tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMy Hermaphrodite Boss Pt. 04

My Hermaphrodite Boss Pt. 04


"Recession Looming." The unconcerned host with job security tried to look concerned as he blabbered on and on about major cuts in mega software-firms. I was more concerned with the length of Jasmine's cock. She seemed to get aroused by financial news.

We were both relaxing in her built-in Jacuzzi. That is, she was relaxing with a beer, an ice bucket, Shrimps Linguini and hot bubbles.

After she dropped me in her apartment, Jasmine returned to the office only to return four hours later with a smile and renewed energies. She forced me to undress, wear a flower-decorated apron and to serve us both a romantic dinner (which she brought from Marsha's). I got as far as making the table and lighting the scented candles when she jumped me, claiming I was just too hot to resist with my naked butt. She sodomized me then and there, on the kitchen floor.

"Better now?" My head was in her lap as she scrubbed me gently with a sponge.

"Still sore as hell down there. Cold butter does not make a good lubricant."

"I was too hot to go and get the gel. Sorry about that."

"Yeah, right."

"Ok shhh, I'm trying to watch." She kissed my head and continued to scrub my chest. "Anyway it was your fault entirely. You shouldn't stick that cute ass in front of my face, it's a fucking crime."

The Jacuzzi was built inside her roof patio. It had glass walls and a breathtaking view of the city from the fourteenth floor. A small wooden sauna lay to its right and it had a flat screen installed and a Sony audio system that any techno geek would kill for.

"So how are you enjoying boot-camp so far?" Jasmine gave me light peck on the cheek.

"I've already been to one boot-camp. You've seen one you've seen them all."

"I bet USA army boot-camp doesn't have a Jacuzzi with a view and a home theater system."

"No, the army boot-camp Jacuzzi is smaller and it has an old TV set which only shows reruns of 'Sex and the City'."

"The humanity."

"You think I can go home now?"

"Why so eager to leave?" Jasmine pulled my entire body into her lap and circled her arms around me in a loving hug.

"It's past midnight and I'm aching and tired and humiliated. I'd like to go and perform Seppuku in the dignity of my own apartment."

"You didn't fail your Shogun, bunny Samurai. You actually made her very happy tonight."

"Hurray." I said with as little enthusiasm as I could put in it.

"Anyways, you're in Miami for a week, remember? I made the proper arrangements in the office. We got the entire weekend to ourselves, plus every night during the following week.

I shuddered.

"I wish I could take a vacation myself, so we could spend more time together. It's just impossible these days. The quarter is going to be the first one in years with a negative cross-margin. We're doing flip flops and damage control, so I barely have time to take a breath."

Thank the NASDAQ gods for recession.

"I still feel a little stressed. Ready for round two?" Jasmine said.

"No, wait, if you feel stressed out I can give you a body massage."

"Nah, most people don't know how to give proper massage, they lack the skill and stamina. Not that I'm trying to put you off, I do..."

"No, wait, I'm a pro, Jasmine."

"Right, giddy up." She rose.

"Wait, I was a professional masseur for Holmes-Place, that's how I financed myself through university."


"Dead serious. After the university, I found myself unemployed with a diploma. I worked a full time job for a year as a masseur, nine to five sessions, six days a week. I don't lack the stamina or the skill, I was quite good."

Jasmine laughed and clapped her hands like a little girl. "I hit the jackpot with you, didn't I?"

"I'll arrange some stuff and be right with you, just lay here." I stretched a big towel on the floor. I ran to her bathroom for massage oil and settled for some baby oil instead. Grabbing the scented candles from our 'romantic dinner table' and a pillow from the sofa, I ran back, turned up the Jacuzzi room heat and scanned the radio for some relaxing Jazz music.

"Turn that thing off. There's nothing more annoying than that Sax."

"I hate Jazz too."

Jasmine climbed lazily out of the Jacuzzi and lay on her back. "We have so much in common, you and I."

"Yeah, practically twins. We have nothing in common."

"We both own a cock. Well, I own two, mine and yours. We both love anal sex..."
"Except me, I don't like it anymore."

"In that case we're both nerds except me. We're both tall, rich and successful except you. The parallelism is endless, it's like we were meant for each other."

"Roll over, Jasmine."

"See that raging erection, dummy? I can't."

"Right, I'll start here. Lift your legs." I placed the pillow under her knees, warmed the baby oil and started with a basic foot twist.

"That's nice."

