My Girlfriend's Rival Ch. 02


"Um- yeah, I- I…"

Ignoring him, I unceremoniously took off my sports bra so he'd gawk at my chest. "Well, does it bother you?"


I quickly took a step forward and moved right up to him, aggressively grabbing his crotch. He jumped, startled at the sudden movement. Oh yeah, he was hard. I fondled him forcefully, "Hmm, I can see that it doesn't…" I gave him an irritated stare, "Asshole."

He didn't know whether to be turned on or scared. Without waiting for a response, I began to undo his pants. "What are you waiting for?" I asked, annoyed.

"Uh- Nothing…"

Once his zipper was down, I jerked his pants down around his thighs. "Come on, I'm here to fuck. Don't you want it?"

That was a language he understood. His unsure face broke into a nervous smile. He took a step backwards and kicked off his jeans and boxers. I ran my tongue against the back of my teeth as I saw his cock spring excitedly into view.

"Wow, he's happy," I flirted, "Was it something I said…?" I gave him a knowing look and turned around, pushing down my little shorts and showing off my butt.

I was still bent over when they fell to the floor, and I suddenly felt my boyfriend move up behind me, his erection slipping between my thighs. So eager! I gave out a little gasp and started to bend back up. He put his hands on my hips and groaned quietly as he felt the friction of my legs against him.

"No way," I taunted flatly, "I came here to fuck you, not the other way around." I spun back to face him and put my hands on his chest, pushing him backwards. His shirt was still on. "Take that shit off and get on the bed!" I commanded.

He willingly obliged. Within seconds he was naked on his back and on top of his mattress. I hungrily crawled over him and ran my nails down his chest. Even lying down, his penis was still standing up straight, pulsing and desperate. I smiled at it, feeling really sexy.

"So you liked my outfit?" I straddled my legs around his thighs and traced one of my hands around his pubic hair. I backed up a little bit when he involuntarily thrust his hips up at me.

"Uh- definitely…"

"Yeah, I thought it was sexy," I said, almost to myself. I was really hot and wanted him inside me right then, but I still felt naughty and wanted to tease him a little. So, swirling my fingers closer and closer to the base of his dick, I whispered, "Monica was wearing the same thing..."

His eyes blinked hard in disbelief and I grabbed onto his cock to shock him more. I could feel his heartbeat in my fingers, he was that excited. Not wanting to wait anymore, I slid forward and guided him into my pussy. I was already so wet that there wasn't any resistance. A little moan escaped my lips as it happened. Finally I filled that need down there that had been building since the gym.

"Oh fuck…" my boyfriend groaned.

"Mm, what's wrong?" I asked innocently.

"N-nothing, I- ahh…"

I slid my body along his cock with slow movements, feeling the pleasure rub inside of me. "Oh… That didn't sound like nothing…"

He closed his eyes in anguished pleasure. I leaned my body down, rubbing my chest against his. Moving my face close to his own, I whispered, "It wasn't because, mmm… I mentioned Monica was it?"

As soon as I said her name, he let out another involuntary groan.

"God, I can't even say her- ohh... name without you lust- ah- lusting over her!"

I realized he was keeping his eyes closed, clenching his jaw shut as I ground my body into him. I wanted him as deep inside of me as I could get him. My body was so riled up! I was tempted to just ignore him and keep using his cock until I came, but I wanted to tease him more. Not really for his benefit so much as mine.

So I continued, "Well, you really- ah- really missed out today… Unh- The two of us, side by- ah- side… She was- was practically naked!" I kept my body pressed down against his as I slid my pussy along the length of his hard-on. It felt so great to have the relief of his firm dick satisfying my lust. I loved how his body trembled every time I mentioned something more about my day.

"Yeah, you would'a- ah! Would'a been drooling! Her perfect little- mm- tight body… Showing off every- every curve… So much skin… Ohh- Even I had a hard- umm- hard time looking away…"

He had his hands running along my thighs and ass, and his fingers clutched into my skin as my dirty talk drove him wild. For once I wasn't pissed about his desire for Monica. I was using it to control him myself. I could make him come just by saying the right thing… I was almost afraid he'd come too soon!

