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My Gas Station Dream


The big bosses from the oil company did their very best to talk me out of taking the lease on the gas station. The position wasn’t the very best although there was a great deal of passing traffic but I had this dream that I could make a success of the venture.

The big bosses continued to tell me about the pitfalls of the station and even talked of closing the premises down completely as there hadn’t been a great deal of success with a number of lessees over quite a few years.

I still stuck to my guns and literally begged them to let me have the station. Eventually it was agreed that I could lease the station for a period of 12 months just to see if I really could make a success of it. Naturally I asked for the right to renew the lease after the 12 months if I wanted to.

At last it was all agreed. I was the proud owner of a gas station and I would take over the lease in three weeks time. Although I knew my wife Melanie backed me 100%, I am sure she had some doubts about the viability of the station.

The next three weeks were spent looking thoroughly, but secretly, at the operation of four other stations, each less than a block away from mine, and to see just how well they were doing. I was rather pleased to see they seemed to be having some problems although the number of customers buying their fuels was much greater than those patronizing my station. Many of the customers using the other stations were obviously from the local businesses nearby and it would be important to collect some of their accounts.

I discussed plans for the station with my darling wife and although she was a little reticent about some of my ideas, she gave in and said she was sure it would work.

My first step was to approach a local talent scout to see if I could hire some really beautiful young girls to serve the customers their gas. I stipulated the girls should be prepared to wear very revealing costumes and be prepared to let the customers at least see their breasts whilst the tanks are being filled and windshields being cleaned.

The talent scout had no problem in finding the right kind of girls for me and he invited me to attend a lineup of the talent at his office a few days before I was due to open the station.

The girls were absolutely beautiful and each had a figure to die for! They were each scantily clad and when each of them, in turn, bent over as if filling a gas tank, their breasts became completely visible. This was just what I wanted.

I selected two of these gorgeous girls and asked my talent scout friend to sign them up for a couple of weeks trial. It was then that he told me how much it would cost to have just one of the girls working for me for a week and I suddenly realized it was way beyond my means. I had no idea it would be so expensive to hire the girls.

This immediately put paid to my first idea to attract the customers! It had been a wonderful idea but the cost was totally prohibitive and would have cost much more that the profit I was likely to get from a whole months takings!

Feeling very depressed I went home to tell Melanie the bad news. She had thought the idea was very sound but realized too just how expensive it would be. The other stations were either self-service stations or used young lads to fill tanks. These lads were not the least bit interested in their jobs and weren’t at all careful with the customer’s cars. What to do now. I guess the only thing I could do was to serve the customers myself and simply blind them with service and hope they would come back again. This, of course, would not attract new customers as I needed a real attractive gimmick to entice them from the other stations.

We didn’t sleep very well that night – we both realized we had probably bitten off more than we could chew and it might have been a big mistake. It was a long night.

Next morning at breakfast when my depression had hit an all time low, Melanie suddenly jumped up and hugged me, kissed me and said “I know how to make this work, darling – I will be the star attraction at the station. I will fill the tanks and make all the customers want to come to our station!”

I didn’t know what to say. I instantly realized I hadn’t thought of Melanie as I didn’t want men to be ogling her body all day long, but without any other solution there didn’t seem much else I could do. I told Melanie it was probably worth a try but how did she feel about all the men who would be looking at her body – her breasts in particular – and could she really do it? Melanie has always been a rather conservative lassie and was never one to expose her body to anyone but me.

At last it was agreed. Melanie would work for the first week to give the idea a fair try and it was also agreed that if, for any reason, Melanie didn’t feel comfortable at any time, we would immediately discontinue the practice and simply rely on my ability to help the customers.

On the days before we opened, Melanie went out shopping for a couple of outfits which would be suitable for what we had in mind.

When she tried the costumes on in our bedroom to show me what she had bought, I was amazed at her selection. My very conservative wife had bought several really outlandish outfits. The first consisted of a very, very tiny pair of hotpants which showed quite a deal of her bum when she was just standing erect, but became almost obscene when she bent over from the waist! My god, what had my wife turned into? The top was a really loose fitting blouse which buttoned up at the front. It was a bare midriff type and there were a couple of ends of material which could be tied just under her breasts.

Of course she wore no bra and, with a couple of buttons undone, it was easy to see most of her breasts when she was standing up, and certainly all of them when she bent over! She had also bought a special pair of shoes, which were designed to be worn all day, but had a slightly higher heel than most and really made her really good legs look even better. To top off the uniform, she had a perky cap which perched on her head and it had an inscription on it which read “And I want you for a customer”. I thought this cap was a little dangerous but I guess she thought it would help attract the customers. She really looked beautiful in the outfit but I really had reservations about showing her off to other men. She didn’t seem at all worried and then tried on the other outfit.