"Tell me if this huts." I tried a knuckle twist on the sole of her foot.


"That's because you wear high heels. Someone your size needs orthopedic shoes, I'll use less force."

"No, no, that's great." She closed her eyes.

"Like that?"

Jasmine purred in response.

I took my time on each foot, going through several forms of foot massage. There is always a chance that with enough heat and body pampering she'll fall asleep and forgo the sex. Jasmine, whose body was usually tense in contrast to her light demeanor, slowly allowed herself to let go. I saw her shoulder muscles relax and her magnificent bosom rising and falling slower with each passing moment. At last, her eyes closed and a tiny smile, one of true contentment, spread across her luscious lips. Then I allowed myself to remove the pillow and started working slowly on her thigh.

"Did I die and go to heaven?" Jasmine purred.

That's defiantly one place you're not going to visit.

She rose and tried to pull me over to herself. I saw she was getting excited

"Told you I was good. Wait, I have barely begun." I pushed her back.

"Hmmm... I'm becoming addicted to you." She closed her eyes again. "Where were you my entire life?"

Happy and content?

Jasmine flipped on her stomach. "Now do my shoulders and neck."

"Ok, I'll start with the Trapezius muscles." I said.

"Sure, the Trapezius is the best."

"Don't laugh. I'm always talking to myself when I want to remember a procedure."

"When your programmer can't think without moving his lips, it's time to worry." Jasmine grabbed the remote and switched the screen to her own computer network. She surfed the explorer to a favorite site. "Think you could learn this procedure? Cause you won't be able to move your lips much."

"Tarkus deep throating extravaganza, Step-by-Step instructions for learning how to deep throat." The picture showed a woman whose face was mashed against some guy's pubic hair. She looked very happy, the guy did too. "You want me to learn... that?" "They told me you were a bright one."

"You got to be fucking kidding me." I said.

"I'm too tired to think so pretend I gave you a witty and scornful answer." Jasmine said in a sleepy voice. "Imagine yourself outwitted and scorned. By and by, the Trapezius are waiting."

"Oh, oh. Sorry." I placed my hands at her upper shoulders and started squeezing. Her muscles rippled beneath my touch and I couldn't but admire the power I felt stored in them. "I'll increase pressure gradually, tell me if this becomes uncomfortable at any point."

"Mmmm... this is sooo good. Were have you been when we discussed the details of our relationship? We agreed that nothing is too gross or difficult."

"But you're asking for the impossible. Obviously the guy who wrote this 'Ten easy steps to happy throat molesting' never saw the equipment you're packing." I said.

"All you need is a little practice. As chance would have it, I own a large collection of rubber penis-like toys called dildos. Start small, and ohhh, that's, wow. Grrrrr... You're good."

"Told you so." I placed the pillow under her neck and started rotating my fingers in small circles from the neck slowly down to the top of her shoulders.

"That's half an orgasm." Jasmine closed her eyes and let her shoulders drop. She lazily reached out and started playing with my cock. "What you need is an incentive. How about a nice bonus? I'll buy you the same Sony sound system I have here. Would that make things slide down more easily?"

"Forget it, Jasmine, I won't do it." I said.

She clenched her fist around my cock. "Every man has a price."

"Well, mine is too steep for you."

"How bout that friend of yours, Peeping Frog Face?" Jasmine said

"I don't have a friend by that name." I said.

"Flabby tummy, sits near your cubicle, moon faced, eye level always below my neck line."

I went down her shoulders, neck and into her upper back. "That would be Jim, he's harmless."

"Useless, you mean. He's getting the ax by the end of this month."

I stopped massaging. "Jim? Why?" I cried.

"He's sleeping on the job."

"No he's not."

"Ok, he's not sleeping, he just ain't awake a lot. When he does it's for Facebook chatting or internet surfing."

"Shit. Jasmine, the guy has new twins." I leaned so I was level with her face. "No wonder he's a little tired. He got a mortgage and a family of five to provide for, you cannot do this. All he needs is a little shake."

"All I need is a little deep-throating."

"Come on."

"A deep throat and I'm happy, Peeping Frog Face keeps his job, you're happy, the twins are happy, everyone is happy. I'm ok, you're ok "

"I'm ok, you're obviously not." I said.

"Did I tell you to stop the massage?"

"We'll start with some palm circling then some muscle lifting."


I wormed more oil and placed my palms on her upper back, one palm above the other. "Do you ever try to get your way with people without extortion?"

