tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Hot, Older Neighbor

My Hot, Older Neighbor


I was eighteen when this happened, over 40 years ago. The memory still gets me hard.

I wasn't what you would have called a model student in high school. I ditched a lot and my hormones were always racing. I had done some wrestling and football in school, I was 6'2" and weighed 220. I was in pretty good shape. The girl friends that I had had said that I had a nice cock at just over 8" in length and around 1 ½" across. It was a good size but not super huge.

It was on one of the days that I was ditching class that I got a chance to live out one of my hottest fantasies, my mother's best friend, our super hot next door neighbor.

Her name is Cora, she was around 40 at the time, Cora is tall at approximately 6 foot, slender but not overly thin, about 180 pounds. Her face is lovely, a true beauty. Her body while slender was proportionate to her height. Her breasts looked to be the right size for caressing and sucking on. From what I could tell about a 36b, just right. Her slender waist, (22") sloped outward to her perfect hips, (36"). Her long legs were toned and beautifully shaped. Her whole body was tanned. She was a 18 year olds wet dream!! I was going to have her, one way or the other, whether she wanted it or not.

My mother had warned me that I had better get back to school and study. I naturally listened to her by ditching school again. I was laying in my bed, it was around 9A.M. or so when I heard our front door open. The next sound I heard was Cora's voice calling my name. "Don, are you here?", she called out. I immediately started getting a hard on at the sound of her voice.

I then had the idea to make my fantasy come true. I called back to her, "I'm back here, I'm not feeling well." Knowing that she would come back to check on me, I got up and hid behind my door. As she came through the door I closed it and grabbed her from behind. Putting my hand over her mouth and my other arm around her, below her luscious tits. I held her tight and told her to relax, not to scream, that everything would be all right. I told her not to fight me and that I wouldn't hurt her. She tried to get lose but she just wasn't strong enough. I started to take my hand from her mouth, she started to scream. I slapped her on the side of the face and replaced my hand. I told her, "I said, don't scream or fight me and I won't hurt you!" She settled down a little.

By this time my cock was fully hard and standing up against her ass, I was sure that she could feel it as I was pushing it against her body. I asked her, "Can you feel my hard cock against your hot ass?" "I'm going to fuck you Cora, I'm going to make you cum until you beg me to stop." "Then I'm going to fill your body with my cum until it runs out of you!"

She then tried to talk me out of it saying that she was my mother's best friend. I told her that made it all the hotter.

I then moved my hand up and cupped her breast, squeezing it and feeling her nipple harden slightly. I then grabbed her blouse and pulled it apart. A couple of the buttons went flying. I pulled it from her body. She had on a very nice, lacy, light blue bra. It beautifully accented her lovely tits. I cupped both of them in my hands and gently squeezed them. Her nipples started getting harder and standing outright. She moaned a little more as I pinched her nipples. I said to her, "You must like having your tits caressed and your nipples pinched."

She said, "No, I don't like it, please stop." She pleaded with me, "Don don't do this to me - please."

I called her a liar, her body was telling me different. I looked down and saw that the bra had a front clasp and I pulled it away from her breasts and unfastened it. I pulled it from her body, leaving her beautiful tits naked and open to my touch. I kissed her neck and started to softly caress her breasts. She moaned softly and I moved one hand down over her flat stomach. She relaxed, I felt her resistance was quickly fading. My cock was getting harder, it seemed to be growing even more and was dripping pre-cum fluid almost continuously.

I moved a hand down, unfastened and unzipped her shorts. I pushed them down her lovely legs to her knees. I brought my hand back up her inner thigh to her satin covered pussy. Her panties were already getting wet. I told her, "you are a little slut, aren't you, you're dripping from your hot pussy already!" "You want me to fuck you don't you?" I asked her.

She said, "no, don't do this to me, please." I moved my hand over her lips through her panties slowly caressing her. Her breathing was getting faster as I continued my assault on her hot cunt. I pulled her panties aside and ran a finger over her dripping lips. I found her clit and softly squeezed it, she came almost instantly. "OH MY GOD DON, YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM!! OOHH MY, YESSSSS, I'M THERE, I'M CUMMING!!!" she cried out as I worked her clit.

As she came, I lifted her off her feet and took her into my parents room. I laid her on their bed and climbed on top of her beautiful, sexy body. I started to again work on her clit as I kissed her on her lips. She met my kiss passionately, her tongue coming out to meet mine. We French kissed like that as I then slid one, then two fingers into her hot steamy cunt. I started to finger fuck her now dripping, hot pussy. She started cumming again, again crying out in an explosive orgasm, "OH, OH, OH, UGH, UGH, FUCK ME WITH YOUR FINGERS, DO ME, MAKE ME CUM!!" OH MY GOD, OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING!!"

