tagFirst TimeMy First Time

My First Time

byFoxee Browne©

I am fourty something, but the night I lost my virginity happened a long time ago and I will never forget it. The weird world of teen-age sex is something we all like not to think about, the fumbling, the guilt of 'doing it' and worrying about not getting caught are things we don't care to remember.

It was the eighties, before anyone had heard of AIDS and the only thing we worried about was getting pregnant. Ok the fashions of the eighties were a bit weird, I had the big hair, blonde with a young womans ripening body. I had a nice set of perky breasts and a round ass showcased by the very tight jeans all girls wore back then but as much I enjoyed making out I would not go 'all the way'. I did not want to be a slut or be called an easy lay.

The night I did lose my virginity started out like any other Friday night. My friends came over for a while and then we all went out. My parents were away for the night and my friends all decided to spend the night. Two of my girlfriends were there and their boyfriends stopped by, along with my own. We had been dating for almost two months and he was older than I and a lot more experienced. We had been cuddling on the couch while a movie played on the VCR, (remember it's the eighties) and things were getting hotter. We got up and went to my bedroom to make out. I was not planning on getting fucked but sometimes things just happen that way.

We went in the dark room and closed the door. His lips were upon my neck and those little spark feelings were shooting through me already. His hands were upon my hips and he was pressing his erection into my ass. The feeling was totally something new to me; usually he had only pressed his hard cock against my thigh. His tongue slid down my neck and unfamiliar feelings were arising within me. One of his hands slid around my waist pulling me even closer to him while the other slid up beneath my shirt. His hand was caressing me softly and slowly snaking upwards to my breasts. His fingers touched the underside of my breasts and rested there as if waiting for permission to continue. I had let him touch my breasts before but never under my bra. His hand went up and cupped the bra-covered breast while still kissing my neck. My breath was coming in little gasps now.

My body had a whole new set of sensations running through it tonight. I did not know it but when he had cupped my breast my back had arched thrusting my hips into his erect penis. I felt him suck in his breath while he was kissing my neck. His hands went to the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up to the tops of my breasts, but I was feeling bold and pulled it over my head to drop on the floor. I was standing there in my bra in front of my boyfriend, something I had never done before. He was totally still, had I done something wrong? Maybe I should not have taken my shirt off; it was something totally out of character for me.

I was so naïve that I had thought I had done something wrong when in fact he was so surprised and turned on by my bold move that he did not react right away. He pulled me back against him once more and kissed my bare shoulder. This time both of his hands rose to my breasts and caressed them gently. My nipples were very hard now and I wanted him to touch them so badly. My pussy had a strange tingling sensation within, but I did not know what it was, only that it felt good. He pulled one bra strap down my shoulder and slipped his hand inside of my bra. My body was jolted with a feeling that I had never dreamed existed. His other hand repeated the same action and now both of his hands were inside of my bra touching my bare breasts. I could not breath properly and I wanted that damn bra off, but if I asked him to remove it would he react as he did when I took my shirt off? I did not want him to stop what he was doing.

So I said nothing. My hips seemed to have a mind of their own and I did not know what I was doing to him. With each caress of my breast my hips moved side to side against his hard maleness. His hands stopped moving and he stood very still. He removed his hands from my breasts and I felt very disappointed. I don't know why I felt this way, but I did. He placed his hands upon my hips and turned me to face him. His face looked very intense in the dim moonlight and I wondered if I had dome something wrong. Once more I need not have worried, he was just very aroused not angry. He kissed me with a hardness I had not felt before and while it was exciting I was a little bit scared too. I did not want to stop, but maybe we should. But before I could stop his assault upon my lips, the kiss softened and my insides melted. I did not know it, but that was my first orgasm.

His hands were caressing my bare back and tugging on my bra. I felt it open. My eyes flew open in surprise and my hands flew up to catch my bra so it did not slide off. He pulled me close to him and continued kissing me gently and caressing my bare back. The feel of his touch made me relax against him and I let go of my bra letting it slide to the floor. I was scared but it felt right at the same time. He pulled his shirt over his head and our bare chests touched for the first time. Electric currents sizzled though me with the touch of his male chest hair touching my soft female breasts for the very first time. We looked into each other's eyes and with an unspoken consent we found the bed. I could still stop, I think. I really should stop right now but deep down inside I did not want to.