The thought of him unable to hold back his own orgasm turned me on even more. I put my hands on his chest and propped myself up a bit, pushing down on his shaft even harder. I ground my hips into him in little circles, forcing his cock to rub against me in just the right way, sending jolts of pleasure through my legs and into my stomach.

"All the- all the boys were- ah- staring at us… Two hotties- oh! Showing it all- all off… Does that- mmm - does that bother you, baby?"

He finally managed to crack his eyes open and look at me as I fucked him. I was in a daze of lust. I wasn't thinking about what I said; it just came out!

"Fuck! Y-you… you- ah…" he groaned.

I pressed him further, "W-what is it? You can stare- ah- at Monica all you w-want but… humm… Other boys can't- can't look at m-me?"

"N-no," he stuttered, "They c-can… look…"

His admission sent a thrill of nervous energy through me. This was so bad! "Oh, so you- you admit you gawk at her? You're such a- ah- a fucker!" I moaned.

He glared at me in helpless anger and lust. He didn't know what to think! I was loving every minute of it. I felt that I was getting close; my legs kept tensing up as I squeezed my thighs, the pressure building up inside of me.

"What if I- I told you that- ohh- some boys asked us- ah! Asked us out…"

I heard him groan uncontrollably as he got this bewildered look in his eyes; he was totally astonished.

"Uh huh… Two guys… they were- were kinda- mm- cute… They came up to us, practically- ah- drooling…" My body started to tingle and I knew I was going to explode soon. I kept tensing all of my muscles as I pushed down on him, making quick jerking thrusts along his cock to send fast little shocks of hot sensations inside me. "They- they were trying to- ohh- f-flirt with us…"

My boyfriend tried to slow my body down, but I ignored him. I was close and nothing was going to stop me; I didn't care if he wanted to hold it in!

"But before- ah- Before I could tell them- oh- tell them I had a boy- mm- friend…" I could barely talk. My voice was practically cracking from my involuntary moans. "M-Monica… oh god…She… she…"

My eyes were clenched shut as I replayed the image in my mind. I pictured Monica, so in control, flatly telling the boys off… Crushing their hopes of touching her sexy body… Then I lost it. I felt the rush of release and I thrust my boyfriend into me as far as possible, almost hurting myself from pushing too roughly.

I was coming so hard! I was using my helpless boyfriend to get me off as I fantasized about the one girl I thought I hated. After the first big wave washed over me, I leaned back on top of his body and wrapped my arms behind his neck, still humping him. I opened my eyes and noticed he was staring at me with pleading expectancy.

"W-what did- ah- did she- she- oh- do…!?" he begged.

My orgasm was slowing down, but his desperation turned me back on. "She… oh… she told them- told them we were- were… lesbians!"

As soon as I said it, he cried out in ecstasy. His arms wrapped around my body and he pulled into me, humping me like a man possessed. The sudden force shocked me but I loved the rough feeling of it. I held onto him, pouting out little moans each time he rammed into me. His breath was a ragged string of gasped groaning as I felt spurt after spurt of his cum fill me up. It was so warm and the sensation caused another small orgasm to quaver through me as he acted out his aggression.

It was so wild and passionate! The release I felt afterwards, both physical and emotional, was amazing. As his body relaxed and went limp beneath me, I felt all my muscles let go and I just laid on top of him for a minute. Both of us were breathing hard in a state of euphoria.

Once I calmed down a bit, I slid off my boyfriend and rolled onto my side next to him. Tracing my fingers along his chest, I cooed, "I bet you'd like that, huh?"

He looked at me, trying to suppress a guilty smile. "Like uh- what?" he pretended.

I frowned at him, "You know… Me and her as… you know!"

His face started to flush red as he mumbled, "Well, maybe…"

I ran my hands down his stomach and circled around his cock, which wasn't raging hard anymore, but it still had some life in it. "Oh, only maybe? The thought of the two of us fucking doesn't appeal to you?"

My fingers gingerly stroked his penis as I mentioned it, and instantly more life filled into him.

"Uh oh, he's getting excited…" I teased. "Do you wanna… go again?"

His eyes lit up.

