tagGay MaleMy Hometown Miracle

My Hometown Miracle


This story contains sex scenes that are only safe in FICTION!


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I turned in the doorway for one last look. I was leaving the apartment that had been my home for the past five years. Joshua moved in with me when I had been there two months and stayed for five years. Back then I thought we would be together forever, but this the past year I knew that we were changing, becoming friends instead of lovers. Then Joshua met someone else and we split up. Our relationship and our friendship all ended at once. Three months later on my birthday, my job was eliminated when my company was bought out by America's Bank.

That's when I decided to change my life. I'm Robert Horton, 33 years old, with no job and no prospects, I left my apartment in Indianapolis and moved back to the town I grew up in. My Mom was elated that I would be coming home to live with there while I searched for a new place to restart my life.

Mom was over the moon having me back home, even if it was to be for just for a short time. I was certain that I would be leaving for another city soon. Small town life didn't suit my lifestyle at all. Five years ago my Gran had left me her house in her will. It had been rented out most of that time but it was now vacant and I moved in. The house was almost directly behind my Mom's on the next street over. We could visit just by walking across the yard and in the back door.

I had money saved up for those proverbial rainy days, plus besides the house, Gran left Mom and I enough money to feel comfortable and able to weather out a hard time if we should find ourselves without work. Back here at home I knew I could live well for an extended period if need be. My intention was to find work in either of the cities about a hundred miles away in four directions. Close enough to get home to see Mom more often and far enough away to lead my life as the Gay man I am.

Mom worked as the executive assistant to the President of a local wholesale food supplier. Their main clients being restaurants, school systems and hospitals. She's worked there for twenty three years, moving from the warehouse to the front office when the Secretary had her first child, the Secretary happened to be the Boss's wife. Mom seldom took time off and her 'vacations' were normally spent at home. The office always called with a question whenever she wasn't there. Their business had grown fast in the past few years and it wasn't odd for Mom to work six days a week and ten or more hours on many days. I began having her come to my house for dinner each night. She loved not having to cook and I was certain both of us would be eating much better than when we were eating alone.

The second week I was home, I ventured out into the business district of our town. With Christmas just 29 days away, Holiday Decorations were everywhere. The stores and shops around the Courthouse Square had all changed but there were new shops in their places and from the square to the West Side shopping district all seemed to be thriving. I was surprised that some of the landmarks stores still stood, their old Marquees still there marking the spot where a stalwart of the community once stood.

The old railroad depot is now a museum and is the perfect place for a Grandpa to take the grandkids. The hardware store on the Square is now a coffee shop and restaurant; The College Grill,now a fine dining restaurant on the West Side, bought the lot next door when the building burned and turned the ruin into a garden for outdoor dining. Our town was the home of a mid sized State University; both the city and University populations were growing and were becoming increasingly cosmopolitan. A City Symphony and Community theater were thriving as well.

Most of the retail growth had been toward Interstate Highway that ran East to West just a mile or so South of the town square. I pulled into a parking spot and ventured into the coffee shop that was housed in the old former Hardware Store, for many years owned by the father of a classmate of mine. There was a cool wind blowing and most of the patrons were indoors today. I sat at the bar, leaving the tables for couples or groups. I got an odd look from the server when I asked for plain black coffee, no sugar. I reached over and picked up the local paper that was a couple of stools away and mostly read the Headlines of the articles.

The Want Ads revealed the need for a car wash man at the local Chevy dealer, a sales position is open at Adams Used Cars & Trucks, an empty Stylist's chair at Brenda's House of Beauty and amazingly, a last one that I was certain my experience would qualify me for in the Admissions Office at the University. I wrote down the number and description making a note to call about the accounting position today.

As I was taking a sip of coffee a most handsome man passed by behind the counter. He nodded and smiled causing me to spill coffee in my lap. The smile was as bright as he was beautiful. Something somewhere in the dark corners of my memories of living here made me think that I knew that beautiful specimen of manhood. Jeez, who is he, I know that face, not nearly as well as I would like but I'm certain he's local and near my age. I gathered up my notes and refolded the paper and rose to go. As I turned to walk away I heard a voice wish me a good day and to come back soon. I turned and was blinded by that 1000 watt smile again. Who is he?