"I do what it takes to get what I need."

"No fear? No inhibitions? No regrets?" I started painting small circles on her upper back, using my body weight to press on her tense muscles.

"Regrets are for losers like yourself."

"I adore the delicate way you voice your opinion of people. So much finesse and good taste. Criticizing without insulting."

"Look around you, Ian. That's how winners are supposed to live. That's why I'm on my stomach and you are rubbing my back instead of the other way around."

"There's nothing wrong with the way I live."

"Yeah, right."

"Wait a minute. I won't let you get me down this time." I applied more pressure on her back but Jasmine just moaned. "I have a sought degree from a respected university. At twenty-nine, I'm a successful software project manager. I live well and earn well and I've got a stunningly beautiful girlfriend. I don't feel like a loser."

"Why aren't you living together? You've been a couple for more than two years." Jasmine grabbed my cock again.

"Sue's parents are old generation, they would frown upon such behavior."

"That's what she's been telling you."

"It's the truth."

"Yeah, so how come she took a two week vacation with you to Hawaii last summer? That was OK with her parents all of a sudden?" Jasmine poured some baby oil on her palm and stared playing with my penis cap, massaging it between forefinger and thumb. "How is the sex between you two?"

"Just because you visited my ass doesn't mean you can penetrate my private life as well."

"That's a real put down, when you whine like this. I guess the sex sucks like the rest of this relationship."

"It's fucking great. We have great sex, OK! Oh, fuck." I grasped as she massaged with more intensity. "The sex is great."

"How many times did she gave as much as she got? How many presents did you get in two years? Two fucking weeks you've been supposed to be ill at home, how many visits did you get?"

"She..." I gasped. "Don't own a car."

"Wow. All together now, l-o-s-e-r."

"Relationship is not ...." My cock in Jasmine's hand was on fire. "It's not about give and take. You give as much as you're willing to and expect nothing in return."

"You're not a care-bear, you're fucking Mamma Theresa." Jasmine laughed. "Ok Mr. Relationship, how many times has your extremely egoistic girlfriend done this?" Jasmine turned around on her stomach and faced me. She grabbed my ass cheeks and before I knew what was happening my already stiff cock was in her mouth. I was given head a few times in my life, but this was something else. I felt her tongue all over my aching cock. She massaged me with her lips and knew exactly where to push and when to let go. Her teeth gently sunk in various points, causing my blood to boil. My cock jumped in her mouth each time she took a bite. She started sucking on the head until I felt ready to burst. Then she raised her head and laughed.

I lay slowly on my back, panting, aching for relief. My hand rose to finish the job but she slapped my wrist.

"Don't! I'm not your fabulous girlfriend, I'm just extending the pleasure." She kissed the cap of my cock gently. Seeing those amazing lips on my own cock almost made me shoot in the air. Her tongue slithered forward and she licked my slit and the shiny pearls of pre-cum that glistened there.

"You even taste good." Jasmine said.

I closed my eyes and moaned.

"Don't, I want you to see."

Jasmine took the remains of an ice cube from the ice bucket and planted it between her lips. She placed her mouth on the top of my cock.

I gasped, this time from the cold.

Jasmine ran the ice cube through the length of my cock, up and down. Around the corona and down the slide of my shaft to my balls. Then she rose and slithered her oily body across mine so we were face to face. Her lips touched mine and I opened up to receive them. She held on the ice cube and I sucked on it slowly.

She rose again and stared at me, mouth closed.

I was panting and dizzy. I rose to find her lips again but she pushed me back. Jasmine started kissing my neck, slow bites. My shoulders, my chest, my tits, my naval. She stopped when she got back to my cock and exhaled softly on the now cooled flesh.

"Oh my fucking, god." I gasped.

"Do you want it?" She said.

I closed my eyes.

"It's ok, you don't have to cheat on your fabulous girlfriend this time, the choice is yours. We can go back to tending my needs."

My heart was beating so fast I was almost deaf due to the blood rushing in my ears.

"Hesitating?" Jasmine extended her long tongue and started caressing my shaft.

"Oh god."

She raised her head. "I'm stopping. You'll have to say it out loud."

God, Sue, forgive me, this is beyond the ability of mortal man. "Please, Jasmine, suck my cock."

"You want it?"

"Like nothing I wanted before. Please."

"With pleasure." Jasmine started kissing the shaft, slowly from top to bottom. Activating nerves that were never stimulated before, commanding them to send new electric signals to my brain. They were chanting like a synchronized chorus -- "you're in heaven". I wanted her to keep going forever.


