My Girlfriend Made Me Do It


Lisa ground her pussy into Gwen's wanting face. She hadn't been with a girl since she left for college and it was something special about it, especially when it was someone so hot and submissive. At first Gwen hadn't been very good at eating pussy but once Lisa broke her she made sure to train Gwen in the art of pleasing in every possible way she could think of. It had paid off and now Gwen was not only a willing slut but also good at it.

Watching her boyfriend fuck Gwen and fill her pussy with his golden cum had made her so hot that she wouldn't take long to cum. Watching Marks hard cock go in and out of Gwen's pussy and Gwen be able to take each hard thrust had gotten her soaked. Once the housewife stuck her tongue into Lisa's pussy while letting her fingers play quickly over her clit it brought her over the moon pushing her hips into Gwen's face as the orgasm hit her and she creamed over her sluts face.

- That was amazing Gwen. You still know how to eat pussy.

Lisa saw that Mark was hard again apparently excited from watching his girlfriend having her pussy eaten.

- Mark why don't you lie down and Gwen can get on top of you and ride your cock. There is something special i want to do.

Mark had learned to trust his girlfriend and laid down on the bed and held his hard cock so it pointed upwards. Without questions Gwen got on top of him letting her cum drenched pussy slide down the big hard member. Without hesitation she started to ride the him making her pussy stretch out again. She was a bit sore but the cum was soothing and it felt so amazingly good. She was so grateful to her Mistress for finally make her know what a cock should feel like after 20 years of marriage.

Lisa got off the bed and looked into her bag. She got out her favorite strap on and started to put it on. She had used it several times on Gwen last summer and it had been an important tool when training her in sucking cock and getting fucked. Lastly she picked up the lube and got up on the bed behind her neighbor. She rubbed the good looking ass as i bounced on Marks cock and started to apply the lube to the tight opening.

- Do you know what I am about to do Gwen?

- Yes, Mistress.

- No protests this time?

- I know it will not do any good. You will do as you please.

- You have learned a lot. I will always do as i please with you.

Lisa lubed up her strap on cock too and then took aim on the tiny rosebud. Gwen had never had anything in her ass before Lisa came along to claim it but since then Gwen had to surrender her ass often to the young girl. When Lisa pushed forward the tight ass didn't want to give away but with a rocking motion from Lisa and with the help of the lube the fake cock made its intrusion. Lisa continued to move until the strap on was fully inside of her sluts tight ass. She thought this was how you truly make someone submit.

Mark could feel the extra tightness in Gwen's pussy as Lisa entered her ass. It felt wonderful. He moved his hips up and down making his own big, hard cock move inside Gwen. He couldn't believe that his girlfriend was fucking this old woman in the ass with a big strap on. He had never taken Lisa that way but apparently she was more then used to taking Gwen that way. It was a huge turn on. When he felt Gwen's pussy grip him super tight as she was shaken by strong orgasm he knew that she loved the dildo in her ass and the double penetration too.

- That's it slut. You love it in your ass. Do you know that this is just warm up? Next my boyfriend's big cock is going to claim ownage of your ass. Would the slut want that?

- Yes, Mistress, Gwen cried out in a mix of distress and excitement.

- When i took your ass first time is when you got the right to call me mistress. When Mark takes your tight little 40 year old ass you will need to calm him Master Mark.

Gwen didn't answer but she was rocking violently on top of Mark seemingly very excited by the prospect of having a 19 year old cock in her ass.

- Mark would you like to claim her? Use her ass for your pleasure and make her submit?

- It would be impossible to say no to that now, Lisa.

- I hoped so. I have made her ready for you. Gwen you move of Mark and lay down on your back on the bed.

Lisa pulled out of Gwen's ass and Gwen awkwardly rolled of Mark ending up on her back. Lisa took her boyfriend's cock in her mouth sucking on it for a few seconds as he laid on the bed and then pulled him up and helped him up between Gwen's legs. Lisa grabbed Gwen's legs and placed them on Marks shoulders which gave him good access to the small, tight hole he was going to make his own. Lisa helped by lubing his cock up and applied some more lube to Gwen's ass and then gave Mark the go ahead.

Mark pushed forward and his cock pushed against his prize. For a second he thought it would be to tight to work but suddenly the ass surrendered to him and his well lubed cock was sucked in. He needed a few moments to get used to the amazing feeling of the tightness and squeezing around his cock head but then he started to work his way deeper. It felt very special to be inside an ass for the first time and he didn't want to stop until he felt his balls slap against Gwen's cheeks every time he pushed into her. He used slow and small movements to go deeper and deeper and he loved the way Gwen gasped every time he gave her another inch to take care of. When he felt his balls rest against her he had a rush of power go through him.

- You are mine now Gwen.

- Yes, Master Mark.

Mark smiled and started to move his hips again. He wanted to say something about fucking her ass hard or something like that but he couldn't find the words. It felt good to be called Master Mark and he wanted to make sure that Gwen wouldn't regret letting Lisa give her ass to someone else. Eventually he found his rhythm with long, slow but hard strokes. He loved the tight feeling of her ass around him and holding her legs on his shoulders there was no escape for her. She was at his mercy and he was going to make the most of it.

He looked to his side seeing his naked girlfriend desperately rubbing herself and he wanted to make her proud of him. Leaning forward he was bending the woman more then twice his age in half as his cock worked her ass. He could see the extra pain on Gwen's face as she was clearly not used to this position. But even in the clear discomfort he could still hear passionate moans which made his balls tingle and he decided to give the ass fucking all he got until the orgasm was there. The slow strokes started to become faster and faster and each thrust got more power behind it making it harder and harder. Gwen's ass had fully accepted him now and he was moving freely in and out of her making a light sounds as his hips pushed into her ass cheek.

Each stroke made him closer to his orgasm. He was fucking his first ass and it was someone 23 years older than himself and it was his 19 year old girlfriend's old lover. He must be the luckiest man alive. Still pounding Gwen hard he looked over at Lisa recognizing her look as she was about to come too. He was fighting against holding his own orgasm back trying to make the moment last but as he saw his girlfriend's body tense and then go wild in orgasm he let loose too shooting a massive load up Gwen's slut ass.

They were all lying in a naked pile trying to recover. Mark managed to roll off Gwen giving her legs a rest and Lisa got on top of her giving the neighbor a passionate kiss. They were all exhausted and breathing heavily.

- You remember what i taught you about what sluts do after they been taking in the ass Gwen?

Gwen nodded at Lisa and with some trouble as her body was sore she managed to move her mouth over to Marks crotch and she started to lick his cock and suck on it making sure to give it a good cleaning. When she was happy with her job she looked up at Mark.

- Thank you for using my ass, Master Mark.

Mark smiled happily at Gwen. Today he had become a new person and it was all thanks to his girlfriend Lisa. They had fucked her 42 year old neighbor and lover together and it was the best day of his life. Still knowing his girlfriend he knew that it would probably be more to come still.

- Good girl slut. But we better leave now Mark cause i promised my mother she could make us some food. We will be back when there is time for it Gwen. I bet Mark will want to have your ass again before he leaves.

Before Gwen had a chance to say anything the two teenagers were out of her house with the speed that only young people have.

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