This second outfit was made up of a very brief mini-skirt and a blouse similar to the other. She would wear the same shoes and cap with this outfit. When she demonstrated the outfit by bending over, I again could see all of her breasts hanging down – even seeing her nipples – but what caught my eye most was the fact that although she was wearing knickers, they were a really small thong style and all of the material seemed to be in her arse crack and hardly did anything to cover her essentials. In fact, when I lifted her skirt to have a closer look I could actually see the outline of her cunt lips around the edges of the thin material. Her complete bum cheeks were visible to anyone wanting to look! I could hardly believe this was my darling Melanie standing in front of me! I asked her if she was really, really sure she wanted to go ahead with this venture wearing those outfits and she instantly said yes!

We could hardly sleep at all that night wondering just what the opening day would be like tomorrow! I kept thinking of Melanie in her revealing outfits and this turned me on no end. This caused me to get an enormous erection and as Melanie was also turned on by what she would be doing tomorrow we enjoyed the best fuck we had had for years.

The opening time arrived. We had festooned the station with lots of flags and balloons and really made the place look attractive. And there was Melanie, dressed in her hot pants outfit, standing by the gas pumps, looking as lovely as ever, and waiting for her first customer. Melanie certainly look younger than her 27 years and I couldn’t believe how lovely she looked. She has a gorgeous figure and wonderful legs and a smile which beams right across her face. She is a lovely girl.

A few minutes after opening time her first customer rolled to a stop at one of the pumps. She was immediately offering to fill up his tank and chatted pleasantly to the young man whilst she was working. I was watching carefully to make sure he only looked and didn’t touch her but I didn’t have anything to worry about. He sure looked and she gave him plenty of opportunity to see her breasts but no problems arose. As soon as he drove off, she came over to me and said “The chap only wanted $15.00 worth of gas but when I started putting the gas in his tank and leaned over, he told me to fill the tank. We sold him double what he wanted in the first place!”

There was a steady stream of customers calling into the station all morning. The sales were many times greater than even I had hoped for – Melanie was continually kept on the run filling tanks and showing her breasts to the customers.

Melanie even remarked a couple of customers had come in for the second time that morning. When she had asked how they had used the gas so quickly, each had told her they had siphoned the gas out of their tanks into cans and had come back for more gas! This was going very well.

I was really surprised Melanie wasn’t more tired than she seemed. She worked steadily all day and the totals of the sales for the day were just about equal to two week’s takings by the previous owner. Melanie said no one had attempted to touch her but everyone had looked at her breasts – even a couple of women customers who had called in, presumably just for gas, but perhaps for a closer look at my jewel.

We slept better that night realizing we had a winner if only we could keep it up. I told Melanie if we could keep up this rate of customers and profits we would soon be able to hire a girl to work instead of her. Melanie simply told me to wait and see – she said she had some ideas too.

Work and profit continued over the next few days and we had a really busy time handling the customers. Or rather Melanie had the job of looking after the customers.

On the fifth day of business when one rather smart looking car pulled in for gas, Melanie began talking to the well dressed business man spending a little more time with him than usual. She also seemed to be bending over for quite a deal of the time. I was wondering just what she was up to but decided not to worry. As soon as he left, Melanie continued serving and showing the customers her assets and this kept on until the end of the day.

When we were driving home I asked Melanie who the man was that she had been talking so long to. She told me she had a bit of a surprise for me and I would have to wait until next week. She asked me if I really loved her even though she was exposing herself to her customers! I told her I really loved her and thought she was wonderful helping with the business as she was. She then asked me if I would be terribly upset if she did a bit more for some of the special customers – would I still love her? She wouldn’t tell me what she had in mind and I knew it was useless me asking any further. But I did assure I would love her no matter what she did to help the business further.

Around the middle of the next week, when things were really going well, the business man Melanie had been spending time with last week arrived again. This time they engaged in deep conversation for several minutes before Melanie waved to me and asked me to look after the pumps as she had to do a couple of things for her customer. I was only too happy to help look after the customers but most of those wanted only air in their tires or water in their radiators. I realized they would be back to buy gas as soon as Melanie was back at the pumps. I didn’t mind this and continued to work for the next 15 minutes whilst Melanie was in the office with the business man.

They both returned to his car and, as I was standing nearby, the man walked over to me, shook my hand and told me he would love to do business with me! I didn’t know what he meant but assumed he liked looking down at Melanie’s breasts.

After he had driven off, Melanie was busy serving other customers and the first break we had was about an hour later. We were having a hurried cup of coffee when I asked Melanie who the business man was and what did he mean by his wish to do business with me?

Melanie told me she would tell me all when we were in bed that night! Nothing I could do would get her to tell me anything now! The day took a long time to pass and I was absolutely busting to know what she would tell me. At last the day was done, and we were driving home together. Melanie was wearing her very short mini-skirt and very loose blouse and she was smiling at me whilst I was driving home. She had me wondering just what this was all about. Whilst sitting still on her side of the car she moved her left leg up onto the seat near my body and proceeded to lift up her mini-skirt. When she did this I immediately saw she had taken off her narrow little thong and was sitting there showing me everything she had! The sight of this almost had me crash the car. She pulled her thong out of her pocket and told me she had taken it off just before we left the station. She was too far away from me to let me touch her pussy but I really wanted to. She teased me all the way home.