I whimpered in response.

Jasmine placed her hot lips on my cap and started slithering down. This time she didn't bottom out but kept going. I felt my cock slide past her throat ring and down into the loving pressure of her neck. She kept going until her lips touched my pubic hair.

My cock is almost six inches long. It's nothing to write home about, but nothing to be ashamed of, either. Its entire length disappeared down my boss' gullet, and she kept going. In front of my amazed eyes her lips opened, and like a snake trying to take in a prey too big for its maw, they circled my balls and drew them inside.

The feeling was nothing I have experienced before. As if someone placed my throbbing cock inside a pressure sleeve. Her wonderful lips stretched around me looked so sexy I was ready to burst. Then she started humming.

I think it was Tom Waits 'Waltzing Matilda', I'm not really sure. Small vibrations all around my shaft ascended me to heights of pleasure I've never dreamed could exist.

"Oh, Jasmine. I can't."

She changed the tune. I think it was "Black Eyed Peas" Barack Obama's "Yes We Can!", but again, I was so high in the sky, I can't be sure.

I started rotating my pelvis, sending my cock deeper inside her throat. In and out I fucked her throat and she took it all.

"Oh, Oh, Oh, Ahhhhhh."

Jasmine rose until only the head was in her mouth and sucked hard.

"Ahhh, Ahhhh." Never before have I come so strongly. I felt every nerve as my white milk rose from the base of my cock and exploded inside her loving mouth.

She kept me a long in her mouth after I finished. Then she pulled my softening cock out and kissed it. There was not a single cum drop anywhere to be seen.

"Yummy." Jasmine licked her lips and smiled. "Take five and then my back again." She lay down on the towel.

I lay there grasping, looking at the stars through the Jacuzzi's glass ceiling. It seemed like the universe was giggling.

Why every time after we have sex do I feel bad with myself? I didn't say it out loud because that would have made me the greatest hypocrite to have walked the planet.

Instead, I rose and started rubbing her muscles again.

"Please sit on my back. I want to feel you when you do it this time."

I placed my legs on both sides of her and tried to put as much weight on my thighs while still keeping contact. "Did we...? Did you...?"


"Did you do what you just did, just to prove a point?"

"You're a fucking idiot, Ian. Sometimes I really hate you, you know."

"I'm sorry."

"Only losers apologize."

"Sometimes I apologize when I hurt someone, even if I don't understand really why she's hurt."

Jasmine didn't answer for a change. She lay there in silence while I kneaded her muscles. I felt even worse with myself. Instead of analyzing, I emptied my mind and concentrated on giving my boss, the best massage I could.

Time turned to wax between my fingers. I became an automatic machine, my muscles and hands followed the steps of a dance I thought I'd forgotten. Beneath me, Jasmine was oddly quiet. I felt her strong back muscles slowly loosening as she gave herself completely. The heat, the scented candles, and the stars, gave the Jacuzzi room a dream like quality.

At some point, the silence became depressing. "My dad taught me how to do a proper massage." I started what I hoped was an idle conversation on a safe subject. "I know it's a funny thing for a father to teach his son but it made my life easier."

"He was a masseur?" Jasmine said in a dreamy voice. It was obvious she was close to falling asleep.

"He was a lot of things. A salesperson, shop owner, garage manager, masseur, fisherman. He couldn't keep a job for too long. My mom said he had a problem with authority, but I think he was just bored with doing the same thing. You'd probably call him a loser."

"No I won't. Sounds like a man who devours life." She said.

"Yeah, that's him. He used to take me on his fishing boat some nights. I miss that."

"He doesn't any more?"

"He died of cancer three years ago."

"Oh." She said and was silent again. I didn't want to pick it from there, so I sunk back into my private world once again.

"My dad used to call me, 'it'." Jasmine suddenly said.

"Sorry, what?"

"It. Just it. You have four beautiful children, Mr. Richardson, and an 'it'."

"I... I don't understand."

"What's to understand? Four normal children. Two doctors, one lawyer and a successful model with a millionaire for a husband. Then 'it' is born. How do you deal with something that you'd wish didn't exist? You don't call it by name."

"How then?" I said in a small voice.

"You don't call it at all. Take it to the doctor. Did it wet its bed again? Did it spill its food again? Did it eat? It, It, It."

I didn't have anything to say, so I kept my mouth shut.

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