Back at my house I pulled up my resume and cover letter and called the University about the position. I learned that the Students were due to start the Holiday break in three days and that I should send my resume first by email and then bring a hard copy if I should be called in for an interview after the first of the year. The assistant I was speaking with assured me that I was qualified for the position, perhaps even overqualified. After a brief rundown on the duties I was excited that I could actually have a great chance of getting the position. Working here was not my intention but with free housing and the low cost of living the town offered I could stash away a lot of money in a short period.

There was nothing else I could do but wait until the Holiday break was over. I turned on the TV but I wasn't interested in anything I came across. My mind wandered back to the coffee shop and just who Mr. Wonderful could be. Thinking that maybe there was a website and maybe it listed the employees, I keyed in the name of the coffee shop, 'City Perk', and was surprised and was very impressed when a professionally done website came up on my screen. I immediately went to the About Us tab and there it was. The man with the thousand watt smile was the Owner, Jerald Shipley. I smiled to myself. Jerry Shipley! Voted best looking guy all four years in High School, I remembered he had a younger brother that promised to be as handsome as Jerry. I was a year ahead of him and we both kept the bench warm on the basketball team, Jerry also played football, a receiver if I remember correctly, and a good one at that.

One thing I did remember and quite vividly was his hairy body. In High School and only 17 he was already covered with a thick mat of chest hair as well as his arms and legs. A mental image of him long ago in the showers with all that hair on his body, wet and slicked down,his V-shaped torso tapered to a perfect bubble butt.

That mental image gave me an erection that lasted for a while. The sight of him shirtless and in jeans could make a grown man weep. Pushing hard on the lump in my pants, I flashed forward to today and realized that my memories of him in school were just the wishful thinking of a kid who wasn't at all sure why Jerry held such a fascination for him, I didn't know I was gay then but I knew what I felt for Jerry was not what I was supposed to feel. Just looking at him made my cock get hard.

I decided I would visit the Coffee shop again tomorrow. I went into my kitchen and pulled out a frozen meal to thaw that my Mom had brought over and then went to my closet to decide what I would wear to the coffee shop tomorrow. I wanted to make a good impression on Jerry Shipley when I renewed our acquaintance. I chose a Navy Turtleneck, Navy slacks, Cordovan shoes and belt with a Camel Blazer, I practiced spiking up my hair a bit, a desperate bid to shave a couple of years off my looks, and was satisfied that I did look younger than my 33 years. It was more than I could have hoped for considering my circumstances.

I read the for rest of the evening and continued again in the morning, eating my breakfast while engrossed in the novel I was reading. Around 10 AM I headed for the shower and slowly made myself presentable to meet the the best looking man in town. The best I've seen anyway. I parked facing the Courthouse and had to cross the street to get to the coffee shop.

I heard the clanging of bells as Salvation Army Santas gave out Holiday greetings while collecting money for the poor at shops all around the Courthouse Square . Entering the shop I told the Hostess that I was alone and would sit at the counter if that was okay. She ushered me to the bar and gave me a menu. A server filled my order of black coffee, and a bagel with Strawberry Cream Cheese with a smile. I reached for the daily paper again just as Mr. Wonderful walked past behind the bar. About four steps past me he stopped and came back to me.

"Excuse me, you look very familiar to me and I'm sure we've met before. I'm Jerald Shipley."

He said extending his hand. I gave him my best and brightest smile.

"Jerry? Jerry Shipley? The best looking boy four years running at good old Central High? It is a small world! I'm Robert...uh...Bobby Horton, Jerry. Wow you've still got it man, so did you marry a local girl, kids?"

"No I married a girl from Nashville when we graduated college but we divorced after four years, no kids. Damn, Bobby Horton! I knew we knew each other. You were here yesterday too. I was going to come introduce myself but you were already walking out. Jeez Bob, you look great, you sure have matured well, very well indeed. Are you back just visiting for the Holidays?"