I started to kiss my way down her neck to her tits. I took each nipple in my mouth, licking, kissing and nibbling on them. Her nipples were hard as tacks, sticking up about ½" or more. Her head was moving side to side, her breathing coming in gasps as I continued to fuck her with my fingers and sucking on her tits.

After 10 minutes or so I started to move down over her flat stomach. I could smell her arousal all the way as I moved downward. I got down to the top of her panties and ripped them from her body. I then pulled her shorts from her. I spread her legs and positioned myself between them. I placed my mouth over her entire pussy and laid my tongue into the folds of her hot, wet lips. "OH MY GOD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? OH FUCK IT'S GOOD, IT'S GOOD, DON'T STOP, WHAT - ARE- YOU - DOINGGGGG?", she cried out as I made her cum again.

I told her, "I'm eating your delicious cunt you slut, hasn't anyone ever done this to you before?" "Haven't you ever sucked a cock before?" I asked her.

"No one has ever done that to me, I've sucked on cock before but not one the size of yours!" I came off of her pussy and told her,

"Well you should be eaten every day, your pussy is delicious!" "you will suck my cock today and anytime I want you to, you will come here and I will fuck you!! You're my sex tool now. I will fuck you anytime, anywhere, anyway I want!"

As she was coming down from her huge orgasms, I moved up and placed the head of my dick to the hot lips of her dripping cunt. I pushed forward and with one thrust entered her hot, tight pussy with all of my 8" of steel hard, dripping cock. Cora cried out as my cock filled her cunt, "OW, OW, OH DON NOT SO HARD, IT HURTS, I'VE NEVER HAD ONE THAT BIG IN ME! PLEASE GO SLOW!"

My cock filled her cunt completely, hitting spots that had never felt a cock before. I pulled it almost all the way out and slowly pushed it back into her. I repeated this several times, her breathing started to get faster. Her hips started to move with me as I started to fuck her a little harder and faster.

After about 10 minutes, I was starting to pound her pussy with every inch of my cock. Suddenly,she cried out, "I'M CUMMING DON, DON'T STOP, I'M CUMMING!!" I kept pounding her pussy, she kept panting as she came. "OH MY, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, OH GOD PLEASE FUCK ME WITH THAT COCK! MAKE ME YOUR BITCH, YOUR SLUT, I LOVE YOUR COCK IN ME!!"

She kept cumming as I continued to pound her with every inch of my cock. Taking long, hard strokes, I fucked her until she couldn't take it anymore, "OH, OH, DON, PLEASE, PLEASE, I CAN'T TAKE, OH MY, I NEED YOU TO STOP, OH, OH, OH, MY GOD DON, DON'T - STOP - FUCKING MEEEE!!!" she screamed out as she came again.

I slammed my rock hard cock into her and felt my cum building in my balls. I knew that I would cum in her hot pussy soon. She cried out, "OH YES, GIVE IT TO ME, FUCK ME, DON'T STOP FUCKING MEEEEE! I NEED IT, I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HOT CUM SHOOTING INTO ME, YES, YES, OH YES GIVE ME YOUR CUM, FILL ME, FUCK ME, OOHHH YESSSSS, I'M CUMMINGGGGG AGAIN!!!"

As she came I felt cock swell even more, my cum boiled out of my balls and rocketed out of my cock. I yelled out, "I'M CUMMING CORA, I'M SHOOTING MY HOT STICKY CUM UP INTO YOUR CUNT!! I'M GOING TO FILL YOUR PUSSY UNTIL YOUR BODY CAN'T HOLD ANYMORE! OH, OH YEAH, FUCK ME, I'M STILL SHOOTING IT INTO YOU!!"

I came into her like I have never cum before, I shot so much cum into her hot cunt it overflowed and ran out, down her ass and onto the bed. I shot 6, 7 or 8 big, hard loads of my cum her quivering, hot cunt. I collapsed next to her, my cock still inside her body.

Cora wrapped her leg over me and her pussy continued to milk my cock. "Oh Don, that was wonderful, you are a magnificent lover. I have never had a man make me feel so good," she told me.

I took her in my arms and pulled her to me, kissing her lips softly, our tongues meeting. "We're not through yet," I told her.

