tagMatureMy Harem of Older Men Ch. 02

My Harem of Older Men Ch. 02


"Yes Daddy, did you enjoy my girlfriend?" Karen said.

"Yes, baby, I sure as hell did."

"I told you Daddy that she would make for a great fuck." Karen said.


"Hey what's going on?" I said as I released my mouth from Karen's pussy.

Karen laughed and told me that she was sick of hearing me whine about having poor sex and thought that it was time that I had a real MAN.

"Mmmm, well I must admit, that was the best sex that I've ever had, so thank you Karen and you too Mr. Worthington."

"Oh we're not finished yet my dear." Mr. Worthington said as he slowly withdrew and then I watched Karen lick and suck his penis until she was satisfied that it was clean.

Mr. Worthington stood and said that he would have a quick wash and then he would go out and pickup some Chinese food. Meanwhile Karen had tucked a pillow under my bum and was licking and sucking my wet pussy, which was driving me upward to the stars once more.

"I love the taste of Daddy's cum, have you tasted your Dad's?" Karen said momentarily as she stopped for a few seconds.

"No, I never have Karen, plus I can't remember the last time I even saw Dad's penis by accident, I've never touched it of course. I don't think we have ever looked at each other in a sexual way."

"Would you mind if I seduced him, then?" Karen said and I laughed.

"Are you the same Karen I spent the last year of high school with? Ooooooh don't answer, just keep going, keep doing what you're doing, ooooooh you bitch you're getting me all hot again."

"I'm gonna make you orgasm again and then I'm going to tongue scoop as much cum as I can from you." Karen said.

"Oh my god, just keep going and quit talking."

"Mmmm, this sure is a yummy pussy." She cried and then finger fucked me as she sucked on my clit.

"Ooooooh my god, oooooh almost, almost, ooooooh yesss, yesssss, yesssssssss." I cried as I arched my back and gave into the sensations raging through my body.

She never stopped she just kept going until I whimpered for her to stop and held her head tight with both my hands. Then she moved up the bed and lay by my side as she hugged me intensely and told me that she loved me.

"I didn't know you liked girls so much. It's been a longtime since I was with one intimately and she wasn't anywhere near as good as you Karen." I said.

"You are only the third girl for me Sue, the first was a dud really, the second wasn't bad and I've longed for another girl for so long. My Dad has too, so you were the perfect choice." She told me.

"Your Dad is pretty damn good, I must say. He knows how to holdback and for sure he knows how to use his weapon."

"Yes, he's definitely the best fuck I've ever had and I didn't mind sharing him with you if we could also get it on now and then."

"Wow, I don't know what to say."

"Well, two simple questions. Would you like to have more of him in the future?"


"And more of me?" Karen said.

"Yes of course, you too."

"Good, between us we will make you very happy and satisfied." Karen said and then we kissed passionately while I masturbated her to a screaming orgasm.


Eating supper naked was a first for me but the food was great and we still had lots of Chinese food left over which I would use the next day.

"So do you guys eat in the buff, often?" I asked.

"Sure, we have done since my wife left and Karen came of age, we swim in the nude and spend time in the house that way when possible, and that usually leads to a very nice session or two." Mr. Worthington said.

"And do you sleep together also?"

"Yes, except when we have visitors and we make it look like Karen's bedroom is used all the time, just like when you have stayed overnight." He said.

"Wow, no wonder you are always happy Karen." I said and laughed.

"I am happy Sue, Dad always makes sure that I have at least two orgasms per session and it's often many more than that." Karen said.

"Well I'm happy too, since the wife left and Karen came of age, I don't have to go chasing pussy outside of the home. I'm afraid she lost all interest in sex during the last few years we were together."

"What about you Karen, did you feel an obligation to serve your Dad after your Mom left, were you very nervous in the beginning?"

"No not at all Sue, I've always loved Dad and in my mind I had wanted him for several years. When I turned 18, I did finally get him and I was just blown away with the difference and I no longer needed boyfriends. We have a special arrangement and we are very open with our sex life, I have no problem if he wants to come over here and make you happy from time to time. Likewise he has no problem if I want to take on a girl like you. But we don't get into complete strangers."