"I do wish that were the case but no, my company was bought out and my job eliminated, I'm starting over again."

"That's rough man, been there, done that myself, that's how I ended up here at this place. If you have a few Minutes, I'll buy you another cup and we can chat and catch up a bit."

"Sure thing Jerry, You're the first person I've seen from the good old days. Ha, that's funny, they weren't so good when we were living them if I remember right. Teen angst and yearning for what we can never have is what I remember most. But you, all the good looking girls wanted you."

Jerry blushed crimson, surprising me and I apologised not wanting to make him self conscious or put him off. He laughed it off saying it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. At my urging he told me what he had been doing since High School.

"I lived in New York for five years, then Seattle for two, a three year stint in Colorado Springs and back here to take care of my Mom before she passed away. After Mom passed, all the people we've known all our lives made such an effort to console and comfort me and my brother I came to realize that right here is where I really wanted to be. Sure, I could make more money in some big Restaurant in a large city, but I don't ever want to be in that culture again. This business is finally growing and I'm happy and content here. So Rob, what about you? Married, children?"

Joking, I held out my hands with my index fingers making a cross to 'ward off evil'.

"Never! Once burned, I learned and steered clear of that particular evil, so far."

We both laughed .

"That's great Rob, we don't have many batchelors here, we'll have to go out for a drink some night. Dinner too. My biggest turn off about being single is eating alone. Ugh."

"Sure thing Jerry, I agree, eating alone is the pits. Lately I've been having my Mom come over. Our back yards touch so I see her quite a lot...tell me, is this place your's? I really like it. You've kept the old oiled floors! I can almost see Mr. Adams at the cash register."

"Yeah it's mine alright. It was really touch and go for two years but we seem to have caught on. Expanding the Menu for breakfast and Lunch really helped and I'm toying with doing dinner service for Thursday through Sunday. Our Customers have begun to ask if we served dinner. I think we can give those guys on Interstate Drive a run for their money. I just have to find the right menu to keep em coming here to eat."

Jerry said he had to get back to riding herd on the kitchen staff and we rose to say goodbye when he handed me his Card.

"Give me a call Rob, we'll have drinks and dinner soon."

I asked for my check but he refused, saying it was his pleasure. I fished out an old card from my defunct bank and wrote my number on the back for him.

"Call anytime, heck come over we can have a drink and hang out at the house if you ever feel the need for company or to talk. "I've been talking to myself lately."

Jerry laughed, "I did that just this morning.! Great to see you Rob, we'll get together soon."

As we shook hands I could swear I saw him wink at me. Gee, maybe he's guessed I'm gay I thought. Oh well, I could probably be persuaded to service him whenever he wished. Most times the ones that were great looking in High School have lost their hair and waistline by their early thirties, Jerry was the exception to that rule. He looked much better now, a grown, drop dead gorgeous 32 year old man. WOOF! I sure spent enough time daydreaming of him naked and on my bed when we were in school.

I finished my tour of the older part of town and drove out toward the College and was absolutely stunned at the size of the Hospital. The one story, 50 bed hospital that I once knew was now eight stories tall and a Regional Hospital. I drove a few block more and realized that the College Campus and Hospital and grown together, swallowing up the homes and business between them. When I lived here there were only 10,000 people and that included the college students, now the City has 40,000 and the college is nearing 15,000 students.

I never dreamed I could get lost in my hometown but I did that day, I did managed to regain my bearings but I was truly amazed at the size of the town. I told my Mom about my day and meeting up with Jerry. She told me that his Mom grew up just down the street from us at the 'Old Stanton Place" she said.

On Friday, Jerry called and asked me to Dinner, we went to the College Grill, one of the oldest restaurants in town and after eating we started for the bar at one of the motels when I suggested drinks at my place.

"That place will get noisy and drunk by midnight. I've sort of lost my desire for the chase lately and would rather talk, read or watchTV." I said

"Great Rob. I know what you mean, it's nearly impossible to talk in one of those places, what with the noise and the ladies trying to get you to dance and buy their drinks. It's been awhile since I've had a guys night out. I usually flop in front of the TV or occasionally drive to the nightlife in the City about an hour away."