I took her hand and placed it onto my semi hard cock which had come out of her dripping cunt. I told her, "Stroke it, make it hard again, suck it, now!! Lets see how good of a cock sucker you are." Cora bent over, turned around and licked the head of my cock, cleaning me and making it stand up to it's full hardness again. She continued to suck me, bobbing up and down, deep throating me. She was a very good, accomplished cock sucker. She had me hard again in no time, ready to again fill her body.

I pulled her mouth off my cock and pulled her on top of me. Straddling my body I held my cock up for her. She placed her hot cunt over the head of my cock and slid downwards on it slowly filling herself with it. She moaned as it filled her cunt. When she bottomed out on it she started to move up and down my shaft, fucking herself with it. I laid back and just let her do all the work.

She started to work herself faster up and down my rock hard shaft as she was built up to another orgasm. I took a hold of her hips and spun her around so her beautiful ass was facing me. As she turned she never let go of my cock from her pussy. She continued to ride me up and down.

I spread her ass cheeks, took my finger and slid it up into her cunt coating it with her juices. I then took it and put it to her rosebud and pushed it in. She cried out at first but I took it out, lubed it up again and slid it back in. I slowly fucked her tight ass with one finger for a little while until she was used to it and it didn't hurt her anymore.

I then pulled it out, lubed up two fingers with her juices and pushed them both into her hot ass. She again cried out, I stopped and let her get used to them. I started to fuck her ass with both fingers as I started to fuck her pussy myself. She started cumming, crying out, "OH FUCK, OH, OH, OH YESSS, FUCK ME DON, FUCK ME, YES, YES, I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMINGGGGG!!"

I pulled out of her holes and pushed her off me, I turned her over onto her stomach pulling her ass up and placed a pillow under her.

I came up behind her, spread her thighs and plunged my cock back into her hot cunt. I started to fuck her hard and fast. She started cumming continuously as I took some lube and spread it into and around her asshole. I slid three fingers into her hot back hole and spread it open wider for my cock. Cora was cumming - hard!! She was panting, screaming with each thrust of my cock, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, UGH, UGH, UGH, YES, YES, YES!! FUCK MEEEEEE!!!"

I pulled my fingers from her ass and my cock from her cunt. I placed it at the entrance to her ass and pushed it in. She cried out in pain and from lust, "OH NO, NOT THERE, IT'S TOO BIG, I'VE NEVER DONE IT BEFORE, NO, PLEASE NOOOO!!"

I told her to be quiet. I slowly started to slide it into her ass, the head of my cock entered past her sphincter and an inch went in. I let her get used to it and then slowly continued my assault on her virgin ass. I slowly pushed until every inch of my hard cock was in her. I held it in her until she settled down and started to push back against me.

I then started to slowly move my cock in and out of her hot, tight ass!! She started to moan and breath faster. She started to fuck back against me as I grabbed her hips, pulling her back on my cock. I told her to play with her pussy as I started to fuck her ass faster and harder. Cora started to cum again, "OH MY, FUCK MY ASS, GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR COCK, BURY IT IN MY ASS!! FUCK ME, FUCK IT HARD, HARDER!! YESSSSS, SO GOOD, SOOO GOODDDD, I'M GOING TO CUM AGAIN!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME DON, GIVE ME YOUR CUM IN MY ASS!!!!"

That did it, she started cumming, I started cumming with her. My cum boiled out of my cock and filled her ass. She said, "I FEEL IT, I FEEL YOUR CUM SHOOTING INTO MY ASS!! IT'S SOOOO GOOD, OHHHH FUUCKKKK MEEEEE!!!!"

I yelled to her, "TAKE IT MY SLUT, TAKE MY HOT CUM INTO YOU'RE HOT ASS. YOU'RE ASS IS SO TIGHT, SO HOT, SO FUCKING GOOD!!" My cum shot out into her, filling her, running out over my cock and down into her pussy. Her ass walls were grabbing me, milking all of the cum from me. I collapsed on top of her, my cock still buried in her body. She was shaking, her body convulsing from her orgasm on my cock.

After our orgasms subsided, I pulled my cock from her hot ass. I turned her over and pulled her to me. I kissed her softly, our tongues mingling in a passionate lovers kiss. I held her close stroking her lovely body, softly caressing her.

Cora then said, "Oh Don, I have wanted you for a while now. I have watched you in your shorts with no shirt and kept getting hot hoping you would come and take me. Now that you have, I am yours when ever and where ever you want me. I am your cum slut now.

We fell asleep in each others arms for a couple of hours. We woke up, she got dressed and said that she would be watching for me to be home. I took her in my arms, kissed her softly and told her that I will want her again real soon, to wait for my call.

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