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My Gym Fantasy


It had been a hard long day and a session in the gym was just what I needed. The changing room was empty so I slipped out my suit quickly but decided to keep my knickers on under my tracksuit pants. They were a pair of black trunk style briefs with lycra in so I knew they would hold me neatly in place as I made my way around the bikes and other equipment.

An hour later and I was done and pleased with my efforts. I made my way back to the changing room and found it quite full. I started to pull off my clothes and get ready for a shower and as my tracksuit bottoms fell to the floor, I remembered what I was wearing beneath! There must have been about 10 blokes in there and my heart stopped. I acted all natural and took off my teeshirt. They were not at all frilly, just black with a sheen to them so there was no reason for anyone to think anything of it. I slipped out of them too and locked my gear in the locker and headed to the shower unit.

The shower area is open plan with about 6 shower heads in a 3 by 3 metre space. I set the water on hot and let it run over me for a couple of minutes. I was aware of people coming and going, but paid no attention. Until I caught two voices over the sound of the raining water. I thought I may have been imagining it but as I strained to hear I could definitely make out the words panties, knickers, cock and arse.

I tried not to focus on the words, I could my cock already swelling into a semi. I turned in the shower faking a rinse off, but it was just to look at who was in here with me. The two guys looked away quickly allowing me to check them out. They were both average, and about my age of 30-35. Of course I checked downwards and my gaze fell on to nice looking cocks, one flaccid and about 4 inches long and the other I guessed was semi erect, it hung down but was 6 inches or so and pretty thick.

Oh no, I thought to myself, what a mistake to make in the gym showers and low and behold as I turned my back to them my won six incher started to stand to attention.

I carried on with my shower, but started to think what the hell and found myself bending over to wash down my lower legs. I heard the voices stop behind me and soon after so did the running water. I cast a glance back and coughed in surprise. There was only one guy, the smaller of the leaning on the back wall wanking his hard on, looking right at me. His cock had swollen and was now about 7 inches of hard meat sliding in and out of his fist.

I looked around and the place seemed quiet, I looked him in the eye and dropped to my knees. With the water still cascading over my head, I opened my mouth wide and put out my tongue. He took my invitation and he walked towards me.

When he got near enough my hand replaced his on his shaft and I drew his hard smooth tip into my mouth. His warm rigid cock slid nicely along my tongue and then nudged at the back of my throat. I clamped my mouth down on him and let him start to pump it in and out.

As he fucked my mouth I reached down and stroked my own dick, now rock hard also!

Then to my surprise and delight I felt a hand on my back and realised that his friend had joined us. These exploring hands and fingers wasted no time in heading to the crack of my arse where he began to push into and finger my arsehole. I wiggled my hips backwards encouraging him. He withdrew his attention briefly but then his fingers returned and I caught a fleeting smell of lube. I gasped a breath out around a mouthful of cock as I felt two finger push unannounced into me. He rotated his hand and pulled at my hole while his friend continued to fuck my mouth.

His fingers left and my body suddenly jerked in reflex at something more intrusive at my entrance. Oh God I said, allowing dick to escape my mouth momentarily. Coated in lube, his tip pushed into me easily, but I had not had anything so big in me before. I let out a yell, but was quickly gagged by the cock stuffed back in my face.

That's' 1 inch I was told by the voice behind me and my body nudged forward again as the announcement was updated, and that makes 2! His member felt massive as it was eased into my tight arse. He angled down and let his helmet rub my insides and give me pleasure like I have never had before. He slipped and I thought that the whole thing had impaled me, but no, it was feeling this good and I was only up to 4 inches. He somehow sensed my limit and just used this much to expertly fuck me. I was in heaven but was surprised to find my cock small and unhard when I reached down to touch it.

Then the guy pulled out of my mouth and gestured for me to turn round. I did and the fat dick pulled out of my arse. Fuck it was big, about 9 inches I reckon and very thick, I had no idea how it got inside me! I was a bit repulsed however to see some brown shit on it. My impaler dutifully washed it under the shower and when I was happy it was clean I took it in my mouth. I hate letting my teeth get in the way of a good blow job, but I really had no choice with this one. I opened my mouth wide and it filled it straight away. His hand came around his shaft and he wanked while my mouth fucked the end. I heard groaning from behind me and the monster was taken away while his friend stepped in to shoot on my face. Even under the hot running water, his thcik wads of come felt hot against my skin. I slipped him into my mouth and sucked some tasty spunk from him. This seemed to be the last straw for his mate and he moved out of the way to allow the 9inch cannon back on the range. He was pumping it furiously until he suddenly held his breath, his body went rigid and then shot after shot after shot of come was launched at my face and open mouth.

I sat on my haunches and caught my breath, but the two guys did not hang around. I stayed under the shower as I heard the hurried noises of clothes being put on.. The door shut behind them ad I heard voices, suddenly remembering that I was in the Gym. I stood up and licked my lips clean as the remaining come washed away.

My arse was sore as I walked back over to my locker and I felt as if it had just been a dream. I opened my locker and some paper fell out. On it was simply written, 'Nice knickers!'

I think I will wear them next time I go too...

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