To his dismay, I quickly sat up and jumped off the bed, finding my discarded clothes. "Well, too bad!" I mocked him.

He groaned, pushing himself up from the bed, "What's the rush?" he asked.

"I got work to do. You can… take care of yourself if you want," I insinuated, smiling at his crotch. I had already pulled my gym shorts back on and was fastening my sports bra. "Maybe, for once, you can jack off about Monica having sex with me instead of you!"

He tried to give me an annoyed look, as if I was accusing him of something outlandish. His newly growing erection gave him away. "Don't try to deny it," I mocked him, "You horny asshole…"

He moved off the bed and grabbed his pants off the floor, pulling them up to hide his hard-on, I was sure. I moved to the door and he rushed up to open it for me. "Oh! Such a gentleman all of the sudden!" I exclaimed sarcastically. He gave me a sardonic grin and moved to give me a hug. I returned the gesture and we shared a small moment of tenderness in a meeting otherwise marked by raw sexual heat.


The next week was kind of weird. My boyfriend took some shifts at work again, which I admit made me a little nervous at first. But Monica seemed to act mostly indifferent towards him. Instead, she continued to spend all her spare moments with me! It was a surreal experience to look over and see his puzzled looks as the two of us giggled quietly together. I wondered how disappointed he was that Monica wasn't constantly trying to get him hard anymore.

Then again, with her, it didn't take much work anyway…

I hadn't spent much time with him that week because of schoolwork. Occasionally he cautiously tried to start up a conversation about my newfound friendship with Monica, but I kept shutting him down. I'm not exactly sure why I did. It might have still been jealousy. Maybe I didn't want him to think I was okay with his endless fantasying about her. Maybe I just liked to keep him on the edge. Who knows!

I didn't tell him about the party that Friday night. Part of me felt a little guilty; but I just didn't want him to try and show up to see me there with Monica. Each day that went by during the week though, I got a little more excited about the "date". I kept wondering what I was going to wear. It had to be something sexy, but I wasn't sure just what. I wish I knew how Monica was going to dress… Sometimes I caught myself daydreaming a little too much about it.

When the day finally came, I decided on wearing a skirt to my knees and a low-cut top. I probably changed like ten different times. My outfit had to be hot, but not too slutty. I mean, I wasn't there to actually hook up with anybody. I just wanted to have some fun. In the end, I told my boyfriend that I was going on a girls' night out with some friends. That was mostly true.

Monica came to my place and picked me up, since she knew where the party was at. She was wearing a pair of super-tight jeans that were frayed and unbuttoned at the top. They were the low-rise type so they hugged onto her hips and showed so much of her midriff. I almost wondered if she was even wearing underwear because all I saw was smooth, bare skin down to her pelvic area! She really wanted to accentuate her flat, tan stomach because she was wearing this tiny tee-shirt that didn't even come down to her bellybutton.

Looking at her, I knew it was going to drive the guys crazy. My boyfriend would kill to see her dressed like that! But hey, I was looking good too. We were a perfect pair; she showed off the stomach, I showed some leg and cleavage.

"Wow, you look great!" she complimented me when I greeted her at the door.

"You too!" I beamed back at her.

She looked down at herself and shrugged, "I look like a cheap slut next to you!" she teased. I felt my heart flutter a little bit when she said it.

"Yeah right, the boys will be swarming all over you!"

"Nuh uh!" she reached out and grabbed my wrist, "We're going as a couple, remember?"

How could I forget? "Oh yeah!" I giggled, pretending I wasn't nervous at all, "Lesbian lovers all the way!"

"No boys allowed!" she cheered back at me, leading the way to her car.

When we got to the party, we walked up to the front door with our arms wrapped around each other's waists. I felt a little silly doing it, knowing it was a total "attention-whore" thing to do, but being around Monica just made me want to have some fun. Besides, I didn't mind seeing the looks on the other people's faces. I don't know what flattered me more; the wide-eyed boys who thought we were hot, or the annoyed girls who were jealous.