I laughed. "Even as much as the town has grown, I'll wager that it is still hard to keep your life private here. Everyone always knew everyone else's business when we were young and I'll bet they still do."

Jerry laughed too. "Yeah, that's why I make the hours drive when I get the urge. That and the lack of...

Jerry was interrupted by my cell phone ringing on the kitchen counter. I went to get it and answered.

"Hi Robbie, gee it's good to hear your voice again, how have your been?"

As soon as I heard 'Hi Robbie' a cold chill ran through me. It was Joshua, my ex, the one who moved on. I was silent for a moment, not knowing what to say.


"Josh, unless your calling to tell me someone has died, this conversation is over. Do not call this number again, please."

I turned the phone off and closed it, placing it back on the counter.

"Sorry Jerry. Why is it that the people you try to get away from are the ones that always manage to find you. Sorry for that. You were talking about driving into the city for what...sex?"

Jerry blushed, then laughed.

"Yeah I guess that is what I meant. But I was trying to be more delicate than that. You're right about the town, few secrets are kept here, still. That call Rob, is everything alright?

"It's a long, story for another time. But yes everything is alright, that was someone I once trusted and cared for but that is all over with now. Tell me more about driving an hour or so to get relief, better yet let me know where to go. I'm at the climbing the walls stage myself these days."

"I'm not so sure you would like the places I've been too. Uh...can we change the subject...I'm not ready to chat about our sex lives or lack of one with you as yet.

"Sure thing. I want to hear about the coffee shop anyway. How did that all happen, I would love to find some sort of small business venture I could get into instead of Finance or Banking."

Jerry started telling me how he got started in the shop and the more he talked the more animated he became. I wondered why he wasn't the spokesperson for the chamber of Commerce, The man could sell an Eskimo snow!

We had several drinks and when Jerry went to the bathroom he was woozy, and nearly fell. I rushed to steady him and led him to the bath and shut the door behind him, telling him to use the washcloth and cold water on his face and neck.

I didn't hear any sounds of his being sick thankfully, but I did go and turn down the bed in the guest room. He emerged from the bath apologising profusely but I told him not to worry, it's happened to all of us, lucky for him he was at a friends place.

'I've turned down the bed in the guest room. You're sleeping it off here Jerry. No driving. You promise?"

Damn him, he gave me that crooked little grin I remembered from High School. My cock stiffened in my jeans. I had started to turn to go when he started undoing his belt. I was frozen, I wanted to turn away but I wanted to see him without his pants on more.

"Rob! Thanks dude. You're a cool guy Cute too!"

He said this as his jeans slid to his ankles, I had remembered right, his legs were hairy as could be and his CK briefs were packed, front and rear.

I turned quickly before he saw the throbbing in my pants.

"Sleep Well Bud. I'll wake you at 7." I said.

I was a few steps down the hall when he called my name again. I stopped and slowly turned and nearly passed out. Jerry was wearing only his briefs and leaning forward with a hand on each side of the doorway. I will never forget that image.

"Thanks again Rob, I owe you for this."

I was trying to avert my eyes lest they pop right out of my head. He was the most perfect man I had ever seen.

"You'd do the same for me, don't worry Jer. Sleep well."

But the time I reached my bedroom I was hyperventilating. The image of Jerry naked except for the CK tightie whities and that glorious body hair had my cock so stiff it hurt. I practiced breathing exercises to get myself back to normal. I closed my eyes and fell back onto my bed, I groaned aloud when the image of him in that doorway played on the inside of my eyelids.

After a few minutes I was able to get up and go straighten up from our drinking and talking. When everything was done I just sat on a barstool at the kitchen island. and stared off into space. I knew that after tonight and seeing him in his CK's I was in trouble here. The crush in High School was nothing compared to this full blown man lust.

I was up at six a.m., digging through the cabinets until I found a couple of samples of Keurig Coffee and made it in the French Press. After the coffee got going it was only a few minutes until Jerry came down the hall in the robe I laid across the foot of his bed this morning.

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