tagGroup SexMy Girlfriend's Roommate Ch. 02

My Girlfriend's Roommate Ch. 02


Lori stood there completely stunned as she watched the two lovers fall asleep from the exertion of the sex. One was her roommate, the other was her boyfriend. She felt very weak in the knees. She didn't know whether or not to feel betrayed or turned on by the sight of the two of them naked and in each others arms.

The darkness of the hallway concealed her presence. So she took full advantage of the fact and contemplated the meaning of the twisting in her stomach. Alexis was lying on her side and draped across Gary. Lori ventured into the room when she realized the slow drawn out breathing hinted at their sleeping.

She stood at the edge of the bed looking at the two of them. Gary lied on his back, the sinewy muscles defined by the lamplight. His cock was soft now, and his chest heaved up and down with his steady breath. Lori wondered what Gary found so appealing in Alexis. For viewing them earlier, he seemed to fuck her with an ardor she had yet to experience with him. This made her curious.

She turned her attention to Alexis. With Alexis' legs spread over Gary, Lori could see every fold and shape, even the color of her pussy. She studied it with careful attention. It was pretty arousing. It was completely clean shaven and it seemed to glisten with a forbidden lusty light. Lori had seen Alexis naked before, but only briefly and not this close.

From being this near she could see everything, and the smell of sex was still hanging in the air. There was the feeling in her stomach again.... It was a sort of aching. She had fallen asleep earlier in the night before her and Gary had even had the chance to fuck. Now she was feeling a little bit frisky at the sight of the two of them sleeping and vulnerable.

She decided it was only her right to have some fun after her best friend had stolen her boyfriend, and her boyfriend had wrongfully fucked her best friend. She knew Alexis was a deep sleeper, once the fire alarm in the building had gone off and Alexis had been oblivious. So, she decided to play with Alexis first.

After having stared at Alexis' cunt for so long Lori became curious as to the feel of it. She reached out and touched it lightly. The skin was warm and smooth, and still a little moist from the recent action. It was wonderful, and since Alexis gave no reaction that might make it seem she noticed, Lori moved in for the kill.

She lapped at Alexis' cunt with her tongue. It tasted surprisingly good, and she even tasted a hint of Gary's familiar semen as it slowly oozed from her hole. The more she licked at her best friend's pussy the more she became aroused herself. It all felt so naughty, what with her boyfriend laying right next to her, and both of them oblivious.

She shifted Alexis over until she no longer touched Gary. Then she proceeded to tie her legs and hands to the right side of the bed's posts. When this was completed she found a scarf, turned off the bedside lamp, and got completely naked. While she stood admiring her work she rubbed on her aching pussy a bit. It was very wet and she slipped the fingers into her mouth to compare the taste of her pussy to that of Alexis'.

Lori straddled the ends of Gary's legs and crawled slowly up his body. When he started to rouse, she quickly covered his eyes with the scarf.

"Shhhh," She whispered quietly, trying to sound like Alexis. "I want to try something before you have to go back to Lori. Just keep this on, and don't move. I'll do all the work."

He complied with her wishes and a smile spread across his lips. Lori knew that if he reached out to touch her, he would know it wasn't Alexis, and she wasn't through with her games yet. He sat very still as she worked her way down to his manhood. He had quite a breathtaking cock, yery thick and long, even when he was soft. She proceeded to jack him off with her hand.

He was hard in seconds, and the tip of his head leaked out a drip of precum. She leaned down and licked it away, reveling in the taste of him. He moaned loudly as she took him into her mouth. After what seemed like an eternity of alternating between her mouth and hand, and cupping and licking his balls he started to buck as though he might be on the verge.

She quickly crawled up his body and sat down on top of his stiff meat. It slid directly into her because she was so wet. They both gasped at the feel of it. She looked down at him to see if he recognized anything, he had a quizzical look on his face.

He started to reach up to touch her, but she pushed his hands back down. This gave an even greater clue, he furrowed his brows.....something wasn't right. Just as he was about to put two and two together, she started to ride him.

He seemed to lose all comprehension of his thoughts at that point. She rode him hard. Her ass slapped against his thighs and the bed rocked. She humped his rod until her orgasm was on the brink and without regard she shouted,

"I'm cumming!" He shot his load into her box just as she went over the edge. But the gag was up. Alexis was waking up and making a fuss about being bound, and Gary knew instantly that it was not Alexis, but his own girlfriend who he had just fucked. He sat up so quickly Lori almost fell off the bed.

He pulled off the blindfold and gasped. Laying naked to his left was Alexis, her hands and feet bound to the bedposts and she struggled in vain, and sitting in front of him, naked, with a smug look of triumph on her face was his girlfriend Lori. His jaw dropped.

"What the fuck have I gotten myself into?" He sighed.

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