Before we reached home, Melanie suggested we go to the local hotel for a meal as she wouldn’t have time to prepare anything special for us. I readily agreed but suggested she buttons up her blouse and put her thong back on. She agreed with the buttons on her blouse but smilingly refused to replace her thong.

We ate our meal in a booth with Melanie sitting next to me. She was moving her leg against mine all evening and I could see she was really turned on. When no one seemed to be looking I dropped my hand onto her bare leg and slowly moved my hand up her leg until I touched her bare cunt. I was only able to give it a couple of quick touches before she moved my hand away and told me to wait until we were in bed. I was nearly beside myself and had a raging erection with no immediate relief in sight.

As soon as our meal was finished we headed for home. It didn’t take us long to have a very quick shower each and then we jumped into bed. I was all over her like a rash but she pushed me off and told me she had something to tell me before we did anything in case that would affect our fun.

Intrigued, I decided I just had to play along with her game. She made me lie on my back and she sat up in the bed alongside me, her bare breasts hanging just over my stomach. She took my hands in hers and began her story.

“Darling, you are wondering about the business man at the station today. His name is Hartley Wilkinson and he is the president of the biggest manufacturing company in the city. He had heard about our sales method from some of his salesmen who had been in for gas during the week. He thought he would come in and see what we were all about. He told me he was impressed with me and my body and asked if we would be interested in looking after his entire account for all of his company motor vehicles. This would amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars each month.

Of course I said we would be delighted to look after his account and then he asked me if I would be prepared to do something special for him. Darling, I hope you understand what this is worth to us in the business and I also hope you can understand what I had to do to get this business. When we went into the office he asked me if I would give him a blow-job to begin the business and, as I was so excited at getting the account, of course I agreed. So I gave him a blow-job in the office. I hope you are not too upset at me doing this but we have to take into account just how big the account is!”

This really stunned me. The thought of my lovely Melanie sucking another man’s cock just for the account really threw me! At first I wanted to slap Melanie but soon realized she had done something really special for me and I had no right to punish her. After all I had asked her to expose herself in front of so many men I guess this was something of an inevitable next step! Instead, I took her in my arms, hugged her, kissed her and told her I loved her no matter what she did and that was that! She moved her body over mine and we made love immediately. No, we fucked immediately. I really loved her and we had the best sex for months and months. I really loved Melanie.

When we were lying side by side, exhausted from our fucking, she held my tightly and whispered in my ear, “Darling, there is more. Hartley is a very influential business man and he is willing to make sure his other business colleagues open accounts with us too. This is all because I was willing to give him a blow job! Darling, I love you, but I have told Hartley I will let him fuck me if he gets 6 more accounts for us!”

Now I was really stunned. My darling wife, Melanie, was offering herself to this man in return for more business. This just couldn’t go on – there had to be a stop to this! I told Melanie I couldn’t go for that and it was bad enough having her give one blow job without offering sex which was our own sacred bond!

Her reply shook me into reality! “Darling, at first I didn’t want to show any men my breasts! When I saw how much it meant to you to make this business flourish I decided I would do anything you wanted to make it all a success. When Hartley asked me for a blow job, at first I was shocked but then realized it was just a little bit more exposure of my body. After all, hundreds of men had looked at my tits with lust in their eyes and I am sure they all wanted to fuck me or at least have a blow job! It didn’t mean anything to me when I agreed to suck Hartley – it was just another extension of running the business. In fact, you understand that most of the time I don’t like you to cum in my mouth, even though I love you so much. As there was a remoteness with Hartley I felt, as I had no affection for him at all, I just allowed him to cum in my mouth. I hope you can understand how I feel about you and these other business activities Darling!”

I just couldn’t see it for a while but slowly began to accept that Melanie was allowing her body to be used for the good of the business. Finally I accepted that, so long as it meant nothing to her, I guess I would be able to accept what she had done and intended doing for the business. Melanie hugged me and told me just how much she loved me and wanted the business to succeed and she was willing to play her part. She also reminded me that as so few women came into the station I would not be able to reciprocate by screwing the women – there just weren’t any opportunities! She said it was obvious she had to do all of the social work!!

We screwed again, no, we made love, hugged one another, told each other how much we loved each other and eventually dropped off to sleep. We both needed our strength for the business tomorrow.

Next day, shortly after lunch, Hartley appeared on the driveway and went over to talk to Melanie. She listened to what he had to say, then began jumping up and down excitedly and then the two of them went over to the office. I looked after the customers.

After about 20 minutes they came out and once again Hartley came over to me, shook my hand and told me he liked doing business with our firm!

This time it didn’t take so long for Melanie to tell me what had happened. Hartley had handed her two signed contracts for two other big corporations to exclusively buy their gas from our station. Now we had three big accounts! She had offered him another blow job and this was the reason she had taken him to the office. I didn’t feel so bad about this time – it didn’t seem to be quite so bad – perhaps it wasn’t such a shock!

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