"That's wonderful." I said.


After supper we went in the pool and swam until it was almost dark then we retired to the house after we had showered and dried off.

"Dad likes to be sucked off Sue, I call it a premium blowjob and take all his cum in my mouth and then swallow it all. Do you think you can please him that way, I know he would appreciate that?" Karen said and Mr. Worthington smiled.

"I don't know, he is kind of big. I've given lots of blowjobs before of course and they were pretty easy with a schoolboy sized pecker." I told her.

"Just keep one hand under his balls and one wrapped around the base of his cock, then you won't have to take in as much. But you gotta keep going once he starts to spurt or it will spoil the feeling for him and men can't cum anywhere near as many times as us girls."

"Well maybe I'll try later, okay?"

"Sure, now the other thing he really likes is taking me doggie style and I know he will be itching to do that with you so he can get his hands on that gorgeous arse of yours. We should do that before I leave."

"Leave? Where you going?" I asked.

"Well I want Dad and you to have a great time and just concentrate on each other so I'm going to go home. I have work in the morning."

"Do you mean your Dad is planning on staying overnight?"

"Yes, does it matter, is that okay?"

"I don't know, this has never happened to me before."

"Well I'll take his shop truck home and then the neighbors won't notice or talk. But you really need a full night with a real man like Dad and then you will know that you have been fucked good and proper."

"If you insist, Karen." I said and laughed.

"So go ahead, get him hard again and then he can take you doggie style on the rug."

"What do you think Mr. Worthington?" I asked.

"I can't tell you how delighted I will be to get my hands on your arse cheeks Sue, I may just get hard at the thought of it, haha. But the last thing I want to do is rush you in any way, so Karen sweetheart, why don't you go home and I'll just let things happen in their own sweet time." He said.

"Okay then Dad, if that's what you prefer." Karen said and then she dressed and we all hugged before she left.


"Wow she can be pushy, right, haha." Mr. Worthington said as he held me close in his arms and stroked my back and shoulders.

"I think she was just looking out for you and making sure I was aware what you liked."

"But its what you like that's really important to me." He said as he stroked one of my breasts.

"Well my experience is very limited to having sex in the missionary position, giving a handjob or a blowjob. So I bow to your experience and knowledge Mr. Worthington."

"You can call me Sam, if you prefer."

"But the Mister adds some authority and respect, like a teacher maybe."

"Did you ever have an issue with a teacher?"

"A very long time ago, I was lightly spanked by a male teacher. In between spanking his fingers would slide down my crack and feel me, then he would spank me once, then feel me again and so on. He made it last and he barely hurt me. He told me if I told anyone he would make sure it went on my record and then Dad would see that I had done wrong."

"Did you like being spanked?"

"I guess I didn't at the time, but I've often thought about it since I've gotten older and find it somewhat stimulating now."

"Well if you do wrong, I know what to do then." Mr. Worthington said.

"Yes sir, you do."

"Listen Sue, do you have a razor and shaving cream, I didn't shave today."

"Yes, shall I shave you?"

"Yes please, would you like that?"

"Yes I would, occasionally I used to get to shave my Dad way back when Mom was living here. But she didn't like me hanging around too close to Dad so I had to wait until she wasn't home. It was probably the closest I ever got to him, but then she bought him a brand new electric razor and I never got the opportunity anymore."

"Besides shaving my face, maybe you could trim and shave me down there as well."

"Wow, you really want to trust me with the family jewels, haha." I said and laughed.

"Shall I take a chair into the bathroom and you can start with my face?"

"Sure." I said and he followed me with a chair from the kitchen. I placed the chair so that he would be looking towards the light and then I got the shaving cream and a new razor. He let his head fall back as I rubbed the cream over his chin and cheeks, up towards his ears.

