tagMatureMy Grandmother Teaches Me About "Life" Ch. 02

My Grandmother Teaches Me About "Life" Ch. 02


This is the first of a couple of chapters of how my grandmother instructed me on the ways of PLEASURING ladies. All people / charters in these stories are older than 18 and younger than 75. Any resemblance between real people and ones in these stories is just a coincidence.

List of charters for this chapter;

Grandmother Dee, age 63 (average build for a 62 year old lady with 42DD breasts)

Diane, grandmothers French friend, age 64 (slightly plump with 40 F breasts)

Anna, grandmothers German friend, age 61 ("Well put together" with 44 DD breasts)

Sheryl, Anna's daughter, age 42 with a body to "die" for. Five foot tall with a 38D–23-32 body and a tan with NO tan lines.

As a reminder, Granny and her friends are "casual" NUDISTS and when they are in each other's house, they run around naked and "letting it all hang down" as the wording goes about sexy old ladies and their pendulous breasts.

Chapter two

I woke up a couple hours after the "sex" session with those three sexy older gals to my body being washed gently with a warn washcloth.

I looked down to see Diane washing my legs and penis, with a bowl of hot water and a warm washcloth.

She smiled at me and said that I had slept for about two hours and she thought that I was rested enough to continue.

She said granny Dee and Anna were down stairs baking and she needed to be pleasured, as she was the only one of the three over sexed ladies that had not had the pleasure of feeling my hard cock in her moist warm pussy.

I turned on my side and took her hand that was washing me off and pulled her towards me and kissed her and she just melted into my arms.

I took the cloth from her hand and flipped it into the basin of water and pulled her on top of myself. She rolled to one side with her massive breasts pushed against my body. I took one of them in my hand and gently squeezed it and pinched her nipple.

She rose onto one arm and let those beauties hang in front of me. She took her hand and started to group for my now semi hard cock and took the precum and rubbed it all over it.

I took one of her nipples into my mouth and started to suck on it like a new born baby looking for warm milk.

She pulled on my cock and rolled on top of me and placed my cock between her legs and at the entrance to that moist love tunnel of hers.

I took a minute to cup breasts, pushing them together and kissing both her nipples. Thrust my hips upward, pushing the head of my cock just into the entrance to her "tunnel of love." She lowered herself down onto my cock and with her love muscles, squeezed my cock and held it firmly in place for a minute or two before starting too slid up and down on it.

Her breast flopped around in my face as she rode my cock. She started to moan and then throw her head back and screamed a pleasurable scream of joy as she organized.

With that my balls tighten and I could feel my cum shot into her "tunnel of love." I keep pumping into her for what felt like a life time until I had nothing left to deliver. She fell on top of me and lay there for the longest time as our juices ran out of her and onto the bed.

With her scream both Dee and Anna came into the room and sat down on either side of the bed and kissed us both and lay there with us.

Diane and I got up and went to take a shower and wash the "love juices" from our bodies as Dee and Anna returned to the kitchen to finish making lunch.

We walked into the kitchen holding hands and asked "what was smelling so good for lunch."

Anna said that all she could still smell was the "smell of sex" though out the house.

Granny walked over to me and kissed me and said that, "that smell was one of the best smells that a house could have" as it had not smelled like that since last summer when I visited.

We all stood there naked and smiling at the thought of what the rest of the day would bring.

I walked over to the fridge and got cold soda out and offered ones to the gals. They all said that they would rather have a glass of wine and I agreed that I would also.

Granny went down to the wine cellar and brought a bottle of cranberry wine up for us to drink. It was pink and the color remained me of grannies nipples. All three of the ladies nipples were a different shade of pink. None of them were a dark color as a lot of the younger gals I had seen in pictures have.

We all enjoyed the meal and then went out onto the back porch to enjoy the afternoon sun. I was elected to apply sun screen (sun tan lotion as they called it back then) to the gals.

They all laid down on recliners and awaited my hands caressing their sexy bodies. One by one I got the process completed, even though each had to stroke my cock while I was "doing" them. By the time I was done with them my cock was throbbing so bad that I reached down and stroked it as they watched me send ropes of com into the brushes around the patio.

Anna stood up and walked over to me and got down on her knees and started to suck the cum off my penis that had gotten on it during my pumping. As she was licking my cock she took her hand and placing between my legs pushed her finger into my anus. She moved it around like a doctor does when checking a male patient which caused my penis to get hard right now. She looked up at me and with a devilish smile kept sucking on my cock.

Within two minutes I was shooting more cum down her throat and out the edges of her mouth.

The other two gals just cheered her on and with I was done exploding clapped and laughed with joy.

I collapsed onto a chair and sat there, my eyes closed enjoying the feeling of what had just happened.

We all tanned for a while till we heard the front door open and someone walk into the house calling out grannies name.

Anna called out to her daughter that we were all out on the back patio and to come join us after she got us another bottle of wine.

Sheryl walked out onto the patio and my cock sprang to live at the sight of her naked body.

She had stripped in the house and came walking out caring two bottles of wine and five glasses.

Anna stood up to assist her and introduced her to me.

Sheryl came over to me and kissed me while pressing her body into mine. I hugged her closer to me and pressed my cock into her leg. She kept kissing me all the while the three gals clapped. Anna said she knew her daughter would be impressed with me and my well developed "body."

Sheryl let go of the kiss and stepped back and raised her hand and took my now more than semi hard cock in her hand and playfully shock it like you would shake hands and said "HELLO."

