cunt exposed to anyone who felt the need to look. Without warning, two fingers were firmly pressed inside of my wet and hungry cunt. I moaned loudly as they opened and closed, testing my walls, stretching me. I felt myself open, desperate to take the fingers deeper inside of me, and quickly they were thrusting in and out, building my passion. James whispered in my ear, "I know you love those fingers, slut. You don't even know who they belong to, do you?" He chuckled, the sound vibrating my ear drum, before his voice became strict again. "Don't you dare cum. No matter what they give to you, no matter what they say, my slut doesn't cum until I tell her to."

"Yes, Sir!" I moaned the words as the fingers continued to fuck me, pushing in and pulling out, imbibing me with pleasure and pulling from me passionate sounds. Just as I felt my muscles begin to tense in anticipation of orgasm, the fingers were pulled from me, leaving my cunt hungry and throbbing. Soon I felt someone pinching my right nipple, then a mouth on my left, pulling and biting. Someone kissed me, the softness of the lips made me believe it was a woman, but I couldn't be sure as she didn't press to deeply. She had a tongue piercing, and I felt the barbell press against my tongue as I reached for her.

As my mouth and tits were kissed, licked, and pinched, I felt a hand begin to rub my clit. Beneath the silk, my eyes began to roll back as I surrendered myself to the sensations. My open right hand was filled with a rock hard cock, and I gripped it as the man wielding it began to thrust in and out of my fist. Lowered onto my left hand was a shaved pussy, and the woman above it began to grind as I worked my fingers inside of her. The mouth kissing me abruptly pulled away, and as I reached with my mouth, another cunt found its way to my face. I licked and sucked furiously, desperate to feel her orgasm rush over my face as my own was denied.

The hand continued to rub quickly and firmly on my clit, my hips bucking against the tightness of the ropes. I felt my orgasm building, and I doubled my efforts on the three people I was pleasing with my hands and mouth. The fire in my clit was almost unbearable as I worked to withhold the orgasm that built higher and higher. Finally the hand was pulled away, and I groaned in a mixture of frustration and relief. As I attempted to calm myself, still fucking the glorious cunt with my tongue, I heard a vibrator being turned on. I screamed out in fear, attempting to pull away. I knew I wouldn't be able to resist my orgasm for long with the vibe, and I was afraid of letting James down.

"Oh please," I screamed through the cunt on my face. "Please, I can't stand a vibrator if I can't cum! Please!" I heard James order the woman sitting above me to stand, and I felt his breath hot on my face, breathing in the scent of her.

"You will not cum, my slut. After you endure this last test, you will cum more times that you think you can tolerate, but not a second before. Failing me at this point is not an option." I grit my teeth and squeeze my eyes tight as the powerful vibrations reached my clit, sending me into an internal frenzy as I struggled to hold back, to savor the sensation rather than greedily taking the end product. I furiously gripped at the cock and pounded my fingers into the cunt at each hand as I felt a cock brush against my lips. I reached for it eagerly, finding it flaccid and malleable as I pulled it deep into my mouth. I eagerly sucked, working my tongue to swallow the soft head easily in my throat.

The burning in my clit grew as I focused on holding it there, feeling it turn to an ache that stretched up to my womb. I sucked and pulled feverishly on the cock as it grew in my mouth, my hands bringing my hidden lovers to orgasm. The cock in my hand spewed thick ribbons of seed all over my wrist and arm as the cunt in my other hand quivered and spasmed, soaking my hand in her gushing climax. I found myself furious with envy.

The cock grew in a way that mirrored my own threatening climax. As my hands were emptied, my cunt swelled and throbbed with need. I moaned against the cock in my mouth as it grew to immense proportions, and I felt the man owning my throat grip my hair as he fucked my face with abandon. I pulled and twisted against my tight bonds as I felt myself losing control, screaming between every thrust of his rod. He buried himself deep inside of me, cutting off my air. As stars began to swim before my eyes, I knew I couldn't hold back another second.

"Stop." I heard James speak the order in a calm voice that commanded obedience as the vibrator left me. The cock was pulled from my throat as I gasped for breath, my body covered in a layer of sweat. Tears and spit ran freely from my face as I gagged on precious air, yet even all of this could not distract me from the fiery demands in my cunt.

I screamed as I begged, my voice hoarse and pathetic. "PLEASE! Oh god PLEASE let me cum! Please fuck my cunt!" I heard laughter all around me, and their humor only made me more desperate as I begged and pleaded for release.

"Very well, my little slut. You have behaved beautifully, and you have earned every orgasm coming to you. You will cum on my cock, and mine alone." I began sobbing in earnest at the words falling from his mouth, thanking James over and over until finally his cock filled me. He pressed into me slowly, but when he pulled back he eagerly gave me what I so desperately needed. He pounded my cunt without mercy and the climax was instant, my muscles gripping and spasming, my body flopping against the ropes like a fish struggling to find water again. I screamed out in tongues as the orgasm ripped through my body, tearing me in half.

James continued to fuck me hard and fast, pounding into me as I began to bear down on my muscles, a gush of juice spilling from my ravaged cunt. I felt the ropes digging into my skin as I pulled at them, the fibers leaving red marks in my flesh. My mind was completely blank as I came again and again, stars floating before my eyes. I didn't hear the murmurs of approval, nor did I hear James warning people away from touching me. I would learn later that he had to warn several men and women away from me, wanting my orgasm all for himself. At that point, though, I couldn't feel anything aside from the ropes digging into my skin and the cock pulling more and more passion from me.

I came over and over, each one stronger than the last until finally my body was limp and soaked. The only muscles still reacting were my cunt muscles, still milking his cock desperately as he gripped my thighs with his strong hands. I felt him lean down on top of me, claiming me as his own in the protective posture that can only be truly displayed with missionary position, and he whispered once more in my ear, "Are you finished, or do you want some more?"

I was breathless, my voice light and airy with the high that comes from being so wonderfully used. "I can't, I can't take any more. Please cum for me." I heard him chuckle before wrapping his arms firmly around my open thighs and pounding me harder and faster than before. My body reacted violently at the renewed thrusting, and I felt myself cumming again, harder than ever, as I felt his cock swell and twitch inside of me. As he exploded deep into my womb, my muscles gripped and milked him for every drop, desperate to feel his climax, his passion, his ownership.

When he finished pumping me full of his seed, he fell on top of me, spent and sweating. He pulled the blindfold from my eyes as he peppered my neck and chest with kisses. I looked around me at the crowd that had gathered, my eyes searching the faces, wondering who I had pleasured, who had pleasured me. I quickly decided that it didn't matter, and I closed my eyes to enjoy the feel of James laying against me.

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