Once inside, I was rewarded with the typical party scene. Tons of young people hanging out: some were dancing to loud music that was mostly just bass, and others were drinking and flirting their asses off. I realized pretty quickly that I didn't really know anybody there. That made me not care what kind of impression I was giving off, so I felt even sexier; almost like I got to be somebody else for a night.

Monica led me to the kitchen where drinks were being handed out. She grabbed one and handed it to me without me even asking. Only a brief thought of reluctance passed through my mind before I took it with thanks. Before I knew it, she was leading me around the house, pointing out various people she knew and introducing me as her date.

One girl with really short hair and a little nose ring looked me up and down, and then replied to Monica, "So, finally went to the other side, huh?"

Monica laughed, "Of course, who wouldn't after seeing this piece of ass!" and she gave my butt a little swat.

The other girl rolled her eyes but still nodded her head. Butterflies jumped into my stomach as all this was going on. Was this other girl really a lesbian? Did she think I was one? As she walked away, Monica whispered, "I think she likes you!"

"Yeah right," I countered.

"Well, doesn't matter. You're mine tonight!"

My drink was already empty and I think it started going to my head. "Yeah okay, just don't tell my boyfriend!" I blurted.

She gave me a really coy look and parted her lips just a little bit. She didn't say anything right away and we just looked at each other for a moment. I started feeling really hot and a little embarrassed, but then grabbing onto my hips, she started pushing me back into the room with the music. "Let's dance!"

We ended up in the middle of all the bodies moving to the bass. I felt kind of apprehensive at first, but Monica just started throwing her hands in the air and rocking her hips. I started moving to the beat myself, watching her as she looked so effortlessly sexy. Her shirt pulled even further up her exposed stomach when she stretched high, making it come up right under her breasts. It'd be so easy to just flip her shirt up a little bit and…

"Come on, get into it!" she called out at me. Next thing, she grabbed onto my hands and pulled them up into the air with hers. It had the effect of making us step close to each other. For maybe half a minute she held on, forcing me to move with her. It felt strange to have her take charge like that, but soon I found myself getting into it. Once she noticed I was loosening up, she let go of me and ran her hands down the side of my body as I moved along with her.

The touch sent tingles through my whole body. I felt all my reserve melt out of me as her hands slid onto my hips and to my ass. She playfully pulled me into her and I carelessly threw my arms around her neck, swaying and swinging to the music.

I lost track of time as we just danced away together. We kept getting physical with each other, running our hands along the other's body, pushing into one another. She would bend her knees and move down to trace her fingers on my legs before she came back up. I would stand behind her, with her ass grinding into me, and my hands sliding all over her smooth stomach. Once she actually grabbed my hands as I was doing that and pushed them up to grab her breasts. I felt my knees go a little weak as I realized I squeezed back. They felt great

There were a lot of guys that kept trying to dance over and join us. Monica would make eye contact with them and give them hope, but then turn her back to them at the last minute and only pay attention to me. I thought it was really sexy so I started doing it too. I even began to get a little wet wondering how many boys we gave erections to.

At some point I needed to take a break. I was feeling really hot; both from the constant dancing and the heat down there. Monica disappeared into the crowd somewhere and I went to the kitchen to get another beverage. I was still feeling buzzed from my earlier drink and all the sexuality from the dancing, but I didn't care that another round would make me feel even lighter.

So I took it and started roaming around a little, just trying to cool off and see the different people interact. I must have looked lonely because some tall guy with dark hair introduced himself to me. I didn't actually hear his name, but I pretended like I did.

"Hi there," I smiled at him. He was cute.

"I don't think I've seen you around," he called out over the music.

I shrugged at him. Is that the best you've got?

He kept on trying to engage me in conversation. It was obvious to me that he was just used to getting easy girls by his looks alone. I kept giggling at him… More because I thought his flirting was pathetic than because I liked him. I dimly thought, Maybe, if I was single and way more drunk, you could be fun… Not that I had any intention of hooking up with this guy, but I guess I enjoyed the attention.

At last he worked up the courage and asked me to hit the dance floor with him.

"Sorry," I smiled flatly at him, "I'm here with somebody."

He got this irritated look on his face. Probably pissed off, realizing I was leading him on. "Oh yeah, who?" he retorted.

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