I let him kiss me again, his lips sliding over mine in slow gentle movements. He lifted his head to look at my bare breasts and my hands rose to cover them. "Please don't, I need to see and touch them." He said in a husky voice. Slowly I lowered my shaking hands to let him see my very naked breasts for the first time. His eyes trailed over my naked top half and his eyes had a very intense look in them. "You are very beautiful, may I touch you?" He asked. I nodded my head because there was no way my voice was going to work right now.

His hands gently touched me once more and my body responded with a mind of it's own. My hips arched upwards making my breasts heave upwards. His fingers trailed to the nipples touching them gently sending me to the point of no return. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations flowing through me. He lowered his head to my breasts while my eyes were closed and gently closed his mouth upon my very sensitive nipple. I gasped with surprise at this new sensation. I grabbed his head and pulled it even closer to my breast. He suckled me even harder when I did this. I moaned with pleasure and my hips were once more moving with a mind of their own.

I pressed my other trembling hand upon his chest and felt his very male muscled chest. The hair on his chest tickling my fingers with its crinkly and soft texture, I had never felt anything like it before. My hand trailed along until I found his nipple and I touched him just as he had touched me earlier, it must have felt good to him because his body jumped to my touch. That was an interesting reaction I thought, maybe some of the other things he had done to me would also pleasure him.

I felt him moving beside me, why was he moving like that? Before too long he had resumed his place beside me. His hand grabbed mine and pulled it down to his erect penis. I was not ready to touch it but his hand forced mine to his erect member. I now knew why he had been moving around. He was totally naked. My eyes flew to his with surprise once again. Never had we went this far before. He placed my trembling reluctant hand upon his hard but yet soft cock. I tried to pull my hand away but he held it firmly in his own hand. "Touch me." He commanded. Curiosity got the better of me and I slowly relaxed my hand and touched his erect cock.

"I don't know what to do." I told him.

"Just touch me, please, there is no wrong way to touch me." He said. So I did, I explored his cock with my hand. Touching the tip and sliding around the head to travel down his rigid veined cock. I slide my hand up and down slowly getting braver each time till I felt something wet against my hand. I pulled my hand away afraid he was going to cum on my hand. "It's ok, that's normal, it makes it feel better, please don't stop." He pleaded. I was not sure but he whispered "Please." I lowered my hand once more to touch him. As I did I felt his hand upon my pussy. He rubbed me gently through my jeans. My hand must have tightened a little bit because he pulled away from my hand.

His hand continued to touch me where no man had touched me before. He lowered his mouth to mine once more and kissed me. I returned his kiss and he slipped his tongue inside of my mouth. I did manage not to bite him, but I almost did. I didn't know how to french but decided to follow what he did. I slowly darted the tip of my tongue into his mouth. He moaned his pleasure at my attempt so it must have been right. We continued kissing and his hand went down to the waist of my jeans. I did not noticed what he was doing right away because I was concentrating on french kissing. His hand unbuttoned my jeans and slowly slid my zipper down.

His hand slid inside of my jeans and down over my pussy. My panties were wet now and he felt it. I was embarrassed by this and tried to squirm away from him. He pulled me closer to him and kissed me deeper. He pulled his hand from my pants and raised his head to bring his hand to his nose. He smelled his hand and looked at me and said "You smell so sweet, may I touch you there like you touched me, we can stop anytime you want to." I was afraid to let him but it felt so nice.

He sensed my fear, "I know this your first time and I promise not to do anything you do not want me to" he said. "You will enjoy it, I know it." He started to caress my breasts once more. "This feels nice doesn't it?" Oh yes it felt very nice. Then he lowered his head and kissed my breast "And this? That feels nice?" Yes it did feel very nice.

"You promise to stop if I ask?" Remember I was a naïve sixteen year old virgin with virtually no experience with sexual things. I was also on fire and a mass of raging hormones.

"Yes." He said

"Yes." I whispered the fear in my voice apparent.

His hands pulled the jeans from my body. My hands instinctively grabbed the waistband of my panties. He saw my reaction and my fear. He took my hands and removed them from my panties and kissed each one gently and placed them upon his broad shoulders. He then kissed me on the lips once more his soft lips sliding over mine and easing my fear. He stroked my almost naked body with his hands making small lazy circles upon my exposed flesh igniting fires within each small circle he made. My skin felt hot where he was touching me. His hand lowered to my pussy once more but I had clenched my thighs tightly together. This was not the thing to do because it made more of those funny feelings that I had earlier right before that first orgasm.

