tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Formative Sexual Years Ch. 04

My Formative Sexual Years Ch. 04


I meet Stephen, my Svengali.

This is an unusual tale. It's unbelievably, broadly true, but embellished here and there, for obvious reasons. It sort of runs alongside my main story on here, "The Sexual Bio" job, but it goes further and deeper into my early days.

In some ways there is a serious side to this. There is an aspect of my writing that is set apart from gaining and giving sexual pleasure, which I get from writing and hope you gain from reading me!

I think I am complicated. I don't understand what I am and what makes me what I am. I don't know why I have such views and beliefs with regard to morals or, more to the point lack of and I can't understand why I continually feel able to test the boundaries of my sexual feelings and sexuality.

Writing helps me try to find answers to these questions. On the other hand I might just be a spoiled bitch that likes being fucked. Who knows?


Chapter 1

You suddenly walked back into my bedroom. You were naked and half erect. I didn't think, it just came out naturally.

"I am sorry Stephen."

You smiled.

"Good that's excellent, fine well done both of you."

Clive and I looked at each other and smiled; it was like being congratulated by the headmaster, I thought nearly smiling. Clive stood up beside you.

"Take your towel off." You told him.

He obeyed immediately. He was fully erect.

"Mmmmm," you said looking at his erection. "You two have been busy haven't you?"

"No not at all," Clive said.

"So why the fuck have you got this?" You said reaching out and taking hold of Clive's cock.

"Ooooo," I heard slip from my mouth.

I had never seen a guy touch another bloke's cock before. It excited me.

"Just telling Sammi about being a sex slave, Steve," Clive said, making no effort I noticed to extricate his erection from your grip. I also noticed you made no move to take your hand away as he went on. "You know how exciting I find that idea?"

"Yes I do," you replied, moving closer to Clive until your half erection was almost touching his fully stirred manhood. "And you Sammi"?

"What Stephen?"

"Did you find it exciting our idea of you being our sex slave?"

Our idea? Our sex slave? This had all been planned I realised, you were in it 'up to your ears', it hadn't just happened as naïve little me had thought.

"Yes Stephen," I answered truthfully.

"And from what I just heard," you said, turning and looking right into my eyes as you cupped Clive's balls in one hand and stroked his length with your other "You like watching one man touch another's cock."

I didn't reply at first, but when I heard Clive cough, I realised that in my new role I had to otherwise the punishment would be, as he had put, "as swift as it will be painful."

"Yes, yes I do, but I have never seen it before."

"Do you want to see more now?"

Everything was arousing me. I was excited to a new level. I was experiencing new things, I was learning, I was being educated in extreme sexual practices and, I realised, I was enjoying every fucking moment of it, as, at the same time, I felt as scared as hell.

"Well do you?"

"Yes, yes please," I whimpered.

I could hardly believe what I heard next. I shook my head to make sure I had heard correctly, but what I saw told me I had heard correctly. Slowly Clive knelt, he took your, now, nearly hard cock in his hand, and he brought his mouth towards it as, at the same time, he pulled your dick straight. I knew then that I had heard you say.

"Suck my cock Clive."

I suppose my inventory of amazingly erotic sights is rather small, although this afternoon it had increased significantly. But seeing Clive take you into his mouth was the most arousing action I had ever witnessed.

It didn't last long. I guess you didn't want to cum, it was more for me, I thought than either of you. I watched, fascinated, him take hold of you, gently, almost reverently, stroke you, and then magically excitingly kiss the very tip of your cock. He licked it, he kissed it and he sucked all the way down it before taking it into his widely open mouth. Again I was learning for, other than the rather uncomfortable 'upside down gobble' I had given Clive this afternoon, I had no experience whatsoever of giving blow jobs.

"Ok?" you said looking over at me "Now do what I want."

I panicked for I didn't know. Thankfully I caught Clive's eye and saw that with his spare hand he was waving that from side to side, without you seeing. I got it.

"Yes Clive, of course," I said softly as I opened my legs wide.

"Mmmmm that's what I wanted to see. What is it?"

It was much easier now.

"My cunt Stephen, you wanted to see my cunt."

"Yes Sam I did," you said suddenly moving away from Clive pulling your erection from his mouth and walking over to kneel between my opened knees. "Lay back on the bed."

I did.

"You have a lovely cunt Sammi, a beautiful cunt."

"Thank you Stephen."

By now the naked Clive had also moved over to me. He laid beside me his hands finding my breasts.

"Close your eyes, lovely," he murmured as I had that lovely experience of his mouth on my nipples and his hard cock pressed against me. "Now sit up, shuffle your little bum a bit, get it nearer the edge of the bed and open your legs wide," he ordered. I did as I was told, willingly, I realised. I looked down at where you were kneeling gazing at me, between my legs, right at my pussy. I felt such a surge of excitement at the look of sheer pleasure, almost adoration on your face as I realised it was the sight of my pussy that was doing that. I couldn't understand that. Like most girls, I often use a mirror to look at myself down there and I can't see what men find attractive. I can see why they like tits, and legs, nipples and the curves of a girl's bum, but her pussy?