Granny spoke up and asked how Sheryl had been as she had not seen her for a couple of month.

Sheryl said, "she was fine but HORNY AS HELL as she had broken up with her boyfriend and after what her mother had told her about me, needed some much over due loving."

All grannies could say was that the two of us YOUNGUN could do whatever we wished as long as the three of them could watch.

We looked at each other and with a smile took each other hand and walked back into the house and the family room with the three of them following.

We sat down on the sofa with the three of them pulling up chairs to enjoy the show. Granny had stopped at a closet and gotten a box out and handed Anna and Diane a dildo to keep themselves happy as they watched us.

Sheryl took my penis in her hand and started to stroke it all the time I was pinching and foundling her nipples and breasts.

I somewhat pulled away from her stroking my cock, and suggested that we be careful as the "OLD GAL's" had been rough on me and I was a little sore.

Sheryl smiled at me and said she would hold off a while as we watched the "OLDIES" play with themselves and their dildos.

The thought of granny, Diane and Anna showing off for us got me so turned on that my cock started growing to a length that Sheryl had not seen before and with her seeing it's long length and girth, she started licking her lips and inserting a finger in her "hole of love."

Sheryl looked over at her mother and granny and said, "You did not tell me he was that big."

She got up and with asked granny where her sewing kit was at as she wanted to measure my penis with a cloth sewing tape.

Granny told her it was in the den and pointed.

Sheryl came back with a tape and bent down in front of me to measure. Her breasts hung so low that they rubbed my knees. She took my penis and measured its length and told the gals, "10 ¾" rock hard."

She them wrapped the tape around it and called out 6 ¼" in diameter."

Granny's eye's get big and said that when she had done that last summer I was only 8" x 4 ¾". With that she said, I truly had got bigger over the school year.

The other gals agreed and said that was why they were so sore after me fucking them.

Sheryl said she did not know if she could handle me and her mother said back, "if I can take all of him, I know you can, just go slow and easy when you sit on him, do not let him be on top and force it, you control him entrance."

Anna and Diane were playing with their nipples and stoking their dildos on the lips of their pussies as all this measuring was going on.

Granny was fingering herself and you could see her pussy lips were soaked with her love juices.

Anna was the first to slide her black dildo into herself and pushing it all the way in and pulling it out started to scream as she climaxed almost on the first stroke. Her nipples were so large they looked like "pink pearl" pencil easers sticking on the end of her large pink areolas.

Diane took about five minutes longer to finish herself off before slumping in the chair with exhaustion.

About an hour later Sheryl came over to me and sat down facing me and put a sleeping mask on my eyes and started kissing my ear lobe. She hung her breasts against me and took my soft cock in her have and applied a soothing lotion to it.

I started to get had instantly and she stood up and turned her back towards me. I said, "What gives" and granny said "just go with the flow and you will enjoy this manner of sex."

Sheryl spread her legs and straddled my lap.

She lowered her butt onto me and reaching between her legs grabbed my cock and guided it into her "lubed" pussy.

She slid down on my massive penis, controlling it's insertion as her mother had told her to do.

She then started moving up and down and going deeper with each squat. I took my hands and reaching around her took hold of her breasts and cupped them and pinched her nipples.

She pushed down on my cock and squished my balls into the sofa a couple of times as she finally got full penetration. I just keep playing with her nipples and kissing the back of her head. Al of a sudden I felt her finger stoking my cock on the upward strokes and her was also playing with her Cortes. She started moaning and pushing hard down on me and I could feel her cunt squeeze my cock till I shot a load into her that oozed out of her before she could seal the "tunnel of love" with her muscles.

When we finally parted and she took of the mask, I saw a camcorder in grannies hand and a smile on her face. (more on this part of the gals fun later in the chapters)

Diane just smiled and said that now they had another video to add to the collection. Anna added that it was the first with her daughter and a cock being used instead of just dildos.

They all agreed that we would have to watch it this evening after supper and with that Sheryl and I headed to the shower.

After a steak supper on the patio, I went in to watch a show on TV while the gals cleaned up the dishes.

The next thing I knew was granny waking me up and handing me a cup of hot chocolate. I looked at her in her "morning" apron and asked "what time was it."

She said it was around ten I the morning. I had fallen asleep in the recliner and the gals all went home, as they understood I needed my rest.

She said that we were to go to visit another one of her friends around two this afternoon for a pool party and refreshments. So I should get going and get cleaned up and have some "breakfast", as she raised her apron to expose that lovely shaved pussy.

I stood up and put my cup down and reached for and untied the apron string.

I pulled her towards me and gently pushed her into the recliner.

I got on my knees and spread her legs wide so my head fit between and my tongue darted into the "sweetest tasting pussy" on the planet.

Granny put her legs on the arm of the recliner and massaged the back of my head as I licked and sucked on her clitoris ever so gently. I spread her lips and inserted my tongue deeply into her "tunnel of love" and licked and sucked till her legs tighten around my head and she trembled with the over "CUMMING" of her first climax of the day.

My cock was rock hard at this time and pushing against the chair. I stood up and inserted my cock into her pussy and plunged all the way in on the first stroke as she was so wet. She held me there with her legs and slowly moved her hips around in a circular motion to rub the walls of her "love tunnel" against my cock. I pushed all the way in and exploded a load deep in her. When we both caught our breaths, we smiled at each other and headed to the bathroom to bath each other and get ready for the afternoon party.

MORE excitement in the next chapter.

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