"Why don't you sit on my knee, facing me." He said so I straddled his knee and within a few seconds his penis was standing up between us like a thick flagpole. His hands cupped my bum cheeks but he stayed quite still.

"Mmmm, I love doing this, it's been a longtime, but of course I never sat on Dad's knee naked, haha."

"Just take your time, there's no rush Sue. If you feel the need, I have something hard here for you to sit on." He said with a grin as he placed one hand on my breasts.

"That could be dangerous, but I guess it's a safety razor, right."

"Yes, but you need to be moist enough inside or it may be uncomfortable for you."

"Let me finish shaving your face first. Just the thought of what's to come is starting to make me wet." I said as I did the finishing touches to his chin and neck. I turned and grabbed a small hand towel then moistened it under the tap and wiped away any excess cream.

"Mmmm that does feel better, shall I position you for entry?"

"Yesss, I can't wait any longer." I said as I kissed his smooth cheek then he turned his head and kissed me on the lips. Our lips pressed together and his tongue slid between my lips as his big hands lifted me up and let me hover over his big hard penis.

"Use your hand to guide me so that I don't hurt you. Plant your feet firmly on the floor so that you can control all the movements up and down at your leisure and talk to me, tell me what's happening."

"Oh yes, yesss, I can feel it opening me up, slowly filling me, touching all the nerves in my vagina. Yesss, oh god it feels so good and I'm getting wetter by the minute, I want to go back to the beginning and let it swell inside my opening again. Oh yesss, it's so good, it's sliding inside me again. I need more now, let me lower myself more, mmmmmm ooooooh god this won't take long for me Mr. Worthington, I can feel a huge wave coming already."

"Wonderful, take it all Sue, bury my big hard cock inside you but keep talking, keep telling me everything."

"Oh god keep going but tell me Mr. Worthington, are all men this big and feel this good?"

"I can't answer that Sue, but you're in charge, take as much as you need and move as much as you want." He said as I slowly moved up and down and virtually fucked him as he sat.

"Oh yesss this is good, so good, squeeze and knead my ass cheeks, suck lightly on my breasts. Oh god this is wonderful Mr. Worthington, I'm almost there, I'm going to cum."

"Mmmm cum for me Sue, move your ass up and down, fuck me until you cum."

"Oooooooooh it's so nice, I wanna make this last. What about you?" I cried as I slowed for a few seconds and then picked up the pace again.

"Don't worry about me, its pleasing me to see you getting so much pleasure. I'm enjoying every minute just feeling myself inside you and feeling your gorgeous arse cheeks. Let yourself go, we have lots of time for you to have many more orgasms."

"Yesss, oooooooh god yesss, any second now, yesssss Mr. Worthington. Yesssssssss." I cried as I moved up and down rapidly when the pleasure wave raced through my body somewhere deep inside my loins like a fire out of control. Then I just relaxed and sank fully over his hard penis as I devoured it all inside my hot juicy pussy.

"Stay perfectly still and rest your head on my shoulder." He said.

"Mmmm, Mr. Worthington, I like, I really like your style. But how on earth do you manage to keep control and hold off from cummin? I've had boys cum in a matter of seconds and most never lasted more than a few minutes." I asked.

"Well its just self control, but I'm not perfect, sometimes I do get so stimulated that all I want to do is shoot my load. But an older man feels a much bigger obligation to make sure his partner is satisfied, especially if she is a beautiful young woman such as you."

"Well I'm not complaining at all, you're the best Mr. Worthington and I'd love for you to take me doggie style as soon as you want."

"Thank you, Sue. It will happen as soon as I know that I have control and won't spill my seed any second, haha"

"Did you come THAT close?"

"Oh Sue, did I ever, I was just a split second away from losing control and shooting my wad. If you just stand quickly and let me withdraw from your juicy pussy then I may stand a chance of making it to the couch."

"Mmmm, you want me bent over the couch?"

"Yes, I would love that if it's okay with you." He said as I quickly stood and looked down at his hard creamy cock that was plastered in my own cum juices.