I closed my eyes and then felt something on them.

"What's that?" I asked panicking a little and opening my eyes.

"Shush, don't fret."

"What are you doing?" I asked, deep down.

"We're blindfolding you."


"You'll see when it's on."

I felt him tie that strip of material I had seen earlier round my head, covering my eyes.

"Ouch Clive, that's bloody tight, it hurts." I said putting my hands up to the blindfold. All I got by way of reply was a growl from Clive.

"Leave it alone, you'll get used to it." As it turned out he was right, indicating to me that he had done this sort of thing before.

I was now sitting up straight, my legs dangling over the side of the bed, my feet on the floor, my thighs widely spread. Clive was behind me also on the bed, you were kneeling on the floor. I felt your hands on my upper thighs, on their tops; you were easing them even further apart.

"Your cunt looks lovely Sammi," I heard you whisper as I felt Clive taking hold of my arms. Without him saying anything I felt something, a rope maybe, go round my wrists. "Fuck they're tying me up," I thought, wondering what the hell this was going to bring about but strangely not feeling that disturbed. After all, I suppose I must have registered, slaves get tied up don't they?

Although Clive was right and the blindfold did stop hurting, he had tied the rope round my wrists also very tightly and the pain from that replaced that on my eyes. I didn't struggle when Clive pulled my arms behind me and tightened the rope, but I did when I felt him wind it round my body several times obviously tying knots after each loop. It went round my waist and was tied at the back, then just between my boobs and again tied at the back. He then ran it over reach shoulder and passed it through the loop beneath my boobs. I felt totally restrained. I couldn't move my arms and the rope rubbed roughly, but not painfully all over my upper body.

"You really are ours to do with as we wish now aren't you?" You asked.

I didn't think that needed a reply. Your fingernails digging into my inner thigh told me I was wrong.

"Yes Stephen I am."

"You wait until later when we tie your legs as well and then tie you to the fucking bed, that'll scare the fuck out of you, won't it?" You said menacingly. Oddly that wasn't too scary.

"Yes, yes it will," I stammered not totally truthfully for part of me, ridiculously maybe, quite relished the idea. Daft!

"Especially little 'butter wouldn't melt in your mouth as far as dad is concerned' Sammi," Clive said as he put his arms round me, grabbed my tits and pulled me back against him, his erection pressing into my waist and lower back

"Yes," you went on. "Particularly as when we are finished with you, we might leave you like that for your big titted mum and doting dad to find when they get home." That did scare me.

"No, you wouldn't?"

"Wouldn't we?" your now really menacing voice asked.

"Don't tempt us Sammi, don't push your fucking luck." Clive joined in squeezing my tits hard and pressing his cock firmly against me.

"If you don't behave, we'll not only leave you like this, but we'll cover you in our spunk as well. What would mummy and daddy think of you then?" You hissed.

I was nearly crying at the indignity of my position, the pain from the ropes cutting into me all over my body and, most of all, from the mere thought of my parents coming home

"Sorry Stephen, sorry Clive," I whispered hardly holding the tears back.

"Ok so do as you are fucking well told, ok?"

"Yes, ok, yes I will."

I felt Clive pulling on the rope so I was pulled backwards. As he did that, the rope bit into me all over my body. It hurt and I cried out.

"Hurts does it?" Clive asked.

"Yes, sorry," I stammered.

"That's ok," he said pulling even harder tightening them up and constricting me even more. The rope round my chest just beneath my boobs slipped a bit and rode up so the edge of it dug into my tits, that really hurt, but I knew I couldn't say anything.

I think Clive must have looped the rope round something, some way from its end, to hold it, for he moved and I stayed where I was, sort of suspended. I then felt him run the rope round each of my thighs and ankles and then thread it through some of the strands that were encircling my body. The pressure eased and I felt him on the bed with me and then I felt him pull strongly on the rope. I have no idea what he had done or how he'd done it, but this time as he pulled, both of my legs were dragged further open. At the same time my ankles were lifted up and my knees were bent.

I obviously couldn't see what I looked like but could visualise my position. My bottom was on the edge of the bed and my back was at about a forty-five degree angle to it. My arms were restrained behind my back and the rope was holding my legs as wide open as my hip joints would allow: I really was frightened at the possible consequences of a strong yank on the rope, but I could do nothing. My feet were well off the floor, probably higher than the level of the bed. Naked and trussed up, legs widely open and my feet about level with my stomach, I was totally open. My pussy and my bum hole must have been fully exposed and completely on view to them.

I couldn't believe just how being in this position made me feel. I felt abused, demeaned, degraded and so fucking aroused I was near to cumming. I felt restrained, restricted, totally controlled, completely dominated yet, happy, was that right? Yes I felt at home, yet I had never been in such a position before. And I felt grateful to you and to my uncle. Unfathomable reasoning, but then this whole episode was that.

Both of you then started playing with me. Playing with my body, using it as your plaything. Squeezing my tits, pinching my nipples, rubbing my thighs and stroking my stomach and thighs.

