tagBDSMMy First Submission Ch. 01

My First Submission Ch. 01


You post my rules on the wall and call it the laws of the house. I obey like a submissive should. It's the first week of the submissive life and the rules take some getting used to. You make me sleep on the ground next to your bed. It's 5:55 A.M. This means I must engage in my first duty of the day.

"Wake Master up with Oral" is rule #7 on the wall. I crawl onto the bed and delicately remove your boxers from your body. You've taught me so far, how to give the best oral. I grasp the large cock and lick your shaft. The hard morning wood begins to get me wet and I yearn for this fine piece of cock inside of me.

I insert it in my mouth and thrust up and down with my mouth. I lick and suck the head of your penis and swallow a little bit of pre-cum. Lightly I grasp your balls and go downward. This is the moment I shall lightly suck on your balls. Each one for a moment each. You begin to wake up and start moaning slightly.

I thrust my mouth all over your cock and suck hard. You look down at me and start pushing my head deeper into your cock, until I am deep throating.

"Good slut, good slut," you encourage me.

I begin to gag, but you keep pushing my head deeper into your cock. In this moment, I am in complete bliss. For when I am serving you, I am happy because you are happy. You cum into my mouth and as rule #8 states, "You must always swallow, for my cum is gold to you." I swallow the cum and you quickly get out of bed and use the bathroom.

I crawl onto the ground and sit by the bed like a good submissive. The next part I was looking forward to. It would be the first morning I would get my round of floggings. You walk in with your tall stature and body and grab the wooden paddle by the doorway. You start smacking it up and down on your hand and speak with a loud voice.

"Slut, get on all fours in the center of the bed," he demands loudly.

I quickly get on the bed without making a noise and get on all fours, with my butt sticking out towards you. You slightly rub my butt with the wooden paddle.

"Slut, each spanking is to glorify your servitude. It represents our bond," you said.

You start off softly with the spankings and I can feel the burning begin. Then, with an aggressive thrust, you smack my butt with all of your energy. My body jolts forward absorbing each spanking. In between spankings, I yell out, "Thank you, Master." Over and over again, you spank me and I say thank you.

After thirty minutes of spankings, my ass is completely purple in pain. However, I get on my knees in front of you and put your cock in my mouth. You push my head into your cock and make me gag. Back and forward your cock is in my mouth and deeper into my throat, I gag again. You grab me by the hair and push me off of your cock.

"Don't you dare gag!" You yell loudly.

"I'm sorry master," I respond with full apology.

"You know the laws in this house," you respond.

You grab me by the hair and drag me into the next room. There are chains hanging from the ceiling and chains bolted into the floor. You chain my arms to the top chains and my legs to the chains on the floor.

"All day, you shall think of your mistake and stay chained in this position," you speak as you spread my legs far a part.

You walk over to the table in the room and grab a gag. You put the ball in my mouth and clasp it in the back. You grab my breasts with your hands and squeeze them tightly. You go to the table and get duct tape.

"Your boobs are nice and swollen. However, I'm going to tie them down with some duct tape as a punishment," you say slowly and start to wrap my breasts with duct tape.

You wrap my breasts so tight and leave the nipples exposed.

"See these nipples, they are sticking out for a reason," you speak with a sly voice.

You go over to your table of toys and grab some clothes pins. You lick my nipple for a second and get them nice and hard. Then, you forcefully put the clips on my nipples.

"You must have these clips on your nipples all day or you will be punished."

"Yes, Master."

You leave the room and lock the door. I am chained from head to toe. I stay in the chains for 3 hours and all of a sudden one of the clips falls off my nipple. An instant fear encompasses my entire body. "Master will whip me when he gets back," I think to myself. And my pussy begins to get wet because I am turned on by your forceful punishments and pain.

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