"Don't worry Mr. Worthington if this time you cum very quick, I have lots of time for YOU." I said, as I bent over the arm of the couch, and moments later his hard wet penis was squeezing and sliding back inside me all the way until his balls were slapping against me.

His fingers gripped my arse cheeks as he thrusted deeply and I kept moving my arse back into him.

"Put your head a little lower and raise your ass a bit, then push back and forth for all you are worth."

I moved the cushion under my head and straightened my legs a bit more to raise my ass as he gripped my cheeks tighter. There was no chance that he would slip out; he was in so tight and deep it would take an earthquake to shake us apart, so I moved faster and faster.

Holy shit this was different and so damn nice as he started to thrust very spasmodically and his fingers would grip my cheeks tight and then loosen.

"Almost Sue, keep moving sweetheart, Oooooooooh fuck, here it cums." He cried out as he pushed deep inside several times and then I felt his penis throbbing as he started to spurt. "Oh wow, I can feel it throbbing and spurting, keep going this is fucking wonderful." I said loudly.

"Keep moving sweetheart, this is the best part for me." He said so I continued moving back and forth until he finally slowed me down to almost a full stop and then he pushed in all the way and just held me tight.

"Mmmm, I like this doggie style position especially without a condom. You're the first person I ever had sex with and not used a condom." I told him.

"It does feel much better bareback, that's for sure. But you do have to be careful today who you have without a condom." He said as he slowly withdrew.

"I guess you knew I was on the pill, right?" I said as I stood and turned to face him.

"Yes, Karen told me." He said as he hugged me close and squished his wet slimy penis between us.

"So you were pretty confident, that you would get in my pants?"

"I took a big chance and I'm glad I did, I've liked you and liked the idea of having you for a longtime now."

"So I take it that I'll see a lot more of you?" I asked.

"Yes, if you'll have me."

"Mr. Worthington, I would be a fool not to see you again, haha. My god, Karen was right, this thing is a stick of orgasmic dynamite." I said as I held his wet penis.

"Haha, well thank you."

"Later I'll suck you off and we'll try for that so called premium blowjob, maybe after I shave your pubic area. Then whatever else you wanna do is up to you."

"Well the night is still young its not even midnight. Shall we take a swim?"

"Sure, lets go." I said and we held hands as we walked to the pool and then slipped in together.

We swam several lengths and then cuddled and kissed in the deep end with our hands roving all over the place.

"I hope that I don't make Karen jealous."

"It will be natural for her to be a little jealous until she finds another man. She has her eye on your Dad, she wasn't joking when she said that earlier."

"Well I am tempted to try and seduce my Dad too, after seeing and feeling what a real man is like. But I don't mind if she does have it off with him, he needs to have a young woman in his life."

"Oh it sounds like I awoke a sleeping sex fiend, haha."

"You woke me up that's for sure. You awoke me to the fact that an older man makes for a great session of sex."

"I have an uncle that has a little bit bigger cock than mine, I was thinking of introducing him to Karen. She has often said that she would like to have two men at the same time, what do you think?"

"Wow, I couldn't imagine having two at the same time, especially two the size of yours, how would she handle that?"

"Well one up her pussy and one on her mouth, or one in her pussy and one up her ass."

"Ouch, that sounds like it may hurt."

"Karen has mastered the art of deep throat, I mean taking my entire cock in her mouth with some of it down her throat. She lets me fuck her in the mouth and shoot down her throat. She also likes to let me take her up the ass occasionally and sometimes she really gets off on that."

"She sounds far more experienced than I."

"Well of course, but only because she has been getting it much longer. I give her whatever she wants and she gives me whatever I want."

"So was I something that you wanted?"

"Oh yesss, you sure were, I've fantasized about you many times." Mr. Worthington said.

"So what did she want in return?"

"She wanted you also and I love the idea of my daughter being bi-sexual."

"Its nice to know that I'm wanted, haha. Shall we get out now, I have some balls I wanna shave."

"Wonderful, lets go." He said.


To be continued...

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