I felt a tongue on my tummy, then another on my thighs. They were licking and sucking me as four hands roamed over me, everywhere. The tongues licked their way all round my middle, my waist, my navel, my thighs and tummy as the hands focused on my tits. A tongue was in my small thatch of pubic hairs, the other was licking the cheeks of my bottom. The one on my pubis slid downwards and the one on my cheek slid sideways. They went further and further, very slowly.

And then, for the first time in my short sexual career, a tongue was on my pussy lips.

And then, for the first time in my short sexual career, a tongue was on my bum hole.

And then, for the first time in my short sexual career, I was receiving cunnilingus and analingus simultaneously.

I fainted, I think.

As, I'm pretty sure it was, Clive sucked and licked my pussy from above so you, presumably sitting on the floor, licked and kissed between my cheeks and right on my anus. I felt two tongues going into me at the same time, I was being tongue fucked I, almost, giggled as I became delirious with the ecstatic pleasure you and my uncle were giving me.

Chapter 2

You left me alone for a while, still tied up and blindfolded, but not in that sort of suspended position: I couldn't move much though. After what may have been minutes or an hour, I heard you returning to my room. Sensory deprivation of even one sense sort of fucks up one's time measurement, I quickly learned.

"Hello Sammi, you ok?" You asked as I felt a hand run up the inside of my opened leg.

"Yes Stephen, thank you," I replied as the blindfold was yanked away letting me see again. What I saw almost made me wish for it to be replaced.

You were both standing in front of me dressed in women's underwear. Clive was wearing black, French knickers, a black lacy suspender belt and dark stockings. You were wearing a pair of white, silky and lacy, see through panties and black fishnet, holdups.

"Oh my God," I stammered looking from you to my uncle and back again.

"What do you think Sammi?" Clive asked.

"Er um I don't know." Men in ladies underwear was a situation that was so far off my radar that I had no idea how I felt, or thought come to that.

"I bet you didn't know your mum had such sexy gear did you?" You asked.

"Oh fuck no," I blurted out. "It isn't hers is it?

"Of course it is, you don't think we carry such stuff around with us do you?"

"She'll go mad, if she finds out."

"She won't know who took them will she? But she has so much gear, she probably won't even notice."

"No, I guess she won't" I replied appreciating the logic.

"She'll probably think it's your dad, he can be a real dirty sod you know." Clive said running his hand over the silk of the French knickers.

"Ok Sammi, it's time." You said

"Time for what Stephen," I replied, sounding more relaxed than I felt.

You moved nearer so that the white silk panties with your bulge rearing up them were just a few feet from my face. I could clearly see your cock inside them, well they were see-through. Clive moved behind me.

"Get the ropes off Clive," you instructed him. He undid the complicated knots and bows and pulled them away leaving, I noticed, some quite vicious looking red marks where they had bitten into me.

"Do you like sexy undies Sammi?" You asked.

"Yes, but I don't have any," I replied looking from your panty covered cock to the outline of Clive's under the black silk.

"Pity, maybe we'll buy you some for our next session," you said cupping my small boob in your hand. "It's time little Sammi for you to get fucked."

That made my heart thump. All I could manage was. "Oh."

"Yes Sammi," you went on taking hold of my chin between your thumb and first two fingers. "It's time for you to be fucked by both of us."

"No, not at the same time."

"Oh yes, we do such things together," Clive said also moving very close.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed and the pair of you were standing so that your women's undies covered mid and lower bodies were almost touching me. It was heady stuff indeed, but then I was getting used to new, and to me, outrageous sexual experience.

"Touch us Sammi." You instructed. "Touch the cocks that are going to fuck you."

Despite the fear I was feeling from the prospect of being shagged up my bum, I also felt excitement as I ran my hand along the two cocks at the same time. It was an amazing feeling. The combination of the hardness and the warmth with the smoothness and softness of the lingerie was something I will never forget.

"Yes Sammi, we are going to fuck you wearing your mother's knickers." Clive said softly.

I looked up at him, my uncle, pleading with my eyes as I muttered.

"Not my bum, please."

"Don't worry Sam," you chipped in, "I want to save that for later, when it's just you and me."

"See Sammi," Clive said pulling the gaping leg of the knickers to one side and pushing my hand in there, right onto his cock. "We're all heart; we don't want to hurt you. In any case fucking one arse in the family is enough."

"You haven't?" I asked sharply. "Tell me you haven't had mum."

"Who said anything about Amanda," Clive replied, leaving me none the wiser.

"Right come on, let's do this," You said. "Who do you want first Sammi?"

"I don't mind," I replied coolly, feeling better now I knew I wasn't going to be buggered.

"Ok me then," you said.

You clambered onto the bed and laid stretched out in the middle. You rolled my mother's panties down a bit exposing you erection. "Ok get on."

Then for the first time I straddled a man. The penetration was great, the feeling of power of being on top was even better. I loved it.

"Ok Sammi," you said taking hold of my hips. "Now fuck me."

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