tagLoving WivesMy Hot, Hot Wife!

My Hot, Hot Wife!


Involves "Cuckolding" and "Wife-Sharing" - so if that's not your cup 'o tea, then move along and don't comment.

True "story" - 100% - absolutely - and not the last words on the topic. ;).

So my wife's just out of the shower - presumably shaved and clean because her (sometimes) boyfriend says he's coming over. There was a flurry of housecleaning and straightening up as soon as he let me know he'd be over "in an hour or so." We'll see. He oftentimes finds something more important to do - than what? Than fuck my wife??? Maybe. He's in the "entertainment industry" (no pun intended until I wrote that haha) and it's all about schmoozing and kissing ass, so no telling what may come up between now and then. But you should see her kick it into gear and get all "ready... "


Well, that depends.

She just came out with this wrap-around dress she asked me to "help her with" - which I gladly did.

I can hear the hair dryer now... and then she'll start with the make-up.

She's as excited as I am... maybe more... maybe not. For what? Well, basically it's because she knows she's going to get hot sex and then we'll have hot sex afterward.

This has been a pattern for maybe five or sex years.

OK, so I had to write the following later - after a night and morning and following day of incredibly hot sex.

Steve showed up, we said 'blah, blah, blah,' but we both knew what was "up" and what was going to follow.

She came out wearing that simple dress... nothing more and, though I didn't verify, no panties underneath... Hot. We did the obligatory small talk routine - he liked the kitchen remodel I've been working on (and why wouldn't he since it's sooo great?)

They sat in the "Chair and a half" that is her and my customary seat for watching TV or whatever, and I took up position across the room on the couch. Talking, watching them "pet" each other... I'm "All In" by this time, but they keep it up. Sitting together, kind of playing.. kissing a couple of times. She knows this drives me wild: seeing her making our or having sex is just too hot beyond imagination.

After awhile I'm given my marching orders: "Why don't you go get us some more vodka, Baby?" and I know I must follow her instructions. I drive to Stator Bros. leaving them there together on the couch / chair where we spend so much time and i'm frantic. I probably break some speed limits on the way, but I do what I've been told and go get her some vodka and drive home, knowing what I'm going to find...

Sure enough, when I arrive I can see the light in our front bedroom is on. I don't know if she planned this or if it just worked out this way, but I parked the car and approached the window - anyone could have seen the same thing if they'd been walking by, - but there they are, kissing, making out out on our bed. I can see her hand stroking his big cock.... I watch for maybe five minutes as they make out and she strokes him. Finally I spoke up: "You should really close these blinds." They both laughed, but did not get up to close the blinds. So inside I went. I mixed a couple of drinks, and I went inside to the bedroom. By this time, she's sitting on his cock being fucked, and being fucked by her. I handed her a drink and closed those blinds.

She was working herself onto his cock, her tits in his hands. I got onto the bed next to them and ran my hands over her undulating body, touching her ass and tits while she fucked him. She leaned over and kissed me... long... sloppy, excited. I cannot describe how hot that was - to have your wife kissing you all excited, tongue in my mouth and mine in hers - all the while impaled on her boyfriend's big, thick cock. She wanted it, and she knew that I totally approved, my hand on her back, feeling her grind onto him, her tongue conveying her excitement to me.

It's hard to describe the excitement of these moments - my wife enjoying what she blatantly calls: "cock," but she does love it and I love her to love it.

I don't know whether I'll let her read this account, though I have had her read a previous account of her sexy interludes. I get off just writing about it, thinking that you and/or yours is reading this too. IF you don't know the excitement of having a hotwife or being a hotwife, then you should consider my tale here. She's the hottest wife - I can't tell you. Right now she's asleep next to me wearing a tee-shirt that reads: "I have the pussy so I make the rules." lol Only partially correct. She does both - have the pussy and generally make the "rules." But I also gave her a shirt that reads: "It's not cheating if my husband watches." double-LOL. She wears that too. Sometimes. When she's feeling naughty.

I just ran my hand over her waist and hips and cupped her ass. What a hot hot woman!

She doesn't know I'm writing this at this moment, but she knows what I like.

I'll tell you what I like... love. It was afterward. After he'd cum in her sexy, shaved pussy. After I watched her up close, sucking him clean, tasting her juices and his still throbbing cock leaking into her mouth, looking me in the eyes as I petted her head and touched her sexy body.

Yes, I slipped my fingers into her slippery cunt - and looked into her eyes as I did so... We both knew what was going to follow and relished the idea.

He finally took off - she's sometimes called him the "cum and go guy." And then she was all mine.

I had her slip upward on the bed, and she spread her legs letting me see her creamy, slippery cunt. We both love this, and i drew it out slowly, licking her clit, teasing her, lapping at her slippery thighs, then finally drawing my tongue through her sexiness. I go on sex-overload at that point, and it's difficult to remember it blow by blow so to speak but here's the best account of what I remember:

Her legs spread open to me, pulling my face into her.

Talking to me, telling me to "take every drop" - the same thing she told him when he came into her.

Feeling her squeezing his big load onto my tongue.

Kissing her and sharing the sexy taste of their love-making.

Back to her writhing body, licking, sucking her to climax.

And again.

And again.

I don't remember how many times, but it was more than that... probably six or more.

Sleeping with my mouth pressed against my hot-wife's sexy, well-fucked pussy.

Finally waking up and doing her over and over again, adding my cum to her, and then her having me take that too.

She's totally a hotwife. We both love it, so if you can't handle that then why did you read the whole thing?

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