His hand trailed up and down my thighs easing the tension from them. Slowly I relaxed and his hand slipped between my legs and up to my wet panties. He slowly touched me giving me time to become accustomed to these new feelings arising within me. I had never felt anything like this in my entire life. His hand opened my legs even wider and trailed along the edge of my panties. He moved between my thighs now touching me with both of his hands through the thin wet material. One finger slipped under the edge of my panties touching my pubic hair. It was like a bolt of lightening hitting me, but I could not move away. I was hooked. With each caress the finger slipped further inside of my panties. His finger reached the center and touched the core of my womanhood. My body stiffened but I did not stop him. He removed his hand from inside of my panties and pulled them off of my body.

I was now totally nude before a man for the very first time, but I no longer felt shy. I was too aroused now and did not realize that I could no longer stop what was happening. I honestly did think if I had sat up and said we have to stop that is what would happen and perhaps that is why I did not stop yet. He was looking at most private parts that had never been seen by male eyes before and I found his reaction pleasing to me. He touched me gently opening my pussy to look inside. His touch and gaze were very exciting to me. I thought he was lowering his head to look closer so I lay my head back and waited for him to finish looking at me.

When his tongue licked my pussy for the first time I was shocked that he would do something like that. I knew about blowjobs but I did not know that men would do the same thing to a woman. I tried to squirm away from him but I could not because with each flick of his tongue I ended up moving closer to him. My hips were thrust up into his face now and I could feel new sensations ripping through my young ripe body. His tongue was sucking on my erect clit now and I was totally out of control, my juices ran out into his face my pussy lips expanding and contracting around his tongue as he licked me even quicker. He did not stop licking me either but continued and then I felt something totally foreign enter me. He had inserted his finger gently and slowly inside of me while licking and sucking on my pussy. I came again.

He moved his finger very slowly inside of me, just a little bit. Oh my god how could anything that felt like that be bad? His finger felt incredibly good inside of me but I was afraid to move. He pulled it out a little bit slowly and reinserted it once more. The sensation was more than I had ever imagined and there was no way I wanted to stop now. I moved my hips in time with his finger now and he quickened his pace. I wanted him to go faster and push harder into me so I thrust my hips upwards quicker and with more force. He obliged me by finger fucking me quickly but gently. I wanted more. I knew now that I no longer wanted to be a virgin. I needed to get fucked and right away.

There was no easy way to go about it except to just tell him. I reached down and pulled his finger from me. He looked so disappointed but he did not know what was to happen next did he? He thought I was going to tell him to stop. I brought his hand up to my mouth and placed the finger that has so recently been inside of me into my mouth. I licked the taste of myself from his hand and looked into his eyes. I did not need to say a word. He moved over me and placed his very erect engorged cock against my hot wet pussy, but did not enter me yet.

"Are you sure?" He asked me. I did not answer his with words just raised my hips against him. "It will hurt for a minute, I am sorry to hurt you." He slowly inserted his cock inside stretching my pussy wide. I did not feel pain I just felt very full; little did I know that the pain was yet to come. I tried to push him further inside but he would not let me. Soon I felt his cock hit my hymen. He pulled out some and slowly fucked me without entering me fully. I came again making his job easier. Then I felt the pain he had mentioned as he tore through my virginal barrier. I felt like something had ripped into my insides with a hot poker, but it did not last. He sat very still letting me become accustomed to his cock inside of me. I thought, "Is that it?" but never said so.

After a minute he started to gently move within me once more. O god I wanted more so I started to move in time with him. I no longer felt the pain; I did however feel stretched and full. The friction of his cock inside of me made me lose all thought. I could feel something rising deep within me and I just let it go. Soon all of the muscles in my body stiffened and I let out a cry of pleasure as wave after wave crested through me. I felt him stiffen over me and his cock seemed to surge within me. He came deep inside of me flooding my no longer virgin pussy with his white-hot cum. He slumped on top of me and pulled me close and rolled to his side still buried deep within me. We lay like that for a long time not saying anything. His cock was now soft and it slipped from my sticky pussy.

He pulled from me and said "Don't move." So I did not. He went into my bathroom and came back with a warm washcloth and towel. He washed my virginal blood from me with tenderness. Then he went back to the bathroom and washed himself. He climbed back into the bed with me and